Why smart people buy used iPhones!
Nick Ackerman
Why smart people buy used iPhones! - In this video we explain the reasons why buying a good condition used Apple iPhone is a wise choice! If you have any questions, comments, concerns, please be sure to go ahead and leave them down below in the comment section of this video. As always, thank you for watching and be sure to well and peace.
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  • Nick Ackerman
    Nick Ackerman

    Why smart people buy used iPhones! Do you buy used iPhones? Comment below and enjoy the content :)

    • Sin Sity
      Sin Sity

      All my iPhone have been used pre certified my se and 6 came from offerup my 2nd se came from swappa.com and now my 7+ is coming from Verizon 2 things I refuse to do is pay for a expensive phone and go back to Android

    • 2wheelphoto

      I'd not buy a used iPhone because, batteries and you don't know what that person did to that phone before they sold it to you. I'd buy refurbished from Apple, but not used.

    • Game highlights TV
      Game highlights TV

      Where can I get a used iPhone?

    • Walter Parij
      Walter Parij

      I generally get my son's hand me ups: when he gets the latest, he sells me the model he's replacing. Not every one may be able to do this, I know, but if you have a relative that is uprgading and willing to sell the previous model, take advantage.

    • Hjimpie_splatoon

      I want to buy a refurbished iPhone 11 or a XS once the 12 comes out

  • gaby michelle
    gaby michelle

    I bought a used iPhone 11 in perfect condition with 100% battery and at like $100 less than retail price


    just bought the iPhone 8. it cost around $240


    just bought the iPhone 8. it cost around $240


    just bought the iPhone 8. it cost around $240


    just bought the iPhone 8. it cost around $240

  • Keiko Kuribayashi
    Keiko Kuribayashi

    Smart people dont buy an iphone at all

  • Fortunate Mtshali
    Fortunate Mtshali

    I’m in love with my iphone8

  • Geovanni Mondragon
    Geovanni Mondragon

    I still have an iPhone 7 Plus and my battery has degraded to 74% 😭

  • Paramesh Paramesh
    Paramesh Paramesh

    Because apple sets too much prices, atleast 4000 mah battery don't had iPhone,, heavy user put charge 4 times per day, that's why save money, go buy second hand iPhone

  • Sambit Singh
    Sambit Singh

    nice one...👍Here in India...we do have network freedom to use any carrier/SIM with our devices...am quite keen on upgrading my 8plus to a 11 pro max (used)...have never bought a used iPhone & trying to explore...my only concern is to check the device thoroughly before purchase...specially the battery health & few other areas...

  • kristian strid
    kristian strid

    nooo, smart people buy an android Bring it, i do not care abute youre Iphone and what you have to say.

  • BB Q
    BB Q

    Just bought an Iphone XS space gray 256 gb mint condition with no scratches front and back with 95% battery capacity for just $450 after shipping and tax.

  • Liam

    Only a fool would buy a used iPhone with its used up battery

  • Terence Caron
    Terence Caron

    And then you realize you need to replace the battery sooner than someone with a new iPhone, and you regret following the advice of a youtuber

  • Charles Drunk
    Charles Drunk

    Should i buy used oneplus 6t or used pixel 3xl or used iPhone 8 plus

  • Tony Burns
    Tony Burns

    Video didn’t age well buying that iPhone 8

  • Johnnie Manson
    Johnnie Manson

    I buy used iPhones to flip them. Of course, with covid 19, things have dried up. Kind of miss the hustle.

  • tharveenkumar_

    With the release of iPhone SE 2020 , it's a much better deal than buying an iPhone 8

  • TrentKae

    Amazon renewed is an awesome way to go. I just got an iphone xs 256gb for $500 and its practically brand new. No scratches, no scuffs, no damage at all. Basically got a brand new phone without the box for half the price

  • Florin D
    Florin D

    I’ve always had used phones and been lucky all the time with the quality. I have an i7 used, changed rhe battery myself (20$) and an iPh SE for travel backup; got it for 30$ and changed the screen and battery for 20$.

