WHY YOUR GLUTES WON'T GROW (3 ways to fix it!)
Shelley Darlington

Whether you're a newbie to lifting weights or just not seeing any progress from your booty workouts, this video will cover the most common booty building mistakes that are stopping your glute gains and exactly what to do to fix it!
From exercises that are holding you back, to the booty exercises that you MUST be doing, as well as a SECRET glute growth technique that will put you miles ahead of the game... by the end of this video you will know for sure why your glutes won't grow & exactly how to fix it!
And to make your booty training even easier, I've included a full booty band workout so you can put these techniques into practice and start getting real results right away. Enjoy!

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Shell x
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  • Kalisa08

    Why oh why don’t you have more subscribers?? I’ve just recently found you and am binging on your videos. They are so informative and easy to understand! I’ve been lifting for more than a decade and no one has ever emphasized the pelvic tint or the importance of 3D training. This is why crossfitters tend to have the big yet flat booty. Makes so much sense. THANK YOU!!! And after watching the truth about the fitness industry, I appreciate you even more, but honestly wish you did have an ebook or an actual publication so I could keep all this knowledge at my fingertips. Please? 🙏🏻❤️

    • Benezdito Dias
      Benezdito Dias

      Thumbnail ofc

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      Ruth Galura

      I totally agree!!! You deserve millions of subscribers!! More power!

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      Kamohelo Mochela

      I must say that I am glad I started watching your videos I am making progress especially on my gludes I'm so happy I am falling in love with my body now

    • Rosalina Kurkova
      Rosalina Kurkova

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    • P Feliciano
      P Feliciano


  • Blackcat Binxy
    Blackcat Binxy

    did a work out yesterday and I got 0 core strength and I didnt feel a THING in my butt. since I am in customer service and just standing around I did the pelvic tilt and I can feel my butt slightly burn so I think they are finally activating XD I can wait to try the workouts you said to try

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    Everything Khrisiee Does

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    Dionna Cisse

    Okay, I’ve had Hip thrusts in my workout routine as a staple for about a year now should I be switching it out for something else? I also switch up my routine every 4-6 weeks and it’s been working but my results are still slow.

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    She killed me when she called the posterior pelvic tilt "granny butt" 🤣

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    If you're stressing your quads too much when you squat, your posture needs to be corrected

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    Tiffany Thigpen

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    Thank you for your videos. They are informative and extremely helpful. I unfortunately have different size glutes and it’s apparent that my left is way smaller than my right. What can I do about this? Thank you.

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