What a fight! Sergey Kovalev v Anthony Yarde official highlights
BT Sport Boxing
Sergey Kovalev and Anthony Yarde put on a show in Russia as they competed for the WBO light-heavyweight title.
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  • Matthew Stephens
    Matthew Stephens

    Talk about 'would've been stopped anywhere else.' 3:48 would've sealed it in anywhere but Russia. Perhaps wrongly of course - but still.

  • Jose Guerrido
    Jose Guerrido

    This guy is going to end canelo's career

  • T 1
    T 1

    yarde trying to win on the outside vs a longer opponent he needed to maybe take a gander at the ward kovalev and get to that 36 year old body but kovalev dominated on the outside

  • Ricardo Martinez martinez
    Ricardo Martinez martinez

    CANELO #1

  • Responsitrilitrance Quiltrilitrance
    Responsitrilitrance Quiltrilitrance

    Kovalev will ko Canelo

  • Leonel Rodriguez
    Leonel Rodriguez

    I believe Canelo is going to win this coming fight. I wish good luck for both fighters!!

  • Angel Maldonado
    Angel Maldonado

    Drago about to go down against Canelo.

  • jaquaime battie
    jaquaime battie

    This fight wasn’t that exciting honestly

  • UK Brit100
    UK Brit100

    Good fight. Not sure Canelo will let him off the hook like that if he catches him though 😏

    • George Bamete Jr
      George Bamete Jr

      I was sure Canelo would beat his past opponents but Kovalev Mann.. . He's not only big but also extremely talented and a smart boxer.

  • Juan Carlos Vaccanio
    Juan Carlos Vaccanio

    En pesos más grandes veo un futuro favorable para boxeadores ucranianos y rusos .No son muy vistosos pero pegan y se la aguantan

  • aseh sek
    aseh sek

    118-110 for CANELO 😂

  • Aibek Ramazanov
    Aibek Ramazanov

    Кавалев и Канело

  • Valerio Di Pietro
    Valerio Di Pietro

    Great performance by Kovalev. He overplayed Yarde's aggressive approach with strategy and experience. Yarde did well and did not make things easy for Kovalev

    • 2112sgb

      Less weight training and more cardio for Yarde going forward I hope.

  • Robert Hockett
    Robert Hockett

    Better with each viewing. Krusher is truly one of the greatest all around talents in the sport. Altogether superb fighter.

  • GalaxyZ

    No way I see Canelo wining this. Kovalevs a master at distance control and Canelos shorter. Canelo was getting touched up in both fights by Golovkings jab and Kovalevs is faster and more powerful . I got Krusher by late round TKO.

    • Daniel Garza
      Daniel Garza

      GalaxyZ Canelo wins it’s all rigged

  • ababil riders
    ababil riders

    Badan doang besar tapi lembek...😂

  • Freezehell

    That jab is the example that every late KO comes from fatigue lol

    • Flexb123

      huh? Not all late KOs come from fatigue. Some sure, not ALL.

  • Panthers23

    too much counterpunching. needs to lead with the jab more and throw the straight right in more often.

  • J R
    J R

    What weight is Canelroid and Kovalev fighting in?

    • Lamont Holden
      Lamont Holden

      How is kovalev fighting again so soon?

  • Honey Antono
    Honey Antono

    Yarde need more variations of stright punch (shoot). The lost of yarde is so valuable experience to him & trainer team. Yarde still big potent to next elite competisions.

  • lo mejor de YouTube
    lo mejor de YouTube

    Like si estás acá por el canelo

  • Daniel Betjjo
    Daniel Betjjo

    Yarde should be a heavyweight

  • John Pliusnin
    John Pliusnin

    Yeaaah, good performance. I am from this meteorite city Chelyabinsk.

  • Othee Death
    Othee Death

    Kovalev - whups canelo

  • JAVY 1980
    JAVY 1980

    i hope he krush canelo.from a mexican who hates corruption.period.

  • Aaron Collar
    Aaron Collar

    Very intense! Fantastic fight👊🏻

  • Arturo Rodriguez
    Arturo Rodriguez

    They will drain koval and canela will have all the Mexican steroid meat

    • aseh sek
      aseh sek

      @Maynard Acosta true.

