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  • Estefani Alpuche
    Estefani Alpuche

    Istg when Maria started crying I was crying Bc it made me so emotional 😭 but I love y’all us always 💕

  • Rosaosiris Robledo
    Rosaosiris Robledo

    She say “ I’m getting fat “ but she’s eating eats 🤣🤣🤣😭

  • Kitty Cat
    Kitty Cat

    You lite that mean you smoke weed😂

  • Kitty Cat
    Kitty Cat

    This is some beautiful family god bless y’all your man omg he looks like y x 💙💗

  • Lilliana Thalia
    Lilliana Thalia

    I can relate with your son so much, my step dad was my dad and that’s that. He loved me as his own when I was 2 months old and he was always there for me! I love how real you guys are and upfront 🥺❤️❤️❤️

  • Megan Llanas
    Megan Llanas

    if your that insecure about your arms and back WORK OUT & EAT CLEAN. second bbl will just be out of hand

  • Martina Malave Felix
    Martina Malave Felix

    I love that u said that about keeping ur dads name. I've been with my hubby 19 years n still haven't changed mine. I'm a daddy's girl always. Love you guys❤❤❤

  • Joana Arredondo
    Joana Arredondo

    Omg 😱 I didn’t know that JJ was not beaus son. They have such an amazing relationship!!! As for JJ I know how he feels to not have my dad in my life and I can say I know how confused JJ must be and just know that you guys are doing the best thing for him and happy to hear/see what beau feels for JJ!!! Love you guys 💕💕❤️

  • Crystal Martinez
    Crystal Martinez

    I literally can relate to your story of oldest son n your man stepping up raising him as his own same shit happen with me and my man I was a single young mom I say it takes a real man to claim n raise a child that not there’s as there own luv ya girl ❤️

  • Edith Alexandra.
    Edith Alexandra.

    Maria your butts already big but not to big it looks good don't make it bigger☺

  • Edith Alexandra.
    Edith Alexandra.

    I love the original lays my favorite😋

  • Veronica Anaya
    Veronica Anaya

    Shit girl if you can afford it get it! If I had it I’d be getting some

  • Jenny Quizhpi
    Jenny Quizhpi

    i say you guys should just rent to make lil more money in the side

  • ERIKA Ortiz
    ERIKA Ortiz

    @usalwayz Next baby you should have it a home

  • Yereny B
    Yereny B

    Diablo, getting another BBL IS NOT going to look right

  • Abbi gyal
    Abbi gyal

    I love ya’ll❤️ subscribe to my youtube channel ❤️

  • Honey BRAT
    Honey BRAT

    Girl you are fine , stop eatin them chips and eat some spinach

  • Gina Marie
    Gina Marie

    This is so touching. I can definitely relate my SO has been raising my son since he was 6 month’s and he’s now 8 year’s old. My son doesn’t know yet and it’s so hard to comprehend we will have to have the sit down with him soon.

  • Kenia Ramos
    Kenia Ramos

    Please don’t get another BBl! You look beautiful just the way you are ❤️ I think if you work out you would look more beautiful

  • karla lopez
    karla lopez

    How much more plastic can you get tho

  • errrrma

    Who would you go to for your BBL? Same doc from Miami?

  • Nikki Ramirez
    Nikki Ramirez

    No hate but dont do another bbl. Your talking about your inner thighs and arms getting fat but you have a thigh gap. Theres no fat🤷‍♀️

  • Lina Lewis
    Lina Lewis

    Ive seen your guys videos pop up and ive never clicked but today i seen your moms cooking vlog and i just clicked on this and i like u guys bo is so fucking solid u guys are like my husband and i my oldest isn't his biological daughter but he rasied her since she was 2 she looks like him acts like his its a different bond when they choose to love you

  • Moo Moo
    Moo Moo

    I had noooo idea jj was adopted! Is Damian adopted too?


