WATCH: President Trump and Coronavirus Task Force estimate 100,000-240,000 American deaths
Yahoo Finance
President Trump and the White House Coronavirus Task Force brief reporters on the anticipated peak and deaths from coronavirus in the United States, medical supplies and testing, and the plan to build up infrastructure.
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  • sweet Girl
    sweet Girl

    I tried to focus on what he was saying in the first seconds, but my eyes distracted my brain because it keeps staring at his eyelids and my brain is questioning why his eyelids are too white?... >>

  • Jeff Coppage
    Jeff Coppage

    The experts were saying "don't expect the low 100K deaths." Trump said we'd do much better. May 1, CDC numbers: 37,308. Trump was right... again.

  • Vanusa Christen
    Vanusa Christen

    Presidente Donald Trump 👉🇺🇸é presidente Bolsonaro Brasil 👉🇧🇷São os verdadeiro culpados pela pandemia mundial do coronavírus ✍🏾☝️

  • Sylvain Daly
    Sylvain Daly

    I hope all Republicans & foreigner supporters stay safe... No one else matters.

  • q p
    q p

    There is the proof. He got a memo in January about the virus and that a lot of people would die. He started testing in the middle of March. It's a Trumpandemic.

  • Michael & Erika Reynolds
    Michael & Erika Reynolds

    Tell that idiot down in front we want to see data not potus

  • sumomad

    I think it’s gonna be in the millions in the states alone. And they know it. From what I’ve been following and searching past month. That’s the way it seems. To be honest with everyone I think it’ll probably take out half our population

  • Lauren Rose
    Lauren Rose

    Please HELP us! Notice how he thanked Telecomm giants (trying to pre-emptively paint them as on our side). With the FCC acting as the 🦊 guarding the hen house, WHY would our great President Trump sign on to 5G (a military-grade weapon at 60 GHz, that will turn every square inch of the USA into a SMART (Secret Militarized Armaments in Residential Technology!) grid)❓❗️Pulsating 60 GHz WILL kill humans. Did Trump NOT watch the comprehensive video of the thousands of real studies OR, please NO, is he part of this plan to kill American citizens (& for WHAT? Faster internet, self-driving cars, robots, the government literally tracking our every move, AI, etc. Do any of u want to trade YOUR LIFE for that, to compete with China)❓❗️

  • blossom5555

    Not taking your forced "chip" vaccine you are trying to brainwash us in taking with your immuno suppressant 5G kill grid. Think people are waking up to your BS as there is 50% thumbs down on this vid which is nice to see. Trump you disappoint me.

  • Ника Листопадова
    Ника Листопадова

    А вы в какой специализации практикуетесь !?сексопатологии ! У нас есть село название "сосалово"! Марина Первомайская!

  • Uk Hk
    Uk Hk

    North Korea,Terrorist,Iran,NaziChina is World Cancer 中國大毒瘤

  • petewiltfang

    The only and last press conference that Trump needs to have should go like this.... I Donald Trump would like to apologize to the American people for misleading and causing such a mess that I have made of your country. I admit that I am not capable of leading this country , so I am resigning immediately to allow someone who has the intelligence and compassion to do so. I am very sorry for what I have done. If you will excuse me now, I am going to go hang myself!

  • y dang
    y dang

    What is happening in US is heavily impact on the world right now. Though Mr. Trump sometimes makes me and most of the people around the world confuse from his speech, right now he is concentrating on battle with the pandemic. Let him finish his battle with honor as the US President and as one of the greatest world leaders. Win the battle Mr President and bring back America again. God with you.

    • SirNerdly

      He's not fighting anything. This whole situation has been a mess alomg with everything about his presidency. The Neo-Nazis, the immigrant kids in cages, the tax breaks to people who very much don't need tax breaks. There's no dignity in any of it.

