Waking Up At 5am For a Week.
Garrett Watts
I tried waking up at 5am for a week and YIKES. This was quite the challenge for someone as nocturnal as me. I think I might be bad at self improvement. I don't know. I love you and I hope you have a blast watching this. Love you.
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  • Roxanne Leonard
    Roxanne Leonard

    I've seen enough videos of Garrett and cans of air to start believing he does huff-its.

  • Iris McHugh
    Iris McHugh

    everything is more interesting after 3am

  • Skater Boi
    Skater Boi

    Is he like dead or something where is he ?

  • ashley kolasch
    ashley kolasch

    I relate to your sleeping habits on a spiritual level💀🙊

  • A Sword made from the blood of my enemies
    A Sword made from the blood of my enemies

    I'm naturally a night owl and I was nocturnal of my own accords in highschool. Well now I'm nocturnal because of college.

  • soomy Chan
    soomy Chan

    Omg I finished the video 😂😂😂😂 and I enjoyed it

  • Vlogs With Abby
    Vlogs With Abby

    Welcome to my life.

  • Kenzie Welch
    Kenzie Welch

    Big Boy where I'm from is called Frisch's Big Boy and when he said Bob's Big Boy, part of me get a little triggered. Lol. much love garrett

  • Kerri B
    Kerri B

    First time watching this IT-myr, 27 seconds in and I already like him!

  • Alexis Gonzales
    Alexis Gonzales

    I been stalking for Andrew videos 🤣🤣😜😍

  • Puzzle Pieces
    Puzzle Pieces

    Garrett put the gauntlet down

  • Mari Martinez
    Mari Martinez

    I die every time when he puts that demon voice on Benjamin hahahahahaha

  • potatoface!

    Hi :D

  • Jenny Pienaar
    Jenny Pienaar

    Omg, me! I’m seriously the same.... Never sleep...and I have school And I have 6 alarms The list goes on I’m nocturnal, and yes I watch end game every night....

  • Emcee

    “I don’t think you’re going to get shredded from cherry tomatoes” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Emcee

    I’m 88% in love with Garrett now.

  • Victor Nazario
    Victor Nazario

    Omg I loved the intro and your background lol

  • Devon K
    Devon K

    I am very nocturnal and have been since childhood. I suffer from frequent bouts of insomnia and I find this video just so relatable! I can't sleep at night but I sleep well in the day and I don't know why that is. All my energy and inspiration always comes at night too. Anyway, I don't care how long it takes you to upload new videos, I will still watch them because you are so entertaining and funny! :3 When you and Andrew get together I always end up laughing till I cry. lol I love you guys!

  • Mon Pon
    Mon Pon

    Omfg the edits at the beginning edit: LMAOOO actually all the edits

  • Jotaro Kujo
    Jotaro Kujo

    Garrett should meet the woman in the stock photos he uses lol

  • FruityBooty

    k. I like Garrett. I only watch videos in my watch later playlist. it seems I actually came to a video on time and can actually answer the question at the end. the school bus gets here at six. so I wake up at five am everyday to keep clicking the snooze button until I'm running down with my pants unbuckled because the bus is already outside and I procrastinated waking up on weekends, I just let my body do its thing so I wake up 5:50am-7:00am during weekends I just try to check off as many things as I can on my checklist that I prep on every Friday to be productive on the weekend. I never finish the list but I tried to do at least 1-2 things off of the list. 👌🏻 waking up in the mornings makes me feel like a productive member of society uwu I get pumped cuz I'm like "MMM. YES. I GOT ALL DAY. LETS GET THESE OUT THE WAY AND ACTUALLY TRY TO FINISH THIS LIST FOR ONCE". Saturday is my most productive day. it's currently Sunday and I just woke up from a four hour nap. and now I'm really not motivated to do anything ._. I have a project due tomorrow but. I'm fine. I'll wing it later. I've never gotten up late. Mother gets triggered if we're still sleeping after 9am. and she always asks for help during the morning with something (chores).

    • FruityBooty

      pfft. nvm. he put another video three months ago.

  • Eva Ingate
    Eva Ingate

    I'm a morning person, I just find them so peaceful and safe. Cos I get to paranoia at night

  • TinyPeach 19
    TinyPeach 19

    my body wakes itself. my body usually wakes up about 4 or 5am. i dont use alarms and if i have anything planned in the mornings, it just wakes up at good times. i used to have awful sleeping schedules, but that changed throughout highschool. :>

  • Brynn LaCrosse
    Brynn LaCrosse

    I almost threw up right as you said that you almost did

  • Cecilia Mendez
    Cecilia Mendez

    Im literally watching a grown man fix his sleep schedule while i DESTROY mine rn

  • Amber Quraishi
    Amber Quraishi

    The fucking sparkling water bit kills me I can’t

  • Dede the Greate
    Dede the Greate

    Why don’t you and Andrew get together

  • Mike Mo
    Mike Mo

    Lmao if IT-myrs had to get real jobs in offices

  • Shay 101
    Shay 101

    Glueing the volume button seems like a bad idea....

  • Don K
    Don K

    I get home from work at 5 AM..... People are not missing anything by being asleep at that horrible hour... I mean, nothing good is open.

