Weird Ways to SNEAK FOOD into CLASS !
Weird Ways to SNEAK FOOD into CLASS !
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Hello Citizens of Azzyland.... I'm Azzy and welcome to another amazing reaction video! Today we are reacting to Weird Ways to SNEAK FOOD into CLASS !


  • Makayla Prieto
    Makayla Prieto

    It was not three it was more then three

  • queen gameplayz
    queen gameplayz

    troom troom: red head it hungry blond head see's red head pull out a pen with a mc donels restraunt on the end Me: ........HOW THE HECK AM I GOING TO GET THAT

  • Jannelly'scakeup

    Toom toom

  • The Bffforlife
    The Bffforlife

    I brang sweets to school before

  • Just Jasmin 34
    Just Jasmin 34

    1+1=2 not 1+1=3

  • Mila Kitajima
    Mila Kitajima

    Yes. All the poor people like me who have allergies. SAVE LIVES AND DON'T BRING STUFF PEOPLE AT YOUR SCHOOL/WORK ARE ALLERGIC TO!!!

  • jaquell rudolph
    jaquell rudolph

    I like your makeup azzy you look cute

  • Heidi JR
    Heidi JR


  • Heidi JR
    Heidi JR

    Super cool

  • Reshma uddin
    Reshma uddin

    1+1=2 not three 😂

  • Heidi Kirwan
    Heidi Kirwan

    troom troom the worst

  • Rodrigo Cesar Carrillo Arana Jabilio Franka
    Rodrigo Cesar Carrillo Arana Jabilio Franka

    Jus,t watch the video dont react your not the beast youtuber that making video your a clickbaiter

  • Friends vs Besties
    Friends vs Besties

    My teacher lets me eat when ever I want I just ASK her

  • taymeister

    My teacher gives us a snack break during class

  • LOWNDES Girl9
    LOWNDES Girl9

    You should make a video with Prestonplayz and Briannaplayz

  • waffle eating ghost
    waffle eating ghost

    Does Canada not have purple glue sticks? Me NeEd AnSwErS!

  • Delina Lee-Pow
    Delina Lee-Pow

    A-Z let me tell you you should watch so much funny things like SpongeBob SpongeBob is a funny thing but like you could really make good videos like you're really good at making videos and everything but that one where you doing funny challenges are like really funny that was like a long time ago I think but that was so funny

  • Pavel Shcherbinskii
    Pavel Shcherbinskii

    Ana what is to 2+2 aaaaaaaa am I was eating my book

  • Jennifer Garrett
    Jennifer Garrett


  • lotrpotterhead

    In my middle school, my drama teacher actually ENCOURAGED us to eat in class

  • Catherine Hay
    Catherine Hay

    You totally can’t see the flat bread or the bro h is this a joke

  • _cookies .forever.gacha_
    _cookies .forever.gacha_

    No no no you got it all wrong. The girl with blonde hair is called blondie

  • Shivani Desai
    Shivani Desai

    Why r u even watching these troom trooms videos .. the use if head makes me sick

  • Lil Pineapple ;3
    Lil Pineapple ;3

    I'm my school We can eat in class I thought other people too

  • kawaiimarshmallowkittenAJ

    At my school I've seen people eat snacks in class by putting their bookbag on their lap, and keeping whatever the food is in inside their bookbag, and they'll sneak their snacks into their mouth. So far, none of my teachers have noticed anyone in my classes doing this.

  • Omar Gilmore
    Omar Gilmore

    1+1 is 2 or did you say it was 3 on purpose

  • Melissa Williams
    Melissa Williams

    I know a hack. Just clean out a glue stick and shove star bursts into it.

