White Woman Who Called Cops on Black Man in Central Park Issues Apology | NBC New York
NBC New York
A white woman called the NYPD and accused a black man of threatening her following an exchange that started when the man asked the woman to leash her dog in Central Park. She's now issuing an apology after the video was seen millions of times.
NBC New York’s Checkey Beckford reports.

  • Łøndōn

    Huh what oh Karen cooper got ya

  • Ocean le
    Ocean le

    Her ego was being checked.

  • Shanika Weerasundara
    Shanika Weerasundara

    Appears so far, the Police has been the protection agents of white agitated racists? They view African Americans their country men like this? Pathetic..

  • j rice
    j rice

    The only victim is the dog

  • Ravage Gonza
    Ravage Gonza

    I'm surprised Karen didn't cry rape on him. Btw, young dude too are bird watchers. I'm a disabled war vet, 115 pounds of "toxic masculinity" but I still enjoy the smell of my flower garden and look at birds with my binos and rifle scope.

  • YO Naz
    YO Naz

    That dog is being chocked by that sloppy woman

  • Gabrielle Kirkland
    Gabrielle Kirkland

    F*** your apology’s cause you don’t mean it...

  • TheMemeStr IsMe
    TheMemeStr IsMe

    Oh yeah and she got laid off her job

  • TheMemeStr IsMe
    TheMemeStr IsMe

    Wanna know something funny she actually got her dog taken away

  • nate jordan
    nate jordan

    she sounds just like my x wife.

    • BeOne views
      BeOne views

      i wouldn't even touch that with a stick

  • Mohd Raymee
    Mohd Raymee

    Please call the cops on the woman dragging her dog...and not on the guy!!

  • Pika Chu
    Pika Chu

    This is a real problem not only experienced by black men as I have seen a couple of times similar attitude of entitlement by black women towards white men. Speaking about men in general I believe there is this tendency to being treated with suspicion. It is a form of oppression if you think about it, yes we need to have manners but most of the time we are being criticized for just speaking. Think about it for a minute, most men constantly regulate their voices to not sound aggressive and women are encouraged to speak up.

  • Ethan Daniels
    Ethan Daniels

    Black people need to go to a different country cause no one really likes them

    • Fred Bloggs
      Fred Bloggs

      Native American's would like their country back.

  • MarieBea Kelley
    MarieBea Kelley

    Screw her Apology!!!! She’s a dirty, hag racist

  • Trevor Traylor
    Trevor Traylor

    She didn’t have any remorse. She just don’t want to be called KAREN!!

  • Sam _ datboi2317
    Sam _ datboi2317

    He seems like such a nice guy tho

  • jhon thicco
    jhon thicco


  • Christopher Law
    Christopher Law

    Sorry to say but dog lives may too “I can’t breathe”!

  • blackheartedhatred_tcmx

    She wouldn’t be sorry if she wasn’t caught

  • Dexter Reyes
    Dexter Reyes

    SHE’S A KAREN!!!!

  • Brandon huffman
    Brandon huffman

    Come on woman. That last bit about now realizing not everyone feels it's a protection agency. You knew you would scare him by calling the cops and saying the a (specifically) African American man was threatening you. You also obviously said that knowing that chances were that he would be the one handcuffed and listen to last. You knew exactly what you were saying and what it meant for that man as an African American/ Black/POC man/male. Shit just as a minority in general. Your apologizing after there is backlash. Maybe out of fear, but I didn't hear any true remorse. She didn't admit that it was racist, and claimed she didn't realize not everyone felt safe by the cops. She isn't sorry in my books.

  • August Adams
    August Adams

    Why black racism doesn’t exist is because the extent of it is a white personal having their feelings hurt . . when a white person is racist it goes beyond name calling and hurt feelings. White racism can and has gotten many people killed and many men lynched for what she just did . that white woman specifically made sure to say “African American” because of the protection that has given her and her ancestors. If this was the south in the 40s he would’ve been arrested and lynched .

