what i actually do in a day.
emma chamberlain
i did NOT go grocery shopping
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-emma chamberlain

  • kirsten heyns
    kirsten heyns

    i love ur mom

  • Stephanie Lugo
    Stephanie Lugo

    Okay her videos aren’t as interesting because she’s byeing us every 2 minutes 😭

  • Felix Reyes-Soriano
    Felix Reyes-Soriano

    Wait she has a podcast? Since when

  • Sneeqss

    Imagine getting sued by your own mum 😂

  • josie W
    josie W

    the dog was running in the MIDDLE of the road ?!!!! 😔

  • josie W
    josie W


  • Nell Luaus
    Nell Luaus


  • John Karavitis
    John Karavitis

    I'm wondering what you would be like in Europe during the Middle Ages... or England during the Industrial Revolution. Wow, you really lucked out, having been born in 20th century America.

  • Matt Wallace
    Matt Wallace

    Is she really this stupid and has no common sense? Cause god she just sounds dumb af, dropping out of school bc “it made my mental health bad” like stfu geezus.bc school is soo hard and unbearable u obv should have stayed bc for 18 your like a child

  • Desiree Nelms
    Desiree Nelms

    I bought merch!!!!

  • Knats Weekly
    Knats Weekly

    "I don't wanna workout TODAY" Me: I don't workout anyday

  • LPSims&kim

    next time go to 7/11 store to take out the money

  • Computer Help Services
    Computer Help Services

    I 💝 U

  • sseulreal

    your life is interesting when i look at my own life 😂

  • Lil Coco
    Lil Coco

    Trying to get more views huh

  • Aaron Little
    Aaron Little

    Credit cards? At 18? I'm guessing you're on your parents credit card accounts

  • Nahir Aquino
    Nahir Aquino

    lol I wonder what she bleeped out in the convo w her mom??

  • Angel Acosta
    Angel Acosta


  • G. Sözmen
    G. Sözmen

    Like..like..like..it was like..shit like.. bye.

  • vick m
    vick m

    “my life isn’t interesting” goes to nyc for no reason 5 times

  • Dylan BM
    Dylan BM

    Someone's a little stoner🤣😂

  • Christian Burtin
    Christian Burtin

    Her sense of humor and comedy delivery is actually really good. Subscribed.

  • Amelia Kupis
    Amelia Kupis

    I love her trousers. does anyone know where they're from?

  • deemonde

    i laugh like emma's mom

  • Lunar Terror
    Lunar Terror

    I would brush my teeth next to you while you're pooping.

  • april blancas
    april blancas

    What happened to Curology girl LOOL also I LOVE U ur moms so funny HAHA

  • Brooklynn Baum
    Brooklynn Baum

    that ending was a mood


    does anybody noticed those cute laughs her mom did wtf im soft whahshahahahahaha

  • Hannah Grace
    Hannah Grace

    Nobody cares about your mote cycle stfu 😂

  • Julia Lobo
    Julia Lobo

    Lol she wasn't wearing her seatbelt at first

  • Tamsin Spiller
    Tamsin Spiller

    Declan is soooooo cute


    Emma sounds like my friends annoying grandmother

  • Alexandra Chacon
    Alexandra Chacon

    10:36 is me

  • Maria Elena Álvarez
    Maria Elena Álvarez

    10:21 how tf did Decline get up the table and everything??

  • Natalia Monari
    Natalia Monari

    could you say hello angie velasco is a very good youtuber arg.❤❤❤

  • Ayanna George
    Ayanna George

    I’m dying as soon as she hit her cat in the head 😂 am I a bad person I don’t know but I love you Emma!

  • Tobster Oyster
    Tobster Oyster

    Okay don’t get me wrong- I love cats but when I saw your cat on the counters and stove- all I could think is “germs. Poop. Cat litter.” And you’re eating it🤢

  • Izzie McGinley
    Izzie McGinley

    second look>

  • gu3st.nam3

    ITS EITHER HER VOICE OR HER FACE OR BOTH BUT SHE REMINDS ME OF nicky from orange is the new black

  • Hailey Ella
    Hailey Ella

    Emma you should spend 24h outside

  • Amanda Sekh
    Amanda Sekh

    is she working out in air force 1’s?

  • Charley J
    Charley J

    Why are you so funny? 🤣🤣

  • Roohi Gill
    Roohi Gill

    moral of the story: she didn't go grocery shopping

  • Peter Pan
    Peter Pan

    nice skin, bro

  • how many subs can i get without any vids?
    how many subs can i get without any vids?

    Does anybody feel like her energy is kinda low compared to old emma? no hate.

  • sam wagner
    sam wagner

    i was dead when she said no one gives a fuck about ur Motorcycle

  • sam wagner
    sam wagner

    i miss these days......

  • AarontheGirl


  • TimeIsBeautiful

    6:08 ♡

    • TimeIsBeautiful

      You're Awesome

  • Rosdely Ciprian
    Rosdely Ciprian


  • Sev k
    Sev k

    if this girl made it, ya'll gonna make it losers.. lol

  • vita zumerić
    vita zumerić

    I missed your vlogs❤️❤️

  • James Guildford
    James Guildford

    Can you not use atms to get out money

  • Stephani Travers
    Stephani Travers

    Omg I had the worst acne and after yrs of trying pills, creams and everything but a face transplant my dermatologist recommended spironolactone (helps block the male hormone). That was 1 yr ago and I'm 35 and finally have clear skin! Haha

  • Talicea King
    Talicea King

    10:36 I paused it at this exact moment and now I feel so bad for laughing😭

  • charlotte kohn
    charlotte kohn


  • Fanny Tegethoff
    Fanny Tegethoff

    no one: not a single soul: EVERYone in this comment section: "Emma - "I don’t do anything interesting" Also Emma- "just came out of a Louis Vuitton fitting"

  • jordana agius
    jordana agius

    Do a video grocery shopping with you

  • Adisyn Kohl
    Adisyn Kohl

    Where’s cat

  • Parlato

    I just discovered this child driving around LA in this SUV what is going on?

  • Sindri Sölvason
    Sindri Sölvason

    Vloging really fucked your day up

  • Anna Estruch
    Anna Estruch

    I am currently living alone as an "adult" in college and when she said I AM MY OWN MOM NOW... that shit really changed my perspective of life now

  • Lilly Bear
    Lilly Bear

    13:12 literally me every day but in a blanket burrito

  • Lilly Bear
    Lilly Bear

    10:16 awww cat. 🐈

  • Lilly Bear
    Lilly Bear

    3:54 awwwww

  • Lilly Bear
    Lilly Bear

    3:40 “ok ima go poop “ When I was watching the Dolan twins Types of IT-myrs I looked at the comments and it said “ that one is Emma “ cause it said the IT-myr that says exactly what there gonna do 😂

  • Lilly Bear
    Lilly Bear

    Wouldn’t it be really cute if Emma let her hair down ???? No Ok

    • Lilly Bear
      Lilly Bear

      ّ lol I fixed it

    • Lilly Bear
      Lilly Bear


    • ّ

      "if Emma let ThEiR hair down".

  • Lilly Bear
    Lilly Bear

    1:06 rewinds the sEe what the text was The last thing I heard : cause I don’t want people looking at my viag- * rewinds

  • HannahNoelle2158

    I *miss* my mom! 💔

  • Kaileigh Bolden
    Kaileigh Bolden

    no one: emma: lives off of tic tacs

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