We Went Camping In Our Backyard
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  • Hatice Guneri
    Hatice Guneri

    the fact that jenna is wearing the camo outfit she bought for julien lmao

  • Emily

    in terms of clothing, Jenna walked so Billie Eilish could run

  • Chaantal xo
    Chaantal xo

    "One time my dad didnt brush my hair for 11 days, my mom was vERY mad" 💀💀💀💀

  • Jack Honsinger
    Jack Honsinger

    that tent is nooiiice

  • Marialexa Gamero
    Marialexa Gamero

    Nobody: No one: Jenna: Kermit: Peach: Marbles: Bunny: Julien: me be like

  • Marialexa Gamero
    Marialexa Gamero

    Julien: Me: we are going camping Bee: me too LMAO JULIENN

  • Brooke Linton
    Brooke Linton

    this is honestly such a good date idea

  • Mactire the wolf
    Mactire the wolf

    Your videos always make me laugh and make me so happy especially when the dogos are in them, thanks for being beautiful and awesome

  • Gomez

    Jenna describing the weird & needy childhood friend made me feel super called out

  • HollyBerry Johnson
    HollyBerry Johnson

    Marble is such a derpy dog I love him!!!

  • Payton McLaughlin
    Payton McLaughlin

    I know im late and all but when you heard her say what do ya think who else thought of simply nail logical

  • Maya Mitsuhashi
    Maya Mitsuhashi

    Hello Jenna I think you're hair is really pretty in the end shoot thank you for making me smile everyday

  • Olivia Didrich
    Olivia Didrich

    Can we get a 6month bunny update?! Please!

  • Alessy Madero
    Alessy Madero

    5:00 5:23 6:18 7:19 8:42 9:03 9:53 10:44 11:18 13:17

  • Sofia Howells
    Sofia Howells

    I love bobbys tongue

  • haw yee
    haw yee

    i didn't understand stans until i saw how cute jenna was eating that smore i'm 🥺

  • Ingrid Hernandez
    Ingrid Hernandez

    jenna: why do you stink?? kermit: 👁_👁

  • Ricardo Gutierrez
    Ricardo Gutierrez

    Was it me or did I not notice she’s reached 20.1M subs since I last paid attention to the subscribers 6 month ago 🤔

  • bella onAJ
    bella onAJ

    Am I the only one who got stressed when she said she would pitch a tent on the side of the road.. oml the world now is way too dangerous to do that.. even sleeping in my car I wouldnt feel safe😶

  • Trashbender

    Okay but can you imagine Julien doing ASMR bedtime stories

  • Kate V.
    Kate V.

    Jenna: “I know this probably seems excessive for all of you.” All of us: “Make your dog a bed of Irish Spring” “Go to the store and buy your dogs everything they touch”

  • Shaian Hutcheson
    Shaian Hutcheson

    Is that holo taco on her nails 💿🌮 And JULIAN has sum on too proud holo sexual

  • Bella Moon
    Bella Moon

    Jenna bites into a s'more. Julien: you're so cutee

  • šøüřłëmmöňş

    Or you can skydive off your roof

  • Rat Babi
    Rat Babi

    plz canoe in the pool

  • Amber in the box
    Amber in the box

    Omg i did the same shit. U should make a justincase (just in case) kit. A total well be okay pack to staynin the trunk

  • Sara L
    Sara L

    jenna: *wears camo* also jenna: you can’t see me but i’m ready to camp julian: we’re gonna get demonetized your not wearing any clothes

  • Angela Andrade
    Angela Andrade

    11:59 Lmao im dead 🐻

  • Arissa Maldonado
    Arissa Maldonado

    Idc if my future husband doesn’t like camping we’re gonna set up a tent in our backyard and sleep with all our dogs and watch how I met your mother and eat s’mores and maybe Olive Garden pasta

  • Aly Kleidon
    Aly Kleidon

    Julien: "We're glamping." lmao

  • Smooth Mint
    Smooth Mint

    You should for sure go canoeing in your pool

  • Tam Bug
    Tam Bug

    Friendship goals

  • Tam Bug
    Tam Bug

    Kermit: goes crazy over bee Caption: [Applause]

  • Abby Warren
    Abby Warren

    Bunny looks really skinny. She needs a couple of hamburgers

    • Exotic

      Shes a healthy weight for a greyhound lol

  • Marlyn Youssef
    Marlyn Youssef

    You Gus made me hungry lmao

  • livi loo hoo
    livi loo hoo

    5:17 my dog does that except with my bedsheets instead of a tent

  • Rudy Gonzalez
    Rudy Gonzalez

    We need camping part 2 :) please

  • Tuna

    does she not realize that marshmallows are very far from being vegan. they have gelatin in them.