  • mohammed kj12
    mohammed kj12

    I buy new iPhone after the new iPhone release.. after a month I will go to searching for old version of iPhone so I got new iPhone with less price

  • Stef Myt
    Stef Myt

    Watching this on a used iphone 5s

  • CaptainCannabis

    Only reason why i buy new is because i have battery anxiety i need that 100% capacity

  • adminofsugas

    Can I get some legit places to buy a used or refurbished iPhone xr or 11, thx

  • Cool Star23
    Cool Star23

    I actually don’t mind if Apple is slowing down phones because it is better and less annoying than having it shut down all the time

  • Robert

    I buy used so I’m not locked into a contract. Phone contracts here in Canada are crazy expensive these days.

  • Huiwei Ye
    Huiwei Ye

    Buying an older flagship brand new is not a bad deal too, just bought the xs max 256gb for 999 euros, it was like 1429 euros when it was released.

  • Rajib Santra
    Rajib Santra

    Please give me a old iphone

  • Caleb Tasker
    Caleb Tasker

    iPhone 11 gang wya

  • Jeffrey Michael
    Jeffrey Michael

    From 2013 I buy used flagships, I sell them and with some saved money I buy the next used flagship. Never missed any important feature and had fun.

  • Eli Williams
    Eli Williams

    I can get a new 11 with a 2 year plan for 200 bucks so I don’t need a used one

  • zeinab elodie
    zeinab elodie

    Still rocking my iPhone 6 used

  • Furious Entertainer
    Furious Entertainer

    give me one of your iphone as giveaway

  • Hey Serg
    Hey Serg

    I agree with this for sure. I bought a 7+ for $220 just to check out the ecosystem and now I’m using a XS

  • Lloyd Irving
    Lloyd Irving

    smart people don't buy iphones

  • Fat Fitzkee
    Fat Fitzkee

    I see the title i click

  • cee

    i got a used iphone 7 for $150 with 97% battery health and in perfect condition

  • radoslav markovic
    radoslav markovic

    I might buy iphone 7 or SE2 but new

  • Mo

    ewwww buying a used iPhone is ghettoooo

  • Anthony

    How smart can you be if you can't even afford a new iphone?

  • James Lueken
    James Lueken

    sweet spot is refurbished from Apple's website


    Reason omega: the real smart people dont buy iphones at all ; >

  • リバイアライアン

    Not smart people, but teen had interest into it.

  • Spencer Y
    Spencer Y

    Buy an used phone and get the corona virus for free :)

  • Sincerely Capalot
    Sincerely Capalot

    Brand new 11 pro max I feel great

  • PurpleAshHash

    I bought my 11 pro max full price because I don’t trust people

  • Paul Paradiso
    Paul Paradiso

    The thing is simple: iPhone XS (my actual phone) original price was nearly $1,100 with taxes, the iPhone XR original price was $800 with taxes. Right now you can get an used XS for $600 and an used XR cost $500. I will never buy an expensive iPhone again, next time I’ll go used or new but the successor of the regular 11

  • Pavel Das
    Pavel Das

    Super smart sell them🤭

  • J G
    J G

    I get a new iPhone but one that came out a couple years ago, just got the Xs Max brand new 256G...And I don’t get someone else’s corona virus laden phone thank you very much 🤣

  • Vedansh Chauhan
    Vedansh Chauhan

    I'll switch to iOS when the notch gets smaller and they begin coming with 120Hz display. Until them, I'm happy with 1+

    • telcobilly

      I'm a real 1 + fan myself. I originally got the T-Mobile 6t 128gb and then bought an unlocked international 6t dual-sim 256gb. I'm on that phone right now. Awesome phone. Don't really see myself getting one of the new OnePlus phones until this one gives out.

  • ATD909

    About 6 months ago my iPhone SE got water damaged, so I bought a used iPhone 7 32GB (which is water resistant ) for $200. BTW I already have the 2018 iPad so I don’t need a lot of space on my phone for games and stuff. Best decision ever!

