We had to take Lark to the Emergency Room..
Joey Graceffa Vlogs
Lark has an emergency.. we had to take her to the vet!
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  • Joey Graceffa Vlogs
    Joey Graceffa Vlogs

    Thanks for all the loving messages about Lark! Will keep you all posted!

    • Kelly Dickerson
      Kelly Dickerson

      are you okay

    • Cecilie Kokkersvold
      Cecilie Kokkersvold

      @Bandit The SD styret du du Ruth turn truet rette sykkel ø kvinnekjønn kriteriet utforkjøring hello

    • ShanG

      You have so much empathy for your dogs and it's so sweet to see x

    • Jessica Harris
      Jessica Harris

      Stay positive and I'm praying for lark!

    • Princess Peyten
      Princess Peyten

      Joey Graceffa Vlogs Wolf is such a sweetie I love love love you wolf😃😃😃

  • Isabelle HART
    Isabelle HART

    poor joey I'm crying now who thx lark is missing her babies

  • Isabelle HART
    Isabelle HART

    1.red 2.yellow 3.pink 4.lavender 5.teal 6.green 7.lark 8.wolfie 9.storm 0.blue who is your fav blue yellow green red pink teal wolfie lark and storm or lavender who do u pick and witch ever u pick you will love no matter what so witch is it

    • Isabelle HART
      Isabelle HART

      and I'm trying to reach a lot of likes

  • Abigail Perers
    Abigail Perers


  • Shelly B
    Shelly B

    It’s OK and my kitty had to go to the vet because my mommy didn’t want to have any baby kittens so now what is my girl kitty she’s already one years old and my name is kassy

  • Maddison Zemenchik
    Maddison Zemenchik

    it will be ok she will be in her your hreat

  • Araceli Uriostegui
    Araceli Uriostegui

    My dog is Shepherd

  • Araceli Uriostegui
    Araceli Uriostegui

    I have a dog

  • Araceli Uriostegui
    Araceli Uriostegui

    And the puppy is so cute

  • Araceli Uriostegui
    Araceli Uriostegui

    The sad part is Lark

  • Araceli Uriostegui
    Araceli Uriostegui


  • Araceli Uriostegui
    Araceli Uriostegui

    :( That sad 😥

  • marilyn flores
    marilyn flores

    U r selling the puppies Why

  • Kay-Kay OwO
    Kay-Kay OwO

    2:16 Red the puppy winks at joey

  • Lone Wolf
    Lone Wolf

    Ahhh so cute!!!

  • Dee B
    Dee B

    You are the best parents to your pupps !!!

  • Aliya Layne
    Aliya Layne

    Don't cry joey

  • Alice Mazzucco
    Alice Mazzucco

    Omg I love wolfy he's the best omg 😘😘😘 like I'm obsessed with him

  • Cheyenne Andrewin
    Cheyenne Andrewin

    I ❤

  • Cheyenne Andrewin
    Cheyenne Andrewin


  • gabi eisel
    gabi eisel

    same with my dog but we found out he had sle lupus.

  • LaurensDesigns

    AWE Wolfy looks soo sad and depresed :( awe

  • Carly Byers
    Carly Byers

    I know everything is going to be okay don't worry about it she will be fine it is normal

  • Aileen Standring
    Aileen Standring

    is she stil alive

    • Aileen Standring
      Aileen Standring


  • Greg Tooley
    Greg Tooley

    How is blue.

  • Kate Bernsmeier
    Kate Bernsmeier

    1 like = 100000000 prayers for lark

  • Sarah Weaver
    Sarah Weaver

    I love Lark I was sad she might be getting sick but Lark get well soon

  • Natalie Noodle
    Natalie Noodle

    where do you live in montana

  • Cecilie Kokkersvold
    Cecilie Kokkersvold


  • Hailey Botha
    Hailey Botha

    Can l have a puppy please can l have green please if it's ok l live in John is Borg in Bosch willow park 680

  • Hailey Botha
    Hailey Botha

    I'm sorry is she growing to be ok

  • Jeanette Freeland
    Jeanette Freeland

    All the puppies are super adorable

  • Victoria Eva
    Victoria Eva

    Omg i so much want yellow 💗💗💗💓💓💓💘💘💘💓💓💘💘💗💓💘💗💓💘💘💓💗💗💘💓💗💘💓💗💘💓💗💘💓💗💘

  • Victoria Eva
    Victoria Eva

    WoW red has veru very blue eyes


    17:25 green gets picked up. green: I am the chosen one all the other puppies: he is the one we must climb to see the chosen one all the other puppies: *climbs joeys arm* joey: oww

  • lala_ gacha
    lala_ gacha

    Lark deserves a lot of ice cream

  • OwO Wolf
    OwO Wolf

    It broke my heart when you cried😭

  • JewelzLps

    Joey: *Starts crying* Everyone watching this video looking over at me, Me: *sniff* I’m not crying, you are!

