Wash Us In The Blood
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Wash Us In The Blood · Kanye West · Travis Scott
Wash Us In The Blood
℗ 2020 Getting Out Our Dreams II, LLC, distributed by Def Jam, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc., 1755 Broadway, New York, New York 10019.
Released on: 2020-06-30
Producer: Kanye West
Producer: BoogzDaBeast
Producer: Ronny J
Producer, Co- Producer: FNZ
Producer, Co- Producer: A.G.
Producer, Additional Producer: Dem Jointz
Producer, Additional Producer: Israel Boyd
Studio Personnel, Recording Engineer: Josh Berg
Studio Personnel, Recording Engineer: Todd Bergman
Studio Personnel, Mixer: Dr. Dre
Composer Lyricist: Kanye West
Composer Lyricist: Jahmal Gwin
Composer Lyricist: Ronald Spence Jr.
Composer Lyricist: Michael Mule
Composer Lyricist: Isaac De Boni
Composer Lyricist: Aaron Gomez
Composer Lyricist: Dwayne Abernathy Jr
Composer Lyricist: Aaron Butts
Composer Lyricist: Mark Mbogo
Composer Lyricist: Jacques Webster, Jr.
Composer Lyricist: Israel Boyd
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  • Randall Benjamin
    Randall Benjamin

    This that Holy Ghost 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Bones


  • Information Sniper
    Information Sniper

    Real Kanye fans here rejoicing

  • Sneha

    Oh myyyy I litterally typed "holy spirit come down" to search this song😂😂😂

    • Sneha

      @manuel tejada 😂😂😂😂

    • manuel tejada
      manuel tejada


  • BlaqJeezus x
    BlaqJeezus x

    A roaring lion, walking about seeking whom he may devour

  • Joshua McCarthy
    Joshua McCarthy

    this will be a classic in a couple of years

  • T steady
    T steady


  • Steady Tek-Nick
    Steady Tek-Nick

    Love the final mix and mastered record, really appreciate this earlier version😎😎

  • Kapitol P
    Kapitol P

    If this was in a tape deck the tape would have broken by how much I knock this.

  • Esther R. Scott
    Esther R. Scott

    Bout time Christians get a better more dedicated to the soul sound!!!! Praise God! (And I am 62!) lol

  • Josue Valerius
    Josue Valerius

    “Don’t take me the wrong way, cause god took me a long way”

  • George ortizrocha
    George ortizrocha

    kanye is just using travis after he got his fortnite event

    • Vladimir Makarov
      Vladimir Makarov

      Kanye birthed Travis ,what do you mean?

    • traumntt


  • FucJo Last
    FucJo Last

    First of all this video should have more views! Second of all!!!! God bless you guys:)

  • People Unite !
    People Unite !

    I Love it !!! vintage Kanye

  • Secretary Not Sure
    Secretary Not Sure

    Ye may just be this generation's Johnny Cash

  • Meme Coman
    Meme Coman

    this somehow sounds like Boom Boom Pow by The Black Eyed Peas.idk but yes it-my.com/watchvideo/video-4m48GqaOz90.html

  • Heccin Ravioli
    Heccin Ravioli

    this song is better than anything on JIK combined, can't wait for new album kanye the GOAT

  • Seth Matteson
    Seth Matteson

    Go Kanye! I totally agree with this prayer. We all need to be washed clean and forgiven desperately. Kindle a new heart in all of us for God.


    ayo where is donda? how you gon say on god no cap then be cap

    • Standard


  • The1ne

    Is my latest song "dreams" underrated? please give feedback I need to make songs that can help others : )

    • cheesy deluxe
      cheesy deluxe


  • Nadia

    The presentation is beautiful

  • PEK - TO
    PEK - TO

    Just you wait, this won't be in the upcoming album. 2020's "ALL DAY".

  • Reuben Finlay
    Reuben Finlay

    People gonna be talking bout this track in 10 years no cap

  • Anthony Fantano
    Anthony Fantano

    wonder if this will be on DONDA?

