Zane Hijazi
We update you on our living situation; I get a mysterious package and Heath and I give you guys news we've been keeping from you for months!
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if you see this good for u!

  • Zane Hijazi
    Zane Hijazi

    When you're about to come out with a coffee line but your podcast is called Unfiltered....


      Fuck a zane you mac miller looking bitch

    • Patti - Cake
      Patti - Cake

      You do know that unfiltered coffee can be (and is) consumed by some, right? Lol!

    • Jessica Graveline
      Jessica Graveline

      Zane Hijazi omg are u single 💕

    • Gabby D.J
      Gabby D.J

      Zane Please tell Matt to start a vlog

    • Fatima Gutierrez
      Fatima Gutierrez

      Zane Hijazi Focusing a lot more on my channel before continuing my education (my masters program) in a few months so it would mean a lot if anyone could checkout my videos, leave feedback, and subscribe. Thank you in advance😊❤️


    Fuck a Zane mac Miller looking bitch

  • Alva Lindblad
    Alva Lindblad

    Girl they serve vasa cardboard bread thing in our school. FOR LUNCH like bruh

  • dewlover420

    You don’t know how fast I’ll be buying your coffee!!! 😍👍🏼👊🏼😎😂

  • Reem Harake
    Reem Harake

    6:19 Erin shook her head no and said she like it 😂😂 body language 101 😂

  • Neil Jonathan Borbon
    Neil Jonathan Borbon


  • Nitika Webb
    Nitika Webb

    Zane handing the onion bag 💀

  • Nitika Webb
    Nitika Webb


  • Jenah Lamons
    Jenah Lamons

    i love you honey

  • cat .gonzalezz
    cat .gonzalezz

    “You needs buff it” “That’s my favorite type of restaurant” Lol 😂 😂💀

  • cleopatra kliakos
    cleopatra kliakos

    Uh uh! You spit on my truck I beat yo ass!

  • Shorooq Karim
    Shorooq Karim

    The struggle with the onion Lmaoooooo

  • al pal
    al pal

    how come yall ain't talking about when zane basically snatched the coffee out of the gas station employee's hand and then wheezed in his face 😂

  • sad krabs
    sad krabs

    I keep rewatching the part where zane is getting the onion out of the ziploc bag and I still don't understand what's happening there

  • Shit Head
    Shit Head


  • Boba Bretto
    Boba Bretto

    I love the idea of a cooking show but for every ingredient you show it to the camera like it’s a Make up product xD that’s hilarious

  • Hakon Karlsen
    Hakon Karlsen

    Bruuuhh. Wasa is the shit. Its fucking knekkebrød not cardboard.

  • Mike Woollett
    Mike Woollett

    HEATH uh uh you spit on my truck I beat ur ass🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂

  • Destini Harden
    Destini Harden

    “You spit on my truck I’ll beat yo ass” idk why but I felt that😂

  • Jay Antoinette
    Jay Antoinette

    Matt is so good a voices bc he sounded exactly like Jason 😭

  • Adriana Bonilla
    Adriana Bonilla

    Why did Zane open the ziplock bag like it was a bag of chips?

  • Chloe Sainvil
    Chloe Sainvil

    Zane: We got limme’s in the hissowwwww Me: Wtf does that mean 🤨🤔

  • Dyslexic Teletubby
    Dyslexic Teletubby

    When he didn’t use the tabs to open the Ziploc bag I had anxiety

  • what's up
    what's up

    Oatmeal....oatmeal....OWATmEAaLLLL 10:28 I’m sorry that shit had me dead 😂

  • Stefania Owzarek
    Stefania Owzarek

    I miss the old heath

  • Edith Chiani
    Edith Chiani

    Oh yes!!!! Cant wait for the coffee line to come out. I 100% will be buying! This news made my day. Thanks boys. FINALLY A PRODUCT I CAN USE, YASSSSSSSS!

  • Anna Östergren
    Anna Östergren

    No way Zane has Wasa knäckebröd! Literally every Swede has that in their cupboards but like never eats it haha! Well except for like Christmas and midsummer

  • Salina Karbache
    Salina Karbache

    I love your energy

  • Charlotte Gerber
    Charlotte Gerber

    I just want to live with Matt are you kidding

  • Turner Roberts
    Turner Roberts

    You can really see how strong Zane and Heath's friendship is. Makes me happy.