    • Exotic

      They buy special vegan marshmallows

  • Biggo Smiggo
    Biggo Smiggo

    Who the fucks tent is that big

  • Talyn Rahl
    Talyn Rahl

    Jenna eating S'mores: Most adorable moment of IT-my 2019.

  • Bella Marinelli
    Bella Marinelli

    jenna in the last video i watched- i don't even go outside jenna now- I'm going camping

  • kamie sweets
    kamie sweets

    Kermit is the background being like 👁👅👁

  • kamie sweets
    kamie sweets

    Kermit is my spirit animal

  • Pvo Pop
    Pvo Pop

    Vegans cant even eat bee vomit?! Next yer gonna say yo cant eat da poo poo like ice cream

  • Destinni Talmo
    Destinni Talmo

    Wait so you change marbles name to Bobby

  • Lilly Vermillion
    Lilly Vermillion

    Kermit: I wants attention Kermit: GIVE ME- Jenna: *throws into tent* Jenna: attention VwV

  • Shelby Dively
    Shelby Dively

    *we’re glamping*

  • eclecticemma

    can we get a part 2 of this?

  • 💜 Luna wolf life 💜
    💜 Luna wolf life 💜

    I seriously thought she said money not bunny 😂

  • EthanTiger 2
    EthanTiger 2

    If one of Jennas dogs die the whole world would end

  • anti eye93
    anti eye93

    What was the car

  • Marley Morrell
    Marley Morrell

    I enjoyed the Kermit vs bee content.....so much??

  • HeyitsJ

    wheres the link for the tent sis!

  • Sheiebs

    I want this tent so bad. I wish it was linked. Yes this is the third time I’m watching this video lol.

  • Edward Menster
    Edward Menster

    I love kermit

  • cat master
    cat master

    In the backyahd

  • Jess Brajer
    Jess Brajer

    Dude. I want this tent.

  • Game Zone
    Game Zone

    Jenna: You stink Kermit: *I am sorry, mother*

  • Peace Juniper
    Peace Juniper

    An ad for a webcam for your pup came up to give them treats when your gone haha

  • Good Vibes
    Good Vibes

    Jenna should film what her dogs do when she’s not home

  • Kill Me Now, Or Don’t I’m just Gay
    Kill Me Now, Or Don’t I’m just Gay

    My year three teacher hated nature. When we went on camp she kept on saying “aAaH nAtUrE rUn”

  • Daisy Morrison
    Daisy Morrison

    I love Jenna’s inner child

  • Everything Sucks
    Everything Sucks

    Heyyy Jane are you going to teach bunny how to swim? Love your videos ❤️❤️❤️

  • Olmart J Olan
    Olmart J Olan

    You remind me of my friend Jessica

  • Compassionate Living
    Compassionate Living

    I swear marshmallows aren’t vegan either lol

  • Amy Newcomer
    Amy Newcomer

    Lol my grandmother is a middle aged woman,drives around in an RV,and does this all with her dog😂

  • The Kokoko_show
    The Kokoko_show

    Please don't let marble do that to the Iggys ears anymore. It's gross.

  • Emily Lawyer
    Emily Lawyer

    Julien: so we take out the Graham cracker and the marshmallows and give him the chocolate

  • Sophie Davies
    Sophie Davies

    Why dose bunny have 3 Callers??? Sorry if I spelt callers wrong you know what I’m talking about

  • Billie’s Eyelash
    Billie’s Eyelash

    It’s actually kinda smart to drive around with a tent... how have a never thought of that?

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