  • Aaron S
    Aaron S

    I bet Trumps kids secretly bump this

    • testa rossa
      testa rossa

      they be like dad your friend is sneak dissing you

  • trevor626s

    I think after last nights rally and him going wild on Twitter today, his music is about to get really wild.

  • Keeks

    rain rain go away

  • Aylin Manuoglu
    Aylin Manuoglu

    you are really fucking god,i luv u so much mannnnnn


    Glory to God 🤲🏼



  • Jose Gonzalez
    Jose Gonzalez

    Came back here after watching the rally in South Carolina

    • Jose Gonzalez
      Jose Gonzalez

      Shaquille O'atmeal si

    • Jose Gonzalez
      Jose Gonzalez

      Shaquille O'atmeal that was fake news

  • KoRn Bungle
    KoRn Bungle

    President West

  • O.N.I

    This will be the new national anthem if kayne west wins

    • O.N.I

      @Shaquille O'atmeal no I think he still is

  • Bangtan Bombs.
    Bangtan Bombs.

    This to me is my fav song from him..it just tough af..

    • Kae-Toad

      Facts 💯

  • Evander

    Please God, do not let this be Kanye's retirement album.

  • sety 6
    sety 6

    I appreciate that he’s doing what he wants, not what the record companies want him to make.

  • cowboystormchaser

    This goes harder than a lot of heavy metal (not to mention "rap") that I've heard. I sure hope the rest of the upcoming album sounds like this.

  • Young Devo
    Young Devo

    ‪END RACISM GOD LOVES US ALL it-my.com/watchvideo/video-paWKth59Gk8.html‬

  • Bert Crawford
    Bert Crawford

    Wouldn’t be surprised if he’s freestyling 🔥

  • Dan Garcia
    Dan Garcia

    Kanyeeee, jesus heals in the name of his blood, holy spirit come down over us. God blesss

  • Paperchase Paperchase
    Paperchase Paperchase

    Straight Subliminal

  • Nascir Yarbrough
    Nascir Yarbrough

    Give Ronny J his props as a producer man.

  • Samantha McCoy
    Samantha McCoy

    He really said “fake news” in this song, huh? YIKES. 😬

    • Mark Rodriguez
      Mark Rodriguez

      Why yikes? It’s true

  • Nathan Biruk
    Nathan Biruk

    New Kanye > Old Kanye

  • NewKingOfIreland

    Nobody wondering what blood they are getting washed in? Spirit cooking come down.

  • Yehudi Nimol
    Yehudi Nimol

    Ye for presiyent

  • yeetboi ty
    yeetboi ty

    “they wanna edit the interviews” hmm it smell like TMZ in here

    • yeetboi ty
      yeetboi ty

      and fuck cnn they don’t wanna see us win

    • Vladimir Makarov
      Vladimir Makarov

      All news channel is dont watch that shit

    • yeetboi ty
      yeetboi ty

      TMZ ain’t shit

    • Yehudi Nimol
      Yehudi Nimol

      Slavery a choice

  • LiLbruh 441
    LiLbruh 441

    Travis’ tiny feature was still heat🔥

    • Anthony Fantano
      Anthony Fantano

      Exactly, it was brief and made the song just that 👌 much better!

  • TheRicoMeng

    Kanye, buy the Wayfair cabinets, save these kids, and you'll forever be my president. #2020Vision

