Ups & Downs From WWE Raw (June 29)
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Our WWE Raw review as Simon Miller talks about Drew McIntyre and Asuka vs Sasha Banks and Dolph Ziggler, a double contract signing, a new 24/7 Champion, Apollo Crews vs MVP and more.
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  • psychorabbitt

    WWE needs to give Adam Clery credit for dubbing him Rick O'Shea. Because Clery did that like... a year ago.

  • Game Hacker
    Game Hacker

    Garza needs to find another way to pin people. Thats the position me and wifey do. But we not wrestling, well sometimes... You know what im sayin!!!😘🥰

  • WLIVE21

    Hate that drew is champ

  • WLIVE21

    Wwe is horrible now

  • Richard Barth
    Richard Barth

    Tbh i like flair with orton. Yea he doesnt need him but cody doesnt need arn yet since it is aew everyone loves it.

  • DougJK

    The one thing I hate most about WWE commentary is that they make you feel like a child and/or an idiot, then just repeat things over and over in the most annoying tones.

  • Robin Kay
    Robin Kay

    Sasha is going to beat asuka for the title at Extreme Rules, then probably another double title match at summer slam between banks and bayley, or a triple threat/fatal 4 with asuka and Charlotte/insert another top female

  • g0dmach1ne

    Pritchard seems to be doing pretty well thus far

  • Denny & Son
    Denny & Son

    Simon, week in and week out, you entertain me.

  • hamza b
    hamza b

    "the walking biscuit" lmao

  • Drake pendragon
    Drake pendragon

    Ruby will be joining Nattie's group

  • Drake pendragon
    Drake pendragon

    Seth's current story is awesome

  • Drake pendragon
    Drake pendragon

    It's terrible that WWE is pushing Botcha Skanks giving her a win over Asuka when she hates the fans, whyfsns are so stupid as to support her doesn't make sense

  • Lord Chumpington
    Lord Chumpington

    does R-Truth now have the most title reigns in WWE history?

  • Latoya McCollin
    Latoya McCollin

    Is it only me that wants to see aliester black vs drew (the black mass vs the clay more)

  • kiki

    asuka and mcintyre... whew what a pair

  • Greg Norris
    Greg Norris

    I still say that Buddy Murphy should tag team with Alastair Black. Their short fued absolutely raose them from lower card to mid card, then for some stupid reason they then teamed Murphy with Seth Rollins! Arghhhh . . .

  • C. Fox
    C. Fox

    He too old 😂

  • SlapNuts McGee
    SlapNuts McGee

    Seth only wears one glove because Tully Blanchard stole the other one and gave it to Shawn spears

  • Bram Tollenaar
    Bram Tollenaar

    I mean, you have said in the past why does no one ever come help when their colleagues get beat up in the ring after a match, Humberto and Aleister actually do that

  • Andrew Dawson
    Andrew Dawson

    The wizard in the sky and the stuff just happens segments always make me lol 😆

  • Michael King
    Michael King

    IT-my subtitles said your name is Sarah Merritt 😂😂

  • Peter Herrman
    Peter Herrman

    Srsly I love the Monday night messiah!

  • Ryan Dice
    Ryan Dice

    I feel like the stipulation Dolph will pick is that he can't use the Claymore

  • Antwaune Harris
    Antwaune Harris

    Peyton has da most beautiful Brainbuster🥺

  • Corey Reid
    Corey Reid

    I liked the MVP stuff I’m just hurt that they killed the 3 guys I wanted him to form a faction with 🤧

  • David Wiggins
    David Wiggins

    I loved it when dude tried to sneak up on MacIntyre when Banks was trying to distract him and MacIntyre slugged him ... I actually jumped out of my chair :)

  • IceLagoon

    AEW Dark needs an UPS and DOWNS

  • Cordelia J
    Cordelia J

    I'm so happy the wizard made an appearance! 😂

  • Luke Smith
    Luke Smith

    Anyone else miss “The Bar”? I love Cesar and shinsuke but i really enjoyed the bar. Why dont they do a Best of 7 with Buddy and Alistair?

  • Kids From The North
    Kids From The North

    They calling it a curb stomp again? Oh shit.

  • Not Sure
    Not Sure

    Shredder would never make it. He refers to the foot clan by color.

  • Not Sure
    Not Sure

    All that time wasted on the Viking Raiders and Street Profits ruined any momentum the Raiders could ever get again. They are now, unfortunately, illegitimate jobbers with a dumb looking gimmick. It was so cool in NXT...

