When you're trying NOT to look dumb in front of your smart friend.
Bro just admit defeat 😔 (Those words where for sure made up though, don't look it up😂)
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  • Plasma Gaming
    Plasma Gaming

    He is just dumb LOL “no offense” it jut means YOUR ACTING IS GOD

  • El Catrin C
    El Catrin C


  • Christiane K.
    Christiane K.

    But he has a kind of smartness, I mean he remembered the terms😅

  • recenome

    bro ik those kind of Friends

  • Unsettling_bread451

    This is Me explaining to my sharp shooter friend that dribbling is more than zig zagging and step backs and snatch backs

  • William Engel
    William Engel

    1:16 "2. In elementary school, children often learn about F..." lmao that ain't a real definition bruh

  • Sheeftala

    When you miss a day of school

  • jdm_rafiq

    Sry I don't speak smart

  • Alyssa W
    Alyssa W

    Lol I never learned calcistivhdhkgjgyugj theory in 9 th grade...

  • Rendr

    When you miss one day of school and you have a test on it the day after

  • OHTYCH 100
    OHTYCH 100

    if someone were to go to the fourth dimension that would be how it actually looks.

  • Black Suit
    Black Suit

    I'm the smart friend

    • DynamixX

      Ok then. What's 9 + 10 = ?

  • Brian Lee
    Brian Lee

    my friends just start making fun of me when i talk smart. ik they just jelly lmao

  • MmmmmmmmBacon

    My cardiac physiology lecture: The sinoatrial node sends a signal to the atrioventricular node and then travels down the bundle of His to the purkinje fibers. Me, just trying to survive: Either you sneezed or you made that up. Gesundheit.

  • Captain Wet Beard
    Captain Wet Beard

    Applying pressure to gasses creates cold, smfh

  • APDaBaron

    This what happens when you attend Parker instead of Ramsey. B'ham Stand Up!!! also.. :(

  • elisha martin
    elisha martin

    "No that's curriculum" "I'm not even in advance placement" Bro, where I'm from you get blooped for saying something so dumb.

  • Wilbur Warthog
    Wilbur Warthog

    Your sponsored content is about as natural as convincing someone they need an enema. I really loved your loot crate one. "Hey get loot crate BECAUSE LOOT CRATE I DON'T KNOW WHAT IT IS, BECAUSE I DON'T THROW MONEY AWAY ON STUFF LIKE THAT, BUT YOU SHOULD."

  • a c
    a c

    You guys can't go to the fourth dimension?

  • Marcus Rosales
    Marcus Rosales

    I'm going to stop you right there: applying pressure to a gas increases the temperature via mechanical work! Heat is not temperature broooo!

  • Kaimon Griffin
    Kaimon Griffin

    I just started learning about the pythagorean theorem today, and this video was the first thing I thought of

  • Rave Homard
    Rave Homard

    This is me with simple math, I’m taking 9th grade or 5-7th grade math and everyone looks at me like I’m Einstein.

  • Fan 2 Fics
    Fan 2 Fics

    Man said that’s normal 😂

  • Brianna Espino
    Brianna Espino

    "I'm not even gonna look that up for you" LOL.

  • Frooit Bunch
    Frooit Bunch

    Me everytime

  • rediron

    Yup... that all checks out.

  • LordSpankyMcPoo 420
    LordSpankyMcPoo 420

    I cannot imagine how much research he went through to fully create this video

  • Nick Boiii
    Nick Boiii

    Bro you know how applying pressure to gases create heat right? And vice versa? And you know how density is directly equal to the mass over the volume of something right? So this dude is gonna say that the way that we view equilibrium in stars is wrong because they found conflicting evidence using the theory of consigliotheasin. Like bro what? Come on stop. That’s like saying the constraints of distortional drift doesn’t actually hinder the progression of faulty and push field energy conversion because they found evidence against calcastaic studies

  • SID

    Huh. Thats why i cant find my dad. HeS InViSiBlE

  • Cameron Doerksen
    Cameron Doerksen

    "you never learned callcestic studies? thats 9th grade bro cmon!" im in grade 10 and ive never heard that word before lol

  • Nicholas Parker
    Nicholas Parker

    Ok, Let's be honest, Who else searched *_"FAULTIAIN"_*

  • Vansh Verma
    Vansh Verma

    Suddenly, after listening all that stuff. I am having heart attack in my kidney inside my head.

