Why I Don't Like Reading
Jaiden Animations
does this make me dumb :(

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  • Luo Amily
    Luo Amily

    I love reading

  • Wolfie Animations
    Wolfie Animations

    Me: *loves reading* Jaiden: *uploads this* Me: NANI

  • gacha logic
    gacha logic

    Hi Jaiden I know you said no suggestions but I have a really cool book for you It's called the land of zecola I am not sure if there is an English version the real name is ارض زيكولا you can copy paste that into Google chrome if you are interested It's about a man who went through a tunnel and then found himself in a land called zecola If you do find an English version then I hope you enjoy it there are two parts I honestly think reading is fun every time you read a post a page you want to know what's next oh and the story gets interesting after he goes through the tunnel Hope you enjoy it!!

  • Elissa

    Can someone kindly donate a nintendo switch and the new animal crossing game? Quarantine and online university is challenging me on a new mental level!!

  • random mobile
    random mobile

    Hey you looking through comments read a series of unfortunate events in that book there's 3 orphans with a fortune and a killer trying to get the money from them with plot twist alot

  • SuperMarioBros12


  • Adi

    I didn't have reading assignments until the 6th grade and this made me fall way in love with reading before reading assignments

  • Gigi The Skeleton
    Gigi The Skeleton

    So far, I have little free time from keeping my one year old out of trouble and literal hair. And even then I just bought a bunch of DLCS for "South Park: Fractured But Whole" to waste what small time I have that doesn't involve sleeping. (BTW I think "from dusk Till casa Bonita" is glitching because I can't leave the DLC.)

  • Zilch The Grate
    Zilch The Grate

    you ever herd of the book; Of Mice and Men? That book is a bop and none of you can tell me otherwise

  • Brendan Todt
    Brendan Todt

    In elementary school, it was all about Diary of a Wimpy Kid. You were LUCKY if you could get your hands on a copy.

  • Remarkable Space
    Remarkable Space

    Because I’m lonely AF in Animal Crossing- Here’s my friend code:) SW-5954-0841-5697 Please-

  • Hippy Gusbig
    Hippy Gusbig

    Good job on #1

  • Bbb Ppp
    Bbb Ppp

    I hate everything about reading, from the lame stories and the fact that its so slow i NEVER enjoyed A SINGLE BOOK... Not that i actually read any, i just kind of Googled short summaries of a book that i had to read and thats that. But the big bad thing about reading school-assigned books is that theyre more boring than watching paint dry (im going to use my country's books as an example), like, do i really care about a story of some random dude with anger issues or a bunch of 5th grade kids that play war and some stupid game with balls. In general not all books are boring but the stinky ones are those which are assigned to you by the school system TL;DR I hate reading books that have to do with real life (love stories, historical stuff etc)

  • Electric Poison
    Electric Poison

    Me: Hates reading School: Oh here's a book that you could read. It's pretty good Me: Gets hooked to reading School: Okay time to write a six friggin paragraph essay on what the book is about Me: Well frigg reading

  • Mr.Meme-man

    Have you ever wrote a report for gym class? I have

  • Cie Cie Norman
    Cie Cie Norman

    Jaiden have you read a Warriors?

  • R Anderson
    R Anderson

    #1 on trending. grats!

  • A. M.
    A. M.

    #1 on trending, congrats

  • Kenneth and Allan
    Kenneth and Allan

    1 one on trending lol

  • Doggygirl 31
    Doggygirl 31

    Jaiden: I don't like books, they were ruined for me Me: *quietly slides my Wings of Fire books behind me* Me: I'm sorry to hear that...

