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  • Plum Milk
    Plum Milk

    He waist is kinda big now?

  • Eden Rich
    Eden Rich

    Oh my gosh I died when Erik started singing his bread song!!! 😂😂😂😂 It was amazing!!!

  • Kelly Peterson
    Kelly Peterson

    very lucky hubby! you are amaze balls!!!

  • hElLo

    Erik: well I think mines *to good* I wish it was worse Lol🤣🤣🤣

  • Malinda Demaree
    Malinda Demaree

    we are all human

  • Trevor Flait
    Trevor Flait

    Lol, I’m Native American and I always noticed that bandaids were always lighter compared to my skin tone

  • Kristy Corlson
    Kristy Corlson

    Good job 👍 Colleen your an awesome person

  • Arwensdorf

    I’m not caught up on your main channel so you might have done this, but what if you did a “haul” of some of the new books and toys you’ve purchased?

  • ItsZahramaya

    Colleens is so beautiful

  • LlamasFoLife 2008
    LlamasFoLife 2008

    I never even knew that those bandaids we’re supposed to be flesh colored... it just never came to me. Thanks Colleen!😂

  • Annie Shepherd
    Annie Shepherd

    I’m not allowed to watch the news because of the races and it gives me a lot of anxiety so I’m not allowed to watch it and I think it’s horrible what’s happening because I’ve seen all over tick-tock it’s so sad

  • Evelyn Geary
    Evelyn Geary

    Omg she started blogging for June but I'm only on this episode because I'm far behind lol

  • Oranjmuse Meyer
    Oranjmuse Meyer

    Early 2000's is vintage!🧡

  • ashely kim
    ashely kim

    colleen's lighting though super nice!

  • Daniel Hill
    Daniel Hill

    Hi there lol

  • pufferluver14

    That bathing suit is so cute!!!

  • Cara Sweeney
    Cara Sweeney

    I think we should also donate to small business owners who have had their businesses destroyed!

  • Maura Szanajda
    Maura Szanajda

    Crayola just came out with a new pack of crayons that are all skin tones and I cannot wait to get it!!!

  • Astronaut Cricket
    Astronaut Cricket

    Black lives matter. I hope one day we can really end racism

  • Astronaut Cricket
    Astronaut Cricket

    I liked that story.

  • HaiItsYourGirl Maria
    HaiItsYourGirl Maria

    I was thinking that she was gonna say and I was walking and I was like OMG I forgot to put the bathing suit back so i was like yassss I get a free bathing suit

  • Clarissa Gonzalez
    Clarissa Gonzalez

    Such a humbling story!! So cute of your mom I love her 🥺🥺

  • Appy Aaron
    Appy Aaron

    I love you colleen🧡 you’re such a kind-hearted person💕

  • Nicole Davis
    Nicole Davis

    I so didn’t cry when you spoke about the bikini story! 😅

  • Olivia Henry
    Olivia Henry

    I am a children’s literature minor in school right now. I’ve taken several classes about how to be inclusive and children’s literature and one of the most common things that my professors say is to have children read books that have characters of color but the book is not necessarily about their race, color, or their experience as a person of color. One book I recommend is the snowy day. It’s about a black boy who is experiencing a snowy day for the first time. It is important to understand that every race should be represented in literature without their race being the most significant or important thing about them. (i’m not saying that race is not important! I’m saying that children should read literature that have diverse characters without the subject being about their diversity)

  • Brianna Verna
    Brianna Verna

    Can you please speak against the looters at least! I understand supporting the peaceful protesters, but the ones who are destroying private property is not okay in the name of black lives matter. It makes the deaths in vain.

  • Supdxddy

    One thing u can do is make signs saying “black lives matter” and put the signs on ur car windows, and drive around.

  • Ghalia Jarrar
    Ghalia Jarrar

    I love the all colors Band-Aid idea I really do ✊🏿💜

  • Bess Curameng
    Bess Curameng

    I love you so much Colleen but by saying I can’t image being a black person in my POV that is rude because that is basically a onsult

  • LJ W
    LJ W

    14:26 I said the exact same thing about his quotes. Nothing. Has. Changed

  • Cirque d'Joy
    Cirque d'Joy

    Cat's showing you their belly is a sign of trust. Gus trusts that you won't touch his danger zone.

  • Alyssa Johnson
    Alyssa Johnson

    colleen has such a wonderful heart❤️

  • fruitnoodle1

    I've always asked about the Band-Aid thing, and was told that the clear ones are the solution to that. Ostensibly, I think they are supposed to be, but the little pad is still white-people skin tone. We just use character Band-Aids now or, better yet, we make our own with medical tape that don't match anybody, but stay on really well.

  • Joy Steinmetz
    Joy Steinmetz

    When Flynn’s a little older you can do the tiktok trend using a brown egg and a white egg, then crack it because they’re all the same in the inside.

  • Janique618

    Thank you Colleen for your support and love #blacklivesmatter

  • Cierra Floyd
    Cierra Floyd

    I got my twin boys Manhattan Toy Co. wee baby Stella dolls for there first birthday they come in all different colors and can be costumized and many different ways. My daughter also has one of these dolls and she is brown. She loves her doll and doesn’t want any other.

  • Maria Lingle
    Maria Lingle

    Colleen, can you post the link to the band-aids? I’m having a hard time finding them online. Thanks!

