Veal Chop Milanese Recipe by Chef Michael Symon
In this cooking video, The Chew host, Chef Michael Symon shows us how to put veal chops together with a fresh, flavorful salad. Wisconsin Fresh Mozzarella and Wisconsin Aged Parmesan cheese bring depth to a cool basil salad heaped over breaded and crispy veal chops. Complete recipe at

  • Peter Karahalios
    Peter Karahalios

    Niiiiice!!!! Gonna try it!

  • incahenry1

    Just salt on the Veal? You lost me?

  • Corey Reeves
    Corey Reeves

    A variation of this was one of my favorites at the restaurant i used to cook for always a struggle to watch it go lol

  • Alex Adams
    Alex Adams

    Michael Symon I want to see you in person

  • Alex Adams
    Alex Adams

    Michael Symon I want to see you in person

  • andrew peana
    andrew peana

    Awesome recipe. ArugYOUa

  • memadman

    Do you reuse the leftover ingredients? There was a lot of flour, eggs and bread crumbs left.

    • Phillips Mom
      Phillips Mom

      memadman ...Omg, stay out of the kitchen.

  • Jake

    had to quit watching. music distracted too much.

    • Phillips Mom
      Phillips Mom

      John .....turn the sound off, duh.

  • Teresa Barrow
    Teresa Barrow

    I think he is a great chef and cook don't hate he from my home town cleveland rock do your thing Michael symon😆😉😊

  • stepasidejesus

    Are you bald because you have cancer? Asking for a friend

  • Shawn Donovan
    Shawn Donovan

    Actually, I liked this video. Generally, I find veal to be dry and not very tasty but I may reconsider it. I'm also glad to know that I can find Wisconsin Mozzarella and Parmesan Cheeses. By the way, he put Parmesan in the crumb mix not the other cheese.

  • Agent Smith
    Agent Smith

    You are supporting animal cruelty and participating in it. You will have a very bad karma. It's the Universal Law.

  • MusicnArt

    I tried this recipe and I really enjoyed this dish. I was not really trying but I did wind up with Wisconsin Cheese. I added one twist. I sautéed some mushrooms and spooned some on top of the veal before I topped it with the arugala/basil salad. I also allowed the salad to approach closer to room temperature before assembling. It tasted great and looked great and it was really easy.

  • Uttam Aale
    Uttam Aale

    this recipe only for your house dude

  • richie dichiro
    richie dichiro

    do you have a video that shows how to pound the veal chop correctly?

  • Alexander George Tsakumis
    Alexander George Tsakumis

    Yet another winner from Michael.

  • okinoboo

    delicious !!

  • McRonald

    Love Symon's Snoopy happy dance at the end when he's enjoying the food!

  • Vera Moedjono
    Vera Moedjono

    nice yummy

  • Rafael sedeño
    Rafael sedeño

    shut up

  • John Carney
    John Carney

    He made so many mistakes it is ridiculous. He is a cook, not a chef. You could see that was raw and who uses mozzarella in a breadcrumb? Never put the salad over the veal, it makes the salad hot and the veal mushy! Dress it with a lemon vinaigrette, not balsamic!. You never overpower a salad with whole basil leaves like that! Panko bread crumbs is not a great idea for this dish, just breadcrumbs with parsley, herbs, salt, pepper, cornmeal, and Romano or Parmesan cheese is the breading . You need to refrigerate the chops for 30 minutes to let it set up on a rack, not a plate.

    • lolknee

      "He is a cook, not a chef" When is kitchen staff 15 minutes of fame gonna be over. I'm tired of the world pretending that the help consists of artists. FFS just make my veal chop.

    • Donielle Stenson
      Donielle Stenson

      This is an excellent veal recipe. Presented by a man id love to eat with. Unlike the pretentious stuffed aprons so prevalent these days.

    • Blue Blaze
      Blue Blaze

      Get off your high horse lol

    • Mark

      John Carney You made quite an ass of yourself. You act like you're some kind of Chef you don't know what you're talking about you don't even have a clue.

    • rich mcguire
      rich mcguire

      holy shit you got owned by solix. I feel awkward like theres a white elephant in the room. god hes huge and we can all see him...should somebody say something!?

  • Sam K
    Sam K

    that looked friggin great, I'm usually not this entranced by chefs cooking things on TV in this style, but Michael Symon won me over this time

  • M Chan
    M Chan

    Yummy! I made this tonight, delicious!

  • Alessio Polito
    Alessio Polito

    That veal I guarantee you is not cooked! Especially near the bone it must be bloody

    • ALEX Galarza
      ALEX Galarza

      yea it could use a couple more mins but this is just for demonstration. he only took1 bite

    • ALEX Galarza
      ALEX Galarza

      no , it is

  • Davis Fountain
    Davis Fountain

    Would you like some Salt with your delicious salt and a Pinch of salt and don't forget for an extra kick some more salt!!!!! I am in sodium heaven

    • ALEX Galarza
      ALEX Galarza

      you don't know about cooking do u , salt and pepper are major components tha make food what it suppose to be !

  • Daniel Plowman
    Daniel Plowman

    Someone got paid to plug Wisconsin cheese.. what a suck ass. I hope all that ass kissing paid well.

    • Phillips Mom
      Phillips Mom

      Daniel Plowman ..It’s called making a living knucklehead

  • Sumkrazyguy55

    Wow. This is fucking pathetic

  • Laszlo Mezei
    Laszlo Mezei

    You're the best Michael!!! Laszlo Montreal

  • Laszlo Mezei
    Laszlo Mezei

    Good showing Michael, Bravo!!! The neg. too much salt and maybe white balsamic instead of dark... LaszloMontreal

  • kouradol2

    all those recipes are fine but the black & white cheese interviews are ridicolous

  • DasjDashoral

    This guy would marry cheese if it was possible.

  • nahid falsename
    nahid falsename

    i swear for a second i could smell the salad!

  • JonO387

    That looks amazing.

  • Brunilda Vega
    Brunilda Vega

    i luv it omg....

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