  • alex pham
    alex pham

    I feel so bad for Lark l wish she was okay

  • Lara and Zeyad
    Lara and Zeyad

    It made me cry so much when joey was crying

  • Kieran Bassan
    Kieran Bassan

    Do you blog on your iPhone 📱.???????????

  • dapple and stellaphane
    dapple and stellaphane

    Everyone probably already knew this but as long as you don't cut into the red part or the skin of the puppies nails you will be fine when cutting their nails

  • Liberty Bergeron
    Liberty Bergeron

    It's okay joey she will be okay

  • Stella Rae
    Stella Rae

    Awwwwwww so cute puppy’s ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜💖 rainbow hearts

  • Julia Friedman
    Julia Friedman

    Wolfie is like what the heck happened? First storm then lark then all these puppies!

  • maddy kill
    maddy kill

    Joey: * cuts the dogs' nails Puppies: oooo am I getting a manicure

  • Sacha Egan
    Sacha Egan

    its ok please dont cry

  • Abi Mahoney
    Abi Mahoney


  • Jordyn Bartholomay
    Jordyn Bartholomay

    that in your pool was a worm i found a few worms melted in a container it’s gross

  • Jennifer Borneman
    Jennifer Borneman

    Is lark a purebred husky

  • JR Wilks
    JR Wilks

    I hope you,lark, I forgot his name,and da puppies are ok after all dis

    • Allison Mayers
      Allison Mayers

      They're okay, now. This was 6 months ago

  • DeeAnna Carreira
    DeeAnna Carreira

    She'll be fine

  • Vivi Curry
    Vivi Curry

    aw joey....

  • marion jackson
    marion jackson

    hay is ok

  • LorasCreator UwU
    LorasCreator UwU

    Larky gurll is bestt woofer

  • Gachalilith xoxo
    Gachalilith xoxo

    Love you Lark ❤️

  • Katy Zamora
    Katy Zamora

    Keep them all!!

  • J M
    J M

    My dog just had 9 puppies. I’m crying. Poor Larky

  • Bernice Garvin
    Bernice Garvin

    Omgee!! I never saw ah dog look so jelly in my whole life!!! 😂😂Wolfe had the attitude n all!! Awwwe dae!

  • Luna Halabi
    Luna Halabi

    poor larky

  • Jaydyn Waddington
    Jaydyn Waddington

    Congratulations to your new kids. Have fun with your new kids. They are are cute

  • Jaydyn Waddington
    Jaydyn Waddington

    what happened

  • Battuvshin Gurbazar
    Battuvshin Gurbazar

    everyone has a favorite but my favorite's are pink and green what about yours :3

  • Zahrah Noor
    Zahrah Noor

    I would've loved to adopt one of the pups but I live too far away. (Uk) 😭😭

  • Ella Bradley
    Ella Bradley

    I’m sorry but you woke up and noticed he wasn’t there but didn’t notice that lark wasn’t there?

  • LunaWolf 1101
    LunaWolf 1101

    Hey I know it’s really late and you probably won’t read this, but you just were crying in this video and it made me cry because you’re such an awesome hooman and you deserve the world. But if anything like this happens again, like something bad happening to someone close to you, there’s so, SO many people who are here for you cause we love you! You’re an awesome person and I hope you read this. If not, it’s fine. But still. We all love you so much Joey!

  • peyton smith`
    peyton smith`

    i love lark 🐕🐾-_- :3 and i feel bad for her also the pups dont need this🍼

  • Sylvie burbidge
    Sylvie burbidge

    NOOO not Lark😿😫😩😢😔😕🙁☹️😢😭😰😱😓😥

  • Pets And More
    Pets And More

    Rewatching their old videos they were so small n cute

  • StrangeR Eggos
    StrangeR Eggos

    17:16 Pink was like: Get. Out. Of. The. Way.

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