  • Theosis_rednek

    Walker/Through slaughered disintegrated animals/All consuming fire perpetual sustainer of reality/Sinless opened eyes/Everlasting Triune in concert/ Human-undying-roaring-fire-man movement/High ziggurat Egypt stones/Dead as capacity of ancient gods/Seas beyond, human sacrifice acceptor Quetzecoatl an unknowing subject/Yet beyond animals yet walked through/Oh how powerless to feeble baby/Tanakh war code testament knew enemy futility/Disloyal, ignorant Heaven's power evisceration/Subject to Head Smeared One/His life now mine/Determined covenant/As sure as Adoni's un-human hung corpse/I exist forever righteous/Till the no-end of future everlasting/Witnessonly son obtain all reality/Ultimate Christmas gift-back to father/Undying One Soveregin of existence inter-play/Wisdom above language/WHILST I LIVE FOREVER/All places cosmic/OPEN YOUR EARS/And join Iesous in warfare -- Proud of Christ (King Blood Covered)

  • rgmoorejr


  • Karalas Wants Justice
    Karalas Wants Justice

    Nice work. Good flow and delivery

  • Taimoore Yousaf
    Taimoore Yousaf

    Dude this beat is so nasty and Travis's ad libs sound so good next to Kanye's vocals. Excellent song

  • Information Sniper
    Information Sniper

    Yeezus speaking Tounges in the beginning


    Check out Robski I got some new music out!

  • D.K. Borelli
    D.K. Borelli

    I want this album

  • Kingston

    is gods country has yeezus vibes, like this song, i wouldnt be mad

    • CalmYe

      Plus college dropout vibes if u heard DONDA

  • Boppbopp

    Hey guys I’m a new 21 year old artist coming from France. I know it’s annoying but if you want you check my new song I made during quarantine I would love to get feedback Go check me out on IT-my it-my.com/watchvideo/video-_v1oUllIYQQ.html

  • Jake Vanness
    Jake Vanness

    This has that Yeezus attitude and I’m all in on it

  • ssplintergirl

    That album cover has the Aesthetic of an 70’s-80’s Cadillac. Aged brown leather and cast silver lettering. Classic.

  • Your Neighbour
    Your Neighbour

    The video really shows how people are 'sold' a culture and a way of life, last 30 seconds of the video shows the girl just clapping to the church group music (the individual as a blank slate) is way different to how people act after they are indoctrinated (twerking, doing donuts, beating each other up, rioting because the news tell you to be mad to this 'gangsta' font) and the coming of Age of Aquarius. Also the sea is a sea of chains. To quote his latest interview: "The reason why this is the first day I registered to vote is that I was scared. I was told that if I voted on Trump, my music career would be over. I was threatened into being in one party. I was threatened as a celebrity into being in one party. I was threatened as a Black man into the Democratic party. And that's what the Democrats are doing, emotionally, to my people. Threatening them to the point where this white man can tell a Black man if you don't vote for me, you're not Black"

    • Osman Pena
      Osman Pena

      🤫 they want us in these invisible shackles. They don't want us to be free.

  • Soto Dolo
    Soto Dolo

    This is the best song ever

  • Salt n Peppa
    Salt n Peppa

    Just as I thought... Trash!

    • javad khakrizi
      javad khakrizi

      screw you Get Out

    • daf


  • L A W D
    L A W D

    man i swear this sounds better and better everytime i listen to it

    • ً

      definitely agree

  • samurai445

    ronny j please turn me up

  • iWi TOutreTMamanT
    iWi TOutreTMamanT


  • szymon zamek
    szymon zamek

    Nice! This is similar about dynamic in song. it-my.com/watchvideo/video-3O9DCyz2e5I.html

  • Ismael Romo
    Ismael Romo

    Why is this video age restricted. I just watched " i love it" with lil pump. No restrictions. You tube is anti-religious. You can't stop JESUS!! This man praising what he believes in and you restrict it. What a joke. Hopefully the younger generation can see through your coercive persuasion. I hope you have a good answer on judgement day.

    • Caleb Ruehs
      Caleb Ruehs


    • Redred Derder
      Redred Derder

      The Bible project on IT-my has over 2 million subscribers so you know its going to be good!

  • Isaiah James
    Isaiah James

    check out my faith inspired banger! drop a comment and tell me what you think - it-my.com/watchvideo/video-H3w5zkP2XXc.html

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