Why Did Thanos Wait So Long to Take the Infinity Stones?
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Wondering why Thanos waited five years before he went after the Infinity Stones and the Avengers? We have a theory...
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Written, hosted, and edited by Ryan Arey (twitter.com/ryanarey/)

  • ScreenCrush

    Apparently there was about 30 minutes of Thanos deleted scenes. What do you think was in them?

    • Lewis Elvin
      Lewis Elvin

      Ant-man killing him by climbing in his asshole

    • Charles


    • Christon Tran
      Christon Tran

      Ant man in thanos ass

    • Cyris Ikahihifo-Manuel
      Cyris Ikahihifo-Manuel

      30 minutes of antman climbing into thanus anus and expanding

    • Famburgler

      memes clearly

  • Dantdt33-0

    Doubling recourses would be really bad for the universe

  • Marcos Lohnefink
    Marcos Lohnefink

    What a bunch of useless blablabla.

  • Electi

    You kinda look like Scott disick lol

  • Yeddie

    “Fine i’ll do it myself” *literally waits 3 years to have the black order do it for him*

  • Unique Playz
    Unique Playz

    0:15 pause

  • Marhathor

    Or maybe he didn't double all the resources in the universe, because it's directly conflicting with the laws of physics. You know, just a... just a theory here.....

  • Mr Ferris
    Mr Ferris

    Wrong! Half had to die

  • Lee Finateese
    Lee Finateese

    If you take a look in the mirror and see that you are losing your hair... you are too old to take a comic book movie seriously...

  • Rock Universe Gaming
    Rock Universe Gaming

    waited for the avengers to be split apart from each other so it was easier to get the stones, great plan in my opinion since he wins.

  • Carlos.

    What a fucking normie cuck of a fucking guy.

  • Matthew Sheppard
    Matthew Sheppard

    Odin is clearly the reason.

  • Evil Morty
    Evil Morty

    He wiped out half the universe to protect it from Galactus

  • codeywings10

    I think the death of Odin was a pretty major factor. He couldn't safely attack the Star Forge if Odin was still around.

  • john milxer
    john milxer

    0:52 Mind F***ing Blown 🔥✊🏾💀🤦🏾‍♂️🙃

  • Mike Varosky
    Mike Varosky

    I personally always just thought he was waiting to confirm locations on all 6 before moving to strike openly. Thor even has a throwaway line at the end of Age if Ultron “this is the third infinity stone to appear in the last 3 years; someone’s playing an elaborate game, and they’ve made pawns of us all.” I think Thanos was using the one he had (mind stone) to bait out the others from hiding. (Like the power stone which was dormant for centuries and then shortly after the first stone came into play was suddenly sought after by multiple groups of unrelated origin and intent. The whole ploy was to get them in the open. Into the hands of people with no concept of what they were handling to keep an easier eye on it. Once word got around that an infinity stone was in play, and had been used, it would ignite a kind of desperate search for others by unlikely people. Not even mentioning that the stones are implied to have a will of their own (in Thor 2 Malekith talks about the Aether like it has a mind of its own. I think what Thor said at the end of Age of Ultron is the reasoning. He was trying to get all the stones (or as many as he could) moving in the open so he could keep tabs on the group as opposed to relying on whispers and rumors on how to find them. Plus, Banner and Stark work out a tracking algorithm to trace the Tesseract; no reason thanos couldn’t have similar technology for keeping tabs on stones whose energy signatures he’s identified.

  • milkmunstr

    Let me sum this up to save y'all the time. Watch the first scene of him we saw when he was in the chair. Bitch was barely moving clearly his legs were asleep. You gon' try on conquer the universe with you're legs asleep so you get that stupid pins and needles feeling that no one likes? No. He had to wait it out, wiggle his legs a little here and there. Shit takes a while to get the feeling back.

