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We may be bad at dating, but we’re even WORSE at dating apps.
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  • Pablo Rodriguez
    Pablo Rodriguez

    He’s sat in front of you !

  • Rebecca foreman
    Rebecca foreman

    Every time I watch Shayne and Courtney and these dating videos, I’m always like “ YOU ARE PERFECT FOR EACH OTHER! Just date already!”

  • Gamy Palit-ang
    Gamy Palit-ang

    You two should just go date.

  • Tsourdas_gaming 1
    Tsourdas_gaming 1

    I was just a fan Jk don't block me



  • steve nade
    steve nade


  • Xx Pillow_Kun xX
    Xx Pillow_Kun xX

    Just date each other! :c

  • Andee Moncrief
    Andee Moncrief

    Mine would be “I like otter pops...yeah....okay...bye”

  • Gamer Ghost
    Gamer Ghost

    I've ship shayne and cortney for 2 years

  • Morgan Darby
    Morgan Darby

    Courtney is the best

  • Ife Houzell
    Ife Houzell

    I have never seen a video that I've related too so much, omfg they really out here :,(

  • Grace Highe
    Grace Highe

    I swear Courtney has kissed everyone on Smosh but Shayne 😮

  • Sugar Fang Gaming
    Sugar Fang Gaming

    Why don't Shayne and Courtney just date?

  • Ja'Mil Reynolds
    Ja'Mil Reynolds


  • GameKnighty Boi
    GameKnighty Boi

    Wow that’s something u guys have in common you should date

  • Imogens Life
    Imogens Life

    Can they both just get together they are so into each other it's so obvious love them both great pair ❤️

  • Julie and the Kids
    Julie and the Kids

    Come on Shayne just ask her out

  • Somations

    Shartney needs to happen now or i will eat your pony

  • Hunter Alexandrow
    Hunter Alexandrow

    “ you use that skin line!!!??” 😂😂😂😂

  • Greg Martinez
    Greg Martinez

    My tinder bio is the plot of lion king

  • Mia Valenzuela
    Mia Valenzuela

    This video is literally PURE shourtney content. Doing this video is only making us the shourtney shippers ship you MORE!!!!!

  • Fishy Wishy
    Fishy Wishy

    If you both can’t find anyone to love just get together your an amazing couple!

  • Dr.Ross geller
    Dr.Ross geller

    Courtney is left handed

  • Alex sabonge
    Alex sabonge

    Shayne: your my favorite pizza place Courtney: stop calling and saying your my favorite pizza place (Couple goals pls make it happen)

  • Alex Murphy
    Alex Murphy

    This is dumb just date eachother already.

  • Zebrazach20062

    I'm guessing this isnt goign to keep going since Courtney announced she is a lesbian

    • The Asian Saiyan
      The Asian Saiyan

      Zebrazach20062 *bisexual**

  • Abigail LaMay
    Abigail LaMay

    Shayne: Looking for someone to go skinny dipping in tar pits with, you down? Me: You cannonball, I'll swan dive

  • JamiRose17

    Challenge accepted, bio would be: “got a snorkel but need a tar pit.. anyone?”

  • Ali

    Can you two just date already?!

  • joEdz bramos
    joEdz bramos

    My bio would just be questions like “ If nothing is faster than the speed of light, how did he dark get there first?”

  • trash can
    trash can

    One time I was chatting with this guy and I didn’t want to meet up right away so he SHOWED UP AT MY JOB a couple days later 🤦‍♀️

  • Marina Rose
    Marina Rose

    Lol my cousin just got married and her and her husband met on a dating app

  • Tracy Strong
    Tracy Strong

    Why are they bad at dating? Because they're already secretly dating each other.

  • yuki the_trashpanda
    yuki the_trashpanda

    Why don't you date if ur both quirky 🤨😳😅

  • Megan Wald
    Megan Wald

    Shayne and Courtney should date lol

  • Mega Vlogs345
    Mega Vlogs345

    Little do they know that they are a few inches away from their future soul mate

  • Anna Hollaar
    Anna Hollaar


  • Regan Norton
    Regan Norton

    my bo would be im a single pringle and ready to mingull

  • Quaneisha Life
    Quaneisha Life

    If shayne and Courtney are so single then why don’t they just date each other

  • Ong's Jukebox Channel
    Ong's Jukebox Channel

    I really think people who these two fell for are really lucky. Or were lucky and maybe now they are regretting it for letting them go. Hah!

