Video Shows New Angle Of George Floyd’s Arrest With Multiple Officers | NBC News NOW
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Cell phone video appears to show George Floyd on the ground with three officers, while another officer stands next to a police vehicle.
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Video Shows New Angle Of George Floyd’s Arrest With Multiple Officers | NBC News NOW

  • Tracy Southerland
    Tracy Southerland

    Police lights aren't blinking in this video like the others.

  • william taylor
    william taylor

    He's drunk, high, history of violence ,committed a crime, resisted arrest. Im sorry am i missing something? Watch cops, every loser and their brother says I can't breathe. It never gets a cops off the back of a convicted felon resisting arrest while intoxicated.

    • Antonio Kinsler
      Antonio Kinsler

      Lol your hilarious

  • MooseKnuckle

    Videos 38 seconds long lol

  • Mzima Springs
    Mzima Springs

    Very clever, in such traffic so many people all of them quiet while "i cant breath" from a choked person on ground is heard clearly from here. The voice doesnt waver while camera floats from aone end to other

  • Groove Mistress
    Groove Mistress

    Everyone's smartphone records video in HD. Why is the quality of this video straight out of 1990?

  • Rylan

    Punishment for the cops: prison and they are beaten every day and knee on their necks until they are almost unconscious

  • Sonic The hedgehog
    Sonic The hedgehog

    Ok everbody knows this was something personally the guy knows what hes doing and he keeps going down even harder watching as the people record him as shown in the news they both had a personal history known for having beaf with each other So I dont believe this was an “accident”

  • Dan Hard
    Dan Hard

    how was this racist? they showed him total respect UNTIL he started resisting and dont take this the wrong way the cop went to far and should be charged

  • Toi's World
    Toi's World

    This is just horrible! 🤦🏾

  • Billy Beesteez
    Billy Beesteez

    People watching this video thinking it’s real be like”I can’t think, I can’t think, please let me think”

  • Roger Stevens
    Roger Stevens

    Unreal 😢😭😢😢😭😭

  • I wAtCh YoU sLeEp
    I wAtCh YoU sLeEp

    The man was literally crying....

  • Dragonator

    The way how i look at this this isnt about racism, whats happening here is just inhumane and makes even my hands itch to be honest, hearing him scream "I cant breath!" makes me even more angry.

    • Dragonator

      @Dan Hard Thats what i am saying, this isnt about racism its rather about police officers thinking they have the right to do anything cos they wear that badge. And this happens more then we think... these videos and news reports like these are just a small percentage i think.

    • Dan Hard
      Dan Hard

      how was this " RACIST " in the videos they show him getting treated fine till he resisted


    That's triple murder! Automatic electric chair!

  • Julie Labelle
    Julie Labelle

    This is so inhumane. Just thinking his own family can see this, upset my stomach. God bless them.

  • FauxPasTea

    He's very talkative for someone who can't breath.

  • Tony Boone
    Tony Boone

    Real strange how those bystanders yelling at the cops in the other video are not seen in this one.

    • steve rollins
      steve rollins

      Yes, amazing, isn't it??? And how do you loudly exclaim:"Please officers! I can't breathe!" and call for your mama, if you CAN'T breathe!!! You have to inhale/exhale in order to speak!!!

  • Robbie Leigh
    Robbie Leigh

    Where are the people on the other side that were yelling and video taping? This angle shows no one over there, where did they go? Why did state troopers load him into the ambulance? Why didn't they take his vitals and perform CPR before taking him to the hospital? Where are the paramedics? Why did he end up lying down when they already had him standing up and detained?

  • Olivia simoneau
    Olivia simoneau

    Are the cops deaf?

  • ADC

    Sickening! Everytime I watch them cause him to die I want to see them get kicked around in prison!!

  • Joel Robinson
    Joel Robinson

    those officers have dummy and that's y all 3 are kneeling to hide the obvious fact

  • Joel Robinson
    Joel Robinson

    the sound is being replayed u can hear that it's a recording being replayed

  • Joel Robinson
    Joel Robinson

    fake as fake can be

  • Weigner Leigner
    Weigner Leigner

    Where are the people who were suppose to be filming next to the cop car.......

  • Ry HY
    Ry HY

    This is false flag = no one wearing masks, not Floyd or cops when covid-19 is in full effect and masks are mandatory, something fishy. Too many questions left un answered.


    If you listen closely when he said something about his face if you listen very close you hear “we know”

  • 1972marks

    Of course they took this video down. It proves that the "incident" was filmed on separate days. Look at the sidewalk on the bystander footage from the road looking at cup foods. NOBODY IS ON THE SIDEWALK even though the other bystander's video in front of cup foods show a pretty big crowd watching. Where is the crowd and why did they take this video down?

  • ashthe bash
    ashthe bash

    It’s all a bit sus to me.

  • Scott Graham
    Scott Graham

    If you’re going to record something then stand still idiots!

  • Felix Gonzales
    Felix Gonzales

    Are you serious? You hear the man saying i can't breathe

  • Kadisha N
    Kadisha N


  • Loc Le
    Loc Le

    4 not three

  • TOA Levi Films
    TOA Levi Films

    Facts: 1. The bystander filming is behind the rubbish bin to the left then moves closer in front of the rubbish bin. 2. The police lights are flashing if you slow down the video. 3. This is a real murder caught on camera.

