What Happened to "CJ2K" Chris Johnson? (Fastest NFL RB of All Time Had More Than Just Speed)
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    Get 20% OFF + Free Shipping @Manscaped with code FLEMLO20 at → mnscpd.com/FLEMLO Your 🏈🏈 will thank you! Sponsored by Manscaped

    • Najee Morton
      Najee Morton

      Do Tavon Austin

    • themuddygee

      Alex Peterson ...Eric Dickerson is the single season record holder with 2105 yards.

    • travis heppard
      travis heppard

      Do Steve McNair. The 1 yard Superbowl loss. Co MVP. Messy Titans exit. Injuries. Afair. The murder! So much to work with bro. The What Happened Video makes its self!

    • TripleJPlay11

      You should do an Aaron murray vid

    • Ron

      Hey, Flemlo, could you do a story on Mike Vick and Allen Iverson focusing on the similarities of impact each had on their respective sports and that they are only about 5 years apart in age but grew up in the same general area. I’d be curious if they ever crossed paths. No one has ever really researched this topic to my knowledge. Thx and great channel always!

  • Krüde Tube
    Krüde Tube

    Very valid points for making CJ a HOF player. Not being on a great or higher profile team will hurt his chances

  • OnOurOwn Productions
    OnOurOwn Productions

    CJ2K was a beast I saw he play live verse my Jags a couple times best I ever second besides Fred Taylor

  • Ibrahim Smith
    Ibrahim Smith

    I went to college in Nashville around the time he was putting in that work! He is slept on foreal!

  • Justin

    Even if he did pay for murder for hire, who can blame him for doing that?

  • Cody Bennett
    Cody Bennett

    Hear me out here: had he cut the dreads pre-combine, could he have broken the 4.2 barrier?

  • Jp Gunna
    Jp Gunna

    He on the west side of Orlando doin his thing lol

  • Legendary Shadow2346
    Legendary Shadow2346

    1:18 DANGG my boi stay clean even in quarintine


    What ever happened to dawan Landry a saftey for the Baltimore ravens

  • Robert Gonzalez
    Robert Gonzalez

    Please do Jevon Kearse

  • Lawrence Gordon
    Lawrence Gordon

    You should a Vince young

  • RJ Bell
    RJ Bell

    Hey could you do one on former Alabama Safety Vinny Sunseri?

  • Jim Kimpton
    Jim Kimpton

    "Thought dude, who race in the road barefoot, was fast but...." lamo. Had one in my neighborhood, way back! C.j. WAY under respected. He made his 2000yd season look easy.

  • Darius Kelley
    Darius Kelley

    Can you do Matt forte next

  • Tyson Simcik
    Tyson Simcik

    You should convert all your videos into podcasts, so people can listen at work. I think you’d have a lot of success with that.

  • Carter

    U can tell Chris Johnson from Florida from a mile away

  • John Lester
    John Lester

    Should have keep smash and dash would have helped him in the end

  • Jorge Diaz
    Jorge Diaz

    One of my favs all time

  • Greg Kerr
    Greg Kerr

    I watch your videos just for the " QUE THE WAYNNNE" GETS ME HYPE.

  • Jr

    What happened to Jake Delhomme

  • Big Brain244
    Big Brain244

    Flemlo raps is one of my favorite IT-myrs and he deserves May more hype

  • Nicholas Ruiz
    Nicholas Ruiz

    Such good quality content man. Love your videos.

  • Pulsed Legend
    Pulsed Legend

    Can you do a video on jovorskie Lane he holds the record for Texas a&m for rushing touchdowns but is very unknown

  • Mike Milly
    Mike Milly

    It’s probably a mild case of Tourette’s. I have that. It flares up sometimes and then I’ll go for months without it at times

  • Aubrey Cole
    Aubrey Cole

    Its cool seeing his ECU highlights, I was a freshman at ECU in 07 and didnt miss a game. That team was stacked, Dwayne Harris was on that team as well. Good memories!

  • Eric Belinc
    Eric Belinc

    I can tell you this, when it comes to this dudes jerking and surgeries. I’m pretty sure that is what’s causing him to shake his head like that. I just had my third back surgery and since then, when I lay in the bed at night and get comfortable. Either my leg or whole body will jerk, this is due to the nerves around where they did my surgery, it sucks.

  • JamzTea !
    JamzTea !

    You really dont miss do you?🙏🏾 much love my brother

  • Bear Bailey
    Bear Bailey

    Surprised flemlo didn’t bring up Christian McCaffrey when he was speaking on durable running backs. IMO he’s better than Saquon Barkley and Alvin Kamara and is way more durable. He hasn’t even missed a game! The disrespect is real!

  • Soulutions

    As a Tennessee Titans fan, the thought of Vince Young & Chris Johnson in the same backfield breaks my heart because of the wasted potential.

  • Ribfog

    Hall of famer

  • salaamh1

    If anyone rushes for 2000 yards and 2508 yards from scrimmage and doesn't get 1st or ATLEAST 2nd ballot HOF then I no longer respect the NFL HOF. CJ2K didn't have many issues while the NFL season was in play and no one can controll when someone shoots them. Yes we want athletes to be perfect but if the guy was a childhood friend i understand.

