Vocal Coach/Musician Reacts: HARRY STYLES Adore You Live on The Late Late Show with James Corden
Nina Schofield
Taken from Harry's new album Fine Line - watch me react to and analyse Harry singing Adore You live on James Corden's Late Late show. What do you think?
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Links to stream/download: smarturl.it/2n8x17
Watch the lyric video here: it-my.com/watchvideo/video-U8sRh8qrcl0.html
Watch the vertical video here: it-my.com/watchvideo/video-ucSyDRad_BI.html
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  • Victoria

    do falling live at the Brits, so amazing!!

  • Karissuh NiCoLe
    Karissuh NiCoLe

    i’d suggest reacting to the kiwi live on the late late show I love that performance and that song, and ruel is also an artist with great vocals

  • stelmaria

    He’s such a great live performer! You should do his SNL performance of Lights Up (the only version on IT-my still is one with Korean subtitles, but it’s really lovely).

  • b a r b y
    b a r b y


  • Margarida Freitas
    Margarida Freitas

    PLease watch 13 times harry styles vocals had me SHOOK!!!! Or his Juice cover or his The Chain cover

  • Call me Dzek0 TM
    Call me Dzek0 TM

    Please react to zayn

  • Sinead 0204
    Sinead 0204

    You should react to both his albums, his live lounge covers, girl crush live BBC, and his carpool karaoke

  • redwineredshoes

    Aaaaaahhhh... You have to do "medicine" (st paul)

  • Cassie Theodora
    Cassie Theodora

    if you continue to react to Harry Styles, you will earn another subscriber:)

  • Juan Hoffmann
    Juan Hoffmann

    The graham norton performance was better

    • Annipanni28

      Except the dancing part - he killed it here ;))

  • Daniella A
    Daniella A

    How to fall in love with Harry in 8:09 full minutes

  • Rekiv Gaikwad
    Rekiv Gaikwad

    Please react on Zayn malik

  • Rekiv Gaikwad
    Rekiv Gaikwad

    Zayn malik

  • Rekiv Gaikwad
    Rekiv Gaikwad

    Zayn malik

  • Rekiv Gaikwad
    Rekiv Gaikwad

    React to Zayn malik

  • Rekiv Gaikwad
    Rekiv Gaikwad

    Please mam react on Zayn malik

  • Rekiv Gaikwad
    Rekiv Gaikwad

    React on zayn malik

  • Rekiv Gaikwad
    Rekiv Gaikwad

    Please react on zayn

  • Cherry Yuan
    Cherry Yuan

    Hi can you react to the band new hope club? Love the video btw!

  • stfustyles x
    stfustyles x

    you’re so beautiful :)

  • stfustyles x
    stfustyles x

    such a good reaction!!

  • Tamara Scott
    Tamara Scott

    Cover all of Harry's albums and live performances.. He owns it!

  • Lori Hopkins
    Lori Hopkins

    Please react to his cover of “Juice” by Lizzo. I wanted to say your voice sounds amazing from the little bit you sang! Would love to hear you cover a Harry Styles or any 1D members song!

  • Ms stypayhorlikson
    Ms stypayhorlikson

    React to harry covering Lizzo's Juice

  • Anita Babcock
    Anita Babcock

    I meant Jools not Joos sorry, and the SC was live in London

  • ARYAN ._.
    ARYAN ._.

    Can U plzz react to Zayn Malik - “like I would” live at iHeart radio 2016😍😍

  • Elaine Carter
    Elaine Carter

    Thank you for this, Harry is very comfortable on the Late Late Show stage, he had hosted the whole show. If you are just starting out with Harry, try Sign of The Times on the Graham Norton Show, a performance responsible for many, including myself, falling down the Harry Styles rabbit hole.

    • redwineredshoes


  • dgroppel

    Honestly, watching Harry live is the only way to go. He adds so much more to the song though his performances. Plus, he always does it with his band...the same band you see here...and to me that adds so much to it as well. They are all really talented and always have a tight sound, but Sarah Jones on drums is a total badass! Thanks for finally reacting to Harry and enjoy!!

  • Grace Elizabeth
    Grace Elizabeth

    Not all females, just 3, the other 2 are menfolk...LOL

  • Daniel Kayed
    Daniel Kayed

    it-my.com/watchvideo/video-1Ptq48AJHCc.html 🇵🇭 PHILIPPINES 🇵🇭 Please REACT to CHARICE PEMPENGCO w/ DAVID FOSTER sing ALL BY MYSELF by CELINE DION she is frOm tHe PHILIPPINES

  • Dhruvika Varun
    Dhruvika Varun

    Hi, I love your reaction videos. Could you please react to Halsey's new album 'Manic'?

  • Occam's Razor with the Gordian Knot
    Occam's Razor with the Gordian Knot

    Have you heard of the "Wrecking Crew"they were session musicians during the Beach boys days and they were in fact better artists then the bands themselves.In fact they were the ones that did alot of the albums for very famous groups likethe Beach boys etc since the Producers thought they were better musicians then the actual groups-it was pretty commonplace back then to use session musicians to dub in the so called real musicians in their albums😁😎

  • jim

    Hi Nina, you said if anybody had seen Dimash in person to let you know. Here's a vocal teacher, and her mom that saw him in New York in December @ the Barclays center, his first solo concert, 20,000 + attended...it-my.com/watchvideo/video-UOUPBZRnTWU.html


    I loved ur reaction, you can check out harry's capital jbb performances and his live lounge performances they are great

  • It's Me
    It's Me

    hummmm delicia!!

