Why I'm Leaving California.
Ben Shapiro
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We are moving out of California. Here's why.
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  • Ben Shapiro
    Ben Shapiro

    We've been asked over and over and over again when we would leave California. The answer: now. See you in Nashville, gang! I've lived my entire life in California. Within weeks, we'll be taking our 75 jobs and leaving. We're not the first. And we certainly won't be the last. Terrible governance has consequences.

    • Kyson Ostrognai
      Kyson Ostrognai

      so close to indy which is perma republican

    • Aaron G.
      Aaron G.

      Welcome to Tennessee brother Shapiro!

    • Ruairi Rhodes
      Ruairi Rhodes

      When are you leaving earth you intellectual midget?

    • George Anderson
      George Anderson

      Nashville?! I'd have picked Memphis. I love blues music! Plus Elvis' Graceland is near there.

    • Suzanne Studley-Risinger
      Suzanne Studley-Risinger

      Do Tell! Why did you decide on Nashville?…What are some of the other places you considered?

  • Terry Vanhooligan
    Terry Vanhooligan

    Tired of the peepee and poopoo on the streets? or is it the needles and diapers? or is it the homeless tent towns and bad smells?

  • Eightup Okie
    Eightup Okie

    We need to start a program to get all of the conservatives out of California and take some of those Electoral votes with them

  • ANB1988BNA

    Should of to come to Texas

  • Supratube1

    Go Titans!!

  • Beavis Mcbeavis
    Beavis Mcbeavis

    Why do you speed up your videos?

  • dude

    Hey could I get you stay out of Virginia? We try and keep our state clear of BS. Thanks 👍

  • SPFrobber

    If you can make that move then do it. This is part of the open market. Good luck

  • SPFrobber

    Good luck to you

  • Bj Crowell
    Bj Crowell

    yeah, we let me say "welcome to Tennessee". the only thing you may not enjoy is our humidity. it gets hot and humid fast. you will love it here and again, welcome, welcome to Tennessee, sir.

  • Sharon Wright Weeks
    Sharon Wright Weeks

    Selling homes like crazy to Californians. We love you and welcome you to Utah❤

  • haastaboozia

    God didn’t cause the wildfires. Poor forest management and environmentalists has caused the wildfires. It’s the same here in Oregon. Stupid politicians and environmentalists have done it.

  • Paul nitz
    Paul nitz

    You people in California you think it's bad now wait till Biden gets in

  • Ask Why
    Ask Why

    California = The largest homeless shelter - ever.

  • Ask Why
    Ask Why

    Congratulations on the move!

  • Imy


  • Mike Kenner
    Mike Kenner

    You should hook up with Dave Ramsey! I'd listen to that in a heartbeat.

  • liftingcarbsdaily

    bye sknowflake

  • don semo
    don semo

    I've live in California since 1958. The Dems have really destroyed this state.

  • Jackie Burns
    Jackie Burns

    It’s hot and you’ll sweat all day long. You can’t go out without bug spray. I’d move to Texas I think. But good luck Ben Shapiro and family and employees!!! I wish you the very best!!!

  • Jackie Burns
    Jackie Burns

    But I heardNashville is a dump!!!

  • Mark TRUMP2020
    Mark TRUMP2020

    I’m also thinking at Nashville

  • Milla P
    Milla P

    I'm trying to convince my husband to move out of Washington state.

  • Katie

    Welcome to the South! You'll love it. Friendly folks, plenty of electricity, clean water for all, and lower taxes await you!

  • Hector Castellanos
    Hector Castellanos

    Can afford LA . sad fuck

  • Jube Jubin
    Jube Jubin

    Darn, i used to love watching LAPD videos, now they won't have anything to video soon

  • Loris Patton
    Loris Patton

    Please come to Texas!

  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ

    Ben you better run for president in 2024

  • Tim Yang
    Tim Yang

    brother i'm leaving too!

  • Jan Enemark
    Jan Enemark

    Could you please leave youtube, no, the planet, pleeeeaaase.

  • Scouter

    I went to California in the late 90's as blown away at the clean, beautiful and prosperous state. Then I visited last year and was blown away at the filth, ugly and sad conditions. The failure of the State leadership is of disastrous proportions. Why any would vote for any of the current "leadership" state, city or federal is hard to fathom. Why would anyone vote for those responsible for taking a golden eggs and letting it rot?

  • Maurice Burnett
    Maurice Burnett

    Soft white underbelly is the greatest most addicting IT-my channel If you really American you would check it out

  • Gaines Lawrence
    Gaines Lawrence

    fight the culture war sign the petetion chng.it/znBwQXzqpL

  • Fresh Start Boys
    Fresh Start Boys

    Good for you.