  • Deyssy Meza Murillo
    Deyssy Meza Murillo

    I have a theory the camera angle didn’t move whole time Donald trumps hair had a filter

  • Thetrue

    You Americans know very well that there is a power that controls nations, you know very well that the virus will reduce the population worldwide, because your citizens are scared and have psychosis if 2020 was already predisposed to this but was not prepared , That their minds are not weakened so that their forces do not decay or that their mind or heart fall into depression in this confinement because that is that part of their doctrine, nor do they weaken their defenses in stress because this disguised virus only attacks weaker, pray, fast and honor God before going to bed, the name of Jesus and his blood she will cover you and calm your grieving minds and nothing bad will happen

  • Chris Kiehart
    Chris Kiehart

    One Trump is a Fallen Angel there is more then one Devil Minion Trump they Our The Enemy Time For Us To Shine Our Light Soon Be Our True Form A Light Energy Spiritual Being I Got Our Beautiful Father Almighty God The Most High 😍🙌💙The Creator Of It all !!! ☝️👼😊🤗💙

  • jo atjo
    jo atjo

    The next step is to make up numbers and lie like China, they actually realized it can’t be stopped....when lying doesn’t work and everyone including your neighbors are without supplies.....then that’s when the looting starts

  • Not Human Gaming
    Not Human Gaming

    Even if that number is that high there are too many humans for it to virus can wipe the human virus that's plaguing the planet.

  • tim sel
    tim sel

    His hair looks like a blur...

  • Becky Buttdumpling
    Becky Buttdumpling

    Are they planning a killing spree? Hospitals are empty Nationwide.

  • k1221nirvana

    Why doesn’t that fat orange try to actually do something instead of telling us how fucked we are?

  • w t
    w t

    Aid to NY From Russia. A Russian cargo plane carrying medical equipment lands at John F. Kennedy International Airport on April 1, 2020. The United States has confirmed the arrival of a plane carrying medical supplies that it says were purchased from Russia to help fight the coronavirus outbreak. Russia's deputy UN ambassador, Dmitry Polyansky, said the shipment was a "good gesture of solidarity with New Yorkers who are in a very difficult situation at the moment," according to the Russian UN Mission on Twitter. "I thought this was a stupid April Fool's joke but turns out it's true. Russia really did SELL the U.S. masks and medical equipment at a time when doctors and nurses all over the country are working without masks and infecting one another. It's monstrous. Putin's crazy ..."

  • Ben Althoff
    Ben Althoff

    "A Storm is coming"

  • w t
    w t

    perfect time to fix the bridges and roads maybe, freshly paint lanes. Oftentimes in the rain / fog, you cannot see the lanes at all.

  • Charles Town
    Charles Town

    Thank God for Vice President Pence.

    • Joanie Barc
      Joanie Barc

      Tried to pass a law in Indiana $500 .00 fine or mail time for spitting on the ground another broke ass repub state.

  • Dixie Normous
    Dixie Normous

    Pence is nervous 😬

  • Anthony Ramirez
    Anthony Ramirez

    Corona virus has reached 1 mil subs,

  • Mista Rich
    Mista Rich

    Things flying around like magical ferries!!! What the F is he talking about!

  • Andres Patino
    Andres Patino

    There was flues in past that killed half a million, they didn't lock down?? An agenda is being played out. Don't be manipulated.

  • Justin Martinez
    Justin Martinez

    Democrat Protesters please Question Trump About The 5G Towers they keep putting up in Citys of Texas its Spreading Radiation and Also -Blank-19 i cant go to far into detail because they may be watching everysingle Comment to prevent us from Stopping This

  • Dominc Tigre
    Dominc Tigre

    Look at this clown , says it will stop it self , look at u now

  • LASH

    Everyone's been freaking out over imaginary numbers this whole time. Its redic.

    • lanette rodriguez
      lanette rodriguez

      Sadly some won’t believe how bad this epidemic is until Someone in their family gets sick and/or dies.😢

    • SirNerdly

      Nearly 1000 deaths in the US a day currently. That's not imaginary.

  • gothmedli

    I am gonna fight deepstate

    • Joanie Barc
      Joanie Barc

      The deep state is the Bush,Cheney, Bolton ,Wolfowitz Powell psychotic delusions of a new world order.Bolton was appointed by this guy as secretary of defense and quit in disgust, expanding NATO onto Russia's borders,bad idea.!!

  • MikeFromOccupiedUSA

    This is my coronavirus and economy fix: The solution to the coronavirus and economy is simple- test everyone. Then we can sort out groups that can be handled accordingly. The groups would be: -the sick -a carriers that are not yet sick -those that are clean and healthy. This way we can get back to work and get the economy going again. Take care of everyone with the virus and contain it from spreading. If there are 330 million people in The USA and say the complete cost of the test, distribution and lab work cost $20 each. That is about $6.6 billion. Say it cost $30- it would still be less than $10 billion. With a $2 Trillion stimulus already signed into law and another on the way, I am sure, $10 billion is nothing.