  • Sky Blue
    Sky Blue

    You should react to both his albums, his live lounges his cover of girl crush and him at the jingle bell ball. He is amazing!!!!

  • Top Vid
    Top Vid

    Please Reaction to Dimash

  • moonygirl76

    Nice nice nice review! More live Harry please.

  • Londoner Hornet Supporter Of Watford FC
    Londoner Hornet Supporter Of Watford FC

    He is ok, not bad. It is nice to see a vocalist without auto-tune and also nice to see musicians playing instruments. Unlike Little Mix live, which is like glorified karaoke.

  • Кристина Смирнова
    Кристина Смирнова


  • Ricardo

    please react to dimash Ti amo cosi

  • Tere za
    Tere za

    Please, react to fine line 💞

  • Imran Omar
    Imran Omar

    Please reacts to little mix without autotune👌..their voices really stunning more than studios one😚

  • MR. YTP
    MR. YTP

    You should do a reaction to Halsey's new album

  • Zosia Machowska
    Zosia Machowska

    Please react to his cover of Lizzo's Juice

  • Carol Line
    Carol Line

    React to his album fine line!!!! Please :))

  • Mvolk2013

    Have you seen the music video for 'Adore You'? Make sure you watch the 'extended version'. Check out his music video for "Lights Up" from the new album. Here he is performing "Sign Of The Times" (from his first album) live it-my.com/watchvideo/video-Y8R-zl7SDUU.html There are so many videos you should watch.

  • Goldenpolishgirl

    React to Harry Styles fine line

  • Jack

    can you react to his album please!!!

  • Jlynn Meyer
    Jlynn Meyer

    Can you review Faouzia Tears of Gold live!!!! Or any of her videos. She's amazing 😍

  • My World
    My World

    I love u reacting to Ariana. I am waiting for you to react to Fine Line by Harry. Please do it. Love from India. ❤️✨

  • annikama

    Damn you need to react to his covers on the live lounge!! Especially „Juice“ from Lizzo

  • TaLaAnt

    Please make a reaction to a young, very popular singer in world. Videos from this singer collect hundreds of millions of views. This girl is now only 16 years old. She has a very unique, very deep, clear voice. Diana Ankudinova Wicked Game

    • TaLaAnt

      7 Aeons reacted song Human performed by Diana Ankudinova. He said: In my last reaction she showed a lot of versatility She's one of the most unique singers right now, along with Dimash. The texture and the deepness in her voice is out of this world From another dimension... It's definitely not this world One of the most impressive things about her is that she's only 16 BUT the maturity of her singing is equivalent to a 600 years old wise monk that lives in high altitudes. Her timbre is mystical and extraordinary. Definitely, definitely, top-notch! Human it-my.com/watchvideo/video--KgD666fRtY.html Here she is only 15 years old.

    • TaLaAnt


  • Ravi Sahni
    Ravi Sahni

    Reaction to Blinding Lights (Live on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert)

  • Nastya R
    Nastya R

    please react to his last album “Fine line"

  • jim

    Pretty cool..Almost forgot Nina, here is Marcelito Pomoy in Power of Love...it-my.com/watchvideo/video-2EQ3bVoLYLY.html

  • Latin Music Fans UK
    Latin Music Fans UK

    Hi Nina I love your musical critique. Do you take requests for reaction videos?

  • VanderVault: The Grace VanderWaal Digital Archive
    VanderVault: The Grace VanderWaal Digital Archive

    Glad you're getting into Harry's music!👌

  • Laura McKee
    Laura McKee

    Love seeing u branch out into Harry's music. A good video for seeing Harry's vocals and performing ability is his cover of Girl Crush at the BBC. One of my favourite performs ever!!!

  • Karsten E. Brennan
    Karsten E. Brennan

    This song would be a whole another level with Adam Lambert singing it.

    • Occam's Razor with the Gordian Knot
      Occam's Razor with the Gordian Knot

      true Harry has the more monotone type ballad voice although Adam has lost alot of swag in recent years maybe the voice getting old.

  • Pertti Haajanen
    Pertti Haajanen

    you need to listen jinjer picses

  • K Nandurkar
    K Nandurkar

    Please react to Norman F**king Rockwell Album by Lana Del Rey.

  • K Nandurkar
    K Nandurkar

    Hey Nina! Lots of love from this side. Love to see your reactions. A big fan of yours from India!❤🇮🇳 A small request. Can you please react to Norman F***king Rockwell Album by Lana Del Rey?

  • Rayane Meghni
    Rayane Meghni

    can u react to a kpop group called Ateez ... they debuted 1 year ago and they are already on a higher level then some other professional groups ... their latest comeback is called ANSWER 💜

  • Ellen Hanwright
    Ellen Hanwright

    I’d love it if you could react to the Jonas brothers new song what a man gotta do please :)

  • Rence Y O C A T
    Rence Y O C A T

    I love how you react to albums and others stuff Like I may not be a musician but when you say stuff about it, how you express it It was satisfying and fun, i love it

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