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Hello Citizens of Azzyland.... I'm Azzy and welcome to another amazing reaction video! Today we are reacting to WHAT COULD GO WRONG ... ?
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    Connie Paterson


  • FierceAngels

    Why do you

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    Helen Williams

    This is how much people love Azzy I I V I knew it was only one my life feels like azzy

  • Lin German
    Lin German

    I want to know what could go wrong

  • Kyra Sansom
    Kyra Sansom

    I'm the taco eating champion

  • Pretty Gal123
    Pretty Gal123

    Made me smile! Thanks Azzy!

  • best friends for life queen mak
    best friends for life queen mak

    How much people would like to meet ace

  • William Leonard
    William Leonard

    A-Z did you know that squirrel got in my school

  • carmine digenova
    carmine digenova

    we have goats and your the best

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    Linda Nesling


  • Katelyn Morris
    Katelyn Morris

    This proves my theory once again. Cats are a liquid.

  • Mary Mitchell
    Mary Mitchell

    I want to meet azzy

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    Jodie Valentine

    OMG THIS IS MY FIRST COMENT I LOVE YOU SOOOO MUCH!!!!! tell gloom i said hi!!!! love you!!!!! azzy and what is your real name

  • AngiePlayz

    1:28 the game is called spoon. You need to keep passing the cards down till u get 4 in the same group (like 4 kings) once u do then I need to grab an item in the middle. Once one person grabs an item then it’s a free for all for the rest of the players. It’s kinda like musical chairs cause there will always be one less so one person won’t get an item. The person who dosent get an item is out. RIP my fingers UwU

  • Mr Turtle
    Mr Turtle

    Yes I'll go run Lizzie

    • Mr Turtle
      Mr Turtle

      Yes Lizzie it will go wrong

  • Mia Garcia
    Mia Garcia

    That little baby🐱🐱🐱black and white🐱 look like my cat

  • Billy Gorham
    Billy Gorham

    This is how much people love azzy 👇🏻

  • Grzegorz Cagowski
    Grzegorz Cagowski

    4:33 That happend to me when i Was at A sleep-away camp😂😂😂😚

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    Natalie Collins

    Roses are red Violets are blue If you think Azzy is pretty Give a like too

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    Bts Park jimin

    I can’t trust anyone or anything anymore..😳😳😳

  • Amanda Jiang
    Amanda Jiang

    Talking about kayaking I went to camp sasamat with my friends and my friend fell of in the lake and it was the funniest thing ever 😂

  • Leandrie Van Vuuren
    Leandrie Van Vuuren

    Hahahaha 🤣🤣🤣

  • Millie’s world 08
    Millie’s world 08

    4:59 internal organs leave the chat

  • Zobo

    So I’ve actually been stuck down a drain for a night so what happened was I was riding past a drain and I like to ride on the gutter so it’s smooth and then I was on my scooter got stuck down there so then I went in after it because I was coming back from the shops and then I tried screaming but it was at night so then I have an idiot neighbour and she was like oh my god just be quiet she didn’t even get the cops or anything It was the worst experience of my life!

    • Scott Minor
      Scott Minor


  • Amandeep Singh
    Amandeep Singh

    Ggygjgcfgvhgvh t to the top two people to the left to cooper to the second floor to the

  • Abygale Veirs
    Abygale Veirs

    Love u azssy

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    Roblox Gamer


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    ray castillo

    I love you azzyland

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    Stephen Long

    1:28 It’s the game called spoon

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    Lisa Perschky

    How many people wood like to me azzy 👇

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      Lisa Perschky

      Please like if you agree !

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    Alez Games

    I LOVE your vids!!!!!!!

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    Jayde Olsen

    The waking ladder won did the guy say get in the car now because if I where him I would flipping run to the car!