  • Static Z
    Static Z

    School takes the fun out of reading Seriously though why can't I just enjoy a good book without having to find some hidden meaning and I have to figure out every single one

  • Lily

    Warriors... jeez I can’t. I used to read so much but then I ended up not enjoying reading because school just,,, ‘BOOKCLUBS, YOU CANT ENJOY READING AND YOU HAVE TO TALK TO PEOPLE’

  • CwazyFanGirl 123
    CwazyFanGirl 123

    I read fanfiction and that’s ALL I read. I read basically 24/7 and I only leave my room for a source of food lol. My sister and my parents are concerned. My teachers would be happy to know Ive been reading the whole quarantine lmao

  • Carryn Welde
    Carryn Welde

    But then I found a new books. Books that were inspiration, books that were interesting. Books that I agreed with, and books that had similar ideas as mine. It all started with "a VC memoir." Which would lead to more books, such as TCM, TSAR, POC, and OC.

  • DERRELL 8500
    DERRELL 8500

    I prefer reading over typing up stupid essays any day.

  • Master of Dragons
    Master of Dragons

    I love Germon Stilton and his kingdom of fantasy books

  • Heblue YT
    Heblue YT

    0:13 not true

  • Lore Master
    Lore Master

    Hah! I never bothered to read school assignments, so I was spared the same fate!

  • Noah Johnson
    Noah Johnson

    My favorite YT animators TheOdd1sOut Jaiden Animations SomethingElseYT

  • A Random Person
    A Random Person

    I like books. I hate having a deadline tho.

  • william mcneil
    william mcneil

    o i respect you, i am puzzled, tho for i love reading, maybe try some graphic novels to get started?

  • DarkMatt

    Me: Oh cool, #1 On trending! The Comments: Child: likes reading School: Insert make them read here Child : Insert unmotivational thing here

  • MateoisMouse

    Stop commenting people she isn't going to read

  • Sky 76
    Sky 76

    #1 trending tingz 😌💅🏻✨

  • randonn_nes

    Remember school that was fun. Wait no it wasn't.

  • Penguiking

    #1 on trending, sweet. Also glad someone else liked Geronimo Stilton

  • Queen Lamp
    Queen Lamp

    5:10 The reading never happen.

  • HailingHayles

    I used to hate reading too because of school forcing me to read books I had no interest in, it wasn’t until I was in a very, very dark place and needed an escape from reality, so I did something I never thought I would ever do, redownload the iBooks app (this was many years ago) and I found out I enjoyed reading supernatural books, I’m now writing my own and plan to publish them 😊💖

  • Abraham Moreno Edwards
    Abraham Moreno Edwards

    yeah i would have animal crossing new horizons IF I COULD AFFORD IT

  • Emily Rachelle
    Emily Rachelle

    I was that kid who read so much my mom would take my library books and kick me outside to like... move my body and make friends. One year she decided I needed to read more, like, "edifying content." For every book I chose to read, I then had to read a book she picked. Which were mostly Christian devotionals and missionary biographies. Instead I hid my library books at my best friend's house down the street, and we would spend hours in her room just reading our separate books. Nice try Mom but nope, still gonna binge Rapunzel comics and princess novels.


    It really amuses me how the 3 works you mentioned (To Kill a Mockingbird, Romeo and Juliet and Animal Farm) were ALL part of my 9th grade English curriculum. My teacher made us spend a whole TWO WEEKS just on crappy “symbolism”. EDIT: However, my favorite moment was the speech my teacher gave on how, if she could, she would leave her husband and marry Atticus Finch. I mean WTF! She was truly insane. But we did get to watch the movies, which although nothing like the book were actually really cool.

  • Day n Night
    Day n Night

    Mom: go outside Me: the What am I doing when I go to school?

  • MinecraftContent23

    Jaiden : “ I don’t like reading.” IT-my : *#1 on trending*

  • Deann Garcia-Salazar
    Deann Garcia-Salazar

    Dog Man

  • Elbomo

    Jaiden, do you know about the book called "Wonder" by RJ Palacio? Its actually pretty good!

