The ACE Family
We got married... (The truth)
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  • Ruth Losinger
    Ruth Losinger

    You should never have to prove to the world 🌎 that you got married that’s a private and special day for you only.

  • Ruth Losinger
    Ruth Losinger

    This family is the best I love you all and congrats on all your new baby and your new adventure this year ❤️

  • Jessie Vega
    Jessie Vega

    Congrats!! Why doesn't Austin wear a wedding band?

  • Pavithra ks
    Pavithra ks

    Will u guys come to India??? Please come to India!!!😅😅🙏🙏🙏


    yall should come to arkansas

  • Kennedi Stone
    Kennedi Stone

    I love you guys ❤️💕🥰💙😘

  • Kristine

    I hate scrolling the comments and seeing a hating ass bitxh giving their opinion. smh like nobody asked u bye

  • A Z
    A Z

    All I can say is if I'm picked for the wedding I'm ready to fly out from London.

  • Dream Pene
    Dream Pene

    Why can't more people be more positive towards this family, all they want is the best for there channel and there kids to growup in a healthy enviroment. All these comments talking about false things is just so wrong. If you guys were really big supporters you wouldnt be so negative about the Ace family.

  • Brianna Nisly
    Brianna Nisly

    I just found out that am pregnant with my fiance child 😀😀😀😀

  • yanet minaya
    yanet minaya


  • Aissatou Conde
    Aissatou Conde

    I can't not wait y'all guys are going tour so excited and i can't not believe y'all are married so happy for y'all Austin and Catherine i love you austin🏀 and Catherine💍👑 and Elle 😍 and ailaa😍 so much

  • Erik Ledezma
    Erik Ledezma

    Who remembers when the ace family was living in a two bedroom apartment & they did prank videos and vlogs regularly? I miss those days. It all seems fake & unauthentic now. I loved the grind & come up but it all seemed to change as soon as they made it to a certain level. Not hating, I just know I’m not the only person who feels this way.

  • Petergaye Walcott
    Petergaye Walcott

    broooooooooooooooooo dwllll yall have links coulda atleast get a professional to photoshop it.. even i couldve done a better job

  • tyanna

    ace family in 2030 "we broke up... :( (WE WERE NEVER MARRIED) "

  • Queen Perry
    Queen Perry

    Omg I thought the Photoshop thing was like no intention to make it look real but reading the comments I'm like wait this supposed to be real rlly?lmao but anyway this is honestly disappointing so many people were waiting till like the actual marriage and this is to just figure out it's like all a lie that's just sad honestly I'm if I can look at them the same like the ace family I used to love and watch

  • Mona B
    Mona B

    Oh my gosh please come to Germany ( Berlin ) in Berlin there are a lot of big ace family supporters and fans

  • Vinita Padaya
    Vinita Padaya

    ummm 2 yrs ago y'all didnt have this house...

