Ups & Downs From WWE Raw (June 1)
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Our WWE Raw review as Simon Miller talks about Drew McIntyre vs MVP, Charlotte vs Asuka, Seth Rollins vs Aleister Black, The Viking Raiders and Street Profits bowling and more.
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  • 1goofydude

    "You can get mad down there." Did, did Simon just tell the mad people to eat his dong?

  • 1goofydude

    I saw Theory at a show of Legends of Wrestling, surreal to see him on prime time, good on ya.

  • cupp0rn

    I honestly believe the show ended abruptly because it was filled with so many recaps, packages, and commercials, that they forget about actual content. It was a 45min program blanketed under 2.25hrs of trash.

  • Ingwie Phoenix
    Ingwie Phoenix

    "Not even Shaemus and Cesaro could see it" *F A T A L I T Y* XD What a sick line, bulls-eye.

  • Donald Deng
    Donald Deng

    16:56 yes she was out for 10 count

  • ChristianCountryBoy i Love Jesus Christ!
    ChristianCountryBoy i Love Jesus Christ!

    You gave it a side ways?! Man up and give it a down!

  • Jonathan Lentz
    Jonathan Lentz

    Nia Jax should just fight in the men's division.

  • Dyl K
    Dyl K

    “S.R.U” shirts coming soon?

  • dizzy1369

    Edge didn't step in a ring for 9 years and he still has more career accomplishments than Orton does. Maybe Randy should have checked the stats before that promo. 😂🤣😂

  • Nabbby Bbbadest
    Nabbby Bbbadest

    What's Johnny. .....DOING HERE

  • Terrous

    Lana has spent too much time in the tanning bed lately

  • Sunny M
    Sunny M

    Boring Raw tally baldy you got this one wrong

  • Cowboy Sh*t
    Cowboy Sh*t

    Far far too many promos. Need to invest more time in wrestling matches!

  • Brian Quinney
    Brian Quinney

    Simon: We recap at the 2nd hour of Raw with Seth's storyline we just heard 59 mins before...yes, I too fell asleep as you did and woke up hour and half later with Hulu playing Raw from from March 2nd, 2020. Well played!

  • Perogi Master
    Perogi Master

    12:29 he actually put his arms down I thought they were stuck

  • Karl Hutchins
    Karl Hutchins

    This is bs. The show is called "ups and downs" not "ups, downs and in the middles". This gets a down.

  • Jason Barber
    Jason Barber

    I don't guess you saw how Nia just yanked Kairi off her feet and threw her head down into the steps then. It was clearly all Nia there, Simon.

  • Robin Maharjan
    Robin Maharjan

    You should stop talking

  • Daniel Brochu
    Daniel Brochu

    Lana is simply distracting Lashley, and it will pay off at Backlash where she will cost Lashley the championship match, to keep both McIntyre and Lashley strong.

  • Don Beissel
    Don Beissel

    Taz-the human suplex machine. Nia Jax-the human BOTCH machine.

  • Sky Blaze21
    Sky Blaze21

    Lana's head look like a swollen 🥜

  • Sky Blaze21
    Sky Blaze21

    Creative can't think of anything creative to creat let's just call it the greatest wrestling match ever!!!! So fucking retarded.

  • Chris McDonald
    Chris McDonald

    9 weeks 7 people that must be the fastest defending the belt in history

  • Chris McDonald
    Chris McDonald

    Aew all ready did that Simon mr brody Lee and John moxley that was one hell of a match one the greatest I seen in a long time but aew is a gem we didn't know we needed

  • Willis Hinds
    Willis Hinds

    very entertaining to listen to your funny comments

  • Chris McDonald
    Chris McDonald

    Wish randy still went after legends but he should attack part timers that come and go from wwe and try to stop having part timers around why he was attacking old legends in the first place why did that kind thing stop

  • Miguel Swagero
    Miguel Swagero

    Really need Simon to take NXT Up & Downs back from Clery. It worked for the Survivor Series times but he’s really dry & making me not wanna watch Up & Downs period. Simon doesn’t deserve that.

  • Andres Zepeda
    Andres Zepeda

    Miller 💪💪

  • Oliver Matzke
    Oliver Matzke

    Now I want a SRU Shirt 😂

  • Sanjay Manjarejar
    Sanjay Manjarejar

    Whatculture wrestling please tell me any one episode of raw,smackdown or nxt which got a down or the number of downs were more than number of ups

  • Noodle 84
    Noodle 84

    Asuka rules 😎

  • Sanjay Manjarejar
    Sanjay Manjarejar

    Can anyone translate in english what asuka and karu say in their promos

  • paul thompson
    paul thompson

    SRU! Simon is the best.

