Unus Annus Try Pole Dancing
Unus Annus
Today, we conquer a challenge that has been nipping at our heels since the day we began this journey: Pole Dancing
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Memento Mori.
Unus Annus.

  • Sunny_Day_Stay

    “all me senpai, it means teacher” You...you mean Sensei...

  • kocabean

    mark: CaLl Me SeNpAi, BeCaUsE i Am YoUr TeAcHeR- me: mark... no... sensei means teacher..

  • Jo Pe
    Jo Pe

    Ethan making his own musci with mouth to dance to lol that was the moment

  • Kierstyn iloveanime
    Kierstyn iloveanime

    Senpai doesn’t mean- senpai means upper classmates mostly male upper classmates ITS SENSAI AS IN TEACHER GJRICKSBXRBDJ

  • aftab hassan
    aftab hassan

    This reminds me of the time when he did this with Séan, I'm still scared at how good Séan was.😂👌 Edit: Mark: You asked for this- Eef: *Yeeeeee* P- Patience O- Obstacles L- Laughter E- ? Ethan was 100% dancing WITH the pole, lol help me! I'M DIEING!😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  • ur mom
    ur mom

    my mamma came in while Ethan were trying to get up......Im grounded and i got my ass whooped ;(

  • idk난 몰라
    idk난 몰라

    This was uploaded on my birthday, nice.

  • •ᔕ4ᗰ ᗯ1ᑕᕼǤᗩᑕᕼᗩᔕ•
    •ᔕ4ᗰ ᗯ1ᑕᕼǤᗩᑕᕼᗩᔕ•

    Patience Obstacles Laughter Elegance

  • ShyAnne Scott
    ShyAnne Scott

    18 minutes of Mark and Ethan not knowing what Senpai means.

  • Why not both unus annus
    Why not both unus annus

    Alternate title: master teaches his pet to pole dance

  • Neon Green
    Neon Green

    Mark: you shouldn't talk to the teacher like this Ethan: I've been a bad student Me: DON'T GO THERE- Also Mark, honey, "teacher" is not "senpai" it's "sensei"

  • Screw The Net
    Screw The Net

    I almost miss strip clubs and titty bars...but in my older age, I am wise enough to realize they just took money from men and we got nothing in return. Might as well have been married. >,;,

  • Sophia ThePaleOne
    Sophia ThePaleOne

    The bonk had me crying

  • Rhlgull

    Alternative Title: *Mark Returns To His Pole Dancing Roots And Forces Ethan To Join Him*

  • Emme Harrell
    Emme Harrell

    6:39 _w h y_

  • DANGsally2time

    You guys should try with a spinning pole those are tons of fun!

  • Sepree Kat
    Sepree Kat

    I like how half the video was them just trying to figure out how to put the pole together lmao

  • Logan Bodley
    Logan Bodley

    I love how half the video is them assembling the damn pole

  • Jasmine Flowers
    Jasmine Flowers

    this video is chaotic wholesome ✨

  • Ape

    Today's word, Pole dancing: *P* atience p *O* le *L* *E* laughter *D* *A* *N* *C* *I* *N* *G*

  • DisneyLord 371
    DisneyLord 371

    WAIT!!! THAT'S MARKIPLIER!?!?1?!/!

  • MothmanOfficial

    I am so... uncomfortable... I mean I love them so much but. Oh dear god..

  • Unbearable Playz
    Unbearable Playz

    Mark: I Am willing to die for this,I am willing to die for this. Everyone: Wait, He’s willing to die just to pole dance??

  • Kiara Barton
    Kiara Barton

    Mark was wonderful before. He's wonderful now. Sweet bebe boi

  • Kiara Barton
    Kiara Barton

    Ethan's performance showed me just how much I love him 😂❤ so dorky so cute so perfect

  • hahalolwth1

    The move mark does at 13:15 is an invert and is typically not something you teach for a beginner at pole. Few beginners can get that move from the get go. typical beginner moves are more focused on the ground like fan kicks or around the worlds.

  • Max Ducks
    Max Ducks

    Depending on which one of them keeps the pole, it may get a lot more use after this. 😏

  • Mekeru

    no one gonna y’all about 6:40 😭

  • 3xtra0rdinary

    This video. Right here. This is the one that got me subscribed to a stripper.

