What Do Alien Civilizations Look Like? The Kardashev Scale
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The observable universe is a big place that has been around for more than 13 billion years. Up to two trillion galaxies made up of something like 20,000 billion billion stars surround our home galaxy. In the milky way alone scientists assume there are some 40 billion earth like planets in the habitable zone of their stars. When we look at these numbers it is hard to imagine that there is nobody else out there.

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    • Ashutosh Sharma
      Ashutosh Sharma

      Hey Kurzgesagt, Suggestion for next video: Can we do something about dopamine detox? We're constantly surrounded by the luxuries that weren't even available to kings, all kinds of foods, music, tv, movies, climate controlled housing etc. What are the effects of constantly stimulating our mind and how can we avoid the negative effects?

    • Thy Kingdom Come
      Thy Kingdom Come

      Yeah but God Created the Heavens and the Earth

    • Rockwell webb
      Rockwell webb

      You're oversimplified for science

    • Cristina Cotoranu
      Cristina Cotoranu

      Hi :) I loved your t-shirts, I got the wormhole and the duck&friends (my mom also loved the duck one :D ). I really, _really_ liked the wormy aliens (around 10:30 ?) - I'd love to see them again - maybe some merch too? They're really funny! Thank you!

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      Craig the Brute

      We need to make a kurzgesagt RTS

  • John Gabriel Ebora
    John Gabriel Ebora

    What would humans say when they reached omega and it said: *0.001% COMPLETE*

  • John Gabriel Ebora
    John Gabriel Ebora

    what if there is a being that controlled the whole universe? Nah, it would get outranked by a thing that controlled the multiverse


    Before looking for our best friends or worst enemies You mean Zerg and Protoss?

  • Xnorey YT
    Xnorey YT

    *NO JUST NOT IN 2020 we had enough*

  • Divyansh Krishnatreya
    Divyansh Krishnatreya

    Wait till this video is recommended after a few thousand years. *If it is like the comment you type 2 humans!*

  • Nas1ne

    What it’s like in low level areas

  • MoreDetonation

    I love how it's easier for some people to say "we were created by a type omega civilization that was bored" than "we were created by a loving, literally divine being."

    • MoreDetonation

      @Pete is never wrong no more crap than the concept of a Type Omega civilization, for which we have no evidence beyond the exact same evidence we would provide for the existence of God.

    • Pete is never wrong
      Pete is never wrong

      I guess both are far fetched, but the "divine being" crap is just that. Crap.

  • Vlql Vlql
    Vlql Vlql

    Why a sjw girly girl muscle man?

  • Jones

    Am i the only one that wants this to be a evolution game?

  • StSubZero

    Another question to consider; for those who believe alien life forms have visited us I offer a test. Do you believe the classic "alien gray" is among the hypothetical intelligent species in the cosmos? I do not and this is why: They're not aliens at all but demonic creatures who parade as aliens. This is why I believe such. I speak not out of dogma but out of personal experience. I had very vivid encounters with them coming into my bedroom and terrorizing me. Nothing physical, strictly psychological, like a demonic attack. The key things I would experience prior to seeing them is no lights working at all in the house at night, and the sensation of dread in the bedroom. They occurred on/off for a long time until a man named Bill made a revelation: Alien grays are demons who pose as Extraterrestrials with the intention to deceive mankind on their place in the universe. The proof is simple enough: Bill during his own encounter prayed out loud "Jesus, please help me" And this caused the normally unstoppable alien abduction experience to immediately stop, with no trace left behind of the entity. Others attested to this. I myself tried it, and in Jesus name the very next time it occurred to me my demonic terrors fled like cowards. Even to this day after this one proclamation, they have never returned. Even the bible states "And I saw three unclean spirits like frogs come out of the mouth of the dragon, and out of the mouth of the beast, and out of the mouth of the false prophet.

  • takemebackhome

    I love how people commenting here like they're not humans themselves.

  • G Wallace
    G Wallace

    Rick C-137 wants to have a chat with you.

  • KingQwertzlbrmpf

    To say that there are likely no type 3 civilisations out there is just plain ignorance. Any type 3 civilisation would be so far outside our possibility of understanding that we wouldn't even be able to tell what might be their spaceships traveling around or what possible traces of their existance would look like.

    • KingQwertzlbrmpf

      @Pete is never wrong Unfortunatly you don't have any facts. We haven't found anything that we could identify as traces of a type 3 civilisation. That is true. However, we can't tell wether our expectations of what we should see from a type 3 civilisation are in any way realistic.