    • Ribfog

      salaamh1 I think he’s a hall of famer

  • originalprolikethat

    As mn and a petterson fam, cj was and is a beast.

  • will

    Fastest running back of all time 4.18 40 is Bo Jackson.

  • Jonathan Jennings
    Jonathan Jennings

    Who gives af if he has Tourette’s or not ?? He’s a ball player lmfao

  • Greengirl

    I love your videos so much. Thank you.

  • Donnie

    Disclaimer: Manscaping goes far in life

  • Malik Hatch
    Malik Hatch

    You got jacked

  • Davy Brazell
    Davy Brazell

    I wouldn't play running back for the NFL no respect

  • Davy Brazell
    Davy Brazell

    This has to be the NFL's greatest RB duo??

  • Kriss Kross T
    Kriss Kross T

    You forgot to mention in his 2k season he had a slow start. 57, 197, 97, 83 & 53 in his first 5 games.

  • Sensai Cudii
    Sensai Cudii

    my mom went to school with Chris johnson they were friends

  • kyle morrison
    kyle morrison

    Favorite running back when I was young. Titans actually use to be stacked but QB and line was always ass

  • Gabriel The Messenger
    Gabriel The Messenger

    Mike Williams From USC who resurrected his career in Seattle?

  • Qardo

    Really I do not know if I am the only one. Yet I feel that if Chris Johnson did pay to have those two gunmen hunted down and killed. Could anyone really blame him? I do not know the whole story. Yet when you got a bunch of thugs. Just roll up and open fire onto some random car. Then, drive off. Injuring one and killing another. Personally. By that point. Those gunmen signed their death warrants. And I know there is do process and all that. Also, "Innocent until proven guilty". But seriously. The justice system is so broken. Even if those Gunmen were caught, convicted, and sent to prison. I bet you. They'd be out of prison in 9 months. All because the politics involved and the race card being played. Sure what Chris is EXPECTED of doing is wrong. But seriously. I cannot hate the guy. He lost his best friend in some drive-by. And if Chris was involved in some illegal shit. Well, okay. I'll change my opinion but as of right now. I just think the shooting was random. And I have no sympathy for scumbags like that. Even within my good Christ heart telling me I should but when a hand to offer help is slapped away. The backhand follows.

  • Armani Killebrew
    Armani Killebrew

    Yoo do Adrian Peterson

  • Baldi Lox
    Baldi Lox

    Flemlo can you do a video on Desmond Howard, the only kick returner to win super bowl MVP?

  • Chris V
    Chris V

    Man was a beast

  • Conner Dugan
    Conner Dugan

    And also sounds like Azerrz lmao

  • Conner Dugan
    Conner Dugan

    Just me or does Flemlo look like Kendrick a bit

  • chuckschilling

    It took exactly ten seconds of any interview with him to discern that this guy was a head case to the nth degree.

  • War Mac88
    War Mac88

    Great video Flemlo bro.

  • DjDeuxDeux

    Just letting you know. I watched this video last week, decided to get a manscaped razor today but wanted to make sure a discount code I could used was from a brother... keep up the good work and hopefully your sponsors appreciate your worth.



  • A1Jose

    Goddamn john ross fast as shit

  • chris r
    chris r

    He needs more hall of fame consideration. His TD runs were historic. He would've broke the single season rushing record if it weren't for the immortal Ed Hochuli.

  • nomad_sirrah

    He should be in the HOF just off the 2k season he had

  • Christopher Estes
    Christopher Estes

    WOW..... a lot of speculations were answered in this video. Another awesome Flemlo video o/

  • Andre Johnson
    Andre Johnson


  • Pedro Velez
    Pedro Velez

    Great video

  • Brad Dier
    Brad Dier

    Hey flemlo love the videos. You should do what happened to Kevin Everett from the Buffalo bills.

  • MrPdash

    Awesome videos!... What camera are you using?

  • Makaveli

    Gus Johnson: *UH OH!!! WATCH OUT!!!! HES GOT GET AWAY FROM THE COP SPEEEEED!!!!!!* 😂😂😂😂 Those were the days ....

    • A.L. Newman
      A.L. Newman

      I wanna go back

  • Alex Smith
    Alex Smith

    Watching him play at ECU (where I live) was amazing. He made everyone look like they were standing still almost everytime he got the ball. We never had a very good QB with him but it didnt matter. They put the ball in his hands and he was gone.

  • Dimitri Donovan
    Dimitri Donovan

    Sellout brah

  • Smart Kid Jimmy
    Smart Kid Jimmy

    His durability is very impressive.

  • Nikio Caston
    Nikio Caston

    U think u can do a story on former Houston Texans Running Back Domanick Davis

  • Carlos Dee
    Carlos Dee

    Looks like Tourettes to me. I have the same exact twitches/ticks.

  • Stevo Mesidor
    Stevo Mesidor

    Love your work bro! Been a fan for the longest content is fyieeiire no cap💪🏿. That background music is legit😂🤣 whats it called?

  • Heather Handley
    Heather Handley

    THE MOST UNDERRATED running back in NFL history

  • Tony Johnson
    Tony Johnson

    That happened to me when I was injured during a mat wrestling competition

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