  • Jaidenpaul Palanca
    Jaidenpaul Palanca


  • Jaidenpaul Palanca
    Jaidenpaul Palanca

    Stupid cop

  • StephenMacky

    So, from what I can see here, Chauvin was not applying all of his pressure on George's neck. It's unknown how much pressure he was applying. But thing is, the technique that Chauvin was using on Floyd here was approved by his police department, this was proven in an archive of MPD's use of force policy. The neck restraints were deemed non-lethal. For one to use this technique, they'd have to be trained, of course. This technique is also applied in excited delirium situations. Floyd allegedly had excited delirium, but he did have medical distress even before being put on the ground. If it's the neck restraint that killed him, then the burden should fall on the Minneapolis Police Department for training their police officers to use neck restraints which can be "lethal" and for having a white paper on excited delirium.

  • Ethel Olaotse
    Ethel Olaotse

    Here after that Alex got caught on video buying Oreos.

  • Mewtwo420

    Anyone tell you it was just chavin on him show them this video

  • Bobby Vagene
    Bobby Vagene

    Very odd.

  • BCMI Latino
    BCMI Latino

    Its too bad the person taking the video didnt know what he or she was doing. I got sea sick watching all the movement

  • Lenon Tavares
    Lenon Tavares

    George Floyd, sentimos sua dor 🇧🇷, que a justiça seja feita.

  • Murilo Melo
    Murilo Melo

    Diga Não a ignorância e ao racismo !!! Essa foi só uma mensagem mesmo pode voltar para o enigma minha/meu jovem

  • Murilo Melo
    Murilo Melo

    Não tem relação com o enigma mas não custa lembrar que somos todos iguais indiferente da cor !!!

  • Marcus Ward
    Marcus Ward

    Officer, Give Me your Gun (George Floyd Portland Protest) | Marcus Ward Show

  • Patrick Phoenix
    Patrick Phoenix

    Shouldn't there be people on the footpath ?

  • Dedkmxs34

    Was a criminal, did bad things, but he still didn’t have to die like this

  • grant Dotson
    grant Dotson

    Bru, I seen a comment here and it had me thinking. Why is his voice so loud but and the officers next to him are muffled? What phone camera has that crazy of a mic to pick up sound like it's right next to him??

  • Aiden Brown
    Aiden Brown


  • The Bates Family
    The Bates Family

    Where are the people that was recording I see no people recording and other people walking pass as if they see nothing🤔

  • Huznie Ahmad
    Huznie Ahmad

    Fruitvale.. 😢😢😢😢😭😭😭

  • Kyuubi 7
    Kyuubi 7

    Where do all those bystanders live at? I just wanna talk

    • Kyuubi 7
      Kyuubi 7

      @appletongallery wtf do you mean hoax a man dying is a flipping hoax?

    • appletongallery

      Kyuubi 7 - Notice there ARE NO BYSTANDERS in this video? Fishy huh? The whole thing was a hoax.

  • Play andra straTY
    Play andra straTY

    No you șalrat -_-

  • Momcat2012

    sound seems fishy. if this is a cell phone video, they were too far away to get that much sound.

    • appletongallery

      Momcat2012 - Where are the bystanders

  • J B
    J B

    Where’s all the people with their cell phones???

  • Neil Vaillancourt
    Neil Vaillancourt

    If you can't tell his voice was added to this clip you're a f****** moron.

  • Lauratu Barry
    Lauratu Barry


  • AppleG0blin

    Now people know will know why I’m leaving America

  • Wayne Mathews
    Wayne Mathews

    INHUMANE to ignore his pleas and hav knee on neck with force for so long despicable

  • Mary Smith
    Mary Smith

    Why was this removed? Because we might see the COPS removing his body instead of the paramedics? Because we might see that they didnt even bother to take a pulse before loading him on the gurney. Because "FLoyd" had no legs when on the gurney???

  • Elszin Josef Sturdivant
    Elszin Josef Sturdivant

    He did not deserv that i would went to the cops and sed u need to back off lige is so sad😭😭😭😭😭😭😂😂

    • Elszin Josef Sturdivant
      Elszin Josef Sturdivant

      Srry for thee laghing post my thumb slipt

  • ramakrishna raju Mudunuri
    ramakrishna raju Mudunuri

    This is dangerous for him to get breathe under pressed by police that his stomach has no periastic movement.

  • artromero0924

    Fake news

  • Joe Reid
    Joe Reid

    I still want to know how he goes from having hair in all the videos before he is on the ground, to NOT having hair once he is on the ground!!


    Where’s everyone at?

  • mike peine
    mike peine


  • Ryan 88
    Ryan 88

    Fake its all fake. Liars gonna bring down Babylon on their terms

  • Joseph Harris
    Joseph Harris

    Those police deserve to die for what they did.... as his life was taken so should the lives of all four officers involved !!!!! Death sentence by electrocution

  • Emia Main
    Emia Main

    They are mad stray dogs not police officers, it shows real face and fact about US police and citizens freedom. Barbarism painted as freedom!!

  • shoto todoroki
    shoto todoroki

    We dont watch this for fun, we watcv this due tu humanity ; this is terror. He didnt deserve to die

  • james kelly
    james kelly

    Its all bs. Iv seen video footage where it looked liked a dummy loaded up on the medical table. He was swapped for a dummy It shows he had no legs. Notice how the door on the viechle is wide open? Cant find an unedited version anymore. It was a set up! Were been played for fools!

Prossimi video