What’s Up With That Peloton Commercial?
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It’s the commercial that launched 1,000 memes. Exercise bike maker Peleton released a holiday commercial showing a husband gifting his thin wife with the bicycle. The internet has reacted swiftly and they are not happy with the mesaage they say the ad implies. “Message received: Ladies, exercise harder/be thinner for your man and then thank him for it,” one user wrote. Perhaps the most popular parody is from a comedian who decides a divorce is the perfect response to the present.

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    • Chris Stephenson
      Chris Stephenson

      Peleton should remake this commercial and have Azan from 90 day fiancé, giving it to 240lb Nicole.

    • Caribbean Bound
      Caribbean Bound

      In all reality almost nobody is offended but the news only reports on the few that's our and makes it look like everyone is offended. No news story here.

    • Amrith Dev
      Amrith Dev

      Who asked for this

    • Billy Yonet
      Billy Yonet

      Padraig Murphy - aaaw, wow, I’m busted 😢 All good homey, thanks for being the Lone Ranger

    • Padraig Murphy
      Padraig Murphy

      @Billy Yonet the person I said that to was saying it was a conservative thing. My point entire point was that it's not politics so way to catch on. The real cringey thing here is you because I've seen you comment about 5 or 6 different times here and everytime you say the video is cringey. THAT'S cringey.

  • ansh arora
    ansh arora

    "You want me to be healthy? How dare you?" *Eating a cheeseburger*

  • Yese 30
    Yese 30

    If he was giving it to his fat wife wouldn't that acctully be offensive??? The ad Is realistic and just fine

  • Semaj Hollin
    Semaj Hollin

    My mom is crazy thin but she works out as a way to cope with her stress of her raising five kids on her own.

  • LA Cyclist
    LA Cyclist

    I don't see the problem at all with that commercial? Guy buys his wife a Peloton exercise bicycle. Soooooo? I wish someone would buy me a Peloton--I would love them forever! Everyone should own an indoor or outdoor exercise bicycle.

  • TheRayGunActivist

    If anything I just thought it was cringe

  • nvbasedlad _
    nvbasedlad _

    This used to pop up all the time when I was watching Naruto. It was annoying back then but I had to come visit it again for old time's sake.

  • Leon pedro
    Leon pedro

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  • GorcStew

    What is worse is that people took the time to respond to this, when they could've been working out on their Peloton instead.

  • l Esposito
    l Esposito

    I would think that she asked for it. Most people wouldn't give that gift unless it's asked for...

  • Captain Ahab
    Captain Ahab

    If you work out regularly you dont find this offensive. my wife is dying for me to buy her a peleton

  • B Bustin
    B Bustin

    My girlfriend didn’t like the way she looked with the weight gain. So is it wrong to buy her a bike ?

  • B Bustin
    B Bustin

    Lol. All you need is a pandemic and shut the gyms to change that around. Health is more important

  • Vinita Rodrigues
    Vinita Rodrigues

    My boyfriend got me a knife for my birthday. I cook. I really loved a particular brand of chefs knife but thought it was too expensive. He knew I wanted it. He got it for me. To someone else it might seem weird.

  • Aaron Morris
    Aaron Morris

    They'd rather people be obese and die from COVID-19 instead.

  • David Carbee
    David Carbee

    Or she's a former cyclist in rehabilitation and it's been years and she's finally overcoming that fear of getting back on a bike.

  • furioushazaa

    Well this didn't age well based on their stock price..

  • Mr Lariata
    Mr Lariata

    The women in the parody actually could shed a few pounds.

  • Chandi Patah
    Chandi Patah


  • bustr

    Who in the hell pays that close attention to a damned commercial?

    • Aaron Morris
      Aaron Morris

      Triggered liberals.

  • Michelle Dax
    Michelle Dax

    Too much emphasis on outward appearances and not enough on overall wellness. It would be offensive the woman was overweight.

  • Ella Matheis
    Ella Matheis

    Two words: Muscle gain

  • Marcus-Aerilius Maximus
    Marcus-Aerilius Maximus

    Psychotic husband forces already skin thin wife to lose weight......

  • Carson Dodd
    Carson Dodd

    People don't understand how discipline routine and physical activity can improve and prolong life. Its not just about dropping a few lbs.

  • Scooter Agnew
    Scooter Agnew

    The sensitivity and phony "outrage" in this country is deliberate and is, by design, destroying America.

  • Lex likes Minecraft
    Lex likes Minecraft

    The first time I watched this i searches up “sexist peleton ad” and I thought it was the wrong ad because I didn’t see anything wrong with it.

  • Liza Jay
    Liza Jay

    I don't feel like the husband buying her the bike was weird. Some of the scripting after that was bazar, maybe be better making her super excited rather then nervous...

  • Jimbabwae Slice
    Jimbabwae Slice

    This is everything that is wrong with this country. Mine as well hand out participation trophies and give urself a sticker with a gold star while ur at it

  • Saira Ali
    Saira Ali

    Watching this during the pandemic with my new Peloton bike like 👁👄👁

  • peri

    idk how people see it, but since she wasnt overweight before and thin after it doesn't look offensive to me. she thanks her husband at the end so to me it just looks like she wanted to a good exercise bike and that she thanks her husband for a good Christmas gift. i guess its a difference in the way man and women think.

  • nah

    girl: is healthy and exercises the media: THIS COMMERCIAL IS FAT SHAMING

  • Franco Moreno
    Franco Moreno

    America, that place where people thinks exercise only works to lose weight.

