What's This Pineapple Soaked In? Taste Test
Good Mythical MORE
Today, we're trying our best to guess what food these pineapples were soaked in. Check it out on Good Mythical MORE, the show after the show! GMMORE # 1958
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  • Amanda

    I'm Soo confused... What's with the pineapple and they're not even talking about it

  • Naz Wilder
    Naz Wilder

    What if the booth had a separate seat slightly across, intended specifically for the waiter

  • WheelOfWill

    As a waiter the only time I sit is when it’s just one person or a couple just using one side of the booth and I just sit across from them while I take their order

  • Landonray32

    I have never had a waiter sit down at the table to take my order.

  • Azure Voltic
    Azure Voltic

    Link being 43 thinking it's crazy he has an 18 year old daughter My mom being 38 having a 19 year old son and an 18 year old son

  • Giles S
    Giles S

    I've literally never heard of a server sitting down at a table, that's so wild.

  • Rhiannon Wisniewski
    Rhiannon Wisniewski

    I used to serve at a Roadhouse steakhouse many years ago and the management asked us to “table sit”. I hated it. I only did it if I got yelled at.

  • pardn

    Link's daughter is 18?? How old is Link??? 😲

  • Destiny Nolastnames
    Destiny Nolastnames

    The fact that Lilly is 18 is just absolutely baffling to me

  • Logan Stewart
    Logan Stewart

    I didn't know waiters sitting at a table was a thing 😂

  • naomi ellis
    naomi ellis

    i’ve always assumed, at least when it was busy in the restaurant, the servers were sitting for a quick break for their feet

  • B Mirror
    B Mirror

    Hooters girls like to sit at the table with customers, and I agree, dislike it, but they think they’re gonna get a better tip

  • Brittany Corralejo
    Brittany Corralejo

    When the heck did his daughter turn 18?!?😱😱😱

  • Carolin Von Eckardstein
    Carolin Von Eckardstein

    Am I the only one who's never seen waiters sit down next to guests?

  • Danica Dsouza
    Danica Dsouza

    link looks nice in messy hair!

  • Blue Zodiac
    Blue Zodiac

    Im both friendly and give a good tip. I like to make their experience as good as possible. They're at work. Make it easier on them

  • Brooke Tilton
    Brooke Tilton

    I have never been to a restaurant where the waiter sits at the table with you, I didn’t even know that was a thing. We don’t do that sort of thing in New Jersey. Closest thing to that that’s happened to me is at my family’s restaurant, where the waiter is my family member.

  • Trell

    i've been a waitress of a family owned dinner for four years and the vast majority of our customers are people over the age of 60 and come in regularly. i don't "sit" at the table buuuut if it's just one person sitting by themselves at a booth, i lean on the opposite side and halfway kneel on the booth. So i have one foot on the ground but i'm halfway in the booth facing the customer. if i'm really close with the customer i might go all the way and put both knees in the booth (cause we are technically actually not supposed to fully sit where i work)

  • Cecily Vanderpool
    Cecily Vanderpool

    I feel comfortable if the person has a motherly feel or a funny vibe? But other then that I feel pushed to tip more.

  • Bethany Wagner
    Bethany Wagner

    The most disingenuous thing in this episode is that Link says he would not enjoy finishing a meal with a survey. Don’t lie, we know that you would love that!

  • Nicole

    "can we clarify why I was wrong" LOL 100 % % %

  • Amber Davis
    Amber Davis

    I sit more towards the outer edge of the booth, instead of the middle, and put my purse in-between me and the wall, that way it would make them uncomfortable to ask me to move my things and scoot over.

  • Annie LaPommeDeTerre
    Annie LaPommeDeTerre

    Okay yes but the thing with TIPS why does that have to be the way they're payed? Just give the restaurant workers proper wages!! Ugh

  • Kelsie Carpenter
    Kelsie Carpenter

    When my family moved to OK our waiter at chili’s sat at our table to take our order, it was weird for a minute but he was our favorite waiter we asked for him every time until he got promoted and had to leave.

  • Joshua Newton-Kerr
    Joshua Newton-Kerr

    Sitting at tables is something I've never heard of till now, it doesn't happen in New Zealand

  • Lee

    Wow time really flies, if you would’ve ask me before this episode how old Lily was I probably would’ve said like somewhere between 13 and maybe 16 I def wouldn’t have guessed 18

  • Cassie Dartt
    Cassie Dartt

    I've never had any waiter sit at our table before.

  • DaniPlaysOnEasy -
    DaniPlaysOnEasy -

    As a server I dont like when servers sit with guests. This means hes not bussing his tables, hes not helping run food, hes not contributing to the team. Hes contributing to himself. Servers dont like the server that sits.

  • Cierra L
    Cierra L

    You gotta get slip resistant shoes !!!

  • Connor Patterson
    Connor Patterson

    You guys are underestimating single guys and hot waitresses

  • Demisha Patel
    Demisha Patel

    I defo tried to make perfume..glad to know I wasn't the only one 😂😂😂

  • Jude Vicious 333 Hannah Lopez
    Jude Vicious 333 Hannah Lopez

    "Knock it's horns, whip it's a$$" is how my grandfather always ordered his steak

  • JamJam's Art
    JamJam's Art

    im cool if a waitor/waitress sits down cause they're on their feet all day, let them freakin sit for a second my god

  • Dylan Blake
    Dylan Blake

    I like when the waiters sit down... am I alone in this?

  • Helena Presswood
    Helena Presswood

    "It's something that I like. That's rose water... I like rose flavored things"... Rhett may like one of my favorite entrees my dad ever put together.. Has actual rose petals in it though.