    • Pete is never wrong
      Pete is never wrong

      Facts vs opinions. You have only the latter.

  • Harry S Human
    Harry S Human

    The trend of our civilization advancement will not go that far into the future, it's even hard to see us surviving that long.

  • FrostyBite

    aahah new best friends. We would most likely colonize them, then sell their stuff in our own currency. Because humans are dumb and think very linear.

  • Pooky

    8:51 What if there is no dark matter but a type omega civilization that dwells all galaxies observable from earth (including ours) and has built dyson spheres around the majority of stars, rendering them invisible? Could that explain the anomaly in rotation speed? (Ignoring the fact that that kind of activity would presumably produce other observable effects that wouldn"t go unnoticed, but maybe they have found a way to hide them)

  • Eric Urraco
    Eric Urraco

    So, you're calling it Omega civilization, I calling it God 🤔

  • Wountie

    "We didn't find anybody yet" Microbes on Venus's atmosphere: 🙄😒

  • B.T Hourigan
    B.T Hourigan

    Civilisations in Star Trek are probably around 1.75

  • Undr Grnd
    Undr Grnd

    God was just hungry for some pizza when he made us

  • Anand Anand
    Anand Anand

    whoa now I feel like a microbe

  • Arnoldium

    7:53 boonk gang

  • Alphidius

    I think energy production and consumption is just one part of the equation. There must be a way to fold time otherwise we will never get out of Solar System to anywhere else in the galaxy.

  • GumbaverianX

    Then we can use Enchanted Table Language

  • GumbaverianX

    Imagine seeing Type Omega Civilization Memes

  • Handsome Samson
    Handsome Samson

    I loved the Stellar Engine theme when Sol was on the move. 😍 ➡️☀️ 🎵🎶

  • Rami Elhage
    Rami Elhage

    we use energy from the sun... doesn’t take make us type 2?

  • Hi Hello
    Hi Hello

    If we can imagine that Type Omega civilizations could exist, what's the Type Omega version of that?

  • Felix Essien
    Felix Essien

    thats what area 51 is doing, right??

    • Felix Essien
      Felix Essien

      *the things in the video he talking about, thats what area 51 doing* ???🤔🤔🤔

  • Felix Essien
    Felix Essien

    (humans and ants are the same thing)

  • Felix Essien
    Felix Essien

    humans are ants because we do the same thing as them but different way

  • Drukstylz

    Type 3 can hide from us, or just let us see what it wants us to see.

  • XenoJT_

    So if omega beings exist that means god is real

  • Am ine
    Am ine

    so you believe in type omega civilization but not in God

  • Ghost

    TLDR: We don't know

  • Canem Cave
    Canem Cave

    everything has become female, because otherwise it's not PC enough. This is getting worse and worse, there isn't anything that you can enjoy without being poisoned by wokeness and feminism.

  • NAARO Resistance Agent
    NAARO Resistance Agent

    Its possible we are the first and we are going to be that civilization

  • MrOwnerxD

    Dude this is so wrong. Not a single CIVILISATION is enable to consume and use whole STAR ENERGY. We have no resources to build such structure that consumes whole STAR. That means that they will produce second star with this amount of ENERGY which is ridiculous. Don’t mention about type 3 and 4 types which uses WHOLE GALAXIES ENERGY. So the Universe is too massive to travel around GALAXIES and it will take hundrers of milion years. It’s just ridiculous video . Lol

  • Hear Kheang
    Hear Kheang


  • Carlo Senpai
    Carlo Senpai

    Imagine if there's actually intelligent life forms on the "Earth" like plants we discovered, and they're more advance than us that they created a planet sized hologram that would cover their planet to look like a Dead Habitable planet, or some might hiding inside/underneath their planet.

  • The Default
    The Default

    Videos like this make me question reality.

  • Jordan Tidnam
    Jordan Tidnam

    I watched a documentary on alien life and all that from national geographical channel, and someone spoke about the theory of us being completely alone which wouldn't be good, but then if they are out their they are either alien life we can't imagine in our mind or it could be they are extinct or they've moved or even they aren't extinct but AI on their world has become the new Norm.

  • Pesty Lucas
    Pesty Lucas

    We’re probably THAT planet (Stolen comment)

  • Ayrat Khalikov
    Ayrat Khalikov

    In the year 2525...