  • Ella Beazley
    Ella Beazley

    Ö :))3(:

  • Madison Caruth
    Madison Caruth

    When she said homie this was my face 😟

  • Kaitlyn Janssen
    Kaitlyn Janssen

    The girl at 2:14 her shirt said “ducks,” but she forgot to😂

  • Erika Vollmer
    Erika Vollmer

    Haha I just watched the video of you licking your nose before this video

  • Camila Fuentes
    Camila Fuentes

    R.i.p E.n.e S. a T. c e

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    Super zabawki.☺

    Hey azzy to be honest you DON’T have any subscribers why? Beacause i sub from my 10million 100 thousand acunts no need to thank me:)

  • Diamond_K123 Diamond_F456
    Diamond_K123 Diamond_F456

    I have not flipped a kiyac

  • Just a Human
    Just a Human

    Once I tried to get granola bars out of my cupboard and I accidentally knocked over a glass thing of maple syrup and it fell and shattered and there was syrup EVERYONE and shards of glass that got stuck to the ground.

  • Jrane Kent Dela Cruz
    Jrane Kent Dela Cruz

    Azzy add me in messeger jranekent

  • Purple Harmony
    Purple Harmony

    4:25 I used to do this with my dad lol

  • Hollie Cole
    Hollie Cole

    I went kayaking at school camp I fell out in the middle of da lake in lake Ainsworth

  • Alaya Davis
    Alaya Davis


  • Erick Razo
    Erick Razo

    Like if Azzy is the best

  • meowmeowcat Sleepy
    meowmeowcat Sleepy


  • meowmeowcat Sleepy
    meowmeowcat Sleepy


  • Erick Razo
    Erick Razo

    Like if Azzy is the best

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    meowmeowcat Sleepy

    😁😗😗😗😗😗 AZZY! Subscribe to my IT-my channel!

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      meowmeowcat Sleepy

      Well I am the IT-my so I just answered it myself

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      meowmeowcat Sleepy


  • Rafia Islam
    Rafia Islam

    Yah alote cold wrong😏

  • Alissa Chadwick
    Alissa Chadwick

    Azzy reaction to all vids I saw that coming or what could go wrong lol

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    Chapin. Cast

    Why she have 1,6k👎🏼

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    Chelsea Attwood

    Hey Xdxgndshalkjhggfdaasdfghjkllkjjhhgifdosasdifgoghokokolokkojohogfodosoa

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    1:00 2:00 3:00 4:00 5:00 6:00 7:00 8:00 9:00 #Azzyland

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    Keeley Davies

    Hi 👋

  • Olivia Avis
    Olivia Avis

    Who plays roblox ???????

  • Kaden

    My mom gave me a pain killer cuz I broke my arm and she said it might make me feel high. It did. This video was hilarious

  • phantomwolfy TYW
    phantomwolfy TYW

    (◍•ᴗ•◍)❤ Azzy i loves u💓💓👍🏼

  • Kilee Relyea
    Kilee Relyea

    I almost died while my brother puck the trendmeal of high speed

  • Allanah Bell
    Allanah Bell

    I’ve flipped in a kayak before

  • Angel Aviles
    Angel Aviles

    I got stiches from my glass table and on my forhead

  • Ryan 626
    Ryan 626

    I have to do a good day at home I have to do a good day at home I have to do a good day at home I have to do a good day at home I have to do a good day at home I have to do a good day at home I have to do a good day at home I have to do a good day at home I have to do a good day at home I have to do a good day at home I have to do a good day at home I have to do a good day at home I have to do a good day at home

  • Ryan 626
    Ryan 626


  • Ryan 626
    Ryan 626

    His name has a good home

  • Ian Swarbrick
    Ian Swarbrick

    I lost control of my bike.Did not go well!

  • Carmela Caputo
    Carmela Caputo

    Cat: I’muh push you in there Me: ohhhhhh savifj cat Me inside:😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

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    David Harrington


  • christine cagney
    christine cagney

    It is funny when she puts her face on animales

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