  • zaandamdog

    I hope the next president make a new law if people making a false call that they getting arrested

  • Thor: Logic of the Gods
    Thor: Logic of the Gods

    This dumb Karen knew exactly what she was doing with her use of the term 'African American'. She was hoping the police would arrive with guns drawn.

  • SwagBoyy RK
    SwagBoyy RK

    She didn’t want to apologize, she being fake af

  • Jasmine Andujar tavakol
    Jasmine Andujar tavakol

    White person: excuse me police there is a black man breathing oxygen please come quickly I don’t think he’s up to any good

  • Arlan Armon
    Arlan Armon

    Look at the way she handling that damn dog

  • Partially Human
    Partially Human

    Over reached lol more like showing her true colors

  • hydrolito

    Jussie Smollett faked an attack with two black guys and blamed two white heterosexual males. Why isn't he being charged either?

  • michael Castle
    michael Castle

    This nerd is a white man in black Face 😂😂😝😂😅😂 LMAO×5 hehehehe hehehehe hehehehe hehehehe 🙄🤔😉

  • Hunter RedDay
    Hunter RedDay

    damn right they don't have that luxury.

  • YouTube Addict-18
    YouTube Addict-18

    Stop wearing masks when reporting the news!!!


    Hey Karen !! Get on your knees and WASH THE BLACK MAN'S FOOT !!

  • Ifeelstressed_already

    Ahahaha. All I had to search up to get this video was. "Karen freaks out from birdwatching black man" and i instantly got the results I wanted loll

  • indoctus41

    It's nice to see the racists being pushed out of jobs for their stupidity. At least companies are doing somerthing about it because the cops don''t seem to care.

  • Graham Hillier
    Graham Hillier

    bravo for the gentleman for standing his ground against this nutcase.

  • rob carson
    rob carson

    American women stay away from me....

  • George Presley
    George Presley

    If she was a democrat before, Im sure she’s a republican now.

  • Adam is the coolest
    Adam is the coolest

    I feel like she’s too stupid to realize she’s racist

  • talkasec

    I am appalled by the hateful comments against this young woman all alone, clearly physically weaker. I would like every man who criticized her put their wives/girlfriends in the same situation. She was clearly protecting her dog and fearing for her life. Everything this man did was a threat to her. Please have a little decency you sanctimonious do-gooders. Oh yes, I am sure the video was cut and my comment will be blocked.

  • Daniel Dennison
    Daniel Dennison

    What about her rag dolling her dog around by the neck. She was literally choking the dog. She needs to be charged for animal abuse. Also filing false police report. People need to be written tickets for that when it's obvious that the report was a lie.

  • Lorenzo Williams Jr.
    Lorenzo Williams Jr.

    Much of this behavior present day can be attributed to Black men's obsession with everything white or nonblack. Stop emboldening these women by placing them on a pedestal. Then they won't feel entitled to own and disrespect us like this.

  • I F
    I F

    Leash your dog, idiot

  • Yellow Feather
    Yellow Feather

    Okay so Ms Karen here was afraid of what may be inside the treats, and yet she’s the one choking and dragging her dog, basically sweeping him a few inches or more off the ground. I’ve been following up on this story, and I understand she has lost her job over this, and even better she had her dog removed from her home, and placed into an adoption center, it really makes me happy that this poor defenseless pup is no longer in her care. And as far as Mr. Cooper on his interview with the news, he had the same tone of voice speaking with them as he had with her that day in the park. This man does not look threatening, he looks like a well educated and very well mannered individual. And she can apologize all she wants, there is no apology in the world that you can give someone once you have been racist and threatening towards them. I hope he’s putting this behind him, and he’s still doing his birdwatching and not worrying or second guessing himself about continuing his hobby. It’s birdwatchers like him who allow different species of birds to thrive.

  • Black Fantasy
    Black Fantasy

    Don’t think she deserves a dog as well

  • Yvette

    She's only sorry because she got caught. She was probably disgusted because he asked her to put the dog on a leash and it was her way of throwing a tantrum.

