Victorious ''Best Friends Brother''
Antonio Perez S.

  • Lauren Sharkis
    Lauren Sharkis

    that moment when after 5 years this song randomly pops in your head

  • Esteban Aguilar
    Esteban Aguilar


  • Olivia Parker
    Olivia Parker

    Fact: the producers lowered the volume of ariana's mike and barley gave her a chance to sing cause they didn't want her to outshine Victoria

  • Broey

    Actually one of the only instances where I think the TV version is better than the studio version, just something about not having ari's and leon's back up vocals really makes this song feel a bit more empty. Makes the song feel more satisfying and complete when they're there.

  • Ivy Jay Gamer
    Ivy Jay Gamer

    Ariana would sing wayyyyyyy better to this song then Victoria

  • Lydia Deffibaugh
    Lydia Deffibaugh

    I just like victoreis😻

  • Mighty Pencil
    Mighty Pencil

    I need these songs on spotify Period.

  • SingingWithMyself

    I wish they'd included Cat's harmonies in the studio version. They really enhanced the song.

  • Xhafer Gjenashaj
    Xhafer Gjenashaj

    I LOVE this song!!!!😍

  • TrueGirl 5
    TrueGirl 5

    Shoutout to the guy who shouted « never stop’ 1:13

  • Epic Remarc
    Epic Remarc

    Victorious gave me unrealistic expectations about going to a performing arts school

  • Candy Lover
    Candy Lover

    Can people stop saying in the old or "better days" because one day you'll miss these days because you were too busy complaining about no good shows. It makes me feel bad for living in this era

  • Hala Elsharkawy
    Hala Elsharkawy

    Jade: “you better tell that shrimp in your bra”

  • William Harrysson
    William Harrysson

    I love Arianas voice 😍

  • Řxđöm Ďxđęļīõņ
    Řxđöm Ďxđęļīõņ

    Cmon yall stop comparingggg. They all have different voices and they all sound beatiful. But i doo wish the other characters got their own song. But lets be real they sound amazing together if the direction didnt make tori the center most of the time

  • Lena

    1)cat 2)jade 3)Beck 4)trina 5)tori 6)andre 7)switckoz 8)robbie 9)sinji Wich one are you

  • Lucie McDonnell
    Lucie McDonnell

    She's singing with Cat... WHAT IF SHE'S DATING Cat's BROTHER???!?!?!?! Oh, no...

  • Kitty Jam
    Kitty Jam

    I ❤ Tori's voice!!

  • Jackseon BaZ
    Jackseon BaZ

    Fun fact: allegedly, Ariana and Victoria were having a fight when they shot this. Ariana is facing away from Victoria for the entire song

  • Jaelyn B.
    Jaelyn B.

    Ariana as backup? Wat a load of hogwash!

  • Michaela Dillon
    Michaela Dillon

    Where are the Arinators

  • Boogiemywoogie

    This song is still so good ten years later

  • Kelvin Souza
    Kelvin Souza

    Letra: "I call you up when I know he's at home, I jump out of my skin when he picks up the phone What can I tell if he's looking at me? Should I give him a smile? Should I get up and leave? I know it's strange, I don't what I'm thinking But is it wrong if I see him this weekend I really hope I can get him alone I just don't, don't want her to know Yeeeeeaah My best friend's brother is the one for me Yeeeeaaah A punk rock drummer and he's 6 foot 3 I don't want to, but I want to, Cause I just can't get you out of mind! Yeeeeaaah My best friend's brother is the one for me BFB, BFB My best friend's brother, my best friend's brother I kinda think that I might be his type Because if you're not around, he's not actin' too shy Sometimes I feel like he might make a move Is this…"

  • Manny Hernandez
    Manny Hernandez

    Gurlllll Ariiii hit them notes. So underrated i wish they actually had this version in the victorious album -.-

  • Gotcha Biotch
    Gotcha Biotch

    No matter how much you hate tori's or victorious justice, you gotta admit she sounded great in the beginning.

  • The Titan List
    The Titan List

    whats with the positioning for arianna (spelling)? director has her standing sideways almost hidden behind Victoria (I love them both equally, but this has always bothered me). oh, and i already know, there was no rivalry between them, the problem Ari had, was with a cast member from a separate project. only rivalry between them, was media and fan created; which they were both getting tired of addressing, so if you have an issue with either of them... you may go ahead, and blame yourself.

  • Shagii Princess
    Shagii Princess

    Tori got a really good voice if we gonna be honest

  • Ultimate tea spiller films
    Ultimate tea spiller films

    Ariana and Victoria should do more songs together! At 0:23 they sounded really good together.

