What a fight! Sergey Kovalev v Anthony Yarde official highlights
BT Sport Boxing
Sergey Kovalev and Anthony Yarde put on a show in Russia as they competed for the WBO light-heavyweight title.
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  • K A Nesiah
    K A Nesiah

    Yarde wasted all his energy throwing haymakers.

  • John Eddy
    John Eddy

    Yarde can take a shot

  • Rabal Miah
    Rabal Miah

    Yarde = 😯 Kovalev = 😐

  • Snake Plisskin
    Snake Plisskin

    Yarde needs a world class trainer not a idiot

  • Assassins Creed Valhalla hype
    Assassins Creed Valhalla hype

    Kovalev was underrated, quality

  • TheMrEpicsounds

    Yarde needs to lose that bulk, it's taking too much oxygen and limits his speed/mobility

  • santosh gurung
    santosh gurung

    Yarde's finished.

  • Michael Dooley
    Michael Dooley

    Kovalev's punches sound like howitzers when he connects!

  • Ahmad Salehi
    Ahmad Salehi

    In the twilight of his career Kovalev put a great performance in his hometown against a young and hungry fighter i am very happy for him

  • TheMedia.isTheVirus

    Got knock out from a jab

  • Joseph Lee
    Joseph Lee

    Yarde our up a good effort, in the 8th he nearly had kovalev out of there, and all the credit he deserves to pass up on the money Canelo’s camp offered to let Canelo fight kovalev first. He’s a true fighter and took his opportunity for a title

  • M4Boxer805

    Kovalev had like 10 weeks to recover from this fight before they fed him to Canelo. Plus the rehydration clause, it’s no wonder he was weary of Canelo counters and fought from range. Too bad he was caught clean. He was a fun champ in his prime.

    • Brian Ticas
      Brian Ticas

      2012-2016 he was a beast

  • Zacattack

    Yarde, a foul mouthed , angry stereotypical melanin supremacist, came face to face with an honest fighter . Yarde i have followed for a while , in his interviews he doesn’t half come across as a “supremacist” in his own immunity from criticism. It’s a bloody shame Kov staged an entertaining yet “moneyed” fight against Canelo. I hope Real boxing returns soon. Spelling ok 👌

    • Zacattack

      NDS 11 , cheers man

    • NDS 11
      NDS 11


  • Khaos969

    Yarde definitely softened up Kovalev for Canelo

  • BrownBomber92181

    Hey fans, notice the massive difference between Kovalev's body in this fight compared to the Canelo fight in November. It was shocking how skinny and drained he looked against Canelo, he had a bird chest instead of a well defined chest he had against Yarde, and his arms were much skinnier. Remember when Duva said they couldn't discuss the details about the rehydration clause? That's because Canelo made them sign a NDA, barring them from talking about it. I really think he had to get on a scale at the arena before the fight, that's y he looked so emaciated and was gassed after 6 rounds of a very leisurely paced fight.

  • Riaz Uddin
    Riaz Uddin

    If Yarde had better conditioning he could have won this fight but not being busy enough, having a light schedule and not fighting the best available opponents let Yarde down here. If he's serious, he should be fighting 3 or 4 times a year for another world title shot.

  • Rxiny

    3:35 for a split second the whole world thought Yarde would finish Kovalev

  • Der Mexikaner
    Der Mexikaner

    I wonder why Kovalev didn't fight like this against Canelo?? I guess he got paid pretty good 🤣🤣🤣.

  • Richieray04

    That 8th round was a bad thing for Yarde He punched himself out... Kovs jab is crazy though.

  • spurs6661

    Yarde lost every round apart from one but great effort apparently 🙄

    • Bb370

      Well yeah obviously a great effort. It was a big step up in opposition the first name he’d fought. Big risk almost payed off

  • Arkanite600 wilko
    Arkanite600 wilko

    kovalev is my hero what a great man always relaxed always doing hea best I'm Mexican and I hate the fhighf against Canelo it was unfair different altitude and canelo Is nice but i think was a bad fight only kovalev is 300 better than canelo being honest

  • Vin Abrahams
    Vin Abrahams

    Both have amazing chins...Yarde would have done even better if his fitness was up!


    No way the kovalev vs canelo was legit ... Compare both fights

  • Renz Sharp
    Renz Sharp

    If thats the kovalev who fought canelo I think Canelo would be KOd.. I remembered what kovalev said after canelo fight: "I know from the start that I have mo chance to win. Cant get to that weight. Grind amd grind every day. Lack of time to prepare. I take that fight because of the money" Canelo = lucky trash

  • Larry Frederick Padla
    Larry Frederick Padla

    I don't why many says Kovalev vs Canelo was fixed but in this fight Kovalev fought same way against Canelo but Yarde isn't as good as Canelo

  • Shang Tsung
    Shang Tsung

    I lost all respect for Kovalev after Canelo. Not because he lost but because he took that fight just for a big payday with the mindset that he was going to lose anyway due to the minimum amount of training. Way to ruin your career and get knocked out by a middleweight. Kovalev looked like he was sparring during that fight. 🤦‍♂️

  • Игорь Воскобойник
    Игорь Воскобойник

    Я из Украины ,но Серёга молодчага такое выдержать и победить ,ему надо уходить наслаждался жизнью

  • L I
    L I

    Terrific fight.

