Whatcha Packin’: Gigi Goode | RuPaul’s Drag Race S12
RuPaul's Drag Race
Michelle Visage chats with Gigi Goode about her journey in Season 12.
#VH1 #DragRace
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  • Rose Liu
    Rose Liu

    I think the only reason she didnt win is so that they could take her back in for all stars

    • Troy Hardie
      Troy Hardie

      Not the main reason but they use that lol


    whats is his shoes ?, is it nike sir force 1?

  • Julie Antunez
    Julie Antunez

    Shout out to Gigi mom for supporting and making that biker look *im deceased it so pretty*

  • Troy Hardie
    Troy Hardie

    Rupaul's Political Lip Sync Race 😩

  • Breanna Casada
    Breanna Casada

    Gigi is insanely gorgeous! But somehow even more gorgeous of out drag? That bone structure is killing me.

  • ana larios
    ana larios


  • Eduardo Acosta
    Eduardo Acosta

    She's so fine but in this world gripped by the radical left, it's a crime being white.

  • Victoria Finnseth Stenersen
    Victoria Finnseth Stenersen

    He reminds me of Sigourney Weaver and Bill Skarsgård! He's so adorable with his brown eyes.

  • Mem lRay
    Mem lRay

    Gigi is so talented as much as her mom ♥️

  • ladon latrell
    ladon latrell

    gigi is soo fine 😍😍😫she looked soo good this season just LOOK & LOOK

  • Teddy Clifford
    Teddy Clifford

    Love you Gigi

  • wut ?
    wut ?

    nobody: me: watching all the gigi goode and rupauls drag race S12 videos on IT-my and rewatching the episodes because it’s over and that makes me really sad UGGHH like i will never see a new episode of it again it makes me so sad got me though quarantine 👁👄👁💧(season 10 and 12 are my favs😃)

  • Sarah Phillips
    Sarah Phillips

    This makes me cry!!! Ugh! Gigi forever!! Lol

  • Emmanuel Medina
    Emmanuel Medina

    5:42 that’s so hot- gigi goode

  • TrueFace

    Now when I know what this orange look was basically ruined for this video because it wasn’t fitting on the mannequin it’s really painful to watch 😖😖😖

    • Victoria Finnseth Stenersen
      Victoria Finnseth Stenersen

      Huh, what do you mean?

  • JayJGAWDDESS Styles
    JayJGAWDDESS Styles

    I loveeeee GIGIIIIIII

  • Laura Hobson
    Laura Hobson

    You are a doll baby! You and Alyssa are my favorite!

  • Juan Trevizo
    Juan Trevizo

    I’m not sure why Michelle gave her a round of applause for dropping out of college. I get the idea that college isn’t meant for everyone. However, I don’t think you should receive accolades by solely stating that you dropped out of college.

  • Anya Malhotra
    Anya Malhotra

    SHE 👏🏼 SHOULD 👏🏼 HAVE 👏🏼 WON

  • CassSLAY

    I’ve never been so attracted to a queen

    • Victoria Finnseth Stenersen
      Victoria Finnseth Stenersen

      @sxmx goode I thought jinkx monsoon was super cute, but Gigi Goode reminds me of Bill Skarsgård and he's so cute. And I love Gigi's looks, and walks.

    • sxmx goode
      sxmx goode

      gurl, same

  • P B
    P B

    Reminds me of James Charles but does drag

  • Kevin Martinez
    Kevin Martinez

    Although she’s great I KNEW she was NOT going to win since the very beginning when she had to lipsync 😬 I was like that’s a wrap

  • ส'สายเมะ ห'โหด
    ส'สายเมะ ห'โหด

    I love gi gi goode. 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  • Margaret Ruth
    Margaret Ruth

    give him credit ru paul

  • Liam

    Why didn't she win, dear god ru you chose wrong, and the fact that you get to chose when all of the top 6 were better than you is beyond me?

  • New Age
    New Age

    Gigi just gets fashion, I'd trust her to dress me anyday

  • Louisa Clarke
    Louisa Clarke

    Gigi is so attractive it’s unbelievable

  • Kuro Desu
    Kuro Desu

    gigi do you have a IT-my channel?

