We Try Soap Cutting
Good Mythical Morning
We get into the next IT-my craze: soap cutting! GMM #1296.3
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  • Russell Whitelock
    Russell Whitelock


  • Tyler Bauer
    Tyler Bauer

    2:13 ah yes the part i came for. who is watching this during quarantine?

  • Kelly Kowalski
    Kelly Kowalski

    Alternative title: we try eating soap

  • Maya Avelarde
    Maya Avelarde


  • Pain

    I am Joy

  • Pain

    I love it

  • Lemon Pep
    Lemon Pep

    Soap reveiw

  • Bluez

    Why did you give link something sharp why...

  • Jaethen Carl
    Jaethen Carl

    Netflix- are you still there Someones daughter-3:50

  • brother Clayo
    brother Clayo

    2:52mom I can explain

  • Unknown

    How lucky! link almost cukt his fingies only twice 1. 1:50 2. 3:56

  • Kingdog Studios
    Kingdog Studios

    When link says that he likes the taste of soap Me: Tries it at home wow it’s bad

  • Braighlin Cordery
    Braighlin Cordery

    I love you rhett and link

  • CheesyJosh

    Welcome to Rhett’s Bakery where we serve SOAP!

  • Gavin Swain
    Gavin Swain


  • Mica Rainbow
    Mica Rainbow

    Why doesn’t link ever get to use sharp stuff?

  • XtraMedium 77
    XtraMedium 77

    Soap cutting is my jam but soap crunching ew

  • Bruno Bucciletti
    Bruno Bucciletti

    Condom cutting

  • Dark Alex
    Dark Alex

    Jazza did this when he was sculpting the soap

  • Chloe Rebbeck
    Chloe Rebbeck

    Click this when video paused XD rhetts faCe 6:51

  • paradox brothers
    paradox brothers

    5:36 that’s what she said

  • Elleanore Bibb
    Elleanore Bibb

    Rhett:that bar is scored every wicha way 😂😂😆😆😘 love your chanel

  • pug of games
    pug of games

    What I if

  • Youtube User
    Youtube User

    With gelatin it will be lickable too.

  • Eliza

    They've eaten so many weird things over the years that they think soap tastes good. These men are true heroes.

  • someonewhowatchesyoutube

    2:52 wtf

  • Chelsea Kirk
    Chelsea Kirk

    “Slicing soap is the freaking key to happiness!” Haha yes... yes it is link. 🤪

  • TofuCat

    But why

  • jbronco

    Rhett😂smells SOAP and says it smells good

  • Splatter The Artist!
    Splatter The Artist!

    Lesson one, things not to give link, Fire, pizza cutter, his own hands and feet, and the most important one... Knifes...

  • Emma Lowe
    Emma Lowe

    Worked in a deli and almost fainted when Rhett put his fingers so close to the spinning blade 😳 😫

  • plywood sun
    plywood sun

    why does rhett always try to feed us soap

  • Jade LeBaron
    Jade LeBaron

    1:58 “ the more slow and steady you are the more satisfying it is” link ripping knife threw Intire middle of soap bar”

  • August Zyla
    August Zyla

    "You do find yourself wanting to eat it...But I'm not going to."

  • Michaël X
    Michaël X

    3:55 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Sonny

    Some of this vid was actually really satisfying tho ngl


    WHO GAVE LINK A KNIFE!?!?!?!?!?!!!

  • Blue Armadillo
    Blue Armadillo

    Link: **refuses to eat something that is seasoned, cooked, and looks appetizing** Also link: I kinda wanna eat it

  • Crystal Ellul
    Crystal Ellul

    I love you guys soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much

  • Brandi M
    Brandi M

    Ok but am I the only one that sees the little in link?

  • Jack McDowell
    Jack McDowell

    It's like little 𝒸ₕₑₑₑₛₑₑₑ for a little mouse!

  • Jack McDowell
    Jack McDowell

    *Link licc the soap* Rhett: It's so smooth. Link: It's not bad, either. It's pretty good.

  • St4T1c R3Tr0
    St4T1c R3Tr0

    Alternative title: soap mukbang

  • Kody Short
    Kody Short

    All this time I've been watching gmm and I still don't know why link can't have a knife

  • Hiddenlove 08
    Hiddenlove 08

    Rhett: got to be CaRfUlL got to be so cArFuLl🥴

  • Kimlek Hat Lang
    Kimlek Hat Lang

    2:29-2:36 That was a part of my childhood. Because it really looked tasty and tasted quite good.

  • brenda

    i wanna do this with cheese

  • Daniel Taleb
    Daniel Taleb


  • Ajv

    One thing I like about GMM is that this is the only show that has actual laughing in the back

  • OpieTux 2
    OpieTux 2

    Redd: ( MonMonMonMonMon)

  • Aleftina Hübner
    Aleftina Hübner

    2:53 lol

  • -Pierson -
    -Pierson -


  • Master Jacaboi
    Master Jacaboi

    2 52 orgasm alert

  • ectoBiologist

    "Ugh... How did this become part of it??" Rhett, eating the soap was YOUR IDEA

  • Sarah Vruwink
    Sarah Vruwink

    These men are not ASMR artists

  • Hong Ha Nguyen Thi
    Hong Ha Nguyen Thi

    Not bad at all

  • GalacticStar

    What happened to the full song and "let's talk about that"?

  • UnknownBehaviorGaming

    Nobody: Literally nobody: Rhet: OoH ooH oOoH oOh oOh

  • Ceci Frederick
    Ceci Frederick

    Title: we try cutting soap Me: and eating!

  • I'm NoOne
    I'm NoOne

    This is the reason why kids eat tide pods

  • Grant Valantine
    Grant Valantine


  • Mocha Latte
    Mocha Latte

    anyone here looking for a comment asking why in the world these two men are eating soap.

  • Wise Oracle
    Wise Oracle

    1:00 *face palm* that's not what 4D is Rhett 😂

  • 3dits. power
    3dits. power

    1:40 reminds me of scary movie 2

  • Emma Tol
    Emma Tol

    Who else is yelling at link to stop talking during this whole process? Just me?

  • The life of JoJoRocks
    The life of JoJoRocks

    The ivory soap cuts rlly well😂😂

  • Laila Paquin
    Laila Paquin

    2:30 it turns into an episode of “My Strange Addiction “ all I thought

  • Gd LOP
    Gd LOP


  • Blue Turtle
    Blue Turtle

    They forgot crushing soap curls

  • Blue Turtle
    Blue Turtle

    Soap tastes bad, lets eat more!

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