  • Sharon Gonzalez
    Sharon Gonzalez

    Austin’s cheated so many times, is he going to cheat still while married? Lol

  • Aashia Patel
    Aashia Patel


    • Aashia Patel
      Aashia Patel


  • DaniJoys Life
    DaniJoys Life

    YOU GUYS SHOULD CHOOSE THE WINNER BY PUTTING 2 PEOPLES NAMES THAT THERE REASON FOR NEEDING THE CAR TOUCHES YOUR HEARTS THE MOST. THEN PUT THERE NAMES IN A BALLON AND PIN THE TWO BALLONS WITH THERE NAMES AND TWO EMPTY BALLONS TO A WALL AND HAVE ELLE THROW A DART, IF SHE POPS AN EMPTY ONE SHE WILL KEEP THROWING UNTIL SHE POPS ONE WITH THE WINNERS NAME! WHICHEVER BALLON WITH A NAME IS FIRST IS THE WINNER OF THE CAR! FUN FOR THE KIDS TO WATCH AND SUSPENSEFUL FOR THE ONE WANTING TO WIN! Ahah ❤️ I have been looking for a car for Me and my two kids. I’m only 20 years old and I have a little girl (almost 3 years old) may 22nd ❤️ close to elles birthday ❤️ and I just had a baby boy. (4 months old) My fiancé lost his job because he had to stay in the hospital with me and take care of me for a while because I had a c-section. He has Been looking for a job since and has no luck. I live in Temecula ca and I’m from Rancho Cucamonga. When you guys decided to sell the car I literally told my self it would be amazing if they gave it to a family in need and that’s exactly what you guys are doing. Some how something told me you guys were going to give her away instead of sell her because that’s just how amazing you guys are. I literally love you guys and you have no idea how weird this is to me that you choose to give it away instead. I literally KNEW this was going to happen and feel connected to this. I know you guys have a lot to choose from but I will leave this here just in case. God bless you and your family and thank you for spreading kindness and positivity. You have helped so many people you have no idea. I love you guys. ❤️ my Instagram is @daniellemoyer2013 even if you message me and send me a heart it would make my year 😭❤️

  • brooklynsadiepeppermint

    what happened to the intro song?

  • Boubakar Barry
    Boubakar Barry

    Shiii. Alaia is hella smart

  • Rachel Tavares
    Rachel Tavares


  • Rachel Tavares
    Rachel Tavares

    it counts but it doest .. to us we are.. lol anyone who is married knows.. you would show the certificate lol im married we had a small ceremony in a church ... its real real because paperwork makes it real

  • sophia piscitelli
    sophia piscitelli

    i love and look up to you guys so much !

  • Amber Otero
    Amber Otero

    Love you guys no matter what 💯😭❤️

  • Arianna & Aaliyah
    Arianna & Aaliyah

    Why isn’t there an intro

  • Andrea Avila
    Andrea Avila

    Come to Willows California nobody comes here plz

  • Jeff Gonz
    Jeff Gonz

    Your two children are so cute love Ace family.i subscribe

  • Nelly Pastrana
    Nelly Pastrana

    I love how Catherine said how people need to see proof in order to believe it really happened. If this ain't the truth, I don't know what is. You guys are the cutest couple ever! I'm truly excited for all that you guys have in the works

  • Ismaellah Kutin
    Ismaellah Kutin

    Way are you still talking about your marriage your not getting married today?

  • Jovanni Felix
    Jovanni Felix

    Catherine’s hair is FRIIIIIIIIIED 😬 especially for being a rich woman lmaooo

    • victoria

      Jovanni Felix ooookay?

  • ExclusiveBabyyy

    Lay lay you be very mean to your sister she kissed you and you made a disgusted face at her

  • Mikela Chong
    Mikela Chong

    I knew it lol


    The picture is so clearly photoshopped against that background.

  • Jasmine Lopez
    Jasmine Lopez

    It is your decision to choose what you share to the whole world don’t let anyone tell you different

  • Mary Kiruru
    Mary Kiruru

    Excited for your Summer tour Wooow...You mean you have been married for two years What I have loved about it is you made it about you and thats intimate and special

  • Juliana Bonilla
    Juliana Bonilla

    Love you fam !! I been keeping up with ur videos on different accounts so don’t think I just didn’t see a lot of ur videos lol remember I got this phone on Christmas lol IPhone 8 but anyway love ya!!❤️🅰️☪️♠️ ❣️

  • Dayanna Osorio
    Dayanna Osorio

    Love you guys so much ❤️❤️.

  • Dayanna Osorio
    Dayanna Osorio

    You guys are amazing!!!!

