Azzyland - Viral MAKEUP TRANSFORMATION Tutorials !
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  • Olive tree
    Olive tree

    Rumor has it azzy is still traumatized from when the girl pulled string out of her nose.

  • LaMiyah Major
    LaMiyah Major

    Every man woman boy and girl are beautiful and hansom in there own way love yourself for who you are stay safe and keep loving others

  • Trinity The Trinicheetah
    Trinity The Trinicheetah

    I don't like makeup because my brother jc his face gets all itchy and stuff pleas get rid of make plsss ❤💛💚💙💜

  • Olivia Rafferty
    Olivia Rafferty


  • Andrew Cooper
    Andrew Cooper

    Do you wear make up because you are beatifull is that affensive if it is SORRY😍

  • Tygotgame Tygotgame
    Tygotgame Tygotgame

    I get bullied in school Lol No Seriously I do

  • Xuaroi Diem
    Xuaroi Diem

    All you girls out there u dont need makeup like u are Beautiful the way you are so dont use it bc u are to beautiful to use makeup

  • Marlene Arenas
    Marlene Arenas

    They look pretty without makeup like if you agree

  • Samir

    Azzy your EYELASH is looking weird.

  • Ali Raja
    Ali Raja

    Everyone is beautiful they don't have to put make up on but it's ur choice!!

  • sabrina mullen
    sabrina mullen

    0:20 thats the way they dress dowen ther

  • DJ_wolfyyy lover
    DJ_wolfyyy lover

    They all look butiffal with out make up

  • Lps Nova
    Lps Nova

    Makeup has to ellgal at this point 🤣

  • Melissa Burdan Schmitz
    Melissa Burdan Schmitz


  • Emma Crespo
    Emma Crespo

    I know love you

  • Emma Crespo
    Emma Crespo


  • Emma Crespo
    Emma Crespo

    Azzy is only the best you tuber

  • Crazy Cara
    Crazy Cara


  • SaRah The Fat One
    SaRah The Fat One


  • Cotten_ Cloud
    Cotten_ Cloud

    I was born with huge eyes so I wouldn’t need makeup like this!

  • Jay

    Asia has different beauty standards. I wonder how many of those videos were edited

  • Rebecca Riggs
    Rebecca Riggs

    Azzy I would love a dog that's my cousins that hard just got the puppies and my dog is

  • Rebecca Riggs
    Rebecca Riggs

    Scooby-Doo ADI for out the makeup

  • Sharpe Family
    Sharpe Family

    My mom did that before 😱😿

  • Zillion_percent_cracra Crazyness
    Zillion_percent_cracra Crazyness

    Hey azzy i know an idea for u merch The bunny on your shirt at end of your videos that can be your merch

  • Sonya Taylor
    Sonya Taylor

    You have a gap in your eyelashes

  • Cindy Wincloud
    Cindy Wincloud

    What do I do when typing is your is your a day tyyyttttw is a time to be nice time for me and my kids to go to your night and Saturday night I wanna is a good time to be home and I have to do a nice day tomorrow and I wanna was the decadence molly is a nice guy to work on a nice time and a good time with my mom to get my mom and I will be there for you and I will be there in the next two weeks so we will be home tomorrow and I wanna is a good time for me and my kids to do bcwe q wÿ

  • Momi Ali
    Momi Ali


  • Alizée Germer
    Alizée Germer

    Love you azzy ur the bwest

  • eclipse playZ
    eclipse playZ

    I think they are beautiful the way they are and when my mother puts makeup I'm like "GIRL remove the makeup!, i think u are already beautiful"

  • Zosia Trzcinska
    Zosia Trzcinska

    The V shaped jaw is attractive in Korea

  • Tammy Clark
    Tammy Clark

    I meant like my comments if you think my dog is so sweet and comment what you think about my dog

  • Tammy Clark
    Tammy Clark

    I mean cuz no one asked me to the prom I'm so sad I cried so hard so horribly that my friends comforted me when I when I got home I cried so hard my my dog comforted me Kenny felt better he's a service dog he delivered me tissues and he did everything he can to cheer me up it literally cheered me up OMG like this video If you think my dog is so sweet

  • shiny mango
    shiny mango


  • La Ba
    La Ba

    Who want azzy to try these taps n all 😂.

