Welcome To The Bubble - Episode #06
Matisse Thybulle
#WelcomeToTheBubble Episode 6, featuring an epic cornhole battle. Enjoy! ✌🏽
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  • Matisse Thybulle
    Matisse Thybulle

    Just posted a little episode teaser on my IG

    • Maty in Thailand
      Maty in Thailand

      I wanna hang out with Russel, dun no why

    • Sue

      Matisse Thybulle who's the tall handsome guy at 7:36

    • El_cooper On YouTube
      El_cooper On YouTube

      Is he going to continue yt after the bubble

    • Elçinur Topal
      Elçinur Topal

      MALCOM X tişörtü giymeniz çok hoş 🙃🙃🙃

    • Elçinur Topal
      Elçinur Topal

      Videolarınız gayet güzel ama tek sorun Türkçe altyazı olmaması lütfen Türkçe altyazı ekler misiniz 🙏 teşekkür ederim ☺️

  • Deidre Green
    Deidre Green


  • Van Essa
    Van Essa

    These Mickey Mouse waffles....for these NBA players....LOL! I want some too! lol!

  • Krystal Banner
    Krystal Banner

    Awesome job rookie

  • Angelie Ortega
    Angelie Ortega


  • fun gaming
    fun gaming

    thank you for these candid moments..people dont get to see the light side of the nba players.

  • Bri P
    Bri P

    EB better not trade away or let Furkan walk away from philly..😡😡 hes one of the last in home picks we cultivated and he's shown offensive prowess increasing year after year. I know he may be a defensive liability here and there, regardless, the man deserves to ball and be recognized for earnin his stay on the hardwood during key possessions. #TTP #215

  • Chillfunrepeat

    Drop those likes y’all this straight 🔥

  • jacob james
    jacob james

    Tobias Is j cole if he went to the nba

  • Simon Fertig
    Simon Fertig

    love the way you talk about the ongoing problems and how you wanna make a change

  • Kevin Valdez
    Kevin Valdez

    Thybulle’s quest 🤔

  • Corrado Scire
    Corrado Scire

    That barbershop makes this way too similar to nba 2k

  • Mike Krzyzewski
    Mike Krzyzewski

    He never explained how he got back into his room without his magi band

  • Jacob Juhasz
    Jacob Juhasz

    Anyone know what those white shoes hes wearing are??

  • João Lacorte
    João Lacorte

    Raul the best brazilian in the league🇧🇷

  • Agnon Arenas
    Agnon Arenas

    What shoe is he wearing in the beginning of the video?

  • KayronzOG

    Inspiring talk from Furkan.

  • Twenk 521
    Twenk 521

    These videos are really like pushing me to become an athlete It's fun😂

  • CallMePrestelle

    “I play for Memphis and Orlando today.” 😂

  • Baptiste Dfr
    Baptiste Dfr

    What’s the name of his white nike shoes please ?

  • Beyli

    6:49 Love all the funny parts of vlogging. This included. Tobias: The vlog does not want to see this. Matisse: Well good thing I edit it. Me: 😂😂😂

  • Vissia 1
    Vissia 1

    Furkan Korkmaz you are The KING man much respect

  • Jumbo Kevin
    Jumbo Kevin

    Why aren't Simmons and Embiid in these BLM talks?

  • Amir Sadeghi
    Amir Sadeghi

    How come Embiid and Ben Simmons are never in these lol Where they at

  • Ramirez Loste
    Ramirez Loste

    tobias really do be j cole tho. they got the same look, they both woke as fuck, they sound the same. they the same dude. you ever seen both of them in the same room?

  • Stephen Sosa
    Stephen Sosa

    0:35 boi look like he came straight out the womb 😂😂😂

  • Barry McCockener
    Barry McCockener

    Would think nba players would be good at cornhole...strait cheeks. I’d kachow these guys in some cornhole lol.

  • Asbjørn Friis
    Asbjørn Friis

    7:07 Russ needs to be more in his videos

  • Alexander Ebert
    Alexander Ebert

    The conversation that took place second half of this episode is so important. Would love for it to be its own stand alone video that can be shared

  • bollocksnlilies

    when kyle started yelling ahahaha I died. Brodie is on the ep too! thank you for the content tisse! Great editing skills too

  • antonio ricci
    antonio ricci

    Kyle and tobias....wow

  • Travelling Bartu
    Travelling Bartu

    Bro as a Turkish guy i love your series and Furkan and what he said is how i feel.