  • Jack Parker
    Jack Parker

    Nancy Pelosi another Democrat have been helping China and protecting China 4 years she knew all about the Coronavirus and wanted Millions more Americans sick and dead. This is why she told everyone to come down to Chinatown go to the Mardi Gras Democrats have ruined America literally driven it into the ground. Thank God for the greatest president of all times Donald J Trump 20/20 Trump jr. 2024 Ivanka Trump 2012 by then the swamp will be drained

  • Zavier

    Y’all this thumbnail is a meme format missed opportunity

  • Robert Rachwal
    Robert Rachwal

    That’s not the virus chart that’s the debt to gdp chart.

  • hulkpayne

    He looks like a president who doesn't give a damn about his nation!

    • Joanie Barc
      Joanie Barc

      The word nation is derived from the word native.for example European native.Not a native? Then you are a foreign immigrant/ expatriot.

  • RH

    This Pandemic has shown us that America and the Rest of the World need to be Self-sufficient. We Cannot Trust China and We need Not Rely on them for Anything. And to Watch American “News” channels like CNN, NBC and Affiliates, Defending China, is Appalling and Reckless. China must be held Responsible for the Pandemic they Caused as Well as the 85% of the Worlds Pollution.

  • Udf Vers
    Udf Vers


  • Udf Vers
    Udf Vers


  • jj gamer
    jj gamer

    DO SOMETHING ABOUT it’s a problem that needs to be stopped, actions speak louder than words.



  • C. L.
    C. L.


  • Ayman Masoud
    Ayman Masoud

    the plan to take down the world economy

  • GoobNoob

    Only buy Western made products!

  • Gabriel Chambers
    Gabriel Chambers

    Trump 2020!!!

  • King Azzam
    King Azzam

    Like your video 😘

  • Happy Peach
    Happy Peach

    It’s all about population control. This virus was man made and intentionally spread just to wipe out 20% of the population. I mean why in the hell would they have let it get this bad.

  • Green Roger
    Green Roger

    They only show you what they want u to see, not showing the slide in purpose

  • Dan L
    Dan L

    100k - 200k is drastic sound like they putting something in the air

  • Jason Young
    Jason Young

    Stay Safe Americans

  • Jason Young
    Jason Young

    Trump/Pence 2020

  • Jason Young
    Jason Young

    God Bless President Donald J Trump

  • Soha Noha
    Soha Noha

    The Camera man was half sleeping 😴

  • neogeoriffic

    Trump is a total embarrassment and worldwide disgrace!

  • blizzaroxxx

    I swear there's some idiot over at Yahoo doing shitty job. No wonder no one uses Yahoo lmao

  • Biscuit89

    1:07:40 other cities? those are states you dumbass.

  • Roaring Lion
    Roaring Lion

    Trump is a Bilderberg Luciferian.

  • Crystals Texas Randomness
    Crystals Texas Randomness

    Just shut the f*ck up already! I’m sick of their lies.

  • Toñakas

    Camera guy has the virus send him home get another camera guy...... I wanted to see the slides 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

  • GiveRegard2 Truth
    GiveRegard2 Truth

    Who is the unprofessional person on the camera who didn’t allow the people see the slides?... the level of absent-mindedness or intentional deception is gross as vast.... you know... God sees in the dark don’t you...

  • Cliff Leatherby
    Cliff Leatherby

    Rip USA. Wheres ur god?

  • Mr urahara
    Mr urahara

    Oh no at least he didn’t use a sharpie this time around

  • GiveRegard2 Truth
    GiveRegard2 Truth

    Social distances???

  • Mookie Mookie
    Mookie Mookie

    Come on Trump. It’s a hoax. How many people are you going to take responsibility for? It’s a hoax. It’s a democratic hoax. I hope your Christian God saves you. What other programs did you cut? We need to know now. are you gonna stop the mosquitoes from spreading this around? Big man?

  • BamBam Jesus
    BamBam Jesus

    Sounds stupid as all hell LOL

  • Joanie Barc
    Joanie Barc

    Clean up Obama's mess huh!! Right pal.!!

  • Eric Miketinas
    Eric Miketinas

    Wish @Donaldtrump would let the citizens ask questions verses these reporters the questions we have are way more important than what they are asking him!

  • Isaiah Melvin
    Isaiah Melvin

    Rip that hat off Mr. President 💯💯💯

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