We Can't Find Rebecca, Is She Missing?
Game Master Network
Where did Rebecca go? It all started when Rebecca Zamolo posted "I Got ARRESTED On My WEDDING Day!" Then Matt and Rebecca uploaded "Rebecca Quit the Game Master Network and Instantly Regrets it." Finally the Game Master Network made "Last to Stop Touching Evil Fountain of Truth Wins Challenge." So the group split up and started searching for the missing Rebecca. She said she quit but we know she will turn up somewhere. What if she has a secret meeting with kingpin? Matt goes to the Cabin in Big Bear while Maddie and Daniel search the gym. Daniel found RZ twin working out. Rebeccas twin said she used twin telepathy and found her in big bear. Matt can't find her though. Rick Noah, Matts best friend is acting sus though. Can we trust anyone? What happened to the missing Rebecca? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2021.
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  • Game Master Network
    Game Master Network

    I think Rebecca is officially missing

    • Jacqueline Gordinne
      Jacqueline Gordinne

      I think

    • Martha bazoria
      Martha bazoria

      @Chloe Oldewage 5th TV 4thgggryfdfkh

    • Safiyyah Qureshi
      Safiyyah Qureshi

      She is at big bear and every time you look in big bear she will hide and also BTW Matt the new piece of furniture was actually Rebecca hiding 😃

    • 陈依铭


    • Cloie Singleton
      Cloie Singleton

      No she at big bear

  • Asta Star
    Asta Star

    She’s at big bear Matt She is hiding under the blanket which you thought was furniture

  • Jacqueline Banks
    Jacqueline Banks

    She go wot big bear she seb to kigpin

    • Jacqueline Banks
      Jacqueline Banks

      It zoey banks

    • Jacqueline Banks
      Jacqueline Banks

      Hi it zoey banks

    • Jacqueline Banks
      Jacqueline Banks

      She went to big bear she seb to kingpin

  • Jun-Mar Conde
    Jun-Mar Conde

    rich noah is bad and he make Rebecca puit

  • thlatn lian
    thlatn lian

    Rebecca is in big bear Matt just did not see

  • Jocelyn Ryan
    Jocelyn Ryan

    Im with rebbeca all the way

  • Charles Gage
    Charles Gage

    I think rebecca is at the gym

  • Jacobs Family
    Jacobs Family

    I think she might joining King Pen

  • Elijah Evans
    Elijah Evans


  • najafmehdi123

    Rabbit in man, mat you are correct

  • Abraham Ibarra
    Abraham Ibarra


  • Aaliyah Mayfield
    Aaliyah Mayfield

    Leaving home now

  • Lauren Hooten-Smith
    Lauren Hooten-Smith

    Another chance

  • Adonay Leake
    Adonay Leake

    Why do rebexu don't what to tell eneewun

  • Stacey Kalpidis
    Stacey Kalpidis

    All that was about kingpin so you have to come back to the GMn

  • Januka Chhetri
    Januka Chhetri


  • 1978bwfc

    Join me for more information

  • Faze Minni
    Faze Minni

    Omg don't listen to Rick Noah he set it up Rick Noah is working with kingpin

  • Raymond Moseley
    Raymond Moseley


  • Marley Johns
    Marley Johns

    Check in the movie theater

  • Seema Singh
    Seema Singh

    What is missing because


    It is in big bear

  • Pnina Fogel
    Pnina Fogel

    I think she’s at the lake of secrets

  • Taylor Ibell
    Taylor Ibell


  • Don Fighta
    Don Fighta

    Rebecca you quited the game master network on my birthday

  • Kevin Loughlin
    Kevin Loughlin

    Google Kiddle

  • Treisha Francis
    Treisha Francis

    Becca was hiding behind the couch and hiding peanut and she was disguised as a little bouncy chair under a blanket Rebecca

  • Treisha Francis
    Treisha Francis

    Give them another chance Rebecca Maddie loves you Daniel loves you Matt loves you Blake go back to the game game master network when you leave your husband that means you broke up with your husband

  • Treisha Francis
    Treisha Francis

    How are you broke up with your husband Matt when you leave your house man that means you broke up with him

  • Treisha Francis
    Treisha Francis

    Shut up you didn’t eat you had to stay at your own place how to stay at your own home

  • Treisha Francis
    Treisha Francis

    Could you please shut up!!!!