    Welcome to the great state of Tennessee!

  • lahra

    Good LEAVE! Bye!

  • Mike MakesRight
    Mike MakesRight

    I just wonder when it will become a reality too large to ignore for even the most hard-core Leftists?

  • Kamon Reynolds - Tennessee's Bees
    Kamon Reynolds - Tennessee's Bees

    Cali is a beautiful state! Run by Ugly Socialist! Welcome to TN a Land flowing with Honey!

  • Kate Lane
    Kate Lane

    I Born and raised...I left 10 years ago. I'd never go back.

  • Amy Akins
    Amy Akins

    I can't believe that Nancy Pelosi is still in office!

  • MusicLover9379

    Everyday I thank god that I don't live in California.

  • Anthony

    hey you had to ask the wifey for permission... I'm glad she gave you the ok... 👍

  • Sir- Jarrad
    Sir- Jarrad

    Take a holiday in australia Ben:) summers nearly here and covid 19 restrictions are lifting

  • Gustavo Medrano
    Gustavo Medrano

    BYE 👋

  • ASMR Food Bank
    ASMR Food Bank

    Keep voting red

  • M S
    M S


  • MothHXP

    well we wont miss you

  • Jax main Joe
    Jax main Joe

    Is he moving to Tennessee or Florida? Knowles said he moved to Florida so know I am confused

  • Kathy Collier
    Kathy Collier

    Welcome to TN. You will love Nashville and the surrounding areas.

  • pierre armand
    pierre armand

    Thanks for leaving.

  • Chris Murray
    Chris Murray

    Crawl out of your own ass for a second & realise your own irrelevance in other people's lives. If you disappeared off the screen never to be seen again, people would just switch channels. I wish you well with your move & hope that you will be happy. Those that may lose their job as a result of this, I wish you good fortune in finding a better job with someone else, preferably with a bit of humility :)

  • Michael Jones
    Michael Jones

    California is full of the stereo typical people it's known for. People fleeing the state a coincidence? No.

  • Rebecca Rowe
    Rebecca Rowe

    Good Luck in Tennessee! We are probably not far behind!

  • Chris Brown
    Chris Brown

    Hey Ben, I understand why you'd want to leave California because it's just terrible. The homelessness and rat infestation is unacceptable. I'd pray for a solution but it appears to be our problem.

  • buddybahama

    Hey Joe, I left 12 years ago. What took you so long!

  • MetroworldTV

    We won't miss you. Maybe Californians should move to Tennessee and turn that blue, too!!

  • NTS Akimbo
    NTS Akimbo


  • Bryan Trevino
    Bryan Trevino

    I'm in Illinois..........totally get it, good for you

  • Katie

    Shoulda moved to Chattanooga. EPB fiberoptic is awesome, cheaper living than Nashville, 30 min flight to Atlanta from CHA. The best airport in the world to go through security.

  • Kevin Crisler
    Kevin Crisler

    Nice Ben we love you

  • forgettem

    Move somewhere else. Nashville is full!!!!

  • Solar Flare
    Solar Flare

    Soon the Independent People's Republic of California, I mean the government is going to be the only residents there.

  • I KingVPanda I
    I KingVPanda I

    Please stay in CA. Move right on top of the fault line

  • Mark Symonds
    Mark Symonds

    California dreaming - California screaming - California leaving.

  • DMA

    He's leaving California because he's a bitch and can't find success in one of the worlds biggest most prosperous economies. Poor little guy...

    • The Common Sense Conservative
      The Common Sense Conservative

      Dude is with 25 million....lol yeah not a success.

  • Jon Doe
    Jon Doe

    I really hope more business owners do the same thing.

  • Holly Moody
    Holly Moody

    This is what happened to Detroit in the 60s and we all k ow what happened after that! Murder Capital

  • Savi Chishi
    Savi Chishi

    It's funny because nobody cared, nobody asked, and we won't miss you🧡🧡

  • Nick Redemption
    Nick Redemption

    Horribly governed yet California is the 5th highest economy in the world

    • The Common Sense Conservative
      The Common Sense Conservative

      For now...

  • Null

    Everyone leaving California are moving to Red States, and with a few exceptions like Shapiro, most of them are liberals. Texas which has been a solid red strong hold for decades is about to become a swing state because of right wing propaganda videos like this that aim harm to Liberal States. I knew the GOP were dumb but I didn't think they were fully retarded lol

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