    Do. Not. Get. A. Second. BBL

  • dalia munoz
    dalia munoz

    Aww this is so cute. I def know this situation my sperm donor left me and my daughter. I met my boyfriend when she was 2 and that's alll she knows is him that's her DADDY

  • dalia munoz
    dalia munoz

    Wanting to lose weight but eating eats lol

  • Nicholle Ruiz
    Nicholle Ruiz

    Talks about weight gain problems as she eating a bag of potato chips lol

  • eileen garay
    eileen garay

    it’s amazing how your husband stepped up as a step father to your son and loving him as his own and not to lie i was raised by my next door neighbor and they loved me as there owned

  • Eunice Montes de Oca
    Eunice Montes de Oca

    Please don’t get another BBL! You CAN get a bigger butt by working out!! Smh beau 🙄 lol

  • jazzminnm

    just work out bbg it’ll tone ur body, u don’t need a 2nd bbl but if u ur gonna look even 😍😍😍😍

  • Mary Lou Diaz de Leon
    Mary Lou Diaz de Leon

    LOVE you guys!!! ❤️❤️

  • Jade Mikay
    Jade Mikay

    I didn’t know that my brother was my “half” brother until he passed away when I was eleven. You could’ve never guessed that my dad wasn’t his blood. Their bond was so strong. My dad will always be his father.

  • Miyoki Izumi
    Miyoki Izumi

    She is so perfect . please don't get BBL

  • Maya Rodriguez
    Maya Rodriguez

    A good venue in Bakersfield is Rancho el Alacrán 6447 Superior Rd Bakersfield CA ☺️☺️

  • Alma Stephanie Nunez
    Alma Stephanie Nunez

    Beau is such a great dad😭😭 and serenity is a mood 😂💕💕💕

  • Jaylee Montoya
    Jaylee Montoya

    5:50 - BBL 9:30 - JJ's adoption 14:40 - baptism 16:50 - having more babies 18:38 - renewing vows

  • Honiee Karen Gaytan
    Honiee Karen Gaytan

    I love yall so much! I really hope my husband can adopt my daughter. He has been there since the very beginning as well and it makes me so happy. it is a filling feeling. She is so close to him no one can separate them.

  • Jasmin Serrano
    Jasmin Serrano

    for the baptism situation me and my brother had that. we did it the same day on my first birthday.

  • Diana Rojas
    Diana Rojas

    I was supposed to get my mommy makeover April 22nd.. I paid my deposit. I had to cancel and hold until after COVID-19 😞

  • Sarahi Gomez
    Sarahi Gomez

    Beau said “ you can’t get a biggo 🍑 from the gym” which is totally not true just saying Bc I know a lot of people that do have one and gained one from working out it just takes time

  • Maria Herrera
    Maria Herrera

    Mr. Kate for decoration !!

  • Cierra Corzo
    Cierra Corzo

    i literally thought they were benny’s friend and they out here playing tre’s music wtf going on 😭

  • Jazzmin Rodriguez
    Jazzmin Rodriguez

    I understand I have my biological father in my life but he wasn't there physically and emotionally cause he would go to work and then party so I never saw him alot but when my mother meet my stepdad when I was 3 everything changed I would always tell everyone tht my biological father is more like my stepdad and my stepdad is biological father but I wish I was adopted by him

  • Jasmine Flower
    Jasmine Flower

    I thk yous are a very cute couple I hope and pray u make getting to know GOD and establish a personal relationship with him ❤

  • Dreya Smith
    Dreya Smith

    As soon as I seen Beau's eye water I already knew and started crying too lol 😂 Aww can't wait until that happens for you guy's!!

  • Jasmine Flower
    Jasmine Flower

    Its ur bussiness if you want to gt p/s. Their not paying for it so they just need to chill Tht being said the majority of you females have Beautiful faces cute hour glass figures as so do you Wht all of yous should do is give ur life to GOD thz world is so full of vanity and lust and all of the females want a big booty All of yall u tubers big bust big butt big lips. That is not going to save you or ur loved ones GOD dnt want yous doing that he did say tht in the end times people will be lovers of their selfs and be their own gods how much time you give to GOD thts how much time he will give to you thz is not just for u to hear believe me its for anyone who. Reads it no matter wht thr doing in life if u know if GOD was standing right nxt to you would you do say and act and dress like u do this is to all you tubers and fans all of u who dress the way yall do. thk abt JESUS how he died and suffered so tht we can be free frm sin tht dosent mean its a ticket to sin i care for all of yous and i hope that yous will put JESUS 1st. in your life please him not the world all tht i have said is witj a humble heart