    • Maynard Acosta
      Maynard Acosta

      I believe this is at 175 lb not a catchweight


    Let’s be honest washed up or not he still would of beaten buatsi that night. He had more than enough experience and know how to of got the victory

  • Joseph Hayes
    Joseph Hayes

    Russia’s own Calzaghe Lacy moment

  • Joseph Hayes
    Joseph Hayes

    Barry Jones literally predicted the end result in round 2... knows exactly what he’s talking about

  • Samuel Tubbritt
    Samuel Tubbritt

    Massive learning fight for Yarde, great heart with that effort but Kov used his experience well. As well as fatigue it didn’t help that Yarde didn’t really have his feet planted either when he took that shot.. hopefully Tunde picks these little things up and he gets Yarde back wiser and grabs another title shot

  • Código Publicidad & Mercadeo
    Código Publicidad & Mercadeo

    Canelito y su equipo están subestimando a Kovalev. Aguas porque les puede salir el tiro por la culata.

  • kuldip dhuna
    kuldip dhuna

    Koed by exhaustion 🤣

  • Nzarama

    Muscles dont fight ,another proof. Never be scared of a person with muscles 👇😆

    • Austin

      ecko so a person with alot of bench press has speed and power because they have muscle? Dumbass

    • LouAngel Cerda
      LouAngel Cerda

      That's right,a good example is Ruiz Jr vs Joshua

    • ecko

      muscles produce explosive power and speed, but take up alot of oxygen

  • byron elenica
    byron elenica

    Yarde had true grit. This was proper boxing.

  • Reynaldo Valenzuela
    Reynaldo Valenzuela

    Ese es el viejito que va pelear con canelo?

  • Jill Conner
    Jill Conner

    Man great fight by both guys!

  • Eric M
    Eric M

    Why he didnt want to take the other belt?

  • dallaskyd

    Yarde was so sloppy trying to finish kovalev. Canelo would not miss if he hurts kovalev. Canelo has a good chance in knocking out kovalev. We all know he has tremendous power and a strong chin.

    • Angelo Jones
      Angelo Jones

      This whole weight jump will play a big role, kovalev is natural at his weight, canelo gon be too swole.

    • nisic predrag
      nisic predrag

      kovalev ko canelito ,easy fight

  • Sir Pita Lot
    Sir Pita Lot

    This guy looks like a sloppy fighter Canelo will smoke him

    • JonnR Ragga
      JonnR Ragga

      He's past his prime

  • A R
    A R

    Yup Canelo destroys Kovalev

  • Frank Lamas
    Frank Lamas

    What a cherry pick of a fight is goin to be for canelo...

  • Car Car
    Car Car

    Canelo saw this and said he's next.... Wow.. Canelo will win, anyone's fight... but KOV is older and well i dont think Canelo can get tired in their fight.. It will be so different... crazy upset if Canelo does win.. truly possible

    • Rue U
      Rue U

      Canelo has a chance. I know Kov is bigger. Though that body is hella weak and thats Canelos bread and butter. In the round where Yarde almost took Kovalev out. He had like 3 good shots to the body...that kovalev visibly put his hands to defend the body....then for some reason Yarde just completely started trying to target his chin...like if hasnt been clearly exhibited that Kovalev's chin is fairly good but his body is the weakest already. Even in like the 3rd round or so after a body shot he turns around and tries to gey an extra breather. Like was no body paying attention

  • Cz

    Soy mexicano una pelea dura pal canelo..? Vamos canelo tu puedes

    • Carlos Villalobos
      Carlos Villalobos

      No digas mamadas,,,claro que va a ganar el panochas del canelo,,ya tiene todo arreglado

  • Luis Hernandez
    Luis Hernandez

    Canelo speed cardio and counter punching will beat this guy.

  • Alejandro Pelayo
    Alejandro Pelayo

    I got Canelo i feel like he's going to make easy work of Kovalev.

  • T .Marshall
    T .Marshall

    Conditioning is a mf!!

  • Death Note
    Death Note

    Anthony yarde very stupide boxer no technique no cardio no expérience

  • trendshunter

    Prepárate Canela...está viejo pero te la va a dar....