  • Baby Izuku
    Baby Izuku

    I’m nocturnal

  • Art Lar
    Art Lar

    Garrett: OMG I'M WAKING UP AT 5 AM FOR A WEEK Me waking up at 5 am everyday cause I need to: 🙃🙃🙃🙃

  • Hardcore Waffle iron 1965
    Hardcore Waffle iron 1965

    I always wake up at 5.....(゜-゜)

  • Freya O'Rourke
    Freya O'Rourke

    Who’s watching this waiting for Garrett to upload again?

    • Alison D.
      Alison D.

      Freya O'Rourke MEEE

  • Carred Skinner
    Carred Skinner

    I wake up at 5 for school EVERYDAY 😕😐

  • Liepa Morkunaite
    Liepa Morkunaite

    How have i not seen a comment for his 19 HOURS sleep? Like omfggg im so fucking jealous you can just hibernate like that??!!!

  • Skep Halo
    Skep Halo

    I wake up at 6:40 for School but 8:12 is on weekends lol

  • Melissa missing Chris Cornell
    Melissa missing Chris Cornell

    I am an insomniac...but fuck it. I am tired of labels. I am notoriously nocturnal & sticking to it😉

  • Dwi Azizah Saffanah
    Dwi Azizah Saffanah

    He's a sweetheart imma cry oml😭

  • thespeedingsnail

    I just noticed I have more videos than Garret but only 45 subs

  • Ambers没啊我

    I wake up at 5 am every morning #sportdedicated

  • Kathleen Julie Herbert-Harris
    Kathleen Julie Herbert-Harris

    I am nocturnal but I hate it!

  • Kenn Parrish
    Kenn Parrish

    garrett please come back buddy i need you

  • Sara Abdallah
    Sara Abdallah

    26:10 garret putting a whole piece of soil in his pocket is a mooood

  • Inari Li
    Inari Li

    I am such a nocturnal night owl (as if there’s any other kind of owl,, haha!). I honestly feel more awake and just more alive then, even though my brother-who’s a surgeon-told me that’s not healthy as we’re meant to be diurnal creatures? 🤷🏻‍♀️ I say, why fight what’s in my nature? 😁 I’m also a big introvert so maybe that’s why I prefer the night, with less people around, it’s more peaceful, etc. At any rate, just wanted to say hi and I like your channel! Thanks for always making me smile. My two bunnies and I say hi, fellow night owl! 😊♥️🦉🌾🐇🐇

  • Madison Reyna
    Madison Reyna

    23:14 "4 months " ahaha try five y e a r s. Ahaha yeah,I have problems😅

  • Elissa Alimonte
    Elissa Alimonte

    you are the most adorable man

  • xChrisy _Gachax
    xChrisy _Gachax

    It’s 42... 7x6 is 42

  • Sophie likesramen
    Sophie likesramen

    I love u

  • PoundingTheStone: TruGrit
    PoundingTheStone: TruGrit

    How do u have money If u don’t have a job ? I mean I know IT-my pays - but can u afford to live off making one video a month ? Not judging just wondering how u do this lol Like do u ever wonder about the billions of people who work 14 hour days 6 days a week and wonder how they function ? Did your parents ever make u do anything as a child that u had to be up early ? I love your videos/ your super funny and it’s refreshing to see how naive you are - but I just have so many questions how u afford to live like this lol

  • Mrs. Mina
    Mrs. Mina

    Why did I laugh soo much because of the sparkling water 💀💀 He was choking or even dying and im just laughing...💀 sorry Garret

  • Pork Cupine
    Pork Cupine


  • Joema Joe
    Joema Joe

    Love you

  • ashleigh giles
    ashleigh giles

    my cheeks hurt so bad from laughing so much LOL

  • Kelly Lutz
    Kelly Lutz

    Try wakeing up at 5am the whole school year

  • Kami Paige
    Kami Paige

    JFC the editing and his chaotic personality is wonderful 😂😂😂❤❤❤

  • Karyn Marie
    Karyn Marie

    Aww we use to have Big Boy.

  • Exvy Hunt
    Exvy Hunt

    Garrett I miss you so muuucchhh

  • Music Meister
    Music Meister

    I am noctorunal You're my favorite human garrett even if you post a little or alot I always feel I can relate to you.

  • Sophie rihance
    Sophie rihance

    im suffocating because of the beginning im dying love u

  • StinkyButton

    I have the same circadian rhythm. My friends joke that I’m a vampire. There’s a theory that our nocturnal habits were formed when we were born. I fought it for years. Then I decided to listen to my body. I’m a veterinarian who works the graveyard shift at an emergency vet clinic. I’m happy now that I’m not fighting my natural sleep schedule. Give in to Mother Nature, Garrett.

  • Cherry Sheeran
    Cherry Sheeran

    I play Hedwigs Theme to wake up! Harry Potter fans like this comment.

  • Maddie Berry
    Maddie Berry

    Me for 12 years tho

  • Pastel Spines
    Pastel Spines

    what went down the right tube

  • Hailey Kennedy
    Hailey Kennedy


  • _moodi jane_
    _moodi jane_

    Garret are you a vampire??

  • _moodi jane_
    _moodi jane_

    1 like-a Boyfriend for garret

  • _moodi jane_
    _moodi jane_

    You are 👍🏻

  • Sarah .G
    Sarah .G

    It’s 6pm, I just woke up and I am watching this because I knew you would win over the challenge and that’s a hopeful message

  • MaelowPi

    Wow, the Fry's of my childhood. Used to creep me out as a kid, now I love it.

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