    • Jasmine Flower
      Jasmine Flower

      And believe i have said something like this on almost all the you tubers and it gos in one ear and out thee other then it gts erased. But iv done my part i drop the seed it up to yall to water it i truly hope tht u do again all tht i have said is with a humble heart

  • Rosario Varela
    Rosario Varela

    When he said you can't get a big butt from the gym ...🤔I don't think he's educated in the subject

  • Eiza Mazhar
    Eiza Mazhar


  • Michelle VanGuilder
    Michelle VanGuilder

    Awww you have a situation like my sister she had a daughter then her husband now came along and treats them like queens and they have 2 boys and 1 on the way and my niece wants her daddys last name to... he is his daddy that's all period...

  • Savannah Cruz
    Savannah Cruz


  • CaroYj6

    Beau's a damn good dad, I'm happy you found your happily ever after Maria. Love y'all ♥️

  • CaroYj6

    Bro seeing you guys cry, makes me want to cry 😭

  • SS49

    I knw exactly what ur guys are going through i was a single mom for awhile went through hell with the dad of my daughter

  • iaintyourusual bitchhh:P
    iaintyourusual bitchhh:P

    Sorry guys I actually don't understand is jj adopted or did Maria have him with someone else and is beau the father to Damien aswell sorry am a bit late

  • Rajiv & Jaylene
    Rajiv & Jaylene

    I support you guys 100%, but how you guys say that you can’t build an ass in the gym...YES YOU CAN!!!! Not everyone in this world has money to pull fat from places they don’t like on their body and put it in their ass. Being a person who’s been in the gym for years and seeing people’s journey in the fitness world has built an ass overtime, but it’s takes time to do so. YES it takes TIME to build an ass, but like I said, not everyone has money to be able to get plastic surgery.

  • Miriam Reyes
    Miriam Reyes

    When he said “no You can’t get a big ass from working out” what?!! YESSSS YOU CAN! You just have to lift and do the work ! And by lifting I mean actually lift not baby weight..

  • Aileen Rositas
    Aileen Rositas

    Nooooo don’t do it , your legs are really really skinny now and with a bigger butt they’ll look even MORE skinnier 😖😖😖 learn from other influencers that have done multiple bbl’s

  • Alina Celine
    Alina Celine

    Stay strong you got a beautiful fam❤️❤️✨✨

  • Daniela Munoz
    Daniela Munoz

    Lol says she started working out as she puts a chip in her mouth 😂😂😂

  • Catherine Guzman
    Catherine Guzman

    I’ve never subscribed until now. I’ve seen you guys on Benny’s channel so I know who you guys are BUT...this video was so genuine, natural, heartwarming & touching. I’m a fan! ❤️ Beau, takes a real man to do what you’ve done. Take on the role of a father. SO MUCH RESPECT ✊

  • Stephanie Romero
    Stephanie Romero

    Omg I knew she was going to want this done evvettxo got it done now she is smh 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Jessica Rodriguez
    Jessica Rodriguez

    Maria your body shape is perfect! I’m so happy for JJ!

  • Queen Kay
    Queen Kay

    Girl what happened to working out 😒

  • sincerelycin

    One of my goals for this year after this whole virus gets controlled is to meet you both plus Benny & Alo ! You guys really inspire me to start my channel. I think we can put out some really cool content once this is all over. #Aquariusgang lol (feb1st) xoxo -Cindy @thestylevolt @cyndee_xo

  • Yuridia Rubio
    Yuridia Rubio

    She’s so annoying she tries so hard 😒 one less subscriber 🤪

  • Alyson Shelton
    Alyson Shelton

    Maria girl shut up you look beautiful with your body!!!💗💗

  • Wendy G. Miranda
    Wendy G. Miranda

    Love you guys 💕 thanks for sharing so much of your life, I definitely appreciate that.

  • Miss G
    Miss G

    Girl, you look amazing. Dont be lazy just workout. I need surgery, not you lol.

  • Savannah Gonzales
    Savannah Gonzales

    I love y’all ❤️

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