  • Carly Moutardier
    Carly Moutardier

    Ok I k ow this is said a lot but HOW IS COLLEN MARANDA

  • Alyssa Griffith
    Alyssa Griffith

    Remember to keep looking at social media and follow the blacklivesmatter tag because typically we've seen that the news is somewhat iffy when it comes to seeing *everything* that's going on. 😁👍🏼

  • Leslie Johnson
    Leslie Johnson


  • Andy Bbb
    Andy Bbb

    What kind of idiot would sit and watch her drone on?

    • Beck Styles
      Beck Styles

      irony is ironic

  • Hellden Ricky
    Hellden Ricky

    The comment section placement uh uhhhh

  • Chicken Nugget
    Chicken Nugget

    Girl it ain’t may no more😂😂😂😂

  • Basic Amy
    Basic Amy

    Who still respects her👉

  • Katie Smith
    Katie Smith

    I am studying to be a special education teacher so I've learned a lot about making sure I create an inclusive and loving environment for children to grow and learn in. I have a few toys that I recommend to help teach children about inclusivity and individuality: 1.) The "I never forget a face" memory matching game 2.) Multicultural puppets (these can be sort of pricy but if you dig hard enough you can find a good deal) 3.) One Big Heart book by Linsey Davis 4.) Skin Like Mine book by LaTashia Perry 5.) Crayola's Colors of the World crayons, colored pencils, and markers

  • passion nanaquatung
    passion nanaquatung

    Do you play in haters back off

  • passion nanaquatung
    passion nanaquatung


  • Michael Ramirez
    Michael Ramirez

    That was my birthday

  • Alicia

    Don’t only watch the news, watch protestors recordings and images on twitter because the news aren’t showing everything

  • Keira O'Leary
    Keira O'Leary

    its not a book or anything but on Netflix there is a series called '13' and its about black people during slavery fyi just thought id let you know :)

  • katie johnson
    katie johnson

    When ever I see Colleen wear that pink shirt from her pregnancy announcement I get so excited... Anyone else... No just me ok... 😂

  • shirosh809

    OMGG I JUST LOVE ERIC! I COULDN'T STOP LAUGHING! he needs to be a musician!

  • mikeysrose

    I love you, Colleen!!!

  • Becca Becker
    Becca Becker

    I love you

  • Lily White
    Lily White

    who thinks she looks pregnant.I think she is pregnant

  • celie SS
    celie SS

    14:06 sorry I got sidetracked on how cute Colleen looked here 😂

  • Eleanor P
    Eleanor P

    I've never had a black teacher. And yes, I've been to interviews (where they're hiring teachers and they're ment to teach us for 15 mins for the interview) and there are black teachers there.

  • Charli Renton
    Charli Renton

    30th of may is my birthday

  • RainbowDemon

    When you started talking about points and changing room and cars, i was like been there done that because my dad also travels a lot.

  • Katie Lange
    Katie Lange

    You should listen to Bleed the same by Mandisa

  • lexie Linfield
    lexie Linfield


  • Brooke Leanne
    Brooke Leanne

    “L O V E Y!!” “wHat?” *sips whipped coffee* “You’re nAked!!”

  • a arguellez
    a arguellez

    We need a vlune tune

  • a arguellez
    a arguellez

    I'd like to state if u Google "STREAM TO DONATE: how to financially help with no money or leaving your house" on IT-my u can find videos that have ads and all the money made on those videos will go to donations

  • Kyra Krzywicki
    Kyra Krzywicki

    Hi Colleen! Emily Wilson (@/emwills on Instagram) just released a book called God’s Glorious Girl! It includes pictures of girls of all colors, and writes to them about their beauty and strength. I think Flynn would enjoy it, and it could hopefully teach him about the wonderfulness of women and diversity. Emily Wilson also has a IT-my channel.

  • Angelica Tombs
    Angelica Tombs

    Colleen, honestly that bathing suit looks fantastic on you. It doesn't look too 2000 or whatever, it looks fantastic.

  • Amy Rissolo
    Amy Rissolo

    All books by Todd Parr are gold!

  • G-ful Nar
    G-ful Nar

    I love that you shared your bathing suit story, I think those stories are good for people who come from higher income situations to hear. My dad drives a truck and my mom tests blood in a lab, and they don't make a whole lot, neither of them have anything past an associates degree and they sacrifice a lot just so I can have things that other kids can without having to worry about it. Meeting the kids I'm going to college with and thinking about the kids I go to school with a lot of them can't really even imagine a 70$ bathing suit being an issue, I think it's especially good to hear people with money and influence talk about how they might not have always come from money. By the way, I am not saying I am not privileged because believe me I know I am so so so so so soooo lucky to have what I have, I'm just saying it's nice to hear a celebrity type person talk about how their life hasn't always been super chipper and financially stable since that isn't the situation for a lot of people and it can feel discouraging not to see that.

  • Lindsay Marie
    Lindsay Marie

    The people getting arrested are not people protesting peacefully. It is the people looting and ruining their cities. So you're supporting people who are killing innocent people and are ruining small buisnesses.... Good Job, just like all the other clueless celebs.

    • Beck Styles
      Beck Styles


  • misscrackwood

    Are you kidding, this bathing suit is still beautiful, I love it! So cool for you it still fits you!

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