  • Ruairi Farrell
    Ruairi Farrell

    Maybe, there isn’t a specific reason. MAYBE, it’s just that IT’S A MOVIE FRANCHISE

  • Optic500

    He was allowed to only use 1 cheat code per stone that's why it took him longer

  • Mr. Legendary Crack Studio
    Mr. Legendary Crack Studio

    because he will get exposed becausenhe is a giant purple puffer fish

  • Sodolo FTS
    Sodolo FTS

    Plot and the past 10 years of planning every MCU phase??😂💯

  • Owen Lewis
    Owen Lewis

    He was making sure Cap Marvel wouldn’t come to the rescue

  • Maria lwom
    Maria lwom

    I’m just bindge watching all these theory videos. It’s helping to fuel my patience of waiting on endgame. Also there’s a few things I’ve learned about the universe that has made me a heck of a lot more excited. A few more days guys ahh.

  • Nash

    Save you ten minutes. Thanos is a lazy cunt

  • David Stephens
    David Stephens

    It easy. Waited for anyone who was a threat to leave. Odin, ancient one, etc

  • Neozzzy

    Guess: He waited because Odin was alive and as soon as he died he started

  • VKA_CarvedSix09

    Simple it's a movie storyline lol of course they had to make some cuts he didn't wait lol read the comicsn

  • Mytosis Misco
    Mytosis Misco

    4:24 Didn't you mean to say "space stone"? You said mind stone. ?

  • Aiditya Abdurrachman
    Aiditya Abdurrachman

    Thanos wait for his glove done. that simple

  • Pro GaMeS
    Pro GaMeS

    Cause Stan Lee would have bodied him he had to be patient rip legend

  • timothy ellis
    timothy ellis


  • Kurt Wagner
    Kurt Wagner

    Or perhaps Kevin Feige made it up as he went along ...

  • MCAlex

    Why ? Easy question Odin was alive When he died, he started.

  • Wolfgang cutthroat
    Wolfgang cutthroat

    Cause captain marvel woulda whooped his ass.

  • off_ _cloud
    off_ _cloud

    I admire Thanos.

  • CharlesDrafter11

    Odin collected all but the soul stone. He had a infty stone and a prototype glove a 15000 yr + old daughter that knew was a fake. so some stone locations where in asguard old text that's why Loki went to earth. The mind stone showed Thanos to Loki, to put ultron as a safe guard, Ronin and the glove builder

  • Samuel McCallister
    Samuel McCallister

    The Reality Stone (The Aether) was locked in an alternate dimension until the events of Thor 2.

  • Dying EU_ultra
    Dying EU_ultra

    the " doubling resources" thing is soo stupid. Just stop it.

  • Levyathyn

    Santos also can't get around really fast until he gets some of the stones. Without being able to teleport across the galaxy to the planet he needs to go to, he and his forces are as much slaves space travel and the limits there in as most other groups in the galaxy.

  • Oso 11
    Oso 11

    why do people who claim to be comic nerds keep saying "why didnt thanos just double the universes resources"

  • Bubbles bird
    Bubbles bird

    The Pewdiepie chair is so comforable

  • Jbomb 360
    Jbomb 360

    What if he wanted to know where all the stones was so he could get them faster rather than getting one, and then looking for the other. I mean from infinity War and guardians of the galaxy, we realized that a lot of people knew about Thanos and I'm pretty sure that if people found he was collecting the infinity stones, there would be some kind of really to stop him from getting all 6.

  • Ahzee

    Coz he's smart

  • Alex K
    Alex K

    Cos Peggy Carter was finally out the way

  • Lucas Ramey
    Lucas Ramey

    It wasn't his time

  • Check Out My Channel - gLancedUp
    Check Out My Channel - gLancedUp

    Give him a break. Even Thanos has his moments of procrastination.

  • Mikeasythegod

    Brilliant guess!

