WATCH: Police brutality protests continue in North Texas
For the fourth straight day, people in the Dallas-Fort Worth area are protesting the death of George Floyd, police brutality.
WARNING: This is a live feed, you may hear/ see some explicit language

  • Flying Dutchman
    Flying Dutchman

    Losers 🔊😂💣

  • coldbews B
    coldbews B

    Buy guns and ammo.

  • Beverly Williamson
    Beverly Williamson

    I just saw a video that shows George Floyd at his own funeral The black man presenting this video explains that he is a free mason And a physic op actor, as is the cops involved in his “death”. These riots is what they wanted.

  • Mrsushi1011

    Equality doesnt exsist only superiority.

  • Mrsushi1011

    Dam america your in a mess right now. Hope you get your country under control soon.

  • douglas segress
    douglas segress

    I hope they get them all and wish I could help!!

  • soiung toiue
    soiung toiue

    Texas burbs, the most heavily armed civilian population on the planet


    Who takes kids out at 11 pm at night at protests , those that do that , have no f brains,and should be punished , not just blame cops or military , blame those that are putting those kids in danger, and those are the parents or guardians of those kids,

    • bouytt guyt
      bouytt guyt

      States of America.

  • bouytt guyt
    bouytt guyt


    • bouytt guyt
      bouytt guyt

      1st amendment of the US constitution We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the

  • M Meis
    M Meis

    You haters cant change the constitution "All Men are created Equal". Why America is great.

    • soiung toiue
      soiung toiue

      about. Stay strong Texas. Do your own research instead of reading this ridiculous title of a video. Blessed are the peacemakers.

  • ceerw buty
    ceerw buty


    • bouytt guyt
      bouytt guyt

      When will the world realize that Republicans are at fault for everything bad in the world and they should be abolished from this country indefinitely?.

  • Rachel Brown
    Rachel Brown

    dont believe people pretending they want safety for cops or love for cops and this is why cops should quit,its a leftie tactic

  • Rachel Brown
    Rachel Brown

    texas has gone all left wing and wimpy,they used to be white pride now their scared chickens,dont have guts to pick up their guns to take out non whites and lefties,they have now gone left and their dying people,sad

    • Rachel Brown
      Rachel Brown

      @ceerw buty you could make a difference and be right and educate them that way,leftie ways are just awful

    • ceerw buty
      ceerw buty

      People are retarted and they have issues no need to tried to make a difference with violence.....really bunch of morons

  • Jaime ElPaso
    Jaime ElPaso


  • Andrea Verner
    Andrea Verner

    These looters would be the first to defend their home or business if it came to their front door. There should be no surprise when the police, business or homeowner defend their own or their citizens. Some are kids & don’t yet understand this. This will not end well if it continues

  • Meno Yuno
    Meno Yuno

    Texas business owners take your guns and protect yourself and your business.

  • Bruce James
    Bruce James

    Everybody wear mask and watch planes spreading covid.....

  • D Ormous
    D Ormous

    If you search and watch: LARRY’s ADVICE TO TRUMP AFTER DEATH OF’ll understand more of what this protest is about.

  • Trae The Third
    Trae The Third

    2020 has been a complete mess.

  • Shane Dorries
    Shane Dorries

    I don't really understand what any march accomplishes.. Then again I hate parades too.. So maybe it's just me.. A lot of people love to attend both but I just don't see the point..

  • Onyx Girl
    Onyx Girl

    Reporter should wear a mask!

  • Laney Jones
    Laney Jones

    I don’t believe this what do you expect I back the blue

    • Queen 56
      Queen 56

      But do they back you?

  • truth93257

    Soon as the voting is open on America's got talent,The kids will be back in the house posting on social media and forget about a media hyped selective outrage.

  • Esperia 2019
    Esperia 2019


  • J J
    J J

    1st amendment of the US constitution We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

    • Hi, my name is John Wumsh
      Hi, my name is John Wumsh

      That’s not the first amendment

  • Rowland Ramos
    Rowland Ramos

    Police brutality? I didn’t see any. I seen a bunch of people who do not know how to properly organize a protest. Obstructing a bridge is nonsense and is causing a problem. Rebecca Lopez is trying incite violence (the guest speaker). Listen in what words she uses to provoke thought. Police Commanders? She clearly has no idea what she is talking about. Stay strong Texas. Do your own research instead of reading this ridiculous title of a video. Blessed are the peacemakers.

  • Maxwell R.
    Maxwell R.