  • Treisha Francis
    Treisha Francis

    I’ll have time for you today we’re not talking to you today we’re not your friend right now

  • Treisha Francis
    Treisha Francis

    Rebecca were mad could you please be quiet

  • Treisha Francis
    Treisha Francis

    Becca we are mad at you we don’t care anything about you were mad were ignoring you

  • Treisha Francis
    Treisha Francis

    I know that reckon know what is hiding something under that green mask it might be some kind of electric Robotlike mask thing like he is hiding something from us he’s hiding a secret

  • Treisha Francis
    Treisha Francis

    Oh no Rebecca Hass to come back because it because the last video they did some challenges to make Rebecca stay at the house but now Rebecca is missing!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • MK

    I love the cabin

  • Sweety Sweety
    Sweety Sweety

    U can’t trust Rick Noah

  • Janyla Charles
    Janyla Charles

    Matt Rebecca was behind a couch in under the blanket and Rebecca give them another chance

  • Abbie Daigle
    Abbie Daigle

    Matt and Rebecca started on and they told them so they told Matt that you were there Big Bear

  • Craig Mcisaac
    Craig Mcisaac

    Mate ummm can u pls find her so I can see u all together ❤ 😢 😔 😫 🙏 😭

  • Craig Mcisaac
    Craig Mcisaac

    Rebecca don't leave them i like u with them pls go back

  • Craig Mcisaac
    Craig Mcisaac

    I know but Rebecca is with game master sis and then she when to big bear 🐻

  • Veronica Hernandez
    Veronica Hernandez


  • Veronica Hernandez
    Veronica Hernandez


  • Morgan Gardner
    Morgan Gardner

    No you did not do the right thing Rebecca

  • Morgan Gardner
    Morgan Gardner

    I think she’s at the gym😭🥺🥺😭😭🥺🥺🥺🥺😍😡

  • Naylah Charlie
    Naylah Charlie


  • Lexiplays

    Big bear

  • Samarah Ali
    Samarah Ali

    S.A. quality is not very is a joke r a lot of people are going on to get

  • Carla Fernández Guerra
    Carla Fernández Guerra

    Big bear

  • Febielyn Delizo
    Febielyn Delizo

    Rebecca she is in big bar Matt she bn be hinde you

  • Sapam Iraileima
    Sapam Iraileima

    Rebecca why do you leave the game master network

  • Samia Sawyers
    Samia Sawyers

    Give them another chance

  • Makhia Henderson
    Makhia Henderson

    Rebecca. Matt this right. Matt

  • Vivian Howell
    Vivian Howell

    she is at big bery

  • Navdeep gill
    Navdeep gill

    I'm information about Rebecca..... You see she got a note when she was leaving the house to go to Big Bear and then there was an offering that pumpkin and was in in the truck and it said to either of the r address she's been hiding in the cabin yeah because back is a terrible finder no offense but then she she wait wait before she left King Queen's lair kingpin said back you'll come back soon I think that has to be do something with the fact this is all happening and Rebecca is missing she just gone somewhere I'm going to so hopefully you can get her back by sundown that's all I know.......,.......

  • Denise Nunez
    Denise Nunez

    She is not king ping

  • mirror Squad
    mirror Squad

    Matt too much😵😵😵

  • Peya fakehinde
    Peya fakehinde

    No you never should you would never leave that

  • Peya fakehinde
    Peya fakehinde

    I feel bad about that

  • Zoe Torrence
    Zoe Torrence


  • sky Ripper
    sky Ripper

    U did u made a choice and that is what u want to do u do u girl

  • Christopher Duke
    Christopher Duke

    Don’t trust Rick noah

  • Sharrol Turpin
    Sharrol Turpin

    She was hiding in her cabin

  • Rony Abou Rjeily
    Rony Abou Rjeily

    No Rebecca is in big bear

  • April Doan ngoc thuong
    April Doan ngoc thuong

    We had to find her bofore she gets kidnapped

  • April Doan ngoc thuong
    April Doan ngoc thuong


  • April Doan ngoc thuong
    April Doan ngoc thuong

    What bro

  • Ruby O'hara
    Ruby O'hara

    Give them another chance but when you where talking about your visions rock Noah was spying on you

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