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Hello Citizens of Azzyland.... I'm Azzy and welcome to another amazing reaction video! Today we are reacting to WHAT COULD GO WRONG ... ?
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  • Carter Lewellen
    Carter Lewellen

    us entering 2020 like: WhAt CoUlD gO wRoNg????

  • Manuel Leon
    Manuel Leon

    Triy some of thes

  • l AlienBrain l
    l AlienBrain l

    2:12 that happened to me many times lmao

  • Nevayah Fox
    Nevayah Fox

    I've never in my hole life flipped a ciake

  • Frootloopslimes Slimes
    Frootloopslimes Slimes

    You said the w word and forgot about it and continued with the video like lol

  • Sally Keillor
    Sally Keillor

    I’ve got my leg stuck in a sewer before.

  • Esthera Olar
    Esthera Olar

    The diving board wanted to dive too.

  • Marilyn Reyes
    Marilyn Reyes

    I was in a kayak and it was my first time so when I try it to do alone there is crocodile right behind the kayak I scream loud said heeeeeeeellllp and some one save me to rescue

  • ThxtOneGāmērGīrł

    Most of these are scary- • • • They’re all scary :3

  • Lillian Mckey
    Lillian Mckey

    My cat likes a bath

  • Rimass Alsayd
    Rimass Alsayd

    I rlly wanna seee u in person azzy

  • OnlyGirlsAllowed

    I have NEVER flipped a cyak

  • Ochaco Uraraka
    Ochaco Uraraka

    " "

  • Jenni Maundrell
    Jenni Maundrell

    1:27 That's a candy cane version of a game called throw-throw burrito

  • Soft Mocha
    Soft Mocha

    My brother:telling me how he shattered his tooth Also him:we were all talking I was on the ground Me:what could go wrong? My brother:my friend said they heard someone and he tried to run to his bed and then he ran into a pole and his tooth broke

  • Kate Kane
    Kate Kane

    Once I was on my states and I picked up my dog and a butterfly went on my nose ohhhhhh no


    This was so funny I really enjoy the video

  • Alexander Stenberg
    Alexander Stenberg

    5:16 I got super scared😂😂😦😦

  • Tiffany Brown
    Tiffany Brown

    You never see ok azzy and my best friend got Covina and now she die

  • Caroline Hunter
    Caroline Hunter

    1:28 Azzy: what is this game? Me: I live on this game, normally I play it with spoons, but I guess candy canes work too? I would look it up to see how it’s played, it’s called spoons

  • Lil Duck.
    Lil Duck.

    *person you are fine idiot* mwa

  • Lil Duck.
    Lil Duck.

    *hi* I say

  • SammieKitty

    I love cats

  • Jessie Moya Rodriguez
    Jessie Moya Rodriguez

    👋 hi azzy

  • Team HBH
    Team HBH

    Who be watching this is 2021 happy New Years

  • Ruben Gonzalez
    Ruben Gonzalez

    Goode is the ten on you

  • Mirinda\ Justice YouTube Taylor
    Mirinda\ Justice YouTube Taylor

    O no !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Elise Dragonite
    Elise Dragonite

    He blew the cake Thats why... You hold a cake with 2 hands Or this may happen

  • Michelle Graham
    Michelle Graham


  • Leo Setton
    Leo Setton

    6:56 baby yoda?

  • sunny mitchell
    sunny mitchell

    That one with the ball breaking the glass is my old house and i had my hover bord in the closet and that was my sister i was one year old i am a girl jest so you know

  • catherine bartle
    catherine bartle

    I was on sit on top Kayak really far out at see with my brother with my sister getting dragged along the back when my sister decided it was a good idea to jump on to the kayak and she flipped the whole thing over

  • Erika Beltran
    Erika Beltran


  • Erika Beltran
    Erika Beltran

    Azzy did you know that Jordi is cheating at you

  • Erika Beltran
    Erika Beltran

    Acetileno Yuri es chilena

  • Irena Goga
    Irena Goga

    A e prune picnic

  • Asha Kutscher
    Asha Kutscher

    You no that it will not work

  • Nur Hamid
    Nur Hamid

    I mean you should do a scary video 📸

  • Nur Hamid
    Nur Hamid

    You are scary video 📸

  • Olivia Zapala
    Olivia Zapala

    once I was on a kayak and I flipped it but so it was upside down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rachel Spence
    Rachel Spence


  • Rachel Spence
    Rachel Spence


  • Rachel Spence
    Rachel Spence


  • Rachel Spence
    Rachel Spence

    Mmmmmm hahahahahahahhahahahhahahahhahahahahahahahhahahahahhah

  • Rachel Spence
    Rachel Spence

    Azzyland I'm six years old

  • Rachel Spence
    Rachel Spence


  • Rachel Spence
    Rachel Spence

    Hi ya I have no idea what to do

  • Rachel Spence
    Rachel Spence

    I loved when

  • Rachel Spence
    Rachel Spence

    Hi azzy

  • Reina Nguyen
    Reina Nguyen

    I think because everything is gonna broken you have to look around your surroundings and sometimes if you go like on the sly one it is broken

  • Emily-Louise

    W.T.F L.O.L

  • James Gainey
    James Gainey

    Azzy : don’t mess with goats Me: I have pet goats and I mess with them almost every day

  • Alexis Clayburn
    Alexis Clayburn



    I’m watching this video and I’m in a car and o forgot i was car sick

  • Arnela Hasani
    Arnela Hasani


  • Anya James
    Anya James

    My 1st time being on a kayak it never flipped and it's never flipped since.

  • Anya James
    Anya James

    When I was on my trampoline my neighbor and I and my brother and me were jumping on it and it just collapsed! I was on the side that it collapsed and I fell off it did not hurt though!

  • Frijol pequneño
    Frijol pequneño

    When the girl fell into de,glass table , when you taked you sounded just like,my mom

  • The Wonderful World of Arri & Korra
    The Wonderful World of Arri & Korra

    Cats have a very thin body it's just their fur that makes them look big. (The more you know)

  • Lolo toys Extreme
    Lolo toys Extreme

    My sister has Two cats and one of them likes water

  • four crafty hands
    four crafty hands

    Random Dude: *goes on some spiny thing at park and gets dizzy * Me: WHY WONT I EVER GET DIZZY LIKE THAT!?!? btw I don’t get dizzy at all

  • Teddy Bear :33
    Teddy Bear :33

    6:09 - she doesn’t even has shoes on but her kid does 🤦🏽‍♀️

  • tita lopez
    tita lopez

    You are so funny Lintandfoxy 🤣 😆 😂 😄 🤣 😆 😂

  • Oscar Evans
    Oscar Evans

    i love you

  • Kai Baker
    Kai Baker

    I trust pull up bars and I'm 9

  • Lali and alaric gaming Romero
    Lali and alaric gaming Romero

    I hate goats

  • Juliette Bruno-Diaz
    Juliette Bruno-Diaz

    Mad trust issues

  • Maribel Pinero
    Maribel Pinero

    I was not laughing 🤣😂

  • stephanie en katja pixieglass
    stephanie en katja pixieglass

    the background music i use that to

  • Markel Taylor
    Markel Taylor

    Don't spoek

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