  • Jeff Jeff
    Jeff Jeff

    Half of this video is them trying to build it................ yet it is still the most entertaining thing ever

  • Love Everyone
    Love Everyone

    The fact that they spent more than half the video just putting it together is really telling

  • Eleanor Jun
    Eleanor Jun

    Mark has some really nice thighs

  • Marki

    I wasnt ready for ethan abs

  • scronch ponch
    scronch ponch

    “cause i want you to call me your teacher- that’s what ‘senpai’ means!!” senpai: is used for people a bit older than you sensei: is used for calling your teacher

  • Silver Siren
    Silver Siren

    Ethan: Make that smaller. Mark: I CANT. Ethan: *looks into the camera like he's on The Office*

  • FuzzyWuzaCat

    Ethan was a full on interpretive dance.

  • Inky Sans
    Inky Sans

    Senpai dosent mean teacher its a name to show respect to older students in school

  • suk my fortnite
    suk my fortnite

    Is this allowed on youtube👁👄👁

  • Natalie b
    Natalie b

    Lmaooo! When he accidentally does a "Pretty lady". When saying that you don't really have to climb too much in pole . Then hits us with a Chopper, pointed toes, and no microbends!! ☠☠☠☠☠☠☠🤣

  • FuzzyWuzaCat

    Mark: Senpai means teacher... Mark has failed the weeb test. 😢

  • Bailey-dillion

    I'm pretty sure it's sensie not senpai

  • DJB3lfry

    Mark and Amy, after everyone leaves and they still have a pole installed: *( ͡͡ ° ͜ ʖ ͡ °) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)*

  • trombonist 3000
    trombonist 3000

    i love how most of the video is them setting up the pole.

  • Rose Polito
    Rose Polito

    The way mark just bust into a full FUCKIN UPSIDE DOWN SPLIT at 13:20

  • Infinity olivex
    Infinity olivex

    Senpai doesen't mean teacher. Sensei means teacher. Senpai is like..the love of your life

  • Paisley Eidson
    Paisley Eidson

    Anyone else want this video to be the one UNUS Annus video they keep? No just me ok

  • ThatOneUkeKid

    Mark: Senpai means teacher. Me, a weeb: NO MARK ITS SENSEI WHAT HAVE YOU DONE-

  • SolidSnakeSister 16
    SolidSnakeSister 16

    When Ethan said unnus annus has more sub's than I do I just said that's sad in my mind 😂

  • Ashlyn Mathews
    Ashlyn Mathews

    The comments section I'm living for

  • Squar3squids!

    Uh mark? I think you meant sensei?

  • Mikayla Christensen
    Mikayla Christensen

    "Pole dancing is all about expression" Mark: Gracefully grunting Ethan: Yes.

  • Fernando Robles
    Fernando Robles


  • Fernando Robles
    Fernando Robles

    OMG i like me some working Man pole installers for 10+ min with baby legs call now

  • Anaya Eson
    Anaya Eson

    Is this what you gotta do to be a you know.....

  • Mario Alberto
    Mario Alberto

    Maaan, those thighs... I envy Amy for having those for dinner... 🤤

  • Occamy

    half of this video is just assembling lmao

  • Iz Kaeden
    Iz Kaeden

    Wow! Ethan's pole dancing skills! 😂

  • Panda On Steroids
    Panda On Steroids

    Ethan's pole dance killed me. Love it.

  • Dead _ Inside
    Dead _ Inside

    I appreciate the Hogwarts house coloured pillows in the back

  • Mr. Goose
    Mr. Goose

    Mark: "I'm not a masochist" Also Mark: "Stand on me!"

  • ArcherOwl

    It's all fun and games calling Mark Senpai until Ethan reveals himself to be a Yandere

  • Sylwia Siekman
    Sylwia Siekman

    The ironic thing is that senpai is not teacher. Its sensei (先生)

  • NitaSenpai

    I'm cryinnggggg

  • Just Here
    Just Here

    😅😂😂 “senpai” ITS SENSEI!!!

  • Chris_bev_

    it went from ethan eating candy off mark, to a cute puppy, and then pole dancing. i love this channel.

  • Mystery Human
    Mystery Human

    At least Ethan gets props for creativity

  • Kaija Brooke
    Kaija Brooke

    If they haven’t, they should actually have Ethan teach mark some gymnastics haha

  • Minxy the pirate fox
    Minxy the pirate fox

    Can’t wait till mark becomes a pole master

  • Ellen C
    Ellen C

    My mother throughly enjoyed Ethan's performance. She says 9/10 👏

  • Padon Hart
    Padon Hart

    Mark: “Senpai means teacher.” Me:👁👄👁 wrong

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