Why Loud Audio SUCKS
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Loud music can damage your hearing, but it can also be bad for sound quality and the speakers themselves because of something called clipping.
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  • mackan072

    World of tank is "free to win" now? Are the battles really decided by skill rather than amount of DLC as stated, when they sell premium shells, for real money? Or has all of that changed?

  • George Li
    George Li

    Is it just me or is Linus stopped placing ads in his videos?

  • El Shedars
    El Shedars

    Modern music is clipped or distorted :'(

  • Pavel

    Not only loud audio sucks also world of tanks :/

  • TecHDong

    *_I am LOVE your video. S always watching. Thank you!_*

  • Marwin Talens
    Marwin Talens

    When my subwoofer is at max my amp asks more then my psu can handle, so it turns off. Gotta love those PC power supplies, the only problem is that my windows will rattle at those volumes

  • Arnav Behari
    Arnav Behari

    My 12 inch Subwoofer can go as loud your ears will allow and far beyond. Without clipping cuz I have Decent Amp powering the system.

  • Bill Lambert
    Bill Lambert

    This guy car stereos.

  • Chan Cole
    Chan Cole

    yeah i have an oscillioscope at my disposal..

  • Marko Bolozan
    Marko Bolozan

    Your right sleeve is clipping

  • WolfFrame

    2:26 lol I have the same speakers

  • madb 13
    madb 13

    Clipping is when the bandwidth is to narrow so the higher/lower or both, frequencies are cut off. What you are referring to is distortion, ie over driving or under powered the speakers.

  • JFProductions

    1:15 remove that thread from your right sleeve! *angry face*

  • Hui Rong
    Hui Rong

    Lol I just thought 'Hahas, it is like clipping ur nails'. Immediately debunked :p

  • Mathieu Côté
    Mathieu Côté

    Note for editor: on a potentiometer if your turn it clockwise, you raised it volume. so this animation is wrong. + if im not mistaken clipping in speaker because of it is too loud is not related to the power supply being too low. + when you showed clipped audio signal in waveform, that clipping is due to how you recorded tha snignal see Gain or preamps level.

  • AceDecade110

    That game advertisement was TANKTASTIC! Suddenly enthusiastic towards the game I thought I'd never try

  • scbtripwire

    World of Tanks is definitely pay to win... you can buy premium ammo to gain an edge against other players.

  • john doe
    john doe

    Its been some time since I've dabbled in home theater but i remember my first build recieved mechanical damage from having a speaker take in more power than it could handle. If the speaker can take in say 100w, get an amp that outputs 33w. Basically 1/3 to avoid giving the speaker too much power and causing damage when turning the amp knob to 11.

  • august D
    august D

    feels good when you can clip someone in World of Tanks :D

  • daniel parker
    daniel parker

    Title is pretty misleading ngl, loud music is good distorted or clipped music is bad

  • 道 ॐ ब्रह्मन्
    道 ॐ ब्रह्मन्

    I can't stand music that is "mastered" to be constantly loud, almost clipping all the time. It wears me out and makes me tired. Better to be dynamic.

  • nelson statt
    nelson statt

    The speakers I have plugged into my TV are klipsch so high end loud speakers lol

  • Selena Bostick
    Selena Bostick

    ... is this the same person?!???

  • ZXomegaXAN

    World of Tanks... "Free to WIN!" If only that were the case...

  • Exit0ne

    Why loud music sucks? techno happened...

  • jaime diaz
    jaime diaz

    Low quality Mp3 downloads

  • Kornweed KW
    Kornweed KW

    ya said it just right tbh

  • Robot7I4

    In my opinion You are wrong in few aspects. In my experience it's better actually if your speakers can handle more power than amplifier can produce(10-20% more), but they really need to be right impedence. And last step to preserve good quality sound is to never turn the volume knob beyond roughly 95% of the volume.

  • Iván Ospina
    Iván Ospina

    Wow!! Finally a useful Techquickie video without mentioning how good is AMD and how tyrant is Intel.

  • Grand Flex Johnson: John Jhon Jon Jonathan IV
    Grand Flex Johnson: John Jhon Jon Jonathan IV

    i just take my entire nails off and absorb them for nutrients :(

  • mark hernandez
    mark hernandez

    3:05 Steve Meade Designs sells a distortion detector(DD-1) and crossover calibrater (CC-1) for fine tuning your amplifier.

  • MrRom92DAW

    Nice to see this video on amp clipping but it would be nice to see a video on the “loudness war” and bad mastering practices - more often than not these days the clipping is baked right into the audio!

  • Zard

    another wannabe geek with a clickbait trying to make u watch his vid with elaborate explanations in hopes making money off your views.

  • TriBlurr

    3:38 wrong. As somebody with 3+ years of experience in world of tanks, world of tanks is not free to win. Free to play sure, but if you want to be competitive in the game you need to pay to buy better tanks. Wot is a perfect example of pay to win.

    • TriBlurr

      3:48 the game is not historically accurate either. Many tanks are made up and designed to be cash grabs while the actual tanks that are real use the wrong guns. Not to mention they suck. The tiger 1 and 2 are complete jokes in the game and people will make fun of you for playing it because it's that bad. Not to mention the community is toxic too.

