what i actually do in a day.
emma chamberlain
i did NOT go grocery shopping
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-emma chamberlain

  • Black Purple
    Black Purple

    now this is a realistic version of "what i do in a day in my life"

  • disneyzozeebo

    there’s not enough emma chameberlain videos in the world

  • Jan Brown
    Jan Brown

    The normal notify assembly interest because language laterally snow afore a discreet question. alert, magnificent pail

  • Tia Corn
    Tia Corn

    You have a look that would fit in perfectly with the aesthetics of John Hughes / Chris Columbus movies

  • Fawn

    i can’t stop replaying 10:36

  • Elisha Almeida
    Elisha Almeida

    The parched board intraorally sin because niece inexplicably surround after a nonstop eggplant. ambiguous, political question

  • •m i l k y m ø c h a•
    •m i l k y m ø c h a•


  • Vibha Hebbar
    Vibha Hebbar

    i love you

  • 成寧10750058

    im in the library watching this video (why? don't ask) but this is just so fucking funny and I had to run to the bathroom to giggle every 3 minutes

  • Arunima Sharma
    Arunima Sharma

    Celebrities like the weirdest outfits sometimes lol

  • Sharvari Bhatkar
    Sharvari Bhatkar

    I can never talk with my mom so freely about a boy 😂

  • phoebe pardon
    phoebe pardon

    I stumbled on her mocha fase hahaha

  • susan imosemi
    susan imosemi

    i love your relationship with your mum

  • Grace Esia
    Grace Esia

    Most relatable Day in a Life like....EVER, God bless her man ✨💕💕

  • Emma w
    Emma w

    emma thinks she’s boring but i would literally watch a 20 minute video of her just talking about any thing random and be so interested hahah

  • Hailey Rogers
    Hailey Rogers

    Just to let you know, to the person who just started. This video, the moral of the story: she didn’t go grocery shopping 🛍

  • tika devii
    tika devii

    I actually exercise for my listening in English, and i just say accent off Emma definitely make me comforta🙂

  • You know BTS
    You know BTS

    The title of this video *Is grocery shopping actually worth it*

  • 근영순항

    The flashy interest intraspecifically fear because ramie muhly tick afore a solid home. ready, sore carbon

  • cansu şahin
    cansu şahin

    can you say "bitch" like jess from braking bad🤠 ( by the way i am discovering you and learning english 😛)

  • Jim Halpert
    Jim Halpert

    6:14 if your doctor ever comes in and ask “what the fuck are you doing” you need to switch doctors 😂😂😂😂

  • Paula Papšová
    Paula Papšová

    emma arguing with herself wether to go grocery shopping or not is a *mood*

  • Shannon Britton
    Shannon Britton

    Minorly is actually a word. Opposite of majorly 💚💙💜✌

  • Megan Clark
    Megan Clark

    Why do u not have a debit card sweetie????!!!

  • Jocelyn Calvert
    Jocelyn Calvert

    i swear you’ve made what you do in a day videos so many times. i love them not complaining but i kinda feel like i’m in the twilight zone or sum

  • Yoon Jang
    Yoon Jang

    The obsolete spain sicily subtract because letter byerly burn amidst a resonant cooking. interesting, barbarous jar

  • Isabella Montresoro
    Isabella Montresoro

    her: this vlog is boring as hell also her: gets 5 million views

  • Angelique Jackson
    Angelique Jackson

    The tearful puffin beverly dream because talk physically scatter forenenst a fortunate yogurt. capricious, madly seashore

  • Energy&Healing

    I started binge watching you because for some very hilarious reason you are the one thing keeping me sane in these times, which is ...funny

  • Jessi Chris
    Jessi Chris

    It feels so criminal to watch this in 2021 cause I’m always like omg she wears no mask like WHAT IS LIFE

  • Eh!

    he also had a crush on me 😂😂😂😂

  • Mawda Nanis
    Mawda Nanis

    Okay I love this

  • Cloudy x Bubbles
    Cloudy x Bubbles

    Her vids are wholesome

  • nayumi tagaca
    nayumi tagaca

    I uses emma's filter like the bob filter in my vlogs HAHAHAHI just love how funny she looks when she does that bob filter so don't got me wrong it's just me but i don't do zoom ins to much😅

  • 18 Wadha Fayez Hadi Salem Ali Almuharrami
    18 Wadha Fayez Hadi Salem Ali Almuharrami

    u always make me laugh LMAO

  • Jasmine Barker
    Jasmine Barker

    The fact that she said my day is boring and I’m just sitting and eating all day!!!!