  • Melissa Williams
    Melissa Williams

    My friend at school eats paper, he swallows it...😑😑😑

  • Alan Scully
    Alan Scully

    1+1=2 2+2=4 4+4=8😉

  • Shiraz E
    Shiraz E


  • Eliana Angers
    Eliana Angers

    I think troop troop is cool. Why not you? But I do think that naming someone redhead is weird

    • Eliana Angers
      Eliana Angers

      I think troop troop is cool. Why not you? But I do think that naming someone redhead is weird

  • Heather Moodley
    Heather Moodley

    i have brown hair there for call me brown head

  • Mango Mango
    Mango Mango

    That’s what you actually call people with red hair... Red heads. I get called that a lot cuz my hair is red. So yeah. It actually a thing 😅

  • Camille Siliado
    Camille Siliado

    She has tattoos

  • Jānis Jaunslavietis
    Jānis Jaunslavietis

    She is like my sister!!!😈😈🤣🤣🤦‍♀️

  • Izabel Hudak
    Izabel Hudak

    Why not use a lifsaver

  • #CleverFox

    wait do people actually not have purple glue normally

  • People Hai
    People Hai

    Azzy lokey looks like eleven with her scrunchie 😂

  • Katherine Gilchrest
    Katherine Gilchrest

    But I like your IT-my videos better❤️💕

  • Katherine Gilchrest
    Katherine Gilchrest

    I watch troom troom all the time and I like it

  • Alakhe Njamela
    Alakhe Njamela

    I think the icing lace is for wedding cakes

  • Seaweed_Brain 117
    Seaweed_Brain 117

    “Nope doesn’t look like a calculator” Here at Azzyland, we are brutally honest

  • Jeanne Pierce
    Jeanne Pierce

    Yum paper yum yum!

  • Sabrina Foerster
    Sabrina Foerster

    Or just hide your food during class ensued of wasting food🙄

  • Sabrina Foerster
    Sabrina Foerster

    Ewww but like maybe

  • Christine Pittman
    Christine Pittman

    Azzy: 1+1=3 Me:1+1=2 NOT 3!

  • Papie Hlahane
    Papie Hlahane

    I actually put candy in my glue stick and lick it in class while the teacher is out

  • beach_ ghost
    beach_ ghost

    Nobody: Absolutely Nobody: Troom Troom: LeTs PUt HoT GlUe On CANdY!!

  • Ferhard Naude
    Ferhard Naude

    Is that airpods

  • Willow Decker
    Willow Decker

    Hi azzy

  • Willow Decker
    Willow Decker

    I did

  • Maiya Sanhueza
    Maiya Sanhueza

    I actually staple my hand accidents once

  • Shatiqua Easterling
    Shatiqua Easterling

    How do u school at school azzy how

  • Siena Novela
    Siena Novela

    Azzy I don’t know how to break it to you but purple glustics exist and are very common

  • Jakiya Murray
    Jakiya Murray

    Kids bring Mac n cheese from KFC

  • Apple unicorn 360
    Apple unicorn 360

    Your vids make me happier than anyone in the world 🌍❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ I love ur vids Assy

  • Franki Veverka
    Franki Veverka

    after that day she got diabetes

  • Unicorn MJ Palec
    Unicorn MJ Palec

    XD Azzy some of my friends do the sharperner thing 😂 If the sharperner is clear then they just put decorative tape on it and then I'm like "......" "You aren't supposed to be sneaking food in class while the teacher is discussing!" And they are like "?!..." "Whatever Imma just keep eating" Then I just stay quiet XD

  • Michelle De Jesus
    Michelle De Jesus


  • recklesracoon

    watching troom ugh troom is literaly torter sorry if i spelt all of it wrong like if i did

  • Anna Xheart
    Anna Xheart

    2:48 azzy? What happened to ur ear?

    • PattyDay


  • Yanela Vilche Garcia
    Yanela Vilche Garcia

    like this

  • Amelia Bedelia
    Amelia Bedelia

    The part where they ate glue reminded me of the time my friend put smooshed starbursts in a glue stick and was eating it in class and the teacher asked why she was eating glue.

  • Lili Cortez
    Lili Cortez

    Why did Azzy said 1+1=3

  • rhen acal
    rhen acal

    well we ate paper when we are hungry cu'z a paper is made out of wood

  • Romel Bohol
    Romel Bohol


  • Romel Bohol
    Romel Bohol


  • Cloudy Cat
    Cloudy Cat

    4:11 1+1 it’s not three it is 11 Me when she said 1+1 is three : bruh you better get that out of here

  • pastel chan loves tord
    pastel chan loves tord

    They are bad at hacks. I bet they buy 2 of each school splise

  • Jordyn Lopez
    Jordyn Lopez

    Blonde hair girl name is blondey

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