  • Abdullah Baroon
    Abdullah Baroon

    bro when he vanished i laughed so hard i did that thing where u jump and shake your head

  • Orochi Blood
    Orochi Blood

    Me talking to my console homies about the best computers.

  • Yocketer

    I'm that guy on the couch. I am that stupid honestly

  • lil drip playz
    lil drip playz

    I'm 12 and I don't even know what the smart guys words even mean

  • The Growth Paramedic
    The Growth Paramedic

    1:16 the second line of the dictionary where it says children often learn faultiain at elementary school had me laughing so hard!

  • ItsInvis Mitchell
    ItsInvis Mitchell

    the frick tho

  • ItsInvis Mitchell
    ItsInvis Mitchell

    333 k likes

  • Chris Kim
    Chris Kim

    Calkestic studies??? Cal Kestis??? Fallen Order???

  • Panic The Riolu
    Panic The Riolu

    The fact that I genuinely understand most of that, makes me feel like an absolute nerd.

  • Aaron Felix
    Aaron Felix

    0:45 losing brain cells

  • pento mento
    pento mento

    Literally bang bang theory sheldon :D :D

  • nPhlames

    Turbo encabulators in a nutshell

  • The Random Thoughts Of An Insignificant Stranger
    The Random Thoughts Of An Insignificant Stranger

    RIP to those who think the concepts are actually true.

  • The Random Thoughts Of An Insignificant Stranger
    The Random Thoughts Of An Insignificant Stranger

    Alternate title: How your nerd friend perceives himself.

  • Donovan Wick
    Donovan Wick

    why wasnt there an episode like this on big bang

  • Jesse Carstensen
    Jesse Carstensen

    Holy fuck I haven't laughed that hard in months!! Thank you Caleb.

  • Archmadness dr650
    Archmadness dr650

    I tried that 4th demsion shit and found this demsion and watched this video in this demsion and i cant find my way back and i dont want to cause hes hilarious

  • superjam18

    That demonstration was golden 😂😂😂

  • Anthony Marcos
    Anthony Marcos

    The “We learned that in 9th grade!” was so accurate

  • bird Samora
    bird Samora

    I dropped dead when he disappeared that was the funniest things I've seen all week.

  • Qui-Gon Bean
    Qui-Gon Bean

    Cal Kestic Studies lol. Did you get that from Cal Kestis the Star Wars character

  • Yohanes Fransiscus
    Yohanes Fransiscus

    one of the most accurate video I've seen

  • Worrior XD
    Worrior XD

    Lmao this conversation is when I talk a random conversation with my dad! :P

  • Hairo

    Me not understanding anything:

  • CptKnifeLife

    only just discovered you man but love the sketches xD

  • F0CKSY

    Who else is binge watching Caleb

  • zakiducky

    “I wasn’t even in advanced placement, that’s normal!” 😂🤣😂

  • Coding Krishna
    Coding Krishna

    Who's the dumb one again?

  • Jordan Ezike
    Jordan Ezike

    The sound effects and music are always so perfectly timed

  • Smooth smoothie 68 419
    Smooth smoothie 68 419

    Me in 9th grade: so y=Mx+b... ima watch youtube

  • Synct

    I saw the title and it cut of at the start of friend. So I thought it said smart fridge lmao 😂

  • Raghad Shukri
    Raghad Shukri

    2:00 opening exam papers like...

  • Poofy 1932
    Poofy 1932

    I have a fix for this. I just tell my friend "I'm dumb". Get's it out of the way.

  • Qxiz


  • SSG Live
    SSG Live

    You’re a liar I don’t believe you 😂😂😂😂

  • SSG Live
    SSG Live


  • Chris Jereza
    Chris Jereza

    nooo u broke the 180-degree rule, i was thrown off

  • Donte Rinckhoff
    Donte Rinckhoff

    okay this sounds exactly like my nerd uncle. the heck

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