  • BananaRolan

    i own a used iphone but the sensation of pulling that plastic cover off the glass is unpriceable

  • The Guy
    The Guy

    They are cheap, that is why.

  • TheBrokenDish

    I just bought a galaxy Note 9 used for $370

  • Shammah Emmanuel
    Shammah Emmanuel

    Where can you get a used iPhone 11 tho

  • eusuntanza

    One thing i don't get about this video. Why does he only gives old iphones as an example? You can very well get an iphone 11 pro used and you can still save a lot of money on it.. And i honestly believe this is a useless video because the reason alone to buy a used iphone is price depreciation. Period.

    • eusuntanza

      It's all about the price, and the budget that you have. For example why buy the iphone xr brand new when you can buy an iphone xs used, and maybe with even more storage space. I don't know .. it's just how i see things I'm sorry. I like your content but this video is just nonsense allthroughout.


    used iphone 8plus here and i love it

  • Sierra Technical Advisory Group LLC.
    Sierra Technical Advisory Group LLC.

    Galaxy Note 9. Done.

  • riego

    *still-cant-buy-used-ones squad* 🙋🏽‍♂️

    • Liam

      Public youtube comments are my business

    • riego

      @Liam maybe it's your time to get your own business and so that you wouldn't mind that im still studying for every whole day lol

    • Liam

      Maybe get a job squad 👍🏼

    • riego

      @Florin D i just have this mindset that asking such excessive stuffs from parents is too much, so there's no need to bring up subjects

    • Florin D
      Florin D

      riego, you mean your parents can’t buy you used phones..

  • Chibuike Nwozor
    Chibuike Nwozor

    You made a lot of reference to "smart people" as if people that choose to get their iPhones new are not okay. I just don't like buying my things used

  • Dhanumjay thaty
    Dhanumjay thaty

    Rey second hand na kodaka Thuuu apple apple apple ani ni channel lo 98% I've videos kadha ra thu

  • Juan Jimenez
    Juan Jimenez

    Everybody got their 11'S and X's but i'm over here rocking an SE i got 2 months ago.

    • Juan Jimenez
      Juan Jimenez

      Steff Jack Well i never found a working decent 7 here in the states for under 100

    • Steff Jack
      Steff Jack

      Juan Jimenez it’s not impossible, I have an iPhone 7, I bought it used on eBay for £80 , has 100% battery capacity as well...

    • Juan Jimenez
      Juan Jimenez

      Steff Jack finding an iPhone 7 under 100 is impossible, the SE was the one i could afford at that time.

    • Steff Jack
      Steff Jack

      Why not just get an iPhone 7? Around the same price point but with stereo speakers , the newer style home button , and a much better camera and performance

    • Steff Jack
      Steff Jack

      Yajiee it’s definitely not a beast... they’re talking about the original iPhone se, because the new one litteraly came out less than two months ago...

  • YeetusMcCleetus

    the price lowers faster than its efficiency

  • YeetusMcCleetus

    Well, I bought an iPhone 8 in 2017. I'm not gonna upgrade until I need to. Some people just upgrade because they want the "latest and greatest". Thinking I might buy a new MacBook because mines is from 2013.

  • cesar d leon
    cesar d leon

    Try pulling that in f*in Mexico. Apple won’t sell refurbished and the only stores that sell them got give you any kind of warranty

  • Gabe G A B E
    Gabe G A B E

    Just bought an iPhone SE. For 60 bucks it wasn't that bad of a deal.

  • Can I Get 10 Subcribers With No Videos
    Can I Get 10 Subcribers With No Videos

    I am buying used iPhone 8 for my second phone

  • Firedude 1
    Firedude 1

    What is the best site to buy used iPhones?

  • daytripper442

    Nick, great video. I like buying used phones, but be careful. If you’re looking at an iPhone 8 or newer, go into the display settings and make sure it has True Tone. If it doesn’t, the screen has been replaced. Nick, let me know if you want to sell the coral Xr :)

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