when you listen to sweden by c418 but you aren't a kid anymore
Durty D
u know what I mean
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  • Durty D
    Durty D

    I never expected this to get so many views nice but in saying that I'd really appreciate it if you didn't susbcribe to my channel for no reason none of the other stuff on my channel is remotely like this, not saying that to shill but I made this in maybe 3ish hours as a whatever upload to the channel but still thanks everyone even if you think this is doo doo tier nostalgia bait or otherwise

    • funny manhaha
      funny manhaha

      I got Vietnam flashbacks

    • Rami

      Y did u hav to meik mi sad

    • Zino47

      This video sucks ass and its only a little bit nostalgic to me.

    • Scnxxc

      Durty Deeds Done Durty Cheep

    • Eventhorizon Black hole
      Eventhorizon Black hole

      Hey I subscribe whenever I want!! Even if it’s from one vid that isn’t remotely like your others! And this was a damm good video!

  • Derpz

    I dread the day in which I place my last block.

  • Glebushidze Bel
    Glebushidze Bel

    Это, блять, грустно.

  • Lord Nebtron
    Lord Nebtron

    This one hit me pretty hard. Maybe I should log back onto my old world and play with my old MC dogs.

  • Cade Houck
    Cade Houck


  • Comma

    Brings back memories of me ps3 edition. Thanks. 🙂

  • 『Koo chie』
    『Koo chie』

    When a story ends,Another one begins

  • Mack_ n_chezz
    Mack_ n_chezz

    The same thing that makes you laugh, makes you cry

  • Frozcity

    I had a friend I played with, I haven't met been talking to him for the last 3 years and I miss those times...

  • Sauce ?
    Sauce ?

    Which is your memory Minecraft pc= like Minecraft pe= Do anything or don't do anything

  • Justin Anthony Sitjar
    Justin Anthony Sitjar

    7 years ago... Me: what is that you are playing? Older bro: its minecraft, its new Me: can i play it? In my daddy's laptop Older bro: sure, (Sends game to dads pc via usb) Me: lets play together Older bro: sure thats great (Builds underground dirt house, builds a zoo made of stone, made a crater with tnt and then made a restaurant underneath, makes a railway that goes to deserts and snow biomes) Months later... Older bro: hey i have an idea for an underground base Me: yeah lets go build it: (Builds underground base) Older bro: yeah its amazing Some years later... Older bro: no, we spawned in a jungle Me: Bro what about lets build a city, a city in the trees Older bro: a treehouse city? Me: yeah ( builds some houses spent months building some structures and buildings) some years later... Me: bro lets play minecraft, there is a new update coming out Older bro: nah man im still playing league of legends Me: but.... Older bro: next time bro Some years later: Me: plays alone* Older bro: whats that youre playing? Me: minecraft Older bro: hmmm, stuck as a kid i see, such childish Me: bro its our game Older bro: welp, im off to school, see you later Jus Me: k then, by Present day: Me: look bro, its dads old laptop Older bro: well, lets open it, see some stuff Me: opens laptop* Older bro: look theres minecraft Me: lets go play it Older bro: dude look, its our zoo, our restaurant, the house, its rubbish hahaha Me: this takes me back Older bro: me too bro, back, back home, a childhood that made us happy, now makes us cry, good times, (

  • Lxnely

    the lil dog at the end was sum different, if only i knew how easy life was back then😔

  • Adam Skan
    Adam Skan

    “i wish you knew you were on the good old days before you left them”

  • Keagan Rogers
    Keagan Rogers

    Yes. I know exactly what you mean.

  • WatermelongamingA1

    The books shot was my old school...

  • hoey Salads
    hoey Salads

    Stop hurting me!!!

  • CallMeSparkles

    Why am I crying , this is too true.... Sweden needs to be played at my Funeral

  • retrovcr

    Fun Fact: You only have memory of the last time you remembered something. In other words our memories are constantly fleeting. Life is too precious to waste, or be upset about nonsense. No matter how bad, or tough a situation is there is always bright side through Jesus Christ because no matter what He is King, and He loves you so more than we can comprehend!

  • Nizzi Nugget
    Nizzi Nugget

    I actually cried

  • Mips

    Man this hits in the feels. Im too young to be considered a 90s kid but too old to be in the TikTok fortnite army. Minecraft was my whole Childhood. All of those creative worlds with burning villages and big but ugly houses, those times where better (btw i didnt had the official launcher, i had cracked Minecraft. I have og Minecraft now, and its so freaking cool. My mojang and xbox game center or wth is called is ShinyMips)


    this fucking hurts

  • Nazerlath

    Machina bro good times

  • The Tricker Ayush
    The Tricker Ayush

    Wait, why am I here. I still play the game

  • I’m__ Dogbert.
    I’m__ Dogbert.

    Eat your cereal

  • MDL


  • USSF - United States Space Force
    USSF - United States Space Force

    Born to early to see flying cars and space. Born to late to be a 90s kid. But born in the right time for minecraft.

