White People Unnecessarily Calling the Cops on Black People | The Daily Show
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From Starbucks to the golf course to dollar stores, White people are unnecessarily calling the cops on Black people. Here’s a look back at our coverage. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #DulceSloan
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  • Brandon Reiner
    Brandon Reiner

    Look at this fool. I came here to laugh at this clown of a host.

  • Alei Crow
    Alei Crow

    Make sure to donate to blm so they can destroy a community near you

  • MrAstartes7

    Imagine caring about what race someone is

  • Nichole Pradmore
    Nichole Pradmore

    most time people don't like you not because the f****** color of your skin that because you're screaming or it's cuz I'm black it's not it's cuz you're an idiot

  • Verdant Hyborian
    Verdant Hyborian

    "Why do white people..." Hmm, maybe because 13 do 50?

  • Justin Ludwig
    Justin Ludwig

    How about is THIS really comedy? I want to know how much money it took to buy that many likes. I know they spent a ton making it an ad. It's the only way I see this complete garbage.

  • Maria Guglielmo
    Maria Guglielmo

    That person that was shot and killed cause this lady’s order took to long at Burger King. It’s so appalling. The clerk who was killed just started their new job at that store. And they lost their life because the burger wasn’t made fast enough. Disgrace.

  • Timbo Underskroll
    Timbo Underskroll

    Does anyone watch this show anymore

  • locomojoboy2

    Stop putting this hack’s videos in my feed.

  • Nichole Pradmore
    Nichole Pradmore

    Them fuckers would have call d them on any color

  • Curtis Broders
    Curtis Broders

    are you kidding me , any time a customer has a bad experience its racism , or make it racism. YOU ARE THE PROBLEM

  • Absolut Iceland
    Absolut Iceland

    What a trash show

  • Jacob Stammer
    Jacob Stammer

    F you for furthering the seperation that has become the divided states of America

  • Chester Patten field
    Chester Patten field

    I really appreciate the anecdotes to paint white people in a bad light. Really helps the whole race issue we’re having right now.

  • brtthys1

    Trevor is a douche.

  • Jordan G
    Jordan G

    Wow race baiting to the fullest definitely trying to divide a nation smh

    • SOULKING93

      But yet the country been divided. So... Lol

  • Jeff Borders
    Jeff Borders

    It's racist to make every little thing about race. You're a racist if you can't help but make every single little thing that happens about race. You're a racist if you say "white people" everytime you talk about people that are white. It's racist to elevate ANY race above all others. Today's black lives matter are the 1930s blonde haired blue eyes lives matter. Only difference is today white Christian families are targeted while back then it was white Jewish families. Hope you take all your racism and choke on it. I can't stand this liberal progressive race baiting BUUUUULLSHIT.

  • BoiBoi 333
    BoiBoi 333

    Who remembers when he was with Fluffy

  • Biff Danielson
    Biff Danielson

    As a German i only call the police on white people. Namely mormons.

  • J Dub
    J Dub

    It’s not just black people. White people love to call the police.

  • Lol It’s ky
    Lol It’s ky


  • Richard Grace
    Richard Grace

    So once again you have someone from another country telling us what we need to do and how we need to live our lives...if he doesn't like it here then why Doesn't he go back to where he is actually from.... oh yeah I forgot sputh adrica is a,complete dumpster fire now

  • Ryan Rigby
    Ryan Rigby


  • RobTha 5'9
    RobTha 5'9

    America is becoming a joke.

  • V.V. V
    V.V. V

    Know what black man nobody would have called the cops on? Your step father lololololololol

  • Synth Waves Matter
    Synth Waves Matter

    Youre not funny

  • CrAzyIze

    Make everything about race cause you have literally nothing else to talk about, funny meme

  • mluna7509

    This was like a year ago

  • Eric Anderson
    Eric Anderson

    Trump 2020

  • Whiteninjaenderman 101
    Whiteninjaenderman 101

    Wait i live at Phoenix I think

  • Justin W
    Justin W

    Why is this on Comedy Central? Just confused is all

  • syzzn

    Why the police were so idiot ?? They’re too paranoid like a junkies . They even killed the innocent groundhog just because they don’t expect how the animal would react smh 😭

  • Sean Johnson
    Sean Johnson

    If you don't like America go back to the crap country you came from.

