WHAT IT'S LIKE TO BE A GIRL || Relatable Girly Situations And Fails by 123 GO!
123 GO!
Alright ladies, how many of these scenarios could you relate to? Being a girl can sure be challenging, huh? Are there any hilarious yet frustrating girl problems we forgot in this video?
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  • Skylar Burrows
    Skylar Burrows

    On the way home

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    Isabella Zaiter

    Brown skin is not that Bad

  • Isabella Zaiter
    Isabella Zaiter

    Its Like its not right Like she is Like so so cool this is 100%

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  • Tori Lewis
    Tori Lewis

    Man she didn't even write on the paper all she did was scribbled on the first one

  • Tori Lewis
    Tori Lewis

    Man shooting a right nothing awesome gildo scribbled on the paper on the first one

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    Jessy Manuel

    Your grat

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  • Phoebe Dyson
    Phoebe Dyson

    3:46 the phone has two cameras and than at 5:22 the phone has three cameras IM SO CONFUSED 😐

  • Vicky Carr
    Vicky Carr

    Lana your skin

  • Vicky Carr
    Vicky Carr

    Betty is my favourite Character because she is so beautiful ( chloe). ❤️💕💋🦄

  • Umayma Jama
    Umayma Jama

    You girls don’t need to makeup because your always going to be beautiful

  • Shyamontika Choudhuri
    Shyamontika Choudhuri

    0:15 it was BEAUTIFUL

  • Julianna Reese Goce
    Julianna Reese Goce

    Can I please hear your real voice

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    Isabella Dion

    they are all prettty like if you agrre

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    Huh I love this

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    suresh garimella

    What no

  • Ritu Ojha
    Ritu Ojha

    I like you Betty🥰 and I hate you Lana😡💩 but Lana have very big and beautiful hair

  • Steffany Keren Alcid
    Steffany Keren Alcid

    Lana forget to remove her makeup haha🤣🤣🤣

    • Trish Dwyer
      Trish Dwyer


  • Charles Garcia
    Charles Garcia

    It’s not pain is beauty It’s beauty is pain

    • Trish Dwyer
      Trish Dwyer


  • Olivia Fraser
    Olivia Fraser

    6:59 don't add chocolate powder

    • Trish Dwyer
      Trish Dwyer

      Olivia I love you okay Olivia

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    Michael B. Photography Michael Boyd

    Yeah go problems with high heels

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    My name is Kairavee Teeluck what is your name I am a girl

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      I💜U 💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋

  • emma riggs
    emma riggs

    I love Maddies face expression

  • ana prince
    ana prince

    When Lana said pain is beauty i was like its beauty is pain

    • Trish Dwyer
      Trish Dwyer

      Hey Animani

  • Tom news1234
    Tom news1234

    Worst thing being a girl is getting nots in your hair, it’s so annoying.

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    Suhaidah Zubair


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    Bella is funny 😂

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    You guys are so funny.💎💎💎💎💎💎💎

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    Hello mam

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    Men:PFT being a boy is easy GIRLS:BRUH SHUT UP OMG ISTGGG

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      RIZVI Khadija G


  • Kiara Koala
    Kiara Koala

    No girl Not even one girl REALTETS TO THIS NOT EVEN ME

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    Who plays roblox friend me me name is emely_flower1

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    Do you like 123 I do

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    kassem nizam

    Betty picked the correct lipstick it was the same as the second one

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      balaji vunnam

      Her name is beddy

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      ana prince

      Did she?

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  • Toy peace
    Toy peace

    Idiot 2:04

  • Seerat Pannu
    Seerat Pannu

    When Lana dropped her phone it was editing because how dose her phone land so prefectuly in the sofa 🛋

    • Seerat Pannu
      Seerat Pannu

      By the way how did all that stuff get in the sofa 🛋

  • Christina Jenkins
    Christina Jenkins

    Hi I like your videos and my twin cousins like it to, love jackie ♡♡♡

  • Mahendra Singh
    Mahendra Singh

    Launa is very funny Not her its everyone there

  • 김인섭

    Betty:Who's texting me? It is SO late! Me:Then why are you not in bed??

  • Kentreille Jones
    Kentreille Jones

    i love it

  • black blue
    black blue

    These are real bad situations to be in

  • Student Oghenerunor Gborogen
    Student Oghenerunor Gborogen

    8:33 wow Lana just wow

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    gacha life fawn


  • Wild Lover428
    Wild Lover428

    Ok seriously I’m a girl and I don’t relate to any of this

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      Teenee Mumali

      @Richard Ai pop

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      Okay thanks so much for your email and the information you sent me one k5 flex kad Blo u yah me sa les lo toktok

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      Yg I have to

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      Me to

    • 「 Scarred 」
      「 Scarred 」

      Ikr right

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    Shmila Sheikh

    some people here are already girls

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    Shajina Anzar

    ഏതെങ്കിലും മലയാളികൾ ഇത് കാണുന്നവർ ഉണ്ടോ ഉണ്ടെങ്കിൽ ലൈക്ക് അടിക്ക്.

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    Mrudula Baviskar


  • Eshaal Zahid
    Eshaal Zahid

    Did anyone notice at the spa part firt she said salt and then dugar like if you noticed it

  • Danielle Zierer
    Danielle Zierer

    This is bull crap Some guys do that

  • Danielle Zierer
    Danielle Zierer

    Lies :-( 😐😡😠👊

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      eliana Villanueva

      Some are not lies

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      Wild Lover428

      Yes lies they are

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    Weirdo weird one

  • Gaming with unicorn Star
    Gaming with unicorn Star

    I can relate to this boys won’t understand until they watch this!!!!

    • Gaming with unicorn Star
      Gaming with unicorn Star

      Richard Ai bruh idc

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      Richard Ai

      you are not allowed to use youtube if you are under 13

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    The Fons girls

    123 go I can’t wait to see my smooth skin Me unless you are your whole skin to be brown I V

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      Richard Ai

      you are not allowed to use youtube if you are under 13

  • Paola Corona
    Paola Corona

    at the end its beauty is pain not pain is beauty

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    Cecy Gómez

    You guys are coooooool

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      No or yes ?

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    she put in sugar, not salt xd

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