  • JustinNightWolf

    Kovalev is going to trash canelo🤣🤣🤣🤣


    El negro perdió porque su boxeo es "ESTILO MAMÓN"

  • bagofboom

    What the hell?! How'd I miss this fight?!?! Gonna have to track down the full fight.... Anyway, the old man took it to the young contender & emerged victorious. Nicely done by Sergey. If nothing else it proved one simple thing; Yarde needs experience. The deep water is no place for him yet. Great highlights of what I imagine was a great fight!!

  • Julián Zak
    Julián Zak

    The kovalev-canelo fight is at 175 or catchweight?

    • purpleninja_69

      Julián Zak CONFIRMED 175 press conference this week

    • Ricky Alfaro
      Ricky Alfaro


    • Platinum Dimes
      Platinum Dimes

      Mis wevos

  • Alvaro Madrigal
    Alvaro Madrigal

    Canelo would destroy this guy easily

  • Fernando Nar
    Fernando Nar

    Arriva Kovalev tu puedes contra el Canelo

  • Fernando Nar
    Fernando Nar

    Que feliz me siento viendo este video!

  • adrian marshall
    adrian marshall

    Wtf was so great about this fight?? It was one sided as one sided could ever be save 1 bleedin round! #Clickbait.

  • rubu pussang
    rubu pussang

    Another example of overrated British boxers, apart from eight round Kovalev schooled Yarde, another example of hype job getting exposed

    • nghunghunyani maluleke
      nghunghunyani maluleke

      Dubois is a beast.

    • Daniel Betjjo
      Daniel Betjjo

      Yarde could be a heavyweight he’s to big. Kovalev never really hurt him.

    • Hugo Pimentel
      Hugo Pimentel

      Agree, now theres only one left, Daniel Dubois

  • El tejano De nuevo Leon
    El tejano De nuevo Leon

    Oscar y canela ya lo compraron es un fraude esa pelea

  • jose acevedo
    jose acevedo

    Ya valió verga el canelo D:


    Canelo Alvarez will sleep him

  • Cookie Monsta
    Cookie Monsta

    I'm basically here because of Canelo

  • Ivy uR
    Ivy uR

    *Canelo is going to knock out kovalev no doubt a bout it ._.*

    • Kevin Luna
      Kevin Luna

      Mr. Bungle i really hope canelo loses but like i said kovalev though not stopped he was visibly hurt when het got hit in the body but we’ll see cheers lad

    • Mr. Bungle
      Mr. Bungle

      Kevin Luna Yeah because he’s lost so many fights being hit in the stomach? He was actually cheated in the Ward fight, And he’s been hit by big strong men Canelo will be a blown up fat boy. I can’t wait to see Kovalev land a body shot on the short fat boy

    • Kevin Luna
      Kevin Luna

      Ivy uR I really dont like canelo but I think your right especially the way he digs at the body thats kovalev’s kryptonite

    • Mr. Bungle
      Mr. Bungle

      Actually Kovalev is gonna knockout the BLOWN UP Tamale ginger little man!

    • Juan Ramirez
      Juan Ramirez

      @Platinum Dimes And your serious that's what makes it even more funnier 😂

  • M Gonzalez
    M Gonzalez

    Canelo will be way too fast.

  • Theresa Edgar
    Theresa Edgar

    Kovalez vs Canelo is going to be one hell of a fight. My family keeps saying Canelo for the win obviously but at the same time they don't even know Kovalev. I just smile 😊 and say it isn't going to be a walk in the park for Canelo. But will be a good fight. Good luck to both of these great fighters.

  • dex cap
    dex cap


  • Armando Mm
    Armando Mm

    He’s fighting canelo

  • Jerry Phillips
    Jerry Phillips

    Yarde has been watching too many Money Mayweather fights. The big man needs to work on keeping his hands up and defense overall as he was getting tagged. He stood right in front of the guy and got beat up.

  • LION KING! 739422
    LION KING! 739422

    Was that the Bruce Lee one inch punch!

  • j.d. thompson
    j.d. thompson

    It took 3 replays to see that final punch, I can imagine how Yarde felt. The invisible hammer!.

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