  • Gilbert Carrizales
    Gilbert Carrizales

    There is also Type 5, 6 & 7. Type 5: A civilization would be advanced enough to escape their universe of origin and explore the multiverse. Such a civilization would have mastered technology to a point where they could build a custom universe. Once a Type V civilization has achieved this height, they would have to have mastered the physics of different universe and thus almost complete control over all basic parts of nature. Devices such as the monolith would be examples of their technology. Type 6: A civilization exists in the megaverse and is capable of creating and maintaining the fundamental laws of universes and multiverses. They exist in an infinite amount of simultaneously existing multiverses that represent an infinite amount of time-based outcomes and inter-universal laws for every one. They can also be regarded as paraversal as they exist outside or in parallel to the space-time continuum. Type 7: Otherwise known as K7 civilization would travel, transcend and ultimately oversee or ''be'' the Omniverse which is the collection of every single universe, multiverse, megaverse, paraverse, dimension (alternate or pocket) and realm. Everything is in the Omniverse, and there is only one Omniverse. It is likely that such power would come from an individual rather than a civilization, as the civilization would have transcended and merged into a single mind that would encompass all thoughts and all timelines, thus being omnipotent, omnipresent, and omniscient. This is the Creator: a god above all gods, responsible for all of existence, past and future. While this is all theorized, it's still such beautiful scientific possibility to try to comprehend.

    • Santiago Marin
      Santiago Marin

      Wouldn't the type 7 simply be the omega civilization

  • MR. Foxxy
    MR. Foxxy

    Imagine the aliens able to control unimaginable amounts of universes and time

  • Casey Miller
    Casey Miller

    Type Omega? DARKSEID IS!

  • Metal Force
    Metal Force

    "They gave us their mind" In other words. Civilization, bureaucracy and money. Everything that doesnt happen in nature. Open your eyes we are an alien colony unnatural on earth

  • Johnathan Paige
    Johnathan Paige

    Something already made contact with humans and gave us tools and technology dont be blind 😒

  • Alan Smith-Emerson
    Alan Smith-Emerson

    7:56 *Lovecraft ACHIEVED*

  • Alan Smith-Emerson
    Alan Smith-Emerson

    1:15 *GURPS Tech Levels have entered the chat*

  • Alan Smith-Emerson
    Alan Smith-Emerson

    Video: Billion-billion. Math: Sextillion. Incel: _it's free real estate_

  • ZeKraziKitty

    I should not have watched this while high 😰😹

  • Energy Plays
    Energy Plays

    I do not believe in such thing u might say that it is like taking a spoon of water and saying sharks do not exist because there is non in my spoon this saying is complete cow dunk I have seen sharks ,fish’s this does not mean that aliens exist we are the Most civilised people ever in our lives if we believe this stupidity this can become the end of the world or an imbalance in life I believe this very little like a another dimension but time travel definitely not it can end worlds if it gets in the hand of say China India usa

    • Loki Laufeyson
      Loki Laufeyson

      Trillion stars , Even more planets . And you think we are one in a trillion?

  • Noonyx33

    This video is deeply biased, idk how I could’ve given such recommendations. I feel cheated...

  • Sonny

    This video is so loaded with speculative assumptions, but just getting to a type one civilisation is so astronomically improbable, it’s baffling that it happened at all.

  • ReallyBigMistake

    1:12 stellaris ptsd

  • Sonny

    Type Omega... so God-God could exist.

  • GuidoC5

    jajajajaja lame at least.

  • Aibin Joseph
    Aibin Joseph

    What if we are just a simulation made by a kid of type omega civilization just for fun. 😅😅😅, this can explain why we cannot find any other species.

  • Always Tempted
    Always Tempted

    You forgot type -1 through -5

  • Kazuma Watanabe
    Kazuma Watanabe

    Both Zeno watching this video like, “Haha... Let’s play planetary chest with these guys one day too.” 😭


    Mean while the omegas are creating aliens to not get bored

  • Carl Browitt
    Carl Browitt

    They look like us, but are nothing like us

  • Angelo Conde Simone
    Angelo Conde Simone

    "We know that humans are curious, competitive, greedy for resources and expansionist", it's just so wonderful the way anglo-saxon naturalists assume social aspects as "built-in" psychological immutable characteristics. And think of it as competitive advantages...

  • Xelwa

    Is LSD a gift from type 4 civ?

  • qweasdzxcname

    this video just makes me jealous of those who will get to be here when when/if friendly aliens come for a visit.

  • Radoslav Radosavljević
    Radoslav Radosavljević

    Maybe stars ARE type 3 organisms

  • unachukwu odera
    unachukwu odera

    4.3k dislikes? It's kurzgesagt for Christ sakes! How sad is your life?

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