  • ProDoucher

    you can't double the resources and expect it to go well. Land is also resource. The population growth from all those resources will 1. destroy economy, 2. make huge boom to population 3. make the planet crowded. You might say "why not double the size of each planets" but when you double their size, the gravity becomes 4 times intense. which will make the population extinct for sure. Thanos' way of mass genocide is literally the only way.

  • Gerard Naviello
    Gerard Naviello

    Hime dal should of used the bi frost to remove thanos not hulk

  • Arminah Manalastas
    Arminah Manalastas

    1:20-1:21 😣😖🤢

  • Brady Davis
    Brady Davis

    Why did Thanos wait? Because the screenwriters hadn't finished writing, Infinity War.

  • Ballout

    He said he really couldn't find the reality stone

  • Vinyl Nightmare
    Vinyl Nightmare

    3:00 was that a pun??? “Aw, snap”???

  • canvas11xD

    Well if you make more resources. Then the whole universe, will over populate. Which will lead to him having to make more resources again, again and again.

  • Akatsukileader9

    They should have established it was because of Odin. You don't fuck with Odin.

  • TxT Peer
    TxT Peer

    Because thanos are patient |!

  • Dao Yang
    Dao Yang

    My theory is that he is halving the resources to make it undesirable for Galactus to want to consume planets.

  • Kronixs_93

    The older you get the more you realise Thanos was right and you agree with him lol

  • Abounimir

    dude u look like fake captain america

  • ma x
    ma x

    The gauntlet wasn't made back then though he waited for asgard to get destroyed so he could attack the dwarf place and make the gauntlet

  • Neopulse00

    The entire could have been summed up in a couple of minutes. He took long because he ALONE can't search for the stones. Because for every stone you find, it takes longer and longer to find the next stone. It's a curse (of sorts) to make sure that the majority of mortal races in the universe don't have the longevity to find them all within their lifetime and to ascend to godhood amongst the celestial hierarchy. Chances are it would have taken far more than 3,000 years to find it. If one person for each stone at a time is looking for the stone, then it would reduce greatly the time needed to find them. The downside is trust more than anything. Which is also a factor in looking for the stones collectively. Once Thanos knew that the: 1) Power Stone was on Xandar through Ronan, 2) Space Stone on Earth through Loki, 3) Mind Stone in Loki's possession, 4) Reality Stone in possession of The Collector, Then the last 2 stones would be possible to find using the other stones since you would use the Mind Stone to find out who knows the whereabouts of it and the Space Stone to move to anywhere in the universe. Thanos preferred having 4 out of 6 in his possession rather than just 1 (the Mind Stone). That's how this video should have been done.

  • Gs

    Because Marvel had to sell more movies maybe?

  • Thomas ANGELO
    Thomas ANGELO

    How about Thanos sent Loki to earth to see if Marvel Girl would be protecting earth....

  • Andrew Whitworth
    Andrew Whitworth

    Thanos had to find all the stones before he could begin collecting them. If he moved too early, the stones whose whereabouts were known would be scattered and hidden. Thanos' movements, once all locations were discovered, needed to be swift, unopposed, and decisive. The problem is gathering information. Once he knows where a stone is, he has the ability to get there quick and obtain it (especially if he gets the Tesseract early). That's why it doesn't matter if he gives the Mind Stone to Loki, even when Loki loses, the locations of the stones are still known. With only a basic knowledge of Asguardian lore, he'd know that the Reality Stone was going to show itself soon, that Ragnarok was impending, that Odin was old and weak, that Hela would be returning, etc. At that point, it's just a matter of waiting till you have all the information and then waiting for a time when there are the fewest obstacles.

  • guadalupe humphreys
    guadalupe humphreys

    he waited for the master of the earth Stan Lee we will miss him

  • GOOD Boi
    GOOD Boi

    Double the universe resources Nah thats not good enough

  • funnylumpy

    Since everything dont nake any sense anyway.

