Unexpected Trick Shots | Dude Perfect
Dude Perfect
Time for some more trick shots... that you never saw coming!
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  • Dave Peters
    Dave Peters

    I want my 10 bucks Garrett

  • Shubham Patel
    Shubham Patel

    coby and tyler are the heart of dp

  • Jack Kenney
    Jack Kenney

    Wheres my $10?!?!?!?!?

  • Berli Toturial
    Berli Toturial

    This vidio make me so extreme

  • Trampolin Nerd
    Trampolin Nerd

    0:49 lol🤣😱😱😱

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    Sailaja Maram


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    Safi ur Rehman

    0:00 Scam I still haven't got the money

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    Tuxedo Dogs

    Wheres my $10 i guessed that.

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    yaboyski man

    I would like 10 dollars please

  • Akhila Suraj
    Akhila Suraj

    You people are cool

  • Taniya Nehra
    Taniya Nehra

    Don't even have to do trick shots

  • Geenan Prasetyo
    Geenan Prasetyo

    Wheres my 10 buck

  • Kvoo 5000
    Kvoo 5000

    Garrett, my 10 bucks!!

  • Ashann 101
    Ashann 101



    2:53.... THAT... WAS IMPRESSIVE.

  • Jasraj Jagdev
    Jasraj Jagdev

    Garrett I guessed it where are my 10 bucks

  • mx329

    0:00 you owe me 10 bucks

  • Reemur _
    Reemur _

    Fun fact, at 0:41 the gong actually says “Wuhan” on it. If you go to the new dude perfect head quarters trick shot video, they show that gong, and that’s where you’ll see Wuhan on it. (Wuhan is where coronavirus started)



  • CoCo Fremo
    CoCo Fremo

    No one: Literally no one: Me at every trick shot of the vdeo: Ohhhh,oooohhhh ohhhh,How did he do that ohhh

  • Prapul Varma
    Prapul Varma

    this is very hard trick shots keep on going

  • Fisher Keene
    Fisher Keene

    Garret: I'll give you ten bucks if you can guess what's gonna happen on this one Me watching for the tenth time: a deal's a deal

  • Melissa Melson
    Melissa Melson

    I knew that was going to happen

  • Stephanie Slaughter
    Stephanie Slaughter

    My son love your video

  • Joao Vitor Resende Valera
    Joao Vitor Resende Valera

    é mentira na parte 1:04 tem uma corda segurando e a bola fica voando

  • Soren Willard
    Soren Willard

    I get ten bucks


    That’s not a corner pocket


    0bucks plz


    Guess it

  • Jammie Dodger765
    Jammie Dodger765

    Can I have my 10bucks

  • Panther 2
    Panther 2

    Gar where’s my $10

  • Fixated Gamer
    Fixated Gamer

    Where is my ten bucks garret hilbert

  • pankaj chaudhari
    pankaj chaudhari

    Dude that was perfect

  • Mahad Kamran
    Mahad Kamran

    At 3:15 when Garret is about to do his trick shot we can see the cutout of Coby in the background

  • Comic Gamer Studios
    Comic Gamer Studios

    Garret, you owe me ten bucks. Come on, hold up your end of the deal! Jk, I didn't guess what happened next :(

  • Darius Davis
    Darius Davis

    I did do it I wanna have my 10 bucks

  • amiko BSッ
    amiko BSッ


  • Sehaj Kapoor
    Sehaj Kapoor

    0:58 Where?😂

    • Be Creative
      Be Creative


  • Koen Bierlaagh
    Koen Bierlaagh

    me who watched this video 3 times give me me money

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    Black FXG

    Garret give me 10 dollar

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    Akhiilesh Gupta

    Garrett where are my 50 bucks

  • Annie

    Garrett still owes me 10 bucks

  • Arnav VS Radya
    Arnav VS Radya

    Check out the channel Arnav VS Radya for awesome challenges

  • Prateek Singh
    Prateek Singh

    0:50 I got shocked

  • Siddhant Malik
    Siddhant Malik

    Tyler:Where did you think I was going Me:You were going on the right side of the hairdryer

  • murali swetha Deepika
    murali swetha Deepika

    Dude perfect I am a kid and I want more unexpected trick shots I also want more battles but I am disappointed as I cannot subscribe to you as my mother won't allow me

  • murali swetha Deepika
    murali swetha Deepika

    You are the coolest

  • Siddhant Malik
    Siddhant Malik

    Garrett:I’ll give you ten bucks if you guess what happens on this shot Me:Something unexpected 💵

  • Dan Cooper
    Dan Cooper

    Wheres my money

  • woon cheung Cheung
    woon cheung Cheung


  • Marcus Darrington
    Marcus Darrington

    Where is my money

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    Shorty Bob

    Where is my ten bucks

  • Zulqarnain Abbas
    Zulqarnain Abbas

    Imagine dude perfect as a basketball player.

  • Cal, Dex, Nol
    Cal, Dex, Nol

    This is really “Expected trick shots”

  • Ефим PogoDin
    Ефим PogoDin

    0:43 🤤😵😌

  • Golfer Boy
    Golfer Boy

    What music

  • Konark Gupta
    Konark Gupta

    When you watch Dude Perfect just for more songs to listen to...

    • dhairya arora
      dhairya arora


    • Thuchien Nguyen
      Thuchien Nguyen

      True Not me though but I do listen to the music but I do still watch the videos Just some people only watch it just for the music


    Hey garet give me the 10 bucks I guessed it

  • Arnas Rupšlaukis
    Arnas Rupšlaukis

    Wheres my money

  • Lifey Lore
    Lifey Lore

    1.34 to 1.50 Amazing Dudes🤯🤯🤯

  • Red horse N
    Red horse N

    Subscribe to me then I will to u

  • Devanshi Shah
    Devanshi Shah


  • Av8r 96
    Av8r 96

    I guessed what happened. Can I get my ten bucks?

  • Areeba khan 6-A
    Areeba khan 6-A

    Next time for the live tour please come india DELHI plzzzzzz

  • James Pritchard
    James Pritchard

    Garret: ill give you ten bucks if you can guess what’s going to happen Me who’s watched the video twice: hehe boi

  • Francisco Castillo
    Francisco Castillo

    you owe me ten buckf

  • Technical Faisal Iqbal
    Technical Faisal Iqbal

    May your Mother and Father live more than 100 year Ameen

  • Sandro Linares
    Sandro Linares

    Who's watching after "Unpredictable Trick Shots?"

  • Fat awkward gamer Gamer
    Fat awkward gamer Gamer

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