    When will the world realize that Republicans are at fault for everything bad in the world and they should be abolished from this country indefinitely?.

    • Maxwell R.
      Maxwell R.

      Shane Dorries let’s debate

    • Maxwell R.
      Maxwell R.

      Shane Dorries why though? I challenge you lol 😆

    • Maxwell R.
      Maxwell R.

      Nic E you’re the best thank you for your support 😅

    • Maxwell R.
      Maxwell R.

      Nic E Hey bro! Did we just become bros?...🤙🏽

    • Nic E
      Nic E

      So basically anyone who doesn’t agree with everything you do should not exist. How enlightened

  • Quin Bokwe1
    Quin Bokwe1

    Who are the sources? Is it pizza hut

  • Jennifer Velazquez
    Jennifer Velazquez

    People are retarted and they have issues no need to tried to make a difference with violence.....really bunch of morons

  • Mike Fazzini
    Mike Fazzini

    Such a shame they are destroying businesses looting homes beating anyone who does not agree with them they are terrorists this tells me Democrats will stop at nothing to get power I say trump 2020

  • Marco Felintino
    Marco Felintino

    TRUMP 2020. TRUMP JR 2024

  • Mmkay 7
    Mmkay 7

    Texas won’t put up with it for long

  • LaMetra I AM
    LaMetra I AM

    Let us also remember Breonna Taylor. She is from our city! We must honor the women as well.

  • Keith White
    Keith White

    South Florida rn going torching in freeways

    • Proton Neutron
      Proton Neutron

      YKeith, ou mean Southeast FL. Libtardville

  • Proton Neutron
    Proton Neutron

    Where was the police brutality? I watched. Give time locations on the video.

  • Jack Wells
    Jack Wells


  • Mark Rigsby
    Mark Rigsby

    Dam pigs

    • Proton Neutron
      Proton Neutron

      Mark, time stamp where there was police brutality?

  • Jack Wells
    Jack Wells


  • Naughtysauce

    Imagine your martyr is a known violent criminal who once put a gun to a pregnant womans belly during a robbery🤷‍♂️

    • B Mac
      B Mac

      He's like Jesus!

  • diecastcarguyforlife Stanley Morgan
    diecastcarguyforlife Stanley Morgan

    Any cop who has more than three complaints should be fired. the arresting officer that killed George Floyd had 18 complaints in 19 years. how many complaints can you get at your job and still keep it?

  • Matthew Sanchez
    Matthew Sanchez

    Nobody: Officer:Pushes protester lightly Media:NOW THIS IS POLICE BRUTALITY

  • Google User
    Google User

    Its funny how a few of them bars on 7th street are or have been sued for racial discrimination and all of a sudden the protesters cant cross over the bridge into that area. Seems like they didn’t want minorities there to begin with even before the protest.

  • Teddy Bolton
    Teddy Bolton

    Looks like the nazis got new outfits

  • Damian Martinez
    Damian Martinez

    Bunch of sheep

  • Savoy 505
    Savoy 505

    Technically speaking white lives matter .... ask NASA

  • Savoy 505
    Savoy 505

    Use dogs and fire hoses

  • Nostrodumbass Studio 8
    Nostrodumbass Studio 8

    These protestors are the same people who call the cops when you tell their kids to stop playing in your wife's flower garden.

  • Laney Jones
    Laney Jones

    Media sucks you dint know what to believe.

  • Sanirsfsf Samir
    Sanirsfsf Samir

    The media and the pigs are the ennemies of the people on earth and the Zionist are paying them for their crimes against humanity

  • Blueberry the Wolf
    Blueberry the Wolf

    all there doing is spreading covid makeing the pandemic that much worse

  • Blank AP
    Blank AP

    this is in fort worth I really hope this doesnt reach the smaller communities that live around the area.

  • gnote

    Wow, look at all the white people....interestin To see the gravelling

  • gnote

    Yes I live here and all local news incites violence. They all need to be prosecuted, top down. I got my popcorn to watch you Marxist China loving propagandists go down

  • Տςհաҽҽժվ ᏖᎧᎴᎴ
    Տςհաҽҽժվ ᏖᎧᎴᎴ

    These are the tweets made by OUR MAYOR here in Mississippi: *If you can say you can’t breathe, you’re breathing. Most likely that man died of overdose or heart attack. Video doesn’t show his resistance that got him in that position. Police being crucified.”* he continued to state that he disnt see any unreasonable action taken against Floyd. This racism wont end until we get rid of people in power like him.