  • Flesh

    Knotty if you’re out there somewhere Captain, the crew misses you. The booty chasers will always hold a special place in my heart. Transformice players rise up

  • Lunar Plays!
    Lunar Plays!

    Song was so good they made a state out of it

  • Mihael the cat
    Mihael the cat

    *that why its ok for kids "like me"to play the old goods games what our parents played*

  • Raiko Ex Machina
    Raiko Ex Machina

    When that I heard that jingle from ssbb I really felt that. Time sure flies, doesn't it.

  • Who'sJoe

    Somewhere, someplace... a kid just killed his first creeper.

  • Dip Shit
    Dip Shit

    And so it begins... the journey back in time

  • Bloky Z Blox
    Bloky Z Blox

    If you think about it.... you might find your old friends in the comment section of this video, keep looking!

  • lamar-kingram

    That machinia really hit me hard

  • Chris Currey
    Chris Currey

    The best years were the 2010's. Amateur minecraft gameplay on shitty computers... those were the days...

  • IanSpace71

    Poptropica hit me hard, used to play that every day

  • Rummpot

    i remember when i used to sleep on that music

  • Appoddigare

    I dont care, i miss my childhood and i miss my teenage, i'm 22 and i still rock minecraft, i dont fuckin care

  • Hillel Merkin
    Hillel Merkin

    This is so heavy

  • h7

    *dun dun dun, dun dun dun dun*

  • R3AL_MarkManning

    stoppppp!!!!! :((((((

  • Fresh Philip
    Fresh Philip

    I got a Fortnite add on this video...

  • Marshall lee 63
    Marshall lee 63

    This song represents everything minecraft has that hytale doesn’t have.

  • Little Tree
    Little Tree

    “Those were the glorious ages.” - Mr Incredible, 2020

  • FrostyTheSpade

    Growing up sucks I still remember when minecraft came out on mobile back for iPad it was the top game i would spend hours on it now days college is all I have time for I'm gonna miss last decade Edit:Also rip CoolMath

  • Bread

    This is so heart warming ^_^

  • Blacklight Avenue
    Blacklight Avenue

    The sad part about my own Minecraft experience was that I only played alone...

  • Nine_Tailed_Fox 77
    Nine_Tailed_Fox 77

    I'll drink to that bro cheers

  • Nolan Karch
    Nolan Karch

    I’m a 2006 kid but I hat tiktok and fortnite and play Minecraft

  • aw8tingapproval

    This was the beginning of the resurgence

  • coconutmilk crazy
    coconutmilk crazy

    apple jacks cereal straws were underrated smh

  • Justinas

    When games were games, when candy was candy, when friends.... were friends....

  • Almog


  • iVladX 17
    iVladX 17

    Friend: Bye man, we ll build this tomorrow! Last online : 6 years ago

  • Omicron Lyrae
    Omicron Lyrae

    Dude, Dasboschitt was my favorite pastime


    There’s always a new part of your life to experience don’t be sad our childhood is over, be happy it happened and excited for the future. We are almost the age that lots of the people we grew up idolizing were so let’s be the people that the next set of kids will idolize.

  • Rileyisboss Boi
    Rileyisboss Boi

    All consoles, PC, or laptops aren’t gay or bad. It’s only important if your having fun :)

  • Mr. Manly
    Mr. Manly

    I hate you for making me cry and feeling old.

  • Chad Euphoria
    Chad Euphoria

    This video rips through my heart like alcohol rips through my stomach

  • Pharaonic Patriot
    Pharaonic Patriot

    I remember when I was 10 I always was sad that everyone called me a squeaker in online games and I wished to be older with a deeper voice , now I’m 18 going to college and barely have anytime to play and wishing to be 10 years old again without any concerns or responsibilities, man time flies

  • F

    Why the fuck are you crying? The game is not dead yet.

  • Coconuts

    The what's up everybody it's critical and smash bros brawl really got me

  • JL Castor
    JL Castor

    And thats makes me cry

  • JL Castor
    JL Castor

    C418 sweden makes you remember your childhood

  • 재민

    I remember the time when i was too young to buy mincraft : xbox 360 edition so i can play only demo version...now i bought minecraft xbox 360,one,pe,win10 edition but i couldn't buy old times i used to play minecraft xb360 demo. That's pretty nostalgic

  • L3M0K

    "It's time to go" Minecraft: "I was an great game?" "No, you was the best"

  • ImmaRefugee

    Who else was still playing Minecraft during that period when it was considered a “cringy kids game”?

  • L_T comments
    L_T comments

    I will always play minecraft. Always. I stopped playing the trash game fortnite 5 months ago. Fortnite makes me aggressive. I also play roblox btw. But minecraft is the best game. Although I haven't played in a while cause I have nobody to play it with.

  • Dakota Collins
    Dakota Collins

    And boschitt I mean he’s still posting sometimes and is online on steam so I know he will post again!

  • Dakota Collins
    Dakota Collins

    Good bye kitty0706.... “you were good son real good maybe even the best.” -Soldier

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