  • Adore Gigin
    Adore Gigin

    I'm rooting for her since from the beginning. I'm a big Fan Sis! From India

  • taylor milano
    taylor milano

    So red bottoms are thousands of dollars and your telling me they are uncomfortable??? Wtf is that shit.

  • Lost4me1987 Bee
    Lost4me1987 Bee

    Self taught makeup artist are amazing !!

  • Jynxxy13ravedoll

    That button outfit got girlfriend looking like a sexy magicarp and I'm living for it! Also the pastel moto look is sooo Speed Racer.

  • d l
    d l

    Gigi goode will forever be my fav drag queen followed by juju bee and vanjie. Gigi made me fall in love with fashion all over again. Thank you Mrs. goode

  • Lisa Fenwick
    Lisa Fenwick

    so creative

  • Luan Azevedo
    Luan Azevedo

    Gigi was SOOOO robbed

  • Rebecca Brooks
    Rebecca Brooks

    Gigi in my opinion looks like Jeffree Star and James Charles mixed into one

    • Victoria Finnseth Stenersen
      Victoria Finnseth Stenersen

      NO! More like sigourney weaver + bill skarsgård!

  • Zuraina Alam
    Zuraina Alam

    Am I the only person that thinks he looks like the male version of Hannah stocking?no offense..

  • Anja AEL
    Anja AEL

    I like her so much. She is soooo Creative!

  • Cyndy Kated
    Cyndy Kated

    Love him on jeffree star’s last video😍

  • NY

    Who else is obsessed with his beautiful teeth 😬??

  • Tom Foreman
    Tom Foreman

    All stars 6 - Gigi’s mum

  • Vasil Gramatov
    Vasil Gramatov

    Gigi was the one to win for me!!! Very disappointed!

  • Bonbon C
    Bonbon C

    The real winner of season 12. The ending was too politically motivated.

  • Mars PeanutButter
    Mars PeanutButter

    This is the one and only winner of season 12. Politics robbed her crown.

    • Troy Hardie
      Troy Hardie

      @Asdfghjkl because she slayed the best..... Dumbass

  • Feby Budi Dayono
    Feby Budi Dayono

    I'm brokenhearted that Ru didn't crown her :(

    • Fleet Admiral Perry
      Fleet Admiral Perry

      So am I I literally wanted to cry 😭 BC When you Stand behind someone and look up to them and support them and you cheer them on and you have a connection with them and you wanna emulate them The Way I was Enamored with and worshiped GIGI and To not see her succeed The way she was destined to is very disheartening!

  • Clarissa Darling
    Clarissa Darling

    Gigi didnt win WTF.

    • Ella Nash
      Ella Nash

      @Droop Smoop That was a rumour and was confirmed incorrect by the show.

    • Droop Smoop
      Droop Smoop

      @Ella Nash Gigi also broke quarantine rules to film in a studio so VH1 had to force her to re-film at home. They would never crown someone they were considering to DQ in the finale.

    • Droop Smoop
      Droop Smoop

      @Ella Nash lmao they pushed gigi for like half the season and gigi isn't exactly the most politically aware person in this season themed around politics, so crowning her wouldn't make sense at all and would just finalise the riggery that did actually happen on the show.

    • Ella Nash
      Ella Nash

      Ikr. Rigged. It's probably because they pittyed jaida.

  • Art Thiccness
    Art Thiccness

    When report cards get thrown out the window, winners don’t get crowned

    • m .m
      m .m

      @Troy Hardie just like when shea lost against sasha. Same story

    • Troy Hardie
      Troy Hardie

      @Xavier johnlol oi idiot! You all would have flipped your nut if Jaida had the best report card and Gigi still won. Don't play games...

    • Xavier john
      Xavier john

      But Gigi was favoured multiple times so the trackrecord shouldn't really matter

    • Troy Hardie
      Troy Hardie

      True that. Ru needs to hand over the show to Bob. Period

    • m .m
      m .m

      @Victoria spooks ikr gigi felt like the winner

  • y2k Lstr
    y2k Lstr

    Told y'all jaida won

    • Cindy Anahy Macario Godínez
      Cindy Anahy Macario Godínez


  • Cam Morrison
    Cam Morrison

    Tell your mom to make you some costumes for. All stars girl 😂

  • Cindy Anahy Macario Godínez
    Cindy Anahy Macario Godínez

    Gigi was robbed.