  • Mike Mosley
    Mike Mosley

    Guess they could pull a gun and start shooting like its Chicago.

  • J Smooth
    J Smooth

    Yeah its the conservatives fault lol they are the ones burning looting and calling everything racist 🙄 🐑

  • Jargo Bordine
    Jargo Bordine

    Did you know 14% = 50%?

  • Jacob Luciano
    Jacob Luciano

    While those people should be ridiculed for being stupid, the title of the video is doing more harm than good

  • Chris Schellenberg
    Chris Schellenberg

    I give it to cornerstone carol. “Put that on world star” was pretty funny. Lol

  • Matty Burns
    Matty Burns

    Sure some instances are funny, but shaming women out of calling for help, doesn't feel like a good idea .

  • vincent Purio
    vincent Purio

    Seems all y'all need to look up some statistics.

  • Brian Graham
    Brian Graham

    Race baiting trevor at it again! What a piece of 💩💩

  • john atu
    john atu

    Psalm 17

  • LiquidNonja

    Karen's aren't always calling the cops on black people it's also happens to white people and others races. Also there are black Karen's but they are rare.

  • brand robert
    brand robert

    Now investigate how many times they legitimately have to call the cops on them

  • Hia dude
    Hia dude

    Lol Trevor Noah is a pretty big racist himself

  • Odious Ritual
    Odious Ritual

    In my opinion having bike officers respond to a call about two people in a Starbucks doing nothing seems appropriate. It would have been more ridiculous if it were a patrol officer.

  • Lewis Pemberton
    Lewis Pemberton

    This episode should be called "comfy liberals calling the cops on anything that moves while conservatives mind their own business (because they can take care of themselves) but get blamed by the media anyway for not being the target audience", but I guess that headline's a bit too cumbersome.

  • Yu Ji
    Yu Ji

    Man the daily show has really spawned some straight shit bag shows. And to think, I used to be a big fan of both John Stewart and Steven Colbert. I guess what changed is I became older than 16.

  • Evan

    Trevor Noah might be the biggest pos on the planet

  • Jon Denver
    Jon Denver

    Not crazy at all. They didn't buy anything. As if only blacks are refused restrooms if they dont.buy anything. And your yuppy ass rips on Starbucks but buys it everyday I'll bet.

  • Da Mighty Shabba
    Da Mighty Shabba

    Growing up I used to dream of moving to the USA..... fucking hell what a shit hole it is today. Shameful. A tragic waste of.... everything. It will be dust in 20 years. And all by their own doing.

  • aspen 85
    aspen 85

    Were never gonna let race go as long as we can use it for personal gain

  • Anthony Dildine
    Anthony Dildine

    Why are all these people liberals who do this yet black people keep voting democrates well Noah you keep telling your audience how racist America is well show them what you get paid and where you live ... I’ll bet it’s With those racist whites....

  • 10000Shard1

    I'm white and white people call on me

  • Bob White
    Bob White

    Let’s see BLACK people calling the cops

  • B K
    B K

    No loitering duh. Trevor your not funny

  • the5starwrestler

    This show really went to shit after Stewart left


    NBC an cnn along with Noah helping spread hate and racism and it worked with these people




    It's called following the fkn rules on private property and not acting a fool I don't think your funny at all..

  • roll tide
    roll tide

    Wtf it is loitering..what a joke

  • Zozik333


  • ASG Rides
    ASG Rides


  • Psyfi x
    Psyfi x

    Im glad we have reverted back to calling each other by our skin tones and not our history. Totally not racist. Thanks America.

  • Adrian

    10K thumbs downs from....

  • Mystic Crimson
    Mystic Crimson

    White person walks to the park Sees a black person White person: pulls out the phone slowly

  • Madness

    Cops should never threaten to cap a person no matter what the call is; killing a person should never be the first resort.

  • mattdayoungan

    All the people that disliked are Karen’s 😹

  • kn0wr3zz

    Racist clap trap from a bigoted show and host. Not everything is racism, stop feeding a bullshit narrative that white people care what black people are doing, we don't. Isolated incidents don't dictate the population.

  • Breian Micou
    Breian Micou

    I don’t like how they are laughing and making light of this situation smh

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