  • Kenny Manuel
    Kenny Manuel

    By the end of 2020, we’re gonna have a 100 roll up count lol

  • Casey Beast
    Casey Beast

    The wizard in the sky has got me laughing so hard 😂😂😂

  • Yancy Garcia
    Yancy Garcia

    R truth is the rollup chart by himself

  • GetBn

    I'm so sick of people talking about the "left" and the "right"....... Gimme "Ups and Downs" any day.

  • hamza b
    hamza b

    new legacy thats why ric was there :)

  • Medieval Folk Dance
    Medieval Folk Dance

    Woah there, tiger. Every match should be a title match? Are you starting to realise how much time all this wrestling reviewing takes and you would just like to reduce the number of matches to 3/4 per episode? Your PPV's are gonna be very short and you technically just made Money In The Bank completely irrelevant. Now you know why Simon doesn't work for creative.

  • CobraCrashGamer

    Ziggler will be about to beat drew then Otis will cash in continuing the feud

  • CobraCrashGamer

    Ziggler will be about to beat drew then Otis will cash in continuing the feud

  • TheGodDamnBoss Jr.
    TheGodDamnBoss Jr.

    Simon, what are you doing watching Lana’s TikToks👀👀👀

  • Eduardo Risk
    Eduardo Risk

    How can I get a t shit of: "I feel warm and fuzzy inside!"

  • John Clark
    John Clark

    to add to what you where saying, MVP and Rick Flair do not need to be seen at all either.

  • Phantom Beast
    Phantom Beast

    I forgot that ricochet existed......

  • boonski

    In response to the Ruby Riott losing streak. "Beginning on the August 29, 2008 episode of SmackDown, MVP developed a losing streak that lasted over five months, losing in both singles and tag team matches." And I thought the 1999 KotR Briefcase was Big Boss Man?

  • JebConsPiracy

    Im surprised Miller rated this show an up.

  • Ken Donley
    Ken Donley

    The change seems to be the change in creative.

  • Mdu Simelane
    Mdu Simelane

    Simon, what happened to "stuff just happens"? I mean i like the wizard but i just wanna know if we've dropped "stuff just happens"?

  • Gift_RealG

    Of course, the Wizard takes no days off 😂😂 It was me

  • MrMikeyMike216

    I have one major disappointment with the contract signing. Nobody went through the table.

  • Nylis Robinson
    Nylis Robinson

    When raw started I rewinded it because I thought I missed the beginning intro 😂

    • sherpole haroone
      sherpole haroone

      Thats was great. I too thought , wait a miniute. I missed something? Then samoa joe made an intro. Lol

  • Knights Of Pluto
    Knights Of Pluto

    Drew is doing well as champ. Im happy for him

  • mobywv


  • jason jagger
    jason jagger

    Be interesting to see a tally of how many matches are won using a signature finnisher

  • Gaurav Kishore
    Gaurav Kishore

    Hey, Simon, in India a biscuit has name Parle G 😂😂

  • shane harrilal
    shane harrilal

    Not your buddy Murphy

  • Aaron Thompson
    Aaron Thompson

    7:55 Nice TMNT reference! Love it! 😂😎🤘👌⚔🐢

  • braeden martin
    braeden martin

    I mean Sasha banks is not the same time as dolph ziggler but your right

  • braeden martin
    braeden martin

    Please god let Natalya start her own version of the hart foundation please!!!!!!!!

  • braeden martin
    braeden martin

    I’m just going to guess the answer is cause evolution

  • Joey Dugo
    Joey Dugo

    Bayley in those pants gets a golden up

  • Skye High
    Skye High

    Ric is randy's manager because of evolution wwe is to bad to make this known lol.

  • Chibwe Kapala
    Chibwe Kapala

    That Ninja turtles 🐢 line is legendary

  • Nick Harper
    Nick Harper

    That wizard is buff

  • Chibwe Kapala
    Chibwe Kapala

    Me waiting for him to say Seth Rollins so i can fast forward. Buddy Murphy should’ve gotten that role 🤔

  • matthewJ142

    I'll laugh if Bailey screws over Sasha's match and they end up feuding but I really hope she beats Asuka. I think that's why they had her beat flair. I hope she give her the bank statement

    • smward87

      Sasha beat Flair because she has to get surgery done so they had to write her off tv and get her out of of the title picture.

  • MachomusPrime

    That Extreme Rules graphic is atrocious....

  • N 4L
    N 4L

    I rewatched that spinning brain buster about 10X

  • Scott Miller
    Scott Miller

    I get a DX vibe from Bayley and Sasha. They are so disrespectful and I love it!

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