  • Jay Bird
    Jay Bird

    Looks at tv finale. You can be the most polished, put on imaginative finale number. Or you can do little , yet win. Lesson for future queens. No need to over do it. No need to stand out .

  • Kalel Hill
    Kalel Hill

    I think we can all agree she is the real winner of RuPauls Drag Race Season 12

    • Xavier john
      Xavier john

      Is Jaida essence Hall

    • Victoria spooks
      Victoria spooks

      Yes ma'am

  • erik padron
    erik padron

    and what happened with cherry pie was never eliminated or what show

    • Droop Smoop
      Droop Smoop

      Well she was disqualified, so he was basically 13th of 12 queens

  • Massimo Squecco
    Massimo Squecco

    He has a lot of very long and sharp teeth! Her next race will be definitely the Miss Ivory Jaw Beaver Peagent.

  • Moondust Zr
    Moondust Zr

    I have been rooting for her since the first episode. Although the other queens are fantastic this year belonged to Gigi. PERIOD. #TeamGigi

  • leahsophia


  • King Anoush
    King Anoush

    I dont know what it is but i iust dont like this princess

  • Joshua Fazeli
    Joshua Fazeli

    Ew Michelle Visage

  • Horny Potter
    Horny Potter

    She really deserves to win this season. Seriously deserves it. But with the recent #BlackLivesMatter happening, I feel like they will give it to Jaida, which is also okay because she's pretty. I mean, no shade, but Jaida is pretty and that's it. Nothing more. And I've seen a lot of pretty drag queens already, so..I don't know. Gigi for the win! 😅

    • Xavier john
      Xavier john

      @Troy Hardie Gigi won two musicals, a comedy Challange and a sewing Challange, Jaida won A musical, a comedy Challange, and a sewing Challange (where you also have to do someone else's makeover). They both won the same type of Challanges lol

    • Troy Hardie
      Troy Hardie

      @Lea Gigi is fashion and slayed the runway, won snatch game and won both musicals. Girl Jaida won the dumb challenges. Please...

    • Yani Bella
      Yani Bella

      lol wdym? both jaida and gigi have a good report card, both are talented queens (both won a comedy challenge and a fashion challenge), according to the other queens jaida's the sweetest one among the other queens, nicky doll literally cried when she won the crown she was thankful to jaida the most. I was rooting for gigi during the first half of the show but jaida grew on me, she was unproblematic and a self-made queen, this top 3 were by far the best top 3 we had since s6. ngl.

    • Lea

      what else is gigi but pretty?

  • Mina Guobadia
    Mina Guobadia

    Imagine reading about her recent controversy and thinking she deserves to win.

    • Droop Smoop
      Droop Smoop

      Oh nvm Jaida won

    • Droop Smoop
      Droop Smoop

      Imagine the irony of crowning Gigi, the embodiment of privileged ignorance, in a season where the theme is literally politics and every episode ends with an encouragement to vote. This truly is the darkest timeline.

  • Ariom


  • jazam arce
    jazam arce


  • Victor Mena
    Victor Mena

    okay at this point. we know that gigi wins right lmao

    • Droop Smoop
      Droop Smoop


  • Taslin Pillay
    Taslin Pillay

    The background music is tiring.

  • Erick D
    Erick D

    This doll deserves her crown, the only queen in drag race history that won the fashion ball, the Rusical and Snatch Game!! She won the three main challenges of the season😍. I love Crystal and Jaida but let’s crown the one who deserves it because gave us a sickening season without unnecessary drama😗

  • Danuechelle Devantier
    Danuechelle Devantier

    Gigi for the WIN ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Kurtis Dischert
    Kurtis Dischert

    I want to see twins in Season 13 lol! when will that happen?

  • Tyler Smith
    Tyler Smith

    I'm surprised Michelle knows fashion, considering what she puts on her body.

  • William Harris
    William Harris

    Can't wait for Sherry Pie's interview... with a judge. 😂

  • FourLoko

    Michelle was fan girling. Almost as if GiGi won 😏🧐🤫

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