Weird NAIL ART that is on another level !
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  • TheSalum Tv
    TheSalum Tv

    I have cabitys In my teeth BRU

  • taslima begum
    taslima begum

    Azzy: 10:50 - 'Can't turn the steering wheel...' Me: Azzy, have you ever ridden a bike? 🤔

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  • Areef Danial Mohd Yahya
    Areef Danial Mohd Yahya

    can you be my first friend

  • HeyItzMr_Banana

    honest not to be rude does anyone know how many times Azzy said "but im here for it?"

  • unicorn lover XD
    unicorn lover XD

    Azzy said if she gets 1m subs she will got to the nail salon. Months later she check her channel she sees 12.7M subs and realize it's Corona time.she is probably feels bad for not doing it. Like if you watch azzy before Corona started l l V

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    Shler Abdulla


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    Claire Nieto


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    lesly h


  • Jovana Peno
    Jovana Peno

    You are sooooo beautiful😘😘😘

  • Agne Kairyte
    Agne Kairyte

    I love lollipops they are my fav candy!

  • veroesllie Lucero
    veroesllie Lucero

    If this vid gets 100 likes I'll get these nails. Evreone: LIKE LIKE LIKE LIKE LIKE

  • Choi Nanako
    Choi Nanako

    That’s so cool

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    William Freytiz


  • cutie_gamer

    Azzy are you ok you sound a little sick I don't want the best IT-myr getting sick 🥺🥺

  • Evie Alexander
    Evie Alexander

    the key board you showed when she had multiple nails thats the key board that i have

  • Rylie Taylor
    Rylie Taylor

    Azzy: Snails get it!!! *laughs at own joke the rest of us : w-w

  • carrie koski
    carrie koski

    these nails are cool

  • - Avocado Toast -
    - Avocado Toast -

    ✨N A I L S✨

  • Sara Solis
    Sara Solis

    Pls say hi and what is the closest nail salon to Verona

  • Sara Solis
    Sara Solis

    My friend has that I’m a kid on my phone but I’m using my moms pick lol so my friend that nail printer

  • ItzayvaYT

    what i need are kazoo nails the perfect nail to annoy everone i know

  • Joshua Emery
    Joshua Emery

    I love the rose gold and the white and I really wish I could have 1 for free but I can't

  • Jennifer Smart
    Jennifer Smart


  • Diamond Galaxy
    Diamond Galaxy

    I’m wearing my Raycons and we have the same color wow

  • nkaujlig Young
    nkaujlig Young

    I love harry potter

  • Fatima Aziz
    Fatima Aziz

    Wait did you took of your clothes in between the video 😞

  • Valentina Jovanović
    Valentina Jovanović

    Your jokes are terrible

  • The gamer Sister’s
    The gamer Sister’s

    Speaking about oisters I’ve been bit by a oisters

  • Isa Vargas
    Isa Vargas

    Hey I'm a kid meanie

  • Yzshamz Dol
    Yzshamz Dol

    Did anyone realise the biscuits nails she said she dipped it in the milk it actually tea

  • Mckenna Iverson
    Mckenna Iverson


  • Aimee Figueroa
    Aimee Figueroa

    you are so awsome

  • Klarissa robles
    Klarissa robles

    I've seen that meme and EVERY time I'm OFFENDED and I DONT know WHY?!?!? 😅😅😅😅😅😅

  • Riley Nielsen
    Riley Nielsen

    it would be hard not to eat my nails😂

  • Myshafie Shariff
    Myshafie Shariff

    Banana who has bananas i want bananas


    my doughers love you so much

  • Troy Singgih
    Troy Singgih

    The string nail girl looks like dollastic

  • James Turo
    James Turo

    I wonder how may haters liked this video hoping that it would get a million likes to see her suffer wearing those nails 🤔🤔🤷 ilysm azzy!!!!

    • Gracee Abbott
      Gracee Abbott

      me too

  • chocolate chip kookies
    chocolate chip kookies

    Azzy: She takes it to day 6 Me: *thinks of the group*

  • Jordan Brophy
    Jordan Brophy


  • Glenn Mariano
    Glenn Mariano

    Azzy you are my hero. you make me be happy and shine bright

  • Isabella Boo
    Isabella Boo

    People have really cool nails designs! But honestly how would they use the bathroom because I would not want to take off my nails after I just put them on?😐

  • Stacey Grande
    Stacey Grande

    :) Azzy you make my happy and eager to watch more videos you have made.

  • M R
    M R

    Azzy: yall should make dounought nails 🍩 Me: you too Azzy ,also I'm eating a dounought 🍩 right now

  • Arlyn Eniaca
    Arlyn Eniaca

    How are you there here it's getting worse

  • Nathasha sanchez
    Nathasha sanchez


  • Ava Little
    Ava Little

    Me when clicking on this vid:🙄🙄🙄🙄 when she showed Harry Potter:🤤🤤😯😯😯😮😮😍😍😍😍😍😍😍❤❤❤❤❤❤❤💕💕💕👏👏👏👏👏

  • gottaGAME 1234
    gottaGAME 1234

    I wish i was older so i could get acrylics😂 sos if i spelt "acrylics" wrong :/

  • Jerred Scott
    Jerred Scott

    You have to get the long nail

  • Jet’s Life
    Jet’s Life

    I am loving the chupa chupa nails while watching this video i was actually putting confetty on my nails dont judge me i was bored

  • Kaylee Vlogs
    Kaylee Vlogs

    Everything has end Fri*end* Boyfri*end* Girlfri*end* Everything but family Family has I love you

  • Bailey Rodd
    Bailey Rodd

    I would have to toothbrush nails The day before I go to the dentist

  • Spoder Man
    Spoder Man

    You talk to much

  • Pink fluffy cats Gaming
    Pink fluffy cats Gaming

    Get de long nails

  • The Kitten Gacha Gamer
    The Kitten Gacha Gamer

    Azzy: become's all fancey bc of raycan earbud's

  • Sadia Jahan Mahira
    Sadia Jahan Mahira

    These nails will look great at your hand azzy..

  • Saniyah's Stars
    Saniyah's Stars

    I look at the likes and there is literally 15 thousand likes and when I look at the views and the is 1000000029293938399229 views omg

  • Divine Myth
    Divine Myth

    6:49 that's the japanese food takoyaki..

  • Piper Mauldin
    Piper Mauldin

    Are you Kylie Jenner's twin

  • Giogies Roque
    Giogies Roque

    The nails the was the longest said Say 2 love

  • Shanelle Lawrence
    Shanelle Lawrence

    When is your next video

  • Katelyn Alcala
    Katelyn Alcala

    They’re making tick-tock’s about you

  • Hilario Banuelos
    Hilario Banuelos

    My sister did my nails and few years and my nails hurts and I fell like it’s bleeding 🩸 LOL 😝

    • yes

      Kaydin Arthur if you don’t like the story, don’t comment about it.

    • Kaydin Arthur
      Kaydin Arthur


  • Angelina Lopez
    Angelina Lopez

    Ill help you accomplish your goal of earning 1 million likes to get those nails

  • Jennifer Matuka
    Jennifer Matuka

    Me when they make coffin dance nails Me doing the coffin dance

  • Chelle B
    Chelle B

    Do your next video on bts

  • Jason DeLancey
    Jason DeLancey

    Can I please have them

  • Līva Milča
    Līva Milča

    When she said snails i was like 🐌?

  • Krystal Shade
    Krystal Shade


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