  • Beastinvader

    There's a retcon that they revealed a while back saying that Loki himself was under the mind stone's influence. So the best thing to ensure Loki's subservience was lending him the scepter.

  • Bobby Basic
    Bobby Basic

    He was procrastinating like most people lol

  • ben harris
    ben harris

    Thanos was not worried about any celestials until after he used the snap cause it insures a possibility that would kill some of them the snap affects all life in the universe it ain't just earth.

  • Turbo 86
    Turbo 86

    Why does everyone assume that thanos would have been better off doubling resources? You double resources and they are consumed, the population grows and then we quickly end up back where we started - only this time there will be even more beings and they will be less able to deal with it. Removing half of the universe isn't all about resources, it's possible that thanos' intention is to make people appreciate what they have and to not consume as much, thus allowing better civilisations to take place if the fallrn ones. See it all the time - houses being built where fields once provided space for kids to play. Forests being cut down, roads being built - industry taking over. All selfish man-made structures that only look to serve mankinds wishes and the need to accomodate the spiralling population. Economy is all people care about and it's clear when i see the same argument consistently with no consideration of other reasons! Thanos believes himself to be a hero, one who is "cursed with knowledge". He 7was given a lot of screen time and depth in infinity war but i guess if people call you "mad" titan then when they try to understand why you done things they will instantly pick the maddest explaination. The snap was not meant to simply give the surviving people more resources, it was to make them understand that they need to change their ways and it will lead to a happier future. Everyone knows that from an economical point it makes no sense but that is not the only way to look at it.

  • Mister Hypes
    Mister Hypes

    He had to wait until ant man was on house arrest so he couldn't climb up his ass

  • Uncle samsonite 69_420
    Uncle samsonite 69_420

    Because he’s a lazy ass

  • Jay C
    Jay C

    Why’d you take so long to become successful? The question in this title is so....I’m not sure what to call it but....lol everyone living being does what they want at the time they want to do whatever it is they want to do. Not only referring to the movie of course.

  • Hoang MVP
    Hoang MVP

    If you just double the resources, living species still be greedy and overpopulate those, and still kill themself anyway. By killing half of the universe, they will learn it hard way that they have to maintain the resources and human resoruces.

  • Joe King
    Joe King

    My theory is that much like Thor, Thanos knew all too well the prophecy of Ragnarok, and I believe Ragnarok is really the prophecy of Thanos, since at the start of Infinity War he’s the one who destroys Asgard (Asgard being the people, not the place, as Thor says). Once the planet was destroyed, Thanos knew it was his time to coil around Earth like the world serpent (while writing this I also realized in the version of Ragnarok I’ve read, Thor and the world serpent end up killing each other when Thor strikes the head of the serpent, and the serpent bites Thor, which is almost what happens when Thor misses Thanos’ head after Thanos kills Vision, whom was inadvertently created by Thor. Holy crap this goes full circle the more I think about it.)

  • Jazz Yiz
    Jazz Yiz

    IMO he waited for those harder to deal with to die or to leave. Ancient one and odin can easily defeat him and Hela is a big problem (unless they join forces) and maybe test if Captain Marvel is stil guarding earth? I dunno

  • mac ferris
    mac ferris

    Thanos cant just create resources out of knowhere... Thanos did the right thing!!!!

  • Omni-Emperor-King M Lifsey
    Omni-Emperor-King M Lifsey

    Sounds pretty spot-on.

  • Julian Damin
    Julian Damin

    So that they could make this video !

  • Murad Khan
    Murad Khan

    Because then there wouldn’t have been other marvel films if he took the stones instantly smh so dumb

  • can you sev my heavydirtysoul
    can you sev my heavydirtysoul

    Loki is not a supervillain, he's just misunderstood. In this essay i will-

  • Grimey Reaper
    Grimey Reaper

    He didn't want to get his butt off his chair when he heard of ant-man

    • #fromsomanyfandoms !
      #fromsomanyfandoms !