  • Këłłÿ Wãñg
    Këłłÿ Wãñg

    Well Asian at least A LOT of them realllllyyy want pale skin and idk

  • daphne zou
    daphne zou

    How do they do that like I won we want to know I think the last one girl put paper clips in her nose like her nostrils I am freaking out right now I’m so scared she gonna die because she put it in his nostrils and went to the eyes and then spit it out from her mouth is that even safe because I want from her eyes and it spit it out from her mouth

  • zaxoi ._
    zaxoi ._


  • Jorja Richmond
    Jorja Richmond

    Azzys left eyelash needs some touching up 🤭

  • Tjeerd van der iest
    Tjeerd van der iest

    2 weke n

  • Leu Sarkar
    Leu Sarkar

    The first girl was sooo cute but the makeup was terrible :-\ if you guys think the same comment:-)

  • Kc Kove
    Kc Kove

    Btw 3:47 she still looks really cute (like if you agree!)

  • Charlotte Midnight Moon
    Charlotte Midnight Moon

    Whenever I think about putting on and taking off contacts I cringe I hate the thought of it

  • esperanza

    All these woman look good as they are tho

  • Jacquelyn Tran
    Jacquelyn Tran

    why does people need make up when there beautiful without it it does not matter on how they look it matter more about about how they feel and how they feel in the in side

  • Sienna's Crazy world
    Sienna's Crazy world

    everyone is beautiful

  • Kylam 128
    Kylam 128

    Azzy make merch please!! A shirt that says: Dee-lee-shous! Make pants that say on the side: Dee-lee-shous Squad! AZZY SHOULD MAKE A Dee-lee-shous Squad on YT.

  • Sketch the Winged Cat
    Sketch the Winged Cat

    I’m more worried about how she got those...things, UP her nose!

  • Izaya Oreo
    Izaya Oreo

    The reason they special skin tape on their Jaw so it give them a more sharper chin look.


    There beautiful Jazzy 😘😍 and I love your vids

  • Libby Tran
    Libby Tran

    Azzy: contacts suck Me wearing contacts while watching the video: 👁👄👁

  • Faith Uche
    Faith Uche

    who else's noise started to tingle

  • Gili Anny
    Gili Anny

    We are all beautiful no matter what?

  • Violet Cha
    Violet Cha

    When azzy want to get a tan And someone bully me bcz im tan:)

  • Yvonne Lauwers
    Yvonne Lauwers

    Everyone is beautiful no matter what x

  • Sleepy Dogey
    Sleepy Dogey

    Ur already pretty so u don’t need anything

  • Sally Cares
    Sally Cares

    Azzy your eyelash was flying off at the end of your video.


    Azzyland yoooo iz fabulous

  • Whistle *
    Whistle *

    Love your self u don't need make up, it's your choice

  • Shuprova Das
    Shuprova Das

    5:57 Did you not see the stuff coming out of her nose?

    • Shuprova Das
      Shuprova Das

      Sorry meant 5:56

  • Jenna Smith
    Jenna Smith

    Pause at 5:56

  • Deahna Kiesanowski
    Deahna Kiesanowski

    Azzy... Eyebrows have left the chat😳

  • Deahna Kiesanowski
    Deahna Kiesanowski

    Your bite full the way you are

  • Valeria H
    Valeria H

    Wtf happened to your eyelashes 🤢🤮

  • Ali T
    Ali T

    Hey Azzy you should react to Melanie Martinez.

  • Nathaniel Wilson
    Nathaniel Wilson

    Does anyone really know why people in hot countries wear white makeup? If you do keep reading. If you kept on reading your a legend, but back to the chase, so the reason why they always wear white makeup is because if you have dark skin that makes people think that you are poor because you work in the sun allot, but if you have white skin that means you have a good job and have allot of money! Thanks for reading all of my comment pls can you like your all epic 😊

  • Jacen Justice
    Jacen Justice

    Women: Love me for me. Also Women:

  • Jasmine the mouse
    Jasmine the mouse

    Makeup covers real beauty in my opinion

  • Auklet _the_Octoling
    Auklet _the_Octoling

    This just shows how many female think that looks matter

  • iiHxnnyii

    But their all so pretty! 🥰✨

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