  • Elizabeth Figueroa
    Elizabeth Figueroa

    Lol this commercial is so bad, not for any like social reasons just the acting, like why is she terrified and look like she is about to go skydiving? She looks exactly the same, so how did it change your life? 🤦‍♀️ Ya horrible execution

  • Tuney

    So .... exercising is sexist now? I fail to comprehend that

  • Matt Lemley
    Matt Lemley

    Selfie videos smh

  • Snow Flake
    Snow Flake

    Hyper sensitive idiots

  • Savage Garcia78
    Savage Garcia78

    I got a peloton bike and I love it, FYI it's my 2nd peloton bike 💪👍

  • idontknowspanish

    Breaking news: People hate commercial where woman enjoys exercising

  • Randomfully Wonderful
    Randomfully Wonderful

    This ad is saying if you're not as beautiful and young as this woman, and if you're not married with a kid, then you is bad, it's racist against black women!

  • Rj Rosee
    Rj Rosee

    Maybe it's something she REALLY WANTED. Like me I really want that because I'm an exercise health nut, would love to have one of those too.... Wish I did have one lmao. Some people JUST LOVE EXERCISING. Its a life style, not just about "losing weight" Its ENJOYABLE. Me, like others, other female and males, love exercising... And there's nothing wrong with that. Someone gift me it, I'll gladly thank my boyfriend if he got me one😂 would be stoked to get one. I have an old manual treadmill at home😂 works though(: but for people to get mad.... C'mon now, unbelievable lmao

  • TheWolfdoctor

    Sleeping with the Enemy Or Stepford Wives ?

  • arie

    one time my moms peloton was so loud that I thought she was yelling at her peloton turns out it was the woman on the screen

  • vicky wen
    vicky wen

    People get offended over everything. How bout focus on yourself and try to be happier instead of starting controversies over nothing

  • Isaias Serrano
    Isaias Serrano

    This is why people get offended over everything nowadays.

  • Rustin Stardust
    Rustin Stardust

    Exercise is for more than just "being skinny." It's also for things like, oh I don't know...being *healthy*

  • Tanner Knaggs
    Tanner Knaggs

    Maybe she wanted it and then he got it for her??

  • Ali

    Nothing wrong with taking care of your health or your loved ones supporting you in achieving that. Tell me I’m wrong!

  • Nigel 900
    Nigel 900

    Well, I’m not “offended”, but her daughter should be, considering she’s been made irrelevant by mommy and her new toys.

  • Cooper

    I think the lady asked for one but I’m not sure

  • Laughing Dog
    Laughing Dog

    not offensive

  • Blade Runner
    Blade Runner

    Who cares?

  • Sancho O'Dell
    Sancho O'Dell

    The *Cold Cold Cold Packed Faced* won't leave anything alone will they? They see a health slender white christian heterosexual married woman then they decide to attack her for keeping fit, healthy and happy. It never surprises me any more what the *Cold Cold Cold Packed Faced Left* will do! But I'll say this to them... *GET ON YOUR BIKE!*

  • Lizzy D
    Lizzy D

    Maybe she likes biking so he got her a stationary bike she could use year round and when it’s raining?

  • CaptCrewSocks

    Around here bikes like these turn into a places to hang cloths.

  • Sergio Burgos
    Sergio Burgos

    6 months later, the husband; who’s laughing now.

  • Nes cat
    Nes cat

    "Ladies, exercise harder/be thinner for your man and then thank him for it" is that what women think when men buy something for them?

  • jodog31

    Wow this is what qualifies for outrage in America now? You know, some people actually want to improve themselves before they become obese whales.

  • Hanzo Hasahi
    Hanzo Hasahi

    I don’t understand how people got offended by this

    • Jack Sofalot
      Jack Sofalot

      It’s much better than all those “in these uncertain times” COVID commercials

  • jian the aware
    jian the aware

    The most weirdest thing is that the guy was Markiplier but doesn't sound or seem like him

  • No TV Cinema
    No TV Cinema

    If someone bought me that, I would think it was because they thought I need to lose weight. It's almost as bad as buying your wife a vacuum cleaner for her birthday.

  • Freddan2565

    imagine this: u like excersising and u say to ur man: "hey woulnt it be nice that we wouldnt have to go to the gym to gym" and then u get this bike surprised cause its good quality. that was what the ppl that created the ad thought

  • Rise Of The Machine
    Rise Of The Machine

    When I first saw the commercial I can only remember loving how they used that epic Tal Bachman '90s song "She's So High"

  • Martha Garcia
    Martha Garcia

    It all boils down to a bad actresss. Her face, when she's about to start excercising, is that of disgusted and unmotivated person! If I was the producer of this commercial, I would fire her immediately!

  • Wheat Eater
    Wheat Eater


  • Servant Of Jesus
    Servant Of Jesus

    I really like this commercial. We need more like this.

  • George Washington
    George Washington

    It wasn’t about her being fat! Just staying in shape! My husband got me a stationary bike and I love it. I’m thin but I like to exercise to stay in shape and keep my heart healthy.

  • Nater K
    Nater K

    The most obese and most easily offended country in the world gets offended about a commercial for exercising. And the award for most surprising revelation goes to: Someone else

  • Mikaela Schelling
    Mikaela Schelling

    this is literally ridiculous dude. she CLEARY wanted it and was happy

  • Oren Hartstein
    Oren Hartstein

    The fact that anyone cares about this is a sign that society just sucks

  • Daniel Boakes
    Daniel Boakes

    I don't see how this commercial was received so badly her husband was just trying to be nice and bought her a $2,000 exercise bike.

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