      😂Underrated comment

  • Julien Brianna Jagolino
    Julien Brianna Jagolino

    The tesseract was on earth with fury, but was inside a cat

  • WigglezUK

    I’m the 3100 dislike! Why? Cause of the cringey cut scenes at the start and though-out

  • Brodini Got Magic
    Brodini Got Magic

    So the other movies could come out. You awnsered this in 9 mins, I awnsered it in one sentence.

  • Deruzzi

    He is just like us, he likes to procrastinate

  • lilissa t.
    lilissa t.

    So if Thanos killed half the Universe couldn't he technically been killed too because he is ALSO part of the population??

    • Kakashi Hatake
      Kakashi Hatake

      +lilissa t. yeaa unless any of the avengers get hand of the gauntlet then they could Get rid of thanos in the snap of their finger

    • lilissa t.
      lilissa t.

      +Kakashi Hatake ahh ok I wasn't sure how it worked

    • Kakashi Hatake
      Kakashi Hatake

      He cant Die since hes in possession of the stones in his command

    • Joe King
      Joe King

      lilissa t. Yes, I believe so. I think maybe he actually was, when he saw Gamora, but the stones saved him, since if he got dusted, so would the stones and they probably didn’t like that very much. But hey, that’s just my theory.

  • 0g0dn0

    Thanos was definitely trying to play the long game and punk the various factions of the universe into the revealing the Infinity stones for him, but the deaths of the three most powerful beings in the universe probably made it easier for him to move against them once his ducks were in a row.

    • Famburgler

      odin .. who are the other 2?

  • Aryan

    But we all know how Thanos is gonna be killed Right Ant Man?

  • Nitro Mouthpiece
    Nitro Mouthpiece

    Quote "it can only harm itself" they retroactively put the mind stone in the scepter

  • Wienke 2020
    Wienke 2020

    I think the real reason Thanos was willing to give Loki the mind stone was because the space stone is key to getting all of the infinity stones. Get that one, you can teleport directly to each stone and just take it. Sure mind control is cool, but you certainly won’t be finding any stones.

  • ivica pavicic
    ivica pavicic

    i like your theories, very logical and reasonable, besides i think thanos is a lot more powerful than odin, ego and the ancient one all together

  • Morphic c
    Morphic c

    He had to wait for the cable guy to come.

  • Hell Xapo
    Hell Xapo

    HOW CAN YOU DOUBLE THE RESOURCES WITHOUT F*CKING UP THE UNIVERSE? 2 Moons? 2 Earths? Because there sure as hell ain't no space in Earth for the double of resources. I'm not trying to defend Thanos' perspective I'm just trying to clear that issue out Sorry for the Caps and stuff but I think it's minimally logical to think before saying such things

    • Hell Xapo
      Hell Xapo

      +Rant Animations 2 moons worth of resources

    • Rant Animations
      Rant Animations

      *The moon isnt a resource Also, they can double every planet(will fuck up gravity) but then hollow the middle a bit (will un-fuck up gravity)

  • Marc Tony
    Marc Tony

    0:50-1:00 if he wanted to do thay he would have to increase the sise of the planet because more resources=less poverty=death rate decreses=wayyy too much people. Every action has an equal or opposite reaction.

  • Eyy Dooga
    Eyy Dooga

    This guy has never seen a bare female tit in person in his life

  • Mayank Panwalkar
    Mayank Panwalkar

    People are always commenting random stuff so... Butter

  • DX90

    He couldn't double the resources because then the consumers would double as well

  • SamoanFan101

    The answer is simple. Thanos didn't know the location of the Soul Stone. Why would he go hunting for them unless he knew where every one of them were. It's like buying a puzzle with a missing piece. If he went searching for the stones in say Age of Ultron, he would never have been able to do the snap because the Soul Stone would still be on Vormir without his knowledge. When it was revealed that Gamora knew it's location, that's when Thanos began his stone collecting.

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