  • Instructor Irving Tony Campos Lugo
    Instructor Irving Tony Campos Lugo

    Hey Simon, I gave you the idea of Chumpberto Carrillo, at least give a shout out to your boy

  • Lee Shwan
    Lee Shwan

    Nikki Cross lost to an actual finisher?! Shouldn’t we be making a bigger deal of this??! 😳🤔

  • Caesar saour
    Caesar saour

    The middle arrow is just like the DQ finish, you shouldn't do it.

  • John Smith
    John Smith

    Kevin Owens wins the war of words against Crews in their segment.

  • John Smith
    John Smith

    Greatest match of all time 😂. If I were edge and Randy orton; I would have told creative not to market this as “the greatest match of all time”. 🤦‍♂️

  • Gregory Reynoso
    Gregory Reynoso

    Billie Kay or Peyton Royce? Now I'm confused Simon!

  • r3tr0gam3r89

    I'm really feeling Simon's shirt right now!

  • DougJK

    Like Bryan Alvarez said, Nia needs to be sent back down to developmental and start from scratch.

  • Dylan Caster
    Dylan Caster

    I love the Viking raiders and street profits vignettes

  • Dylan Caster
    Dylan Caster

    I prefer watching this than actual wwe these days

  • Drake pendragon
    Drake pendragon

    Having Charlotte lose requires some kind of cheat but they needed the same for Askuka to justify loses when she is trying to get a push.

  • Drake pendragon
    Drake pendragon

    No Apollo doesn't look good with the belt, KO should have destroyed him and taken the belt

  • BlackNinjaTurtle


  • Jackson Tyler
    Jackson Tyler

    1) MVP is in the main event on RAW in 2020. 2) Why does Lana now look like Dana Brooke. 3) DOWN.

  • LilBucketZ

    Smackdown is high key better

  • Feed Me More TV
    Feed Me More TV


  • Corey Reid
    Corey Reid

    Randy’s promo was so good for the fact that what he said might just be true.

  • Hal Jordan
    Hal Jordan


  • Christian Hafer
    Christian Hafer

    I like the middle arrow. Wrestling isn't always great,and it isn't always bad. Sometimes it's fair.

  • Nathan Heckelman
    Nathan Heckelman

    Randy Orton vs. Edge will either end by DQ, interference or 'the most devastating move in all of Sports Entertainment'. WWE will never punish Nia Jax unless she kills someone in the ring and even then they might not punish her.

  • Mista Idgaf
    Mista Idgaf

    Humberto going to fight you

  • Paul Lopez
    Paul Lopez

    Simon you are so right. WWE has so many women wrestler's that we don't see. Dam shame so much talent and beauty.

  • Joseph Valenzuela
    Joseph Valenzuela

    Can drew Galloway and Bobby lashley have a great match, like they did in TNA ?

  • Kim Tu
    Kim Tu

    7:35 That's the funniest and also the creepiest laugh ever lol

  • Johnny B. Jabroni
    Johnny B. Jabroni

    After that quick cut ending.. the FIRST THING they said on Raw Talk was emphasizing that Drew did not tap and did not go down at all and was perfectly fine.. Then why would you plant the seeds of doubt that Lashley actually has a chance against Drew with that final segment!? WWE LOVES to do things that further a story then completely walk them back to square one. That said, Samoa Joe absolutely carried Raw Talk. He's really come into his own as a commentator/ host

  • Cupcakecula

    Talk Less, Clay More????

  • Olivia’s Review Amador
    Olivia’s Review Amador

    Fire that Nia Trash

  • Johnny B. Jabroni
    Johnny B. Jabroni

    Ya that Rey Mysterio being the mentor of Aleister Black had me like huh what? But That's Cole with his super contrived commentary. They only started teaming cuz they were the two guys who were in the "thrown off the roof" angle and things progressed from there.

  • hailtotheboomstick

    If Nia Jax wins I’ll stop following The WWE forever

  • Rob Cressey
    Rob Cressey

    MVP'S new gimmick is to retire more times than Terry Funk.

  • MasamuneShinto

    Middle Arrow = So-So. Will this become a regular thing?

  • Kenny Davis
    Kenny Davis

    I like Nia better then Auska..everything she said is true. Besides i cant understand anything Auska says. Talk about lost in translation.

  • Ulven Dagoth
    Ulven Dagoth

    Randy Orton is also for Black Lives Matter. Just putting that out there.

  • That Guy
    That Guy

    No one: No one at all: Nia jax: oh you wanna be medically cleared? Thats funny

  • Napalm John
    Napalm John

    Aleister Black is going to join Seth Rollins. I'm calling it.

  • qazul1

    Ups Downs and Middle

  • Austen Godby
    Austen Godby

    format bad

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