    • Sarah no
      Sarah no

      @Nic E mmmm yeah they didn't use the word racist. But to be able to watch the clip and then try to defend the officers does mean that there is something wrong in his head. He's trying to say Floyd deserved it "we didn't see what he did to get in that position" or that he probably died of something else....... my vote is racism but maybe there's something else wrong with him.

    • Տςհաҽҽժվ ᏖᎧᎴᎴ
      Տςհաҽҽժվ ᏖᎧᎴᎴ

      @Nic E and i didnt directly call him racist i used more of a general term.

    • Տςհաҽҽժվ ᏖᎧᎴᎴ
      Տςհաҽҽժվ ᏖᎧᎴᎴ

      @Nic E and to not see how hes racist is IGNORANCE and what does evidence matter in a world where a MAN(forget his race) was Murdered for everyone to see and there are people out there that think nothing was done wrong.

    • Nic E
      Nic E

      You don’t have to agree with his comments but to label them as racist with no evidence is just ignorant.

    • Sarah no
      Sarah no

      Also you do hear the death throes at the end... that rattling deep's what your body does when you die.

  • The 401K
    The 401K

    I’d like to personally thank all of the non-peaceful protestors for guaranteeing my 2nd amendment right for at least another 20 years.

  • Hayun Harta
    Hayun Harta

    Yang butuh bantuan anak STM sama geng topi putih, hubungi gw

  • social media
    social media

    *R.I.P floyd my respects.. But 80% of these men protesters supposedly grieving for a stranger when they dont even pay their child support or even care about their own kids. That why you always see single black women with kids.*

  • Jr Costilla
    Jr Costilla

    people can't scream the police need to protect the community when they are outnumbered to then complain how they did it. Most of the problem is the media making unfounded accusations of racism causing the rioters to keep going instead of losing interest and coming to their senses about everything they have done hurting not only innocent people but everyone because who does everyone think will pay for the destruction around the country.

  • The Weekday
    The Weekday

    I support the message but I don’t support the increasing number of coronavirus cases due to it

  • chanson snow
    chanson snow


  • Opt Out
    Opt Out

    Purge!! purge!!! purge!!!!!


    If the military can’t stop this I guess we are gonna have to call the ALIENs👽👽👽

    • Rachel Brown
      Rachel Brown

      just pick up your gun and shoot as many non whites as possible

    • MsJudi54

      @Teddy Bolton You're both idiots.

    • Teddy Bolton
      Teddy Bolton

      Joseph S nothing to say tweaker?

    • Teddy Bolton
      Teddy Bolton

      Joseph S I’m white with blonde hair and blue eyes, and I’m so happy racist people are being exposed. Especially because African Americans are the hardest working citizens we have. you’re a crackhead go sip on your crazy juice. what else do you got to say crackhead? I love hearing tweakers go a random rant about nonsense. Did you sell enough trash today to buy something off the dollar menu crackhead? Lol

    • Lucid Dreamer
      Lucid Dreamer

      You called?


    So no more 6 ft social distancing isn't a thing no more I see

  • Foghorn Leghorn
    Foghorn Leghorn

    Blm and antifa are the same team

  • Angel Alvarez
    Angel Alvarez

    Asi me gusta que se pongan los huevos los DPD y que arresten a todos hijos de la chingada . Saludos desde Irving , Tx

  • nycguyjets

    I think all cops need to just step aside and let these rioters destroy the city and don't protect the mayor and gov of every state. Let see if they need help or not. I don't know why cops keep trying to force the law when the top official is not protecting cops. All I see is cops being fired or arrested to protect innocent people. They have to used force...people will get hurts but they all thugs and criminals. Calling all cops to just quit before you be put in prison. I stand by officer that protect innocent from thugs.

  • Ratungo

    Why are they still protesting? The cop is in prison.

    • Nic E
      Nic E

      Never let facts get in the way of an agenda

  • Bill B
    Bill B

    For the last 6 years or more White people have been walking up and down downtown with assault rifles and sidearms, cursing, yelling and telling cops what they arent going to do to them and police avoid them.

  • taylor sheldon
    taylor sheldon

    Rioting brutality looting brutality, are you people better then the cops right now?

  • William Cafuski
    William Cafuski

    I couldn’t help to notice this. The place where the violent protester gathered are the area where the liberals are concentrated and the welfare recipients lives..... coincident?

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