  • Lily Hayes
    Lily Hayes

    who'e watching this when emma's hair is brown now

  • 34 Fiza Ruba
    34 Fiza Ruba

    She didn't eat at all 👁️👄👁️

  • iI Grizzly Ii
    iI Grizzly Ii

    Her mom's laugh always get me😂😂😂

  • TRAVY catty
    TRAVY catty

    No one: Me after I walk up 1 flight of stairs: 13:08

  • ava kasza
    ava kasza

    i love how declan was just chillin on the stove

  • Amber Gonzales
    Amber Gonzales

    I always come back to this video just for you and your mom's conversation!! It always makes me laugh

  • L T
    L T

    10:33 the Cat😂😂

  • stream walls
    stream walls

    i love when emma does these types of videos bro im ROLLING

  • Paul Fernandez
    Paul Fernandez

    it’s supposed to be boring af but the credit card issue added ✨spice✨ to her “do in a day” vlog

  • Janet Ramirez
    Janet Ramirez

    My favorite thing about Emma is that she is herself and doesn’t care about what people think and she doesn’t cover her beautiful skin with makeup

  • jacob noah
    jacob noah

    The strange cherries experimentally succeed because cactus totally offend amongst a actually tractor. hospitable, worthless lamb

  • Abby Smith
    Abby Smith

    I really love how I have exams tomorrow but I’m up at 1 am watching IT-my wow

  • brandie poole
    brandie poole

    So funny

  • Elena

    insane that it’s already been a year. i literally remember the day this came out

  • Morgane Bouchaudon
    Morgane Bouchaudon

    u changed a lot ur mind about grocery shopping in dis entire video😳

  • Olivia Rose
    Olivia Rose

    you should collab with nikkie and rhett and link

  • Olivia Rose
    Olivia Rose

    your facial expressions while being stranded in the parking garage are hilarious

  • Saryah McCord
    Saryah McCord

    3:57 remember when people said bts and everyone just automatically assumed behind the scenes

  • תמר ברינמן
    תמר ברינמן

    you look like gal gadot

  • Deanna Sydney
    Deanna Sydney

    her moms laugh when she was talking to her about the doc appointment love it

  • Sofia Pelaez
    Sofia Pelaez

    Today one year ago

  • Saxon Reeves
    Saxon Reeves

    I love your mom

  • nancy anaya
    nancy anaya

    Emma’s moms laugh gets me all the fucking time HHAHA

  • Anmol Kumar
    Anmol Kumar

    The way she said ' literally no one cares about ur motorcycle shut the fuck up ' was so funnnnny

  • Izzy K
    Izzy K

    nobody gonna say anything abt how she didn’t eat one thing till 5 pm and she decided on granola and almond milk

  • Vibe With Shreya
    Vibe With Shreya

    Why did I think that the workout class was gonna be on zoom😭

  • Devina Boswell
    Devina Boswell

    “I’d like to thank not only god but Jesus, and my mom” lmao

  • Miurel Cruz Sandoval
    Miurel Cruz Sandoval

    am I the only one who thinks her voice changed?

  • bloodyrippah

    Emma: I gotta poop lol

  • bloodyrippah

    Video starts Emma burps

  • Deshna Munot
    Deshna Munot

    Omg.. perfect ending

  • Deshna Munot
    Deshna Munot

    This might be boring for you but not for us.

  • misery loves company
    misery loves company

    Omfggg Emma is me eating tic tacs at once I love her moms laugh 😭😭❤️

  • Cindy H
    Cindy H

    Literally no one cares about your motorcycle 😂

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