Urban Freeride Lives 3 - Fabio Wibmer
Fabio Wibmer
Urban Freeride is back! Lyon to Paris, Let's Go!
► Check out the Behind The Scenes Documentary "To The Limit" here:
English Version: vimeo.com/ondemand/tothelimiten
Deutsche (german) Version: vimeo.com/ondemand/tothelimitde
Huge thank you to CONTINENTAL for supporting the high speed journey!
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  • Fabio Wibmer
    Fabio Wibmer

    Get the Behind The Scenes Documentary here: English Version: vimeo.com/ondemand/tothelimiten Deutsche (german) Version: vimeo.com/ondemand/tothelimitde

    • Dylan Stewart
      Dylan Stewart


    • FengeX Beats
      FengeX Beats

      Is this bad for your knees 2nd question: still alive? This is one of the best vids

    • Said Derder
      Said Derder


    • Rashed A
      Rashed A


    • Vaas 1990
      Vaas 1990

      Wie heißt der interpret, von dem Song bzw wie heißt der song

  • Md. Shariful Islam
    Md. Shariful Islam

    how many times did he respawn?

  • Gezza 77
    Gezza 77

    OMG - 4:58 haven’t seen MotoGP lean like that! Mad props!

  • rosabel valdes
    rosabel valdes

    Me encanta la bici y soy tu fan Fabio 👍👊👊

  • Hit00r 1982
    Hit00r 1982

    U are a fucking SICK@! :D

  • Виталий Коваленко
    Виталий Коваленко

    He is so yong

  • MountainBike Jero
    MountainBike Jero


  • Petru Gheorghiu
    Petru Gheorghiu

    Cum faci aceste miscari tari esti rege

  • Abdulla

    Как он никого не сбил с такой скоростью???

  • Ewald Stander
    Ewald Stander

    Hi, my name is Sam. I am 7 years old and I like your videos.

  • Ivan Mendoza
    Ivan Mendoza

    Debe ser chula una una película con este loco. Imagínense que tengan que buscar un doble de acción para las escenas peligrosas.😁😁😁

  • Ivan Mendoza
    Ivan Mendoza

    Dudo mucho que alguien lo supere.... Este tipo es único!

  • Александр Никитин
    Александр Никитин


  • Rackzar TM
    Rackzar TM

    Нихуя себе, блять да он бессмертный

  • Wojciech Karasiewicz
    Wojciech Karasiewicz

    I need that bike plz im your greatest fan Im 9 years old

  • Michelle Jerome
    Michelle Jerome

    bro your so cool i want to be like you one day

  • Der Fixxer
    Der Fixxer

    DHL Driver

  • Fadil pangestu
    Fadil pangestu


  • Roblox plays
    Roblox plays

    Your sick


    i love ur vids about bikes and action i am going to be like you one time i hope

  • Zhilong Chen
    Zhilong Chen

    Oh man, you’re crazy

  • Amit Pandey
    Amit Pandey

    you cant do this in india buddy🙂

  • TehaniAndLotus

    Bike stunts are awesome🚴🏾‍♀️🚴

  • Egidijus Butkus
    Egidijus Butkus

    You the best ❤️❤️❤️😍😘❤️

  • Billy Bowes
    Billy Bowes

    I imagined doing this on a hardtail and my entire spine immediately shattered

  • frenретя укенревзф
    frenретя укенревзф

    What country u from

  • Jfkd k od Maydggj
    Jfkd k od Maydggj

    Chanson chanteur chameau

  • Irshad Husen
    Irshad Husen

    I love it song

  • Irshad Husen
    Irshad Husen

    which song is this at top?💞💞💞

  • Hanan Boutaba
    Hanan Boutaba


  • Mohammad Abu Hanif
    Mohammad Abu Hanif

    This dude is on the next level 👌👌

  • Jerzy Kukuczka
    Jerzy Kukuczka


  • Honor Honor
    Honor Honor


  • Let's FLIPP
    Let's FLIPP

    06:50 show the importance of wearing a helmet


    you need to be in movies

  • AbleBeats Live
    AbleBeats Live

    Это охуенно !

  • Mikojaj Bogdan
    Mikojaj Bogdan

    When you borrow your friend's bike

  • Gabor Farkas
    Gabor Farkas

    Fabio Wibmer🏅🏅🏅🏅👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • Jeff Lo
    Jeff Lo

    When she says shes home alone:

  • Jake Horvath
    Jake Horvath



    Very very Nice 😍🤤

  • زنزونه عبد الرزاق
    زنزونه عبد الرزاق

    اشتركو بقناتي ياحلوين بليز ❤️🤗

  • Дмитрий Агранат
    Дмитрий Агранат


  • Tiago Filho
    Tiago Filho

    qm veio pelo thiago reis da like

  • patrick Tavares
    patrick Tavares

    Tu é bom

  • Lucas Silva
    Lucas Silva

    Iai irmão, Lucas de batatais São Paulo Brasil, cara parabéns por esse dom nunca tinha visto nada igual no IT-my.....

  • aTtAcK n0 tITaN MHAKNY
    aTtAcK n0 tITaN MHAKNY


  • Said Derder
    Said Derder


  • Kacio Henrique Abreu
    Kacio Henrique Abreu

    Yes Fábio

  • Aymen Labassi
    Aymen Labassi

    الله يبارك

  • Hector Jhon Sandoval Hoyos
    Hector Jhon Sandoval Hoyos

    Que miedo!!! Nica lo hago

  • Gede Artana
    Gede Artana

    Bang ajarin aku bang

  • Leonardo Marcelino Barbosa da Silva
    Leonardo Marcelino Barbosa da Silva

    varios picos conhecido legal

  • JJ Paulie
    JJ Paulie

    Song names?

  • Dante Hernandez
    Dante Hernandez

    your maddddddddd

  • Nick Taschwer
    Nick Taschwer

    Habbara du bist so geisteskrank 😂😳

  • Ritt

    Quote from stairs jumped over "What are you gonna do, jump over me?"

  • Sleppy Kicx0
    Sleppy Kicx0

    What kind of bike is that

  • Léa Le Bis
    Léa Le Bis

    Putain ce mec et trop fort

  • Simon Jantulík
    Simon Jantulík

    Super speed fabio

  • derya alkan
    derya alkan

    bu adam nasıl bir yerlerini kırmıyor merak ediyorum

  • Braulio Rezamen
    Braulio Rezamen

    Muy osado Y las cámaras o dron estuvo fantástico Excelente

  • Sriraj Naik
    Sriraj Naik

    Fabio *approaches the bike* *wheels* - my time has come

  • ORG 2020 by mohamed now
    ORG 2020 by mohamed now


  • Darvesh Shaikh
    Darvesh Shaikh

    Imagine if chain breaks of the cycle

  • Bouchra Kh
    Bouchra Kh


  • 강현덕

    Oh my got Are you okay?

  • Yoe mes
    Yoe mes

    Wow unbelievable 🇰🇭

  • fluffyfire lp
    fluffyfire lp

    ich denk mir nur so wenn ich in diesem Geschäft gewesen wäre: alles normal. erstmal so ein radfahrer kommt ins Geschäft gerast😂

  • Oscar Lane
    Oscar Lane

    How many bikes has this guy gone through

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