  • The Crossover
    The Crossover

    Why clickbait sucks I love my loud ass car audio 🎶

  • AdrianJayeOnline

    simple, clipping adds a DC component which blows your speaker............. 5 minutes of your life saved


    Never thought i would someone Talk about clipping that is not a Producer , nice Video and good tip with the osc.

  • Joshua Bowden
    Joshua Bowden

    It’s hard to find speakers that have good spl and a high sensitivity. DIY audio and home theatre is pretty complicated if you want good sound. A good set of powered HiVi Swans or Edifiers will be better than 90% of the stuff you could get for the same price.

  • Starfals

    I got NO idea why Loud Audio Sucks, but I'm sure my neighbors know 😂😏⚔

    • Mariel Petterson
      Mariel Petterson

      Don't let them kill you

    • Knighty Knight
      Knighty Knight

      ahhahahahahahaha good one lolol

  • Sam Batenburg
    Sam Batenburg

    and remember, shit in is shit out. so if you hook up your phone to the over dimentioned amp, and run the phone too loud to the point the phone line signal is clipping. yeah.... things are still sound distorded. and the clipping input signal (because the wave is deformed) can still damage the speakers, even if not pushed to the max.

  • Dandik Atölye
    Dandik Atölye

    Says “Turn down the volume” Twists the knob clockwise &D

  • Dandik Atölye
    Dandik Atölye

    Louness is not the thing that sucks, it is the crappy amp and huge speakers combination.

  • Bo Diddly
    Bo Diddly

    The Irish pennant hanging from James's Right sleeve is disturbing.

  • Jim Ro
    Jim Ro

    Very wrong the tweeter gets damaged from clipping at LOW frequencies. For a tweeter low is 1k-3k.

  • Jim Ro
    Jim Ro

    No no no very incomplete

  • gameflux

    Cool !

  • Lennard R.
    Lennard R.

    DONT Connect big speakers to your headphone amp. You will quickly damage your amp

  • KuruGDI

    3:29 why did you cut right when those stupid air pods fall out of his ears. Thats the apple quality you should show on the channel!

  • The Angry Intellect
    The Angry Intellect

    You know what.. I hate the fact that I'm an ultra I.T. tech guy and I still watch random Linus media clips out of interest. I should be better than this.. 🤔

  • Danny Excellent
    Danny Excellent

    Tech quickie needs a real acoustic person

  • ネーナ・トリニティ

    *plays obnoxious rave dubstep mix*

  • Niek de Wit
    Niek de Wit

    2:19 oops

  • sarthak

    Music producers liked that

  • Sam Skellern
    Sam Skellern

    Explains why car audio headunits are rubbish with a measly 12-14v going to them!

  • Ludovic

    2:45 more power in your amp than your speakers can accept ? Perfect way to kill your speakers ! You should level them or buy slightly less powerful amp than your speakers.

  • Acey A Bee
    Acey A Bee

    Loud audio only sucks if you put max volume on this video

  • hyou zan ren
    hyou zan ren

    I now need help from the higher power for my speaker!

  • Abdul Wahab Ghulam Muhanmad
    Abdul Wahab Ghulam Muhanmad

    James: Free-to-win James (again): 1 week access to premium Everyone:

  • TheButterMan

    Is this video supposed to be sponsored by beats by dre or is it all intentionally supposed to be retarded

  • Björn-adil Samni
    Björn-adil Samni

    Naahh i dont have that isseu, i already have 4 jbl boomboxes and the jbl bar 5.1, gotta love all that bass😝

  • Sławek B.
    Sławek B.

    Just a gentle reminder that most of the modern music is clipped anyway right outta studio. That's the way it is now.

  • Al R
    Al R

    1:55 yeah, run a guitar amplifier designed for distortion with a normal speaker lmao

  • Kisato Synthstar
    Kisato Synthstar

    I don't really have juge speakers in my room. I do however have a pair of Sennheiser IE80. The max sound pressure is set at 125dB. It's insane for a pair of earphones, ans I still have to see a higher number than this (on earphones at least)

  • Ellery Ballou
    Ellery Ballou

    Lmao did they really just make an entire video about clipping

  • Lucas Lore Mayo
    Lucas Lore Mayo

    World of tanks sponsor, free to win... *laughs in obj 252u*

  • thecocopopscroc

    Yeah my system doesnt clip 150 watts per channel 5 times volume ain't a problem in my house

  • michael wittmann
    michael wittmann

    3:40 press x to doubt - ex wot player

  • Robert Earl Reynolds
    Robert Earl Reynolds

    Small Amps kill Large Speakers

  • Kak Klalamana
    Kak Klalamana

    "Clipping... This is something you never want to happen." Guitarists would like to disagree.

  • 3A ITnMedia
    3A ITnMedia

    Wrong Wrong Wrong. This video clip is full of technical errors. You guys need to speak to an audio specialist to know the difference between analogue vs digital audio clipping. Check this link as an example: www.realhd-audio.com/?p=2181#:~:text=Analog%20electronics%20can%20still%20output,how%20it%20distorts%20than%20digital.&text=Unlike%20analog%20clipping%20that%20smoothly,clipping%20is%20gentle%20or%20smooth.

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