  • Silkie Chicken
    Silkie Chicken

    Hi Jaiden, although youre probably not going to see this i would just like to say that your drawings are not only amazing but inspiring and filled with great advice. - I

  • Smg Roxx
    Smg Roxx

    Jaiden: I don't like Audio books. They make me feel lonely. *This video has beEn SpOnsored bY AuDiBlE*

  • Ana Ortiz
    Ana Ortiz

    Jaiden I just got a switch and then you add the switch in your video XD

  • TNTplays -fortnite
    TNTplays -fortnite

    Congrats on #1 on trending

  • EctoComet

    1:40 Me in 6th grade : *Finishes a Geronimo Stilton book with more than 300 pages in less than 3 hours*


    Everyone: Plays Animal Crossing Me: Still thinks that the game is about animals crossing a street/intersection or whatever. Yea I've got no clue what the game is about and I'm too lazy to check.

  • StixTheCat

    petition for jaiden to do a tutorial. Cuz she'll be the first storytime youtuber to do a tutorial.... James doesn't count....

  • Aboo Aloobade
    Aboo Aloobade

    Read manga girl

  • william mcneil
    william mcneil

    there is a series about a women living next to a farm, she lives with two cats and a dog, in the books all animals and pets can talk to each other, the pets help her solve murders, and enjoy spending time together, the main characters name is harry, its short for henreyita, the author is may rita brown, they have the whole series, almost, at the liberay, i think you might really enjoy it. also i just finshed the aeronauts windlass by jim butcher and its very good, i had mostly given up on jim butchers writting, you see he does adventure stories about a grown wizard fighting evil and fighting wizard bureaucracy, it like a hard boiled detective story with magic, any how the main character has depression but doesnt get help as the series goes on he gets more depressed so i stoped reading, i have mild depression. aeronauts windlass is great tho, excellent characters and a griping plot!

  • thatnerd1 silvanoahj
    thatnerd1 silvanoahj

    yeah i don't like music for the same reason i just listen to like gtlive or game theory or something. i also don;t like it cause the music industry is run like a mafia

  • Azubi LP
    Azubi LP

    Yeah ... reading sucks, but that didn't stopped my parents forcing me to read. I said that I read all the conversations in Pokémon ... that didn't help ... XD

  • Alex Boyko
    Alex Boyko


  • Toxic Universe
    Toxic Universe

    Am I the only one that actually liked reading assignments? I read so many literature books, plays, and fictional books that were really good.

  • Ya like JAZZ?
    Ya like JAZZ?

    Literally me too

  • Spaghetti Worker
    Spaghetti Worker

    #1 On Trending. WOW

  • South

    How is this not sponsered by audible

  • Doshgoneit

    Nice! The dragon pops in 🤓

  • Amaya Rose
    Amaya Rose

    Tell me why i pause the video and on the background i read something about a flaming chicken LTE??

  • Cat Eye
    Cat Eye

    the only books i read are wattpad fanfics

  • Sweet Stardrops
    Sweet Stardrops

    The book at 0:57 my sister reads. (She is so attached to the book and one of her favorite characters is Yellowfang) I might be saying the wrong books but the name is warriors and it has cats.

  • Helen Zhou
    Helen Zhou

    Congrats on #1 on trending

  • Tntg Gacha
    Tntg Gacha

    You have a cat allergy... Then I guess what you said in an earlier video “I will be personally offended if you do not let me hold your pet for at least 2 hours” Isn’t true. Because my fav animal is cats and I hate reading as I long as I’m forced too and that’s why I like warriors when I want to read it! 😢

  • Tundra ._.
    Tundra ._.

    I don't have a book to recommend or play animal crossing. But I play Mario maker and smash bros. A game i recommend is the legend of zelda, breath of the wild. The story is entertaining and quests always bring a small challenge or adventure. My friend code is: sw231844183311 *a d d m e, i m l o n e l y : (*

  • Brandi Thomas
    Brandi Thomas

    Kid jaiden reading a book at recess walks in font of a swing gets kicked flys in to the sun kid jaiden: aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • lenny chu
    lenny chu

    5 year old me after reading a thick dictonary for 1 second: *NOLEGE*

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