  • Andre Graves
    Andre Graves

    Who cares about the dog this video is not about that it's irrelevant and it's been mentioned far to much in the comment section. Her little comment about police being protection agents but some people not having that luxary and her just realizing it. Is a lie. She knows that black people don't have that luxary that was the whole purpose of her call. It's nice when Satan is exposed like this it's an eye opener. Both Satan and racist have something in common. They hide themselves

  • yes, i know I have a long user name
    yes, i know I have a long user name

    This is actually funny to me, she's crazy lol

    • Lorenzo Williams Jr.
      Lorenzo Williams Jr.

      Much of this behavior present day can be attributed to Black men's obsession with everything white or nonblack. Stop emboldening these women by placing them on a pedestal. Then they won't feel entitled to own and disrespect us like this.

  • Anthony Barre
    Anthony Barre

    Hollow word's shame on you

  • Storm Reaper
    Storm Reaper

    “I’m sorry I got in trouble”

  • Sue Louis
    Sue Louis

    I'm from a southern state where thousands of men are in prison because of similar lies. One man has spent nearly 60 years in jail for a murder he did not commit. As a 10th grader he was on his way to school when a man called him into his house offering him a Pepsi. When he went inside, he saw the man's wife lying on the floor, dead. The man called the police and they arrested the boy. The policeman told the boy that they knew that he did not kill the woman because the man had a record of wife abuse. He said that he would tell the warden the truth, but he never did.

  • Jared Hester
    Jared Hester


  • debbie h
    debbie h

    Lady please! You LIED and you are LYING NOW! You're not sorry! You are sorry and embarrassed you got put on blast all thru social media and now the news and EVERYONE knows NOW (if they did not know before) that you ARE a racist AND a hater!

  • Dark J
    Dark J

    I just feel bad for the dog

  • Born with a Golden Spoon
    Born with a Golden Spoon

    I have a black husband will overtake this. That was HILARIOUS. Her life is RUINED

  • hoomalumalu

    OK guys listen up, just because a black and a white are in a scuffle does not make this a racist thing. she is a KAREN, thousands of videos on youtube of these ladies. they are assholes, her getting on the phone to the police is not a result of racism but of feminism; all a woman has to do is say a man is threatening her, what did you expect her to say? There's a Vietnamese guy threatening me?

  • E M M Y
    E M M Y

    She wasn't REALLY sorry

  • E M M Y
    E M M Y

    ...the fact that she was...choking her dog... just makes this worse...

  • DylBa nanner
    DylBa nanner

    You’ve got a leash for a reason...

  • 1000 subscribers without videos
    1000 subscribers without videos

    Tf this was in my state... yikes

  • Robin Lennon
    Robin Lennon

    It could have even been a white man.she is saying she is in danger..

  • Robin Lennon
    Robin Lennon

    I do not know why her dog was not on a lease in a public place.

  • Elizabeth Chavez
    Elizabeth Chavez


  • Exposing Proxy Stalking Organized Harrassment
    Exposing Proxy Stalking Organized Harrassment

    She is a racist, animal abuser too.

  • Maria Magdalena Gonzalez
    Maria Magdalena Gonzalez

    narcissist always apologize.

  • Anita Astorga
    Anita Astorga

    She is NUTS! Really..... She dangerous to humanity and animals.. Lock her UP!

  • Zara Dimple
    Zara Dimple

    Cooper was breathing whilst black 🤣🤣🤣

  • Don Merk
    Don Merk

    Yes she’s a racist, but is she not getting hit with animal abuse too!? The whole time they were talking I’m looking in the back ground thinking, this woman is lynching her dog by her own hands. Poor pup, we feel your buddy. BLM! Dogs lives matter!

  • Abreham Mesgina
    Abreham Mesgina

    Can someone lock her up, she is a very dangerous lady. She can cause serious issues on people like myself who is coloured.

  • Lenox Sapphire
    Lenox Sapphire

    Why isn't there a hashtag movement for black men who are harassed and threatened by white women?

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