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Hello Citizens of Azzyland.... I'm Azzy and welcome to another amazing reaction video! Today we are reacting to WHAT COULD GO WRONG ... ?
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  • Cathleen Mach
    Cathleen Mach

    Am I the only one getting annoyed by Azzy saying “ What did you think was going to happen?” So many times-

  • Joel Alsaga
    Joel Alsaga

    Stay safe

  • Sonic Anon
    Sonic Anon

    People should stop letting their evil little spawn loose around animals before the animals get hurt

  • Victoria Johnson
    Victoria Johnson

    That’s so funny and satisfying but I but I still feel sad like I’m crying right now but laughing but where do you live even see this this is so funny so funny

  • Amelia Solter
    Amelia Solter

    When a diving board breaks. That's why I hate diving into pools.

  • Edward Cortez
    Edward Cortez

    I love your nails 🦄 Where do a challenge try not to look away 😱😱

  • Matt Wratten
    Matt Wratten

    I’m so sad my guinea pig just died I’m crying😭😭😭😭

  • Boys life
    Boys life

    Lady On A Log Trys To Do A Cartwheel Next Thing Ya Know Is Her Doing A Cartwheel?!!!!!!

  • Boys life
    Boys life

    1... Hard Thing Trying To Get Back In To The Kayak

  • Boys life
    Boys life

    Azzy: I Would Hula Hoop Outside Me:Same!!?!!!

  • slime Queen
    slime Queen

    Not a ciak I did a conoow

  • Chicken gaming
    Chicken gaming


  • Chicken gaming
    Chicken gaming


  • Arturo Rodriguez
    Arturo Rodriguez


  • Michelle Lee
    Michelle Lee

    I wannna meet azzy!

  • Km Satheesan
    Km Satheesan


  • Aspen Garcia
    Aspen Garcia

    Azzy: It's a free bath. Me: Irk but aren't all baths free just not the bath tub?

  • Jigga J
    Jigga J


  • steve t
    steve t

    it broke

  • ever 956
    ever 956

    Omg they on x game mode

  • Lexi Lane
    Lexi Lane

    Fun fact: Cats can fit anywhere their heads can. That is how he do that *in Azzy voice* 😋😈

    • Roblox Lover
      Roblox Lover

      Lexi Lane don’t think that’s the same wi5 my cat lol

  • jose alfredo Toledo
    jose alfredo Toledo


  • t_katora_333 games
    t_katora_333 games


  • Sam's Life
    Sam's Life

    Does anyone know a therapist for Azzy!!!

  • Bence Nagy
    Bence Nagy

    1:44 Why did the cameraman/woman say ,,Philip" so weirdly

  • Lily Miller
    Lily Miller

    My cat loves water

  • Aroni Alam
    Aroni Alam

    It looks really good but it's quite funny peoples

  • Brooke Holloway
    Brooke Holloway

    Cat are not arcade of water it's just the shock of being thrown or droped into a pool of water

  • princess maya
    princess maya


  • anika Victo
    anika Victo

    It,s so funny ahahahhaahahahah(。>‿‿

  • Dope Vegan Yogini
    Dope Vegan Yogini


  • amelia mclaughlin
    amelia mclaughlin


  • Gray Mateo-Harris
    Gray Mateo-Harris


  • Nora Cooper
    Nora Cooper

    6:03 the jump rope broke

  • raquel misenas
    raquel misenas

    I also crashed our chandelier when I throwed my toy 😂😂😂😂😂

  • AlexGalactic

    Love is a dangerous game,Love is a dangerous game,Why do we play it?~~

  • • Høt Frappuccinø •
    • Høt Frappuccinø •

    What could go wrong when you have a friend and a fence? You friend bashes his face on the fence pole and shatters his tooth : ) Yep this happened

  • Raygie Doggie
    Raygie Doggie

    AzzyLand:I LOOOOOVE goats! Me:I TOCHED a goat

  • Gamerpractice60

    What could go wrong everything

  • amber pearce
    amber pearce

    i liked the coment below me

  • Gloria Garza
    Gloria Garza


  • Rakshita Anthony
    Rakshita Anthony

    hi Azzy my name is Rakshita i am a indian girl i am 6 year old and i want to meet you i like your video so much thanks.

  • Damian Bates
    Damian Bates

    Me want azzy

  • Shantelle Mbeleete
    Shantelle Mbeleete


  • Elijah Murry
    Elijah Murry


  • Elijah Murry
    Elijah Murry


  • Elijah Murry
    Elijah Murry


  • Elijah Murry
    Elijah Murry


  • Elijah Murry
    Elijah Murry


  • Aanya Jaiswal
    Aanya Jaiswal

    Azzy : what could go wrong Me : scrolling through the comments laughing

  • Kittycorn Gacha
    Kittycorn Gacha

    2:52 forest Gump !😀

  • Michelle Broaddrick
    Michelle Broaddrick


  • Celia Y
    Celia Y

    I am LIVING for those PASTEL RAINBOW nails Azzy!

  • Bhavya Thakur
    Bhavya Thakur

    When i was small have also sit in the glass tabble and the glass broke

  • OMGBATTLER raps bars
    OMGBATTLER raps bars

    I love. You

  • on Fleek lips with cris
    on Fleek lips with cris

    That's part of the afv

  • ijmerf

    Hi azzy

  • Timothy Wheeler
    Timothy Wheeler


  • Tatiana Hernandez
    Tatiana Hernandez

    Love your videos

  • Sophia Huang
    Sophia Huang

    But in another video she has one of those pull up things

  • Sivana

    My front was changing in front of a closet that wasn’t nailed down and it fell on top of her she got lucky because it fell surrounding her 😂😂😂

  • Yasmeen Alhusaini
    Yasmeen Alhusaini


  • Sirenhead hunter !
    Sirenhead hunter !

    Everyone: pais attention Me : oooooh look at azzy nails

  • Graham Kracker & CO HTX
    Graham Kracker & CO HTX

    Everything on here makes me laugh 😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Maran Basily
    Maran Basily

    love you

  • Keisha Askew
    Keisha Askew

    I'm laughing

  • Alison Curre
    Alison Curre

    The skipping rope fella part and you just said oh he is dumb enough to jump on the trampoline to a horse that’s one of the things you do when you practice war horse hiding riding so yeah be more attentive next time

  • BonBonBlue&NinjaWolf Playz
    BonBonBlue&NinjaWolf Playz

    The second treadmill one kinda looked like my almost step-uncle Hmmmmm🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • Margaret Garza
    Margaret Garza

    You suck azzy

  • Aubree Howell
    Aubree Howell


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