What happens when you have allergies
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  • Sune Nielleren
    Sune Nielleren

    Peanut seems pretty chill ngl.

  • Edwin.roblox

    Moral of the story:don’t let T cells see to much of bacteria

  • BOBA _gacha
    BOBA _gacha

    Cells at work in a nutshell 🖐

  • Vladimir Putin
    Vladimir Putin

    When mom ain't got money for acting school

  • Thatonespoon _
    Thatonespoon _

    So basicly allergies is just racism

  • Domino

    Hahaha this is my favorite so far as a person with allergies I find this awesome lol

  • the loney kid in your class
    the loney kid in your class

    I know how it actually happens

  • Anime King
    Anime King

    The body videos make me feel like this man is a doctor and a part time youtuber

  • Chopstixz

    I have the same rick and morty poster

  • mallard

    Can you do what happens if your body when yoou drink coke

  • SeekingJesusChristWholeHeartedMinistries

    To everyone you are beautiful just the way you look! You do not need any abs or to be skinny to be beautiful! You do not need makeup either! You are beautiful just the way you look! Never forget that you are important! You are special! You are valuable! You do have worth and meaning! Jesus loves you! You are important! You are a special Beautiful human being! You do not need any adjustments or makeup! You are beautiful naturally looking! Never forget that! You can change to be loving person!

  • Wolphonyx

    The anti-hystemine is a fucking chair and I find that hilarious

  • Timothy

    I had a knock at the door as the knock sound effect came on, I was terrified and idk why lmao

  • Zane ツ
    Zane ツ

    I’ve been having stomach issues my whole life and I just learned last week that I’m allergic to wheat, cow’s milk, egg white, peanuts, walnut, shrimp and scallops smh.

  • Flummox

    A very interesting looking peanut

  • AnonymousCheesePie37


  • ThatGlock Guy
    ThatGlock Guy

    He told him to be cool 😭 he still bugged

  • Djörde Mahoney
    Djörde Mahoney

    Daaamn u r so creative xd

  • Ethan Beduya PH
    Ethan Beduya PH

    😂😂😂So Funny

  • snipezx

    antihistamine is a chair LOL

  • Killer Tails12
    Killer Tails12

    Why do I understand this more then reading a book about thisp

  • Katie Bubblegum
    Katie Bubblegum

    Im the 1901th comment

  • Vile Runner
    Vile Runner

    How Mr. Peanut died

  • FTW_DK

    Luke 1:28 28 The angel went to her and said, "Greetings, you who are highly favored! The Lord is with you

  • spoike dainja leslay
    spoike dainja leslay

    I expected this to not be accurate but I was wrong

  • addison kennedy
    addison kennedy

    What episode of black mirror is this

  • Ian Gordon
    Ian Gordon

    I love your videos. It makes my day.

  • JC Denton
    JC Denton

    Love that the antihistamine is a chair

  • Lilly Lou Layla
    Lilly Lou Layla

    I’m happy because I still haven’t found what I am allergic to

  • LuccVivid

    Old coryxkenshin vibes

  • Steven Grant
    Steven Grant

    He's a peanut 😃

  • BeetleBuggz


  • Toxicc YrenClipz
    Toxicc YrenClipz

    Wait aren’t we supposed to let the pathogen escape

  • Black Quarts
    Black Quarts

    Oh so my life

  • BiassedYT

    I want him to be my science teacher

  • Mr Man
    Mr Man

    Does this remind anyone else of NPCs just going berserk over nothing in GTA v

  • Glitched

    Me:how did he knock him out with a chair he was wearing a hardhat ;-;

  • Dumb Animator
    Dumb Animator

    I love how he says: hes a peanut

  • Joey Conway
    Joey Conway

    Nice 👍

  • the soviet communist
    the soviet communist

    This guy is the only tiktoker that makes good content

  • Golden Holden
    Golden Holden

    Yoooooooiii your skits give me life🤝🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Gia Mitjans
    Gia Mitjans

    I think your watch to much cells at work

  • Raphael Hamilton
    Raphael Hamilton

    Bro has anyone else been thinking like this is the new coryxkenshin since the real one quit IT-my and by the way I’m not saying he is trying to be like Cory he’s just giving me Cory vibes anyone else feel the same

  • Clinton Calhoun
    Clinton Calhoun

    This guy is brilliant

  • Nellie Marie
    Nellie Marie

    Will Smith😊

  • Jake The Snake !!
    Jake The Snake !!

    Love this guy

  • Jake The Snake !!
    Jake The Snake !!

    These never fail to make me laugh


    Dude? He’s a peanut? Me: BAHAHAHAHAHAHHA

  • Ꭰrⱥgo ɢᴀᴍɪɴɢ
    Ꭰrⱥgo ɢᴀᴍɪɴɢ

    this guy know everything what happends in inside

  • Just Chilling
    Just Chilling

    I literally just had a Gatorade bar

  • Burnt Toast
    Burnt Toast

    I can relate I am allergic to so much 😞😔

  • rummagingchaos

    fun story, my moms body did this with my baby sister. her cells were treating her like harmful bacteria and was trying to fight her off, even cut off the supply of nutrients to her. she had to be taken out 3 months early

  • MiniMineMaster2

    Mate, that’s my man Gerard, get off him!

  • enjoyyourcactus

    White blood cell is racist!

  • SimpChama

    Isa peanut

  • adam perez
    adam perez

    He’s a peanut

  • Jack the alpaca
    Jack the alpaca


  • OrvoBx

    Really ypu wont have the allergic reaction the first exposure to whatever it is but after that the body creates the reaction to it. So you could make a skit on him meeting the peanut and having beef with him for some reason and then beating him up whenever he shows up

  • Ultra blackboy vision Sugar
    Ultra blackboy vision Sugar

    Plot twist:he was secretly asain

  • Abi & Shandy.
    Abi & Shandy.

    This was like me yesterday. I wouldn’t stop sneezing from my allergies.

  • Starstruck Uniwolf
    Starstruck Uniwolf

    Peanut: "Sup man" Cell: "...dont like you man"

  • Gamer 2000
    Gamer 2000

    So this is what happens when I’m by pollen wow 😯

  • Greyish0

    Lmaoo he just a peanut

  • jane the killer 2.0
    jane the killer 2.0


  • jane the killer 2.0
    jane the killer 2.0


  • Silent Lani
    Silent Lani

    Ooooh slummmber that brother gooone

  • Sachi Mochi
    Sachi Mochi

    Wholesome √

  • 6 Percent
    6 Percent

    I can’t believe the reason I’m allergic to nuts is because my white blood cells are racist

  • JiMiN-sSi!!!

    I remember eating some chocolate before reading the ingredients, and it said tree nuts on the back. By my comment I am thankfully not dead nor dying, but make sure to read the back before eating it :)

  • mining odd directions
    mining odd directions

    Me: watches the video Ads: clearly protein bars interest you now

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