  • day 6
    day 6

    Furkann 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷

  • sam amm88
    sam amm88

    Educate yourselves...look up these percentages 13% and 50%+... do some research!!!!!

  • Carlos Avila
    Carlos Avila

    man wtf there’s a girl next to westbrook, is she part of the team staff or how she is there? (not disrespect)

    • Alyssa G
      Alyssa G

      That’s his wife, and they started allowing family members in the bubble

    • The Brodie
      The Brodie

      I think that's nina westbrook(his wife). Not quite sure though, you can look up her ig to confirm

    • K T
      K T

      Carlos Avila I’m wondering too why is she there

    • mesi h
      mesi h

      I was literally thinking the same

  • Kimberly Mancillas
    Kimberly Mancillas

    They have a barber shop now!? They aren’t living in the bubble anymore they’re living in the neighborhood 😭😭

  • Ryan Williams
    Ryan Williams

    Low key one of the best ones yet, like seeing the interaction between the other teams

  • ImProx

    I’m not going to lie. I watched the first episode of these vlogs and I haven’t stopped watching them. These are hilarious keep it up!! 💯

  • JF

    Wish Tobias was still on the pistons, such a great guy.

  • sam amm88
    sam amm88


  • sam amm88
    sam amm88


  • sam amm88
    sam amm88

    13%-50+% if you're educated you know what those numbers mean. But nobody wants to talk about that..smh.

  • sam amm88
    sam amm88

    I agree, they should educate themselves...then they would see that BLM is a lie, and whites are killed by police at higher rates then blacks... and dont talk to me about percentages cause I've got facts about that too.

  • Andas Brown
    Andas Brown

    Russ is one of the most misunderstood athletes. People got to realize you don't know anyone just from watching someone on TV.

  • Brad Lackey
    Brad Lackey

    he love showing the wristbands

  • Ben Henderson
    Ben Henderson

    Damn seeing Russ made me imagine how it would look like if he was in a 76ers jersey 🤔 💭

  • Kaden Randle
    Kaden Randle

    4:43 is that Russes wife

  • AgentEran

    This reminds me of trades shows!!

  • Jose Raul Masonsong
    Jose Raul Masonsong

    2:58 can you see how he was just holding and hanging by the ceiling?? 😂 By the way, nice vlogs.. subbed!

  • melisande balleste
    melisande balleste

    ❤️ the conversations part.

  • Random Cat
    Random Cat

    Matisse Thybulle is the GOAT for posting these videos


    This is great content.


    Tobias is legit the friend you need to have.

  • Boberty Roberty
    Boberty Roberty

    Did you get your play button

  • WeedSunsets

    Russel kills me every time I see him 😂😂😂 that pop up barbershop is so Disney 😂

  • Everyday Drew
    Everyday Drew

    Where are those BLM bracelets from?

  • Brennon Wade
    Brennon Wade

    Love the education part. The media goes for the weakest link. But for how long are we gonna have to "bring awareness". What is the next step for change bc it is not awareness

  • Reese Hudson
    Reese Hudson

    Where can I get those bracelets ?

  • Erin McDonagh
    Erin McDonagh

    What but how did you get back into your room?

  • Thomas Eck
    Thomas Eck

    Is the hotel only nba and only in the whole hotel ?

  • Harlem World
    Harlem World

    Tobias Harris a real one.

  • Lucas Toñanez Morínigo
    Lucas Toñanez Morínigo

    Alguién que pueda traducir al español lo veo me gusta y no entiendo lo que dicen 😂

  • Nle Domm
    Nle Domm

    who here after Ben Simmons got injured😖

  • Hot Star
    Hot Star

    This video was able to do what no other video has been able to do - show Westbrook as a chilled, joking, nice and likeable dude (rather than the constant serious, intense persona).

  • Megan Selvadurai
    Megan Selvadurai

    "Yeah, I play for Memphis and Orlando today." lmao Tobias 😂

  • thekid6467

    The legit got a 2k barbershop

  • 007

    Why don’t we ever see ben and joel in these very important meetings

  • Kyle Jackson
    Kyle Jackson


  • Granola Bars
    Granola Bars

    It's crazy how these are still so interesting and dynamic even at episode 6. The conversations the 6ers are having right now are very interesting, important, and honestly are starting to turn me into a fan of these individuals as people

  • Jesse Miller
    Jesse Miller

    nba players rlly act like taking a knee is doing shit for the black community

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