  • anthony jones
    anthony jones

    Anthony needs to spend more time in U.s. sparring an picking minds of different fighters

  • Annoyed Orange
    Annoyed Orange

    8:03 Ring announcer: "And NEW!! Super...Mid-" **Brain.exe has stopped working.** **Restarting program...** "SERGEY 'KRUSHEEERR' KOVALEV!"

    • SwiftlessYT Vlogs
      SwiftlessYT Vlogs


  • jake rebite
    jake rebite

    canelo kovalev fixed fight,, an error in boxing history #pacmay #pacbrad1 #pacHorn

  • Rik Stone
    Rik Stone

    Strange, Canelo, a lesser puncher than Yarde, put him in similar trouble and Kovalev was unable to come back from it. Kovalev is one of my greats, but it still makes me wonder.

  • Craig Dobbin
    Craig Dobbin

    Empty the tank......... Unless it's 11,12 but far to soon that was his downfall, pace yourself

  • Edward Meyer
    Edward Meyer

    "But Anthony Yarde for me can certainly take something from this." Yer... a loss.

  • SuperJasonluck

    Could of beat a near the end of his career Kovalev if he had not been feed dummies throughout his career.

  • Sam Harris
    Sam Harris

    Yarde the false Mayweather will never be a world champion if he stays with that African witch doctor who trained him using a juju spell book.

  • R

    Yarde put in a very good performance despite clearly being slightly intimidated. Almost beat him........but Kovalev showed what champions are made of. Respect to both.

  • John Doyle
    John Doyle

    Lions in the camp. How much did yarde pay that joker to say that.

  • luis domingo feliz urbaez
    luis domingo feliz urbaez


  • Mr Ace
    Mr Ace

    Another British hype job out classed.

  • Osans

    Me habría gustado ver esos golpes sólidos de Kovalev frente a Canelo.

  • Jack Wilson
    Jack Wilson

    Something in the water in Russia

  • Nicks Conan
    Nicks Conan

    Putin has made Yarde a rich man 👀

  • gerardo navarro trujillo
    gerardo navarro trujillo

    le falto mucho tacto al referi porque el otro boxeador se mantenia de pie pero ya estyaqba noqueado, creo que kovalev no quiso lastimarlo mas...

  • Chris 2020
    Chris 2020

    Too much muscle mass, same issue aj has gets gassed in 5 rounds

  • Sean Scanlon
    Sean Scanlon

    Yarde should have finished Kovalev really.

  • Illyrian4life

    would like to see Yarde vs Pascal

  • FDR Gaming
    FDR Gaming

    Fixed fight vs. Canelo

  • Phillip Moore
    Phillip Moore


  • Gary Gibson
    Gary Gibson

    Kovalev lost alot of peoples respect after that piss poor fight thrown against canelo. Was like watching mayweather and tenshin


    Very well fixed TKO HAHAHA best sucker punch of the century.

  • NightsPhenom712

    Yarde and Canelo would be an interesting matchup

  • test cch
    test cch

    I like Yarde but there's levels. When he had Kovalev hurt he's shots were wild and uncontrolled but when Kovalev had him hurt he's shots were measured and controlled. They didn't help Yarde with feeding him weak competition after weak competition

  • Triumph ova Tragedy
    Triumph ova Tragedy

    All came down to conditioning

  • BringerOfTheTruth

    All the americans are trying to duplicate that james toney style..and they cant..they just eat huge amount of leather as a result. Its not as simple as just dropping your left hand.

  • thurman murman
    thurman murman

    steroids.. nobody gets a second wind like that without roids

  • Jamie

    Iced off a jab

  • TURBO MAN 94
    TURBO MAN 94

    Love Kovalevs boxing style

  • ||Barcamessiful Productions||
    ||Barcamessiful Productions||

    Upload the full fight!

  • George Koroneos
    George Koroneos

    Yes that was yards big mistake he permit , let covalet to grab him the critical moment when everything was lost & by doing it he denied his chance to bring him down ...

  • George Koroneos
    George Koroneos

    Yards puts a very good fight especially on round 8th he actually had him it was a moment that I thought that the champion was ready to go down but yards lost his only chance there gave time to him by grabbing him therefore find a split of a . second to balance himself & somehow to recovered & there after yards was a lost opportunity he took terrible beating until he fail to the ground & unable to continuing the fight any longer .

  • Jk957

    This is a best match I have seen in a while.

  • Saul Guzman
    Saul Guzman

    Ni la sombra de este kovelev peleó contra canelo

  • Paul Blackman
    Paul Blackman

    Yarde had a good 15 seconds against an old fighter who'd seen better days. He should have took the step aside money and got bashed by Canelo later. He might then, have made enough to retire. Now it's back WBO international titles or he'll pray a world title becomes vacant?

  • Stewart Telford
    Stewart Telford

    Kova on the juice for this fight

  • Дима Коваль
    Дима Коваль

    Серёга молдчага, очень талантливый 👍👊💪

  • paddy mcginty
    paddy mcginty

    What heart yarde has


    He ain’t no yaard man. He nah have gun fam.

  • Tommi Car
    Tommi Car

    I would love to see Anthony Yarde vs Canelo

  • Gareth Hancock
    Gareth Hancock

    Yards secret weapon is lions in the camp

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