  • Grace !
    Grace !

    So nobody is talking about how deep that got there? It makes me sad thinking about how dating apps are affecting people’s perspective of how dating should be. At the end I felt like I was listening to a self help podcast.

  • IlhaanBlueAce

    Who is watching this been single 😭😭😭😭

  • The Crow
    The Crow

    I think shayn and courtney should get together 100% accurate even tho there akward together but everyone thinks there perfect + they work together and they know each other pretty well and its alot easier to talk to


    Courtney is with the dude shayne no dout lol

  • Bret Beavers
    Bret Beavers


  • Abdulaziz Albayed
    Abdulaziz Albayed


  • Telesia McGill
    Telesia McGill

    16:14 - 16:21 Courtney IS JEALOUS that shayne actually dated OO-..SHAYNE X COURTNEY!!

  • Clay Webb
    Clay Webb

    date each other its so clear

  • Chelsea W.
    Chelsea W.

    I would like to thank Shayne for speaking out about how he identified his toxic behavior and did something about it. A 👏🏼 TRUE 👏🏼 MAN 👏🏼

  • Chelsea W.
    Chelsea W.

    I feel bad that I ship them especially since I know they are uncomfortable with it

  • Gabriella Doe (Student)
    Gabriella Doe (Student)

    is this there way of saying they are "dating"

  • Loyal Monster
    Loyal Monster


  • Logan Huntley
    Logan Huntley

    Why is so much color drained out of this?

  • Alissa Ramirez
    Alissa Ramirez

    I HAVE AN IDEA.............why some THEY date EACHOTHER!!!!! 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Jaclyn

    I met my boyfriend through Tinder! It may not seem like a lot to some people but we just passed a year together.

  • Rlive

    Dude, this episode helped me a ton about my social insecurity and how life can be painful sometime but good at the same time, great episode. Thanks!

  • Blubbyfish gaming
    Blubbyfish gaming

    Can they just date already

  • Imran Tukić
    Imran Tukić

    And plus why dont u2 date

  • Squad Force One
    Squad Force One

    I love the message that you guys left us with at the end! Using dating apps can really break down self esteem! Shayne made a great point about feeling like you’re supposed to be dating someone because that is what society tells us. I’m working on me and my career and hopefully I find someone while I’m out there doing that!

  • Rick

    Watch guys they are gonna pull “the office” move by Shayne out of nowhere telling Courtney if she wants to go to dinner... just like Jim and Pam 😦

  • Verena Balbach
    Verena Balbach

    I met my husband on Facebook. His Picture was a Snoopy-dog. How could I said no? But we didn't met to flirt. A person who we both knew wanted us to judge his bad "artistic Photos" and we weren't very nice... so... yeah. be honest and bad and you find true love!

  • Verena Balbach
    Verena Balbach

    I'm confussed.... Smosh Cast #3 is still in my mind and I'm like: Courtney... why you don't find love?

  • Zedgey

    Courtney: no dating fans Shayne: FIND ME

  • P M
    P M

    This video makes me uncomfortable because it's too real.

  • Leroy Jenkins
    Leroy Jenkins

    Wow 😮..... I like skinny dipping in tar pits, too...... Just one small problem though .... I don’t like dudes 😕sorry... not sorry... Yeah.....😐😐😐 For real, for real though.... I liked your video it was different. For the dating app thing. Well.. The closest I came to a date app was a friends. I swiped left and right for him... I might have swiped right on few, that possibly I shouldn’t have.... meh I got laugh out of it, at his expense😇... ah poor bastard for trusting me.... Ty for vide🤨😒🙂

  • Jennifer Mason
    Jennifer Mason

    Ship Courtney and Shayne whos with me

  • SekaiSS4Vegeta

    I met my wife on Plenty of Fish

  • Aliya Elsbury
    Aliya Elsbury

    My boyfriend and I just broke up like a month ago. But today I found out that he cheated with my bff.....so thanks guys for making me feel a little better. Lots Of Love to my Smosh Fam

  • Sniping_beast_207 Beast boy lol
    Sniping_beast_207 Beast boy lol

    Why don't Shayne and Courtney just date eachother

  • Riri Rhino
    Riri Rhino

    Bio: WEEEEEB I’m looking for a Human I can watch anime with and who’ll enjoy my dark humor and depression coping memes. WEEEEEEB

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