    • Ultimate tea spiller films
      Ultimate tea spiller films

      And at 0:40

    • Ultimate tea spiller films
      Ultimate tea spiller films

      Oh and at 1:45

  • W P
    W P

    That look at 0:36 😰

  • Lea Soki
    Lea Soki

    Have to say, this is the only song where I like Victorias voice more than Arianas

  • sad TM
    sad TM

    *AM I LATE?*

  • Peter D
    Peter D

    Cats harmonies literally take this song to a new level

  • BingeFest1

    I like how it starts pouring and they don’t get electrocuted playing the guitars

  • DizzyLizzy

    Idk if I’m the first to say this but, 2020 anyone?? if I am the first that’s so cool I’ve never done a year comment thing like this :D

    • huh


  • Angeliq Diva_
    Angeliq Diva_

    Here we go again, comparing all the actors and Tori. This stuff is crazy

  • Emmashie Watashyy
    Emmashie Watashyy

    Why isn't anyone talking about Sinjin's romantic gesture to Trina in 0:52? That is so sweet

  • Princess Marie
    Princess Marie

    I don’t want to but I want to😩 the notes on that part is just🥰 0:50

  • Jeremiah Davis
    Jeremiah Davis


  • 天使夜明け

    2020 anyone?

  • Soren Getti
    Soren Getti

    I like how the people; Andre, Tori, Cat and Misty (Andre’s Girlfriend) keep looking at one direction and not at the crowd

  • phanic! at the disco
    phanic! at the disco

    "Punk rock drummer and he's 6'3" josh dun?

  • Stanley Marsh Games
    Stanley Marsh Games

    This is one of the Song Scenes I liked to skip when I was 9 because rain. And "All I want is everything" because of Tori's shoe flying off and hitting the Chancelor

  • James Njenga
    James Njenga

    God I love this song from my favorite childhood show 2020 anybody??

  • Merc

    The reality would be students watching still and cringing at the show instead of dancing along lol

  • Cameron Gellineau
    Cameron Gellineau

    This song is literally 100x better with arianna grande than without

  • A L
    A L

    hol' up.. dude is playing the guitar with a girl on his arm? P-I-M-P

  • House Panther53
    House Panther53

    I'm 17 and a dude.... This shit is LIT

  • Oliver Queen /Green arrow
    Oliver Queen /Green arrow

    Cat: Should we stop ? Andre: Or do you want to continue Everyone pauses Tori: Yeah yeah yeah Me: Whelp

  • Gwen Person
    Gwen Person

    Why is no one commenting about why they're just letting the electronics get rained on???🤔

  • Vrithi Vardhan
    Vrithi Vardhan

    why is this the plot of the kissing booth

  • Princess Gacha
    Princess Gacha

    I always thought that Andre and Tori would get together tbh.

  • Big Dilff
    Big Dilff

    Tori's ring: *ClicK CLiCk cLiCk*

  • Vasantha Kokilam
    Vasantha Kokilam

    Nobody: Girls on wattpad stories:

    • V Talk Teen
      V Talk Teen

      Vasantha Kokilam lmfaoo

    • Alina Telles
      Alina Telles

      Vasantha Kokilam i’m reading one that says to listen to this song😂😂

  • Abbigale Nunley
    Abbigale Nunley

    Dose anyone know where I can find the actual song . dacing by beyond conception

    • wardahhh

      this is the actual song. from victorious

  • Patrick Star official
    Patrick Star official

    Great Nickelodeon show 😃 👍🏽

  • brandonsedits


  • brandonsedits


  • keith

    Only if high school was like this

  • KyRoses

    I want it the season 2&3 on Netflix 😭

  • Nicole

    I can’t be the only one that gets pissed by the fact that they cut ariana and Leon out of the song in the album

    • Saylor

      When I heard the full song, I was wondering why their voices were cut. They could have left it as a trio.

  • Chana Kim
    Chana Kim

    Ariana here doesn't know that she'll gonna be famous than victoria.

  • Justin N
    Justin N

    came here from tiktok, didnt know this song was from victorious

  • Quinton Clementina
    Quinton Clementina

    I like the rasp in tori's voice

  • Bobby Bobber
    Bobby Bobber

    what if Tori is talking abt cats brother

  • Kelly Cuello Eraso
    Kelly Cuello Eraso

    Recuerdos de mi infancia

  • Yasmin Yaneth
    Yasmin Yaneth

    What a stupid ass song.

  • Dragon- Shai
    Dragon- Shai

    I would be more nervous of getting electrocuted singing in the rain is that just me?

  • Si War
    Si War


  • The Polar Project
    The Polar Project

    High School Expectations: Victorious High School Reality: Gates opening to hell.

  • Giulian Ballado
    Giulian Ballado


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