  • Rachelove

    Hire me. I'll clean and organize the shit outa your house(s) 🤣

  • bronwyniguess

    Matt is going to revamp all of your lives and I’m here for it

  • Artie Carden
    Artie Carden

    matt and jason are SO GOOD at mimicking other people i love it

  • Rebecca Lynne
    Rebecca Lynne

    Matt is everything 😂 😍

  • Bella Fraser
    Bella Fraser

    that bloody onion :')

  • Katlyn Williams
    Katlyn Williams

    *Mat king's existence is my entire aesthetic*

  • jaymf Daddy
    jaymf Daddy

    matt funny asshit 😂😂😂😂

  • Loo

    Seeing big red just makes me so fucking happy. Reminds me of when I got my car back after it got stolen, except mine was only gone for a week lol

  • Alexa Yanez Valdez
    Alexa Yanez Valdez

    9:00 he forgot to censor the star bucks behind him

  • Gabby Ella
    Gabby Ella

    Why did Zane chop a tomato and then put salsa. Why wouldn’t you just buy extra chunky salsa?😂

  • Anne Rodriguez
    Anne Rodriguez

    I never liked Matt but Matt is good at doing Jason

  • BROKElyn Morris
    BROKElyn Morris

    Matts room is cute. Zane’s just a hater lmao

  • natdidit

    omg i felt like i was watching the old vlogs. i miss

  • SamandColby Clips
    SamandColby Clips


  • jwatwater

    lmaoooo. The end with Matt is like what they talked about with Cody Ko

  • Emily Monahan
    Emily Monahan


  • Mike Morgan
    Mike Morgan

    You live in California and your salsa of choices Tostitos? Your an idiot.

  • Joshua MacAulay
    Joshua MacAulay

    Matt is going to have a melt down in that house.

  • Patti - Cake
    Patti - Cake

    And technically, the coffee itself is unfiltered..... until you use a filter. Lol!

  • Patti - Cake
    Patti - Cake

    But, why is Jason making bowls of cereal for Wyatt and a Charlie, still? They should be making their own bowls of cereal, Jason. Lol!

  • chelby

    Why is 10:23 the funniest thing I've ever heard!?!?😂😂

    • chelby


  • Hadley Marie
    Hadley Marie

    Coffee talk brought me back to high school after school omg big red and Zane’s shaky ass iPhone camera 😢😂😂

  • Claire Neilson
    Claire Neilson

    Zane its a damn zip-lock bag its not hard

  • Official Holy Water
    Official Holy Water

    We unlocked a whole memory from a Time tomb

  • Depresso & Meme
    Depresso & Meme

    Ay so like your most recent video was like a nice cute video with your sister so I kinda felt bad leaving this comment there. So now I’m here on this video to say It’s FUCK ZANE FOR KISSING CORINNA ON MY FUCKING LIFE THAT WAS PRETTY FUCKED UP. I HONESTLY DONT CARE IF THAT WAS AN ACT FOR THE CAMERA THERES JUST SOME SHIT YOU DONT DONT DO TO A FRIEND

  • Jasmine Garrido
    Jasmine Garrido

    Zane is meeeee trying to open a Ziploc bag

  • Dylan Pinard
    Dylan Pinard

    When they make the coffee they need to call it “ Big Red Coffee”

  • Vicki L
    Vicki L

    I must of missed it but can someone tell me why Zane and Matt are living with Todd and Jason? Is it because Zane sold his house and is saving for another or something?

  • Giselle Polanco
    Giselle Polanco

    Omg finally people who *LOVES COFFEE* as much as I do, I can't wait till y'all release the coffee I'm definitely gonna try it 💙💙 also y'all need to take me in these testing ya are doing 😂😂

  • RICKY bobby
    RICKY bobby

    quit appropriating gay voices holy fuck

  • Victoria Portis
    Victoria Portis

    Lmao @ (2:35) the hand gestures

  • Shylani Mallett
    Shylani Mallett

    imagine this: - zane and heath create a coffee company called “coffee talk” and the brand logo is of zane and heath in big red smilin n laughing and having a good time.

  • Evan F
    Evan F

    Zane & Heath are my favorite! ♥️

  • Cassandra Brown
    Cassandra Brown

    Wait was that Carly that said “wait we do have limes” 🤷‍♀️ 🤔 😐

  • Cassandra Brown
    Cassandra Brown

    Matt is me

  • hayden coleman
    hayden coleman

    a literal time machine

  • Swxpey

    first time I have laughed my ass off in a while

  • ConsiderMeMaybe

    That ziploc bag struggle! 🤣

  • Jennifer Martinez
    Jennifer Martinez

    Ok cuz I’m OBSESSED with iced coffee so I fr can’t wait 🥵🥵

  • Aya Morales
    Aya Morales

    *Heath uses "slaps" to describe coffee* me: T:

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