  • Veronica Roldan
    Veronica Roldan

    I literally watch you guys everyday

  • Wilmer Clemente candela
    Wilmer Clemente candela

    Juss let them b damn Catherine looks happy with austin cause with out austin oof

  • Grisell Rivera
    Grisell Rivera

    Tbh I love you guys I get you guys wanted to be private but all this had us confused and it really threw me off like I don't know what to believe anymore you guys should of just told us because now everyone is confused

  • Christine Rajkumar
    Christine Rajkumar

    Awww that kiss was so sweet 😘😘😘lele I love u girl 😍😍😍😘

  • Susan Gutierrez
    Susan Gutierrez

    I love y'all so much.. Me & My daughter watch y'all all the time.. Wish we could afford some of your merchandise my daughter always talks about having tea time with your daughter or even just spending the day with her maybe one day I can save up where I can take her out there where y'all live I'm disabled with my daughter so it's very hard to save up sometimes but one day I promise to get her up there to meet your daughter love y'all

  • Honey Bunny
    Honey Bunny

    Can't all the ace fam be there for the actual ceremony please I really wanna be there 😭😭😭💜💜💜💕💕💕??

  • Michelle Sicairos
    Michelle Sicairos

    Cat Your Soooo Stupid HE Cheats on you tffff he loveeeesss the power over you.‼️ fuck him and his bs

  • Anne Naure
    Anne Naure

    omg i'm so so annoyed by this video. Like, I'm sorry, i used to love love love watching the ACE family but like i dont get it. plus like wth that wedding photo is so photoshopped...

    • Mira Edits
      Mira Edits

      Calm down is your video????? If your so annoyed then don’t watch them

  • Olivia Bibiano-Moreno
    Olivia Bibiano-Moreno

    The reason why we the people want proof. Is because most Influencers are liers, and fake. Their only here for the money and really don't care about their subscribers. If Influencers we're worried about giving too much of their personal life. Maybe they shouldn't put their life on IT-my. Damn money does change a person. GOD does not like GREEDY people.

  • Shiyaam Rossie
    Shiyaam Rossie

    we love you

  • Lilibeth Ayala
    Lilibeth Ayala

    Elle will always be that little baby I remember seeing when they started this channel 😭😭😭

  • Annie Inman
    Annie Inman

    Congrats on yalls pregnancy

  • Jennifer Johnston
    Jennifer Johnston

    oh my gosh!!!! i love u guys so much

  • ViCiOuS Mex
    ViCiOuS Mex

    Austin’s head is like a bobble head in the beginning just non stop up and down 😂😂🤣


    I loooove you’r videos soooo much! By Liliana Pérez águilar





  • CEO

    The picture looks so fake😂 You can see the white outline from cutting the photo out 17:08

  • rachel spring
    rachel spring

    The daddy's daycare show on snapchat is sooo adorable!! Love it!

  • Cassie Ortiz
    Cassie Ortiz

    subscribe to me and my besties youtube The AC Sisters pleaseeee we love youuuuuuuu so muchhhhhhh and it would be such a gift if you guys subscribed to us

  • عبدالله المالكي
    عبدالله المالكي

    All this and u not married!

  • Angie Molina
    Angie Molina

    alaia was like ewww when elle kissed her

  • Maricella Guerrero
    Maricella Guerrero

    Valentine's Day rocks nothing's better than spending the day with the one you love💇‍♀️😋❤🥰

  • Aleena Grant
    Aleena Grant

    Can you guys please go to Cheyenne and go to Lexington Hills Apartments

  • Balla Singh-A
    Balla Singh-A

    Wow long video

  • Megan Amber
    Megan Amber

    The picture is fake!!!! They haven’t even lived in the new house for 2 years! Plus look at their legs there’s a white outline around them!!!!!!!


    I was waiting for so long for a #1 trending video about the Ace Family Wedding.😭😭

  • yara taha
    yara taha

    “Scratch the actual marriage I just want a wedding day” wtf 💀💀💀😂😂

  • T a N
    T a N

    Why they look away so much while talking about “their wedding” I smell lieeessssss. They announce everything and record everything why wouldn’t they tell us about their “wedding”

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