  • stecky87

    There was only 1 time when a waiter sat with us, but it was almost closing time & we were basically the only ones in the restaurant. Still, not a big fan, though. It's intrusive

  • Skye Stimson
    Skye Stimson

    I work in a small town pub, we have one waiter specifically who sits at tables and talks all the time. We get so many complaints lmao. Also what?? My friends and I are SO nice to servers and we all tip over 20%. I've never heard that before

  • Avery Talton
    Avery Talton

    I waited tables at a diner for 2 years and I did sit with customers often. I think it was special circumstance though because most of them were regulars, elderly, or someone I knew personally. It was a very small town and something that is much more in the south.

  • jwoody

    I had a regular when I worked at McDonald's that would say "no wheels" when I asked if he was ordering dine in or to go. I knew he always ate there, but I liked that he said it.

  • M J
    M J

    Anybody care to explain the wallet thing they are talking about? I’m lost

  • Shawn Lessard
    Shawn Lessard

    This is literally the most distracted I’ve ever seen the guys before in a segment 😂 Also, in all my life a waiter has never sat at my table and ive never heard of this as a thing!!!

  • Dylan Simmons
    Dylan Simmons

    As a server. I don’t really sit down at my tables. The only time I do is with regulars that I’ve been serving for a while

  • Dejna Radur
    Dejna Radur

    They sit because their blimming feet hurt!

  • J Santiago
    J Santiago

    Im gonna have to disagree with the comment about being overly nice so that you don’t have to tip well. I’m super nice and always tip over 20%. Is it really that rare???

  • Lord Danielson
    Lord Danielson

    Serving Weddings: Having to talk to elderly people while 10 feet away from giant speakers blaring “Don’t Stop Believin” and 150 20-40 somethings singing along at the top of their lungs.

  • Ashlee Erin
    Ashlee Erin

    I’m more confused by older people who tell the same joke. The psychology behind it needs to be studied. Are they conducting a personal lifelong survey? Do they feel like they’ve finally found the one hilarious joke that defines them as a person? What is it, I do need to know

  • md

    There have been places where I don't mind that, for instance if I go to a place for lunch 3-5 times a week, and I know the waitstaff on a personal-story basis (How are your kids/family.. etc), they can sit with me and chat. If it's a new person, I'd probably ask them to not sit with me. Be honest about your preferences and limits, and they will learn that's not ok. lol!

  • Rex Insanity
    Rex Insanity

    the horn thing was in a movie with woody harelson

  • Lauren Sharpe
    Lauren Sharpe

    a lot of my servers do the squat thing mainly because our tables are so low but i have never seen any of them sit down unless it was one of their really good regulars or their family i didn’t even know that was a thing

  • Pataya

    The main reason I don't mind when waiters do it because I used to be a waitress and after 8+ hours of running around, your feet really start hurting, do they 😅

  • Jack

    After working in fancy restaurant, I would say only with regulars or really close guests, although the two usually overlap. But it is definitely one of those things where the fellow workers know of the servers who do that as 'the server who sits with the guests'.

  • Alan Kerber
    Alan Kerber

    As a restaurant worker, I only sit down with a table if it is a regular patron and they're cool with it. I've got quite a few people who expect me to sit down, so if I don't, that's gonna be a bad tip.

  • David Pollak
    David Pollak

    Get the bill and say- I didn’t order this Har har

  • Vanessa Mccaleb
    Vanessa Mccaleb

    Absolutely not true....I am always friendly and joke with wait staff and I always leave a decent tip. Always!

  • Cortney Smith
    Cortney Smith

    So, I worked at Outback for 2 years, and the managers actually recommended we sit at the table while taking their order. I never did, but about every week they would tell me that we're supposed to. But I agree, it's weird. This was in NC

  • Moac

    What is the jacket Rhett is wears?

  • Georgina Irizarry
    Georgina Irizarry

    If you would take butter and cook it down it becomes ghee so yes Link is correct.

  • Gamer gore
    Gamer gore

    Ok i been a server. This i think is a useable trick but has to be used sparingly. You cant sit at just any table. Also if you do this infront of several customers that can see you sitting at everyones table then it waters down. Just be nice x10 youll get tips

  • Patrick Smith
    Patrick Smith

    I'm very nice and I tip well. If I'm not going to tip well it's because they don't deserve it and I am not as nice to them.

  • Ivory Sanchez
    Ivory Sanchez

    I'm very nice to servers AND tip well plus I'm that type of person who clears/organizes the table for pick up when we're done 😅! Am I a unicorn!?

  • - BUS
    - BUS

    It's okay when the Hooters girls sit tho.

  • Natalee Mendoza
    Natalee Mendoza

    Mythical Cookbook please!! 😀

  • Bella Swanson
    Bella Swanson

    I’ve never known a waiter to sit down, they always stand basically 20 Ft away.

  • Cda Steez
    Cda Steez

    GMM is BDE to the greatest extent

  • Daheixiong

    we not gonna talk about the father dynamic of Mythical Josh as a stand-in for Dad Josh?


    2:20 start

  • Hara Nobara
    Hara Nobara

    Josh and Nicole are literally Trevor's parents confirmed.

  • Erin Adams
    Erin Adams

    As an Aussie, the idea of a waiter sitting at the table with me or anyone is horrific

  • jamiemartin2002jm

    My restaurant does survey cards. People take that ish seriously. Ether over the moon excited or complete anger.

  • G V
    G V

    The server sitting down thing is only cool at hooters.

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