What a toxic friend looks like
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  • Erik Toland
    Erik Toland

    As an Erik I am very offended

    • Braydon Beaudin
      Braydon Beaudin

      WONHO IS FKN BACK But still go to jail Han seo hee it’s still the same

    • Braydon Beaudin
      Braydon Beaudin

      I’m sorry Erik

    • Jack Orr
      Jack Orr

      Well I’m sorry

    • Vlog. Com
      Vlog. Com

      Killian you were here before 3.7k lol

    • St.Claire


  • Therussianman


  • Doctor Corgi
    Doctor Corgi

    Bro you got a zip tie on your shoe?

  • Gabriel Razvan
    Gabriel Razvan

    I like the dog 😂😂

  • Strahinja Simic
    Strahinja Simic

    5:07 soooooooooo nobody is looking at dream george and sapnap

  • Lima Akum
    Lima Akum

    Toxic friends huh forget toxic i dont even have friends:(

  • Arianna Foreman
    Arianna Foreman

    Yooo Swoozie must be the hugest gentleman of a guy if he has this many girls hanging around him

  • Emari Jacoway
    Emari Jacoway

    Is it bad every time I watch this video, I have to legitimately ask myself if I am a toxic friend? I hope not...

  • Wolf


  • B. Fabre
    B. Fabre

    Strike two was kinda iffy. If you hanging out with three females why wouldn't you invite him if you knew he was feeling one of them. Then tell them not to text him back. Sound like you wanted to be the center of attention. But the rest of the examples were toxic tho

  • ernesto urtusuaztegui
    ernesto urtusuaztegui

    Come to Green Valley Arizona go to the Walmart and then I'll tell you what to do to that Eric and I

  • Kenny I guess
    Kenny I guess

    Eric Cartman?

  • Bolt boy
    Bolt boy

    Dude this a awesome please more of this

  • DD Whaley
    DD Whaley

    Yo Swoozie A real one, The actions Erick be doing suck people into Toxic Romances too!! He out here protecting LIKE A BOSS!!!

  • Blazing Beetle
    Blazing Beetle

    This exacly happend to me for like most my life

  • Ben Farmer
    Ben Farmer

    This is so tru

  • Katherine Dzioba
    Katherine Dzioba

    My sister actually dealt with a toxic friend who sided with the person and made her feel so terrible, and I felt so bad for her at the time because I couldn't understand what she was going through with it. She's moved past it now, but that was a dark time in her school year.

  • Jack Orr
    Jack Orr

    I like how the dog is just viben 5:48

  • Janne Riihinen
    Janne Riihinen

    Jesus Christ...

  • Ffion Samuel
    Ffion Samuel

    Who else paused on the movies and cracked up laughing 😂👌 DETAILLLLLL

  • Cameron Arnold
    Cameron Arnold

    Its my brother and this fat gamer kid named owen who brags about being rich and hugging a girl at hooters

  • Shona Mcmillan
    Shona Mcmillan

    Blezz jah mah

  • Shona Mcmillan
    Shona Mcmillan


  • Honvono

    I had a group of friends who were all wrapped around an Erik kind of guy. It's honestly hard to be in a friend group when they all wanna defend the toxic friend.

  • Chocolate cereal Jazmin
    Chocolate cereal Jazmin

    My mother’s kinda toxic according to my brother when they were fighting and me and my other brother were just watching.

    • Jolene Zheng
      Jolene Zheng

      HAHAHHA dont we all

  • Eseercam

    Eric sounds like a Narcissist

  • Norma Sparks
    Norma Sparks

    Me Realizing my sister is Toxic

  • Esa the Trooper
    Esa the Trooper


  • Lee'Sha Henry
    Lee'Sha Henry

    God bless!💜

  • Eric Davis
    Eric Davis

    Bro this guy got my name and hair color this kinda scary ;-;

  • lucas hogervorst
    lucas hogervorst

    Fresh as fuck outfit

  • spoiler attack
    spoiler attack

    I should've see this earlier

  • Aakayla Sheppard
    Aakayla Sheppard

    Omg you picked the most random scenarios like the car keys thing and yelling to stop you sure you're not toxic?😅

    • Aakayla Sheppard
      Aakayla Sheppard

      ⬜I don't got a squad/ group of friends⬜

  • Malou Pastolero
    Malou Pastolero

    Fun fact: Toxic friends even people are like hidden villains, at outside, they're like angels but inside, they're devils ready to tempt everybody just for fame and attention, so fucking worst, dude! 😤👎

  • jhoan Arcila
    jhoan Arcila

    “He has spoken.”

  • Kidclaw11438

    I was the toxic one and lost my friends dropped the shit and now we are all cool

  • Yahoo cares The_Adventure_time_ttk
    Yahoo cares The_Adventure_time_ttk

    Don’t kidnap puppy’s what will I eat

  • Grim Reaper 埮
    Grim Reaper 埮

    New IT-my channel so you won't know this account but I watched every video 😂

  • GamingWithKenshi

    We need a part 2 to this

  • Loop Pooper
    Loop Pooper

    The boy is a bad movie tho


    Love the Mandalorian references

  • Lukman Hassan
    Lukman Hassan

    At 1:27 it ain't completely right. I've had to cut off an entire group of friends cuz they were toxic. They apologized about five years later, so it ended well. 🙂

  • jacinda walborn
    jacinda walborn

    I have *S P O K E N*

  • Doggie de DOGE
    Doggie de DOGE

    Swoozie, your animation has evolved so much! You went from semi-decently drawn hand-drawn pictures that don’t move, to this masterpiece! If I could, I would create a second account and subscribe AGAIN. Thank you for the entertainment!

  • Woohoohoo

    So no one's gonna talk about Dream, George, and sapnap in the background at 5:07?

    • Woohoohoo

      @TheInvertedMind Oh Baaaad

    • TheInvertedMind

      Oh sappy nappy..

    • Woohoohoo


    • KRPTIC X
      KRPTIC X

      Oh Drrrrreeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmm

    • TheInvertedMind

      OMG YEAH!

  • Khalil Gardner
    Khalil Gardner

    I love how he fell off the ladder and actually put a bandage on his head 😂😂😂

  • Mone Elise
    Mone Elise

    Sometimes I don’t know if I’m the toxic one or if other people are

    • Mone Elise
      Mone Elise

      But I honestly just think I was the Omar in the situation

  • Ilianna Serrano
    Ilianna Serrano

    Yoswooze is gonna bring the Inner beast out ❤️ ur amazing!

  • Sketchress

    Be toxic just makes everyone miserable, so just be friendly.

  • Ebenholzt Tatze
    Ebenholzt Tatze

    んらな からかちりりん はなそのにみき すらちとかいし くにも "You totally fucking roasted him"

  • SammySosa ‘-‘
    SammySosa ‘-‘

    I had this I had a friend who would be in my group act nice to me then be a jerk then nice I used to live in a big neighborhood where ppl were rich and we had less money and he called us the low life’s or under dogs of the neighborhood and the when I was chillin with him playin soccer we were gettin ready and we were just in the pool and I had my shirt off and he got annoyed and said stop sucking in and flexing and stuff when I wasn’t and I beat him in soccer so then he called me names the he blames me for stuff thanks Swoozie for helping me

  • Sebastian Granado
    Sebastian Granado

    I built a toxic friend group and it broke in one day

  • Willy G Rags
    Willy G Rags

    Only clicked bc you have the worst fit I’ve ever seen. (That’s a toxic friend)

  • Joel Michael Croes
    Joel Michael Croes

    Even if i make someone cry, which has happened🤷🏾‍♂️ sorry not sorry, i have no problem confronting toxic people in my life face to face and then cutting then off. Which is why i only have two friends, they keep it real, i respect that🤙🏾


    Toxicfortnite noobs

  • Anime Tits
    Anime Tits

    Swoozie please don't tell me that you're simping for the female Cuphead bosses.

  • Anime Tits
    Anime Tits

    Swoozie, EVERYONE knows the mermaid from Cuphead is fine AF. You ain't gotta hide it

  • Lovro Kovačić
    Lovro Kovačić

    Swoozie is a real ladies man and a pimp some people want to be like you 💯% so yeah

  • Theoppedrubberduck

    Bruh the swooze has spoken

  • KittyanimatesX

    My biggest fear: I'm the toxic friend

  • Erick Vann
    Erick Vann

    My name is Eric but it’s different so I let it slide

  • Muna Ez
    Muna Ez

    Who realised that mandalorian edit ‘i have spoken’

  • Rock girl
    Rock girl

    I love that Swoozie has genuine female friends and it’s not weird

  • Magali Ramos Arellano
    Magali Ramos Arellano


  • Eric Posadas
    Eric Posadas

    Man my name is Eric and I'm slightly hurt but true Toxic people be like this

    • Eric Posadas
      Eric Posadas

      @Rock girl Yeah had a toxic person wreck my friend group but we good now

    • Rock girl
      Rock girl

      1.8k toxic friends hhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm?

  • Emerald Soda
    Emerald Soda

    Someone on my game saying my friend is bad and is bullying them: Me: I will rip you limb from limb Me getting closer:I will put your limbs in a garbage bad along with your body Me even closer:I will stuff you In my trash can, wait till garbage day, and wave goodbye to you while smiling Me backing all the way up watching them shiver and pale: please leave the game

  • strxlightArt _
    strxlightArt _

    this happens to me. I've learned. *eVerY BoDy STOP*

  • Cal Thamma
    Cal Thamma

    I tried being the toxic friend and ngl it was pretty easy

  • Gabriel Goliath
    Gabriel Goliath


  • Nosakhare Iyamu
    Nosakhare Iyamu

    Damn, you are so good with the animationsssss arrghh

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