WHY YOUR GLUTES WON'T GROW (3 ways to fix it!)
Shelley Darlington
Whether you're a newbie to lifting weights or just not seeing any progress from your booty workouts, this video will cover the most common booty building mistakes that are stopping your glute gains and exactly what to do to fix it!
From exercises that are holding you back, to the booty exercises that you MUST be doing, as well as a SECRET glute growth technique that will put you miles ahead of the game... by the end of this video you will know for sure why your glutes won't grow & exactly how to fix it!
And to make your booty training even easier, I've included a full booty band workout so you can put these techniques into practice and start getting real results right away. Enjoy!
Shell x
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  • Kalisa08

    Why oh why don’t you have more subscribers?? I’ve just recently found you and am binging on your videos. They are so informative and easy to understand! I’ve been lifting for more than a decade and no one has ever emphasized the pelvic tint or the importance of 3D training. This is why crossfitters tend to have the big yet flat booty. Makes so much sense. THANK YOU!!! And after watching the truth about the fitness industry, I appreciate you even more, but honestly wish you did have an ebook or an actual publication so I could keep all this knowledge at my fingertips. Please? 🙏🏻❤️

    • Cool Breeze
      Cool Breeze

      That's great. Instead of working out, as Shelley recommends, you're bingeing on her videos. Typical millennial idiot. And it's bingeing, not "binging" dumbass.

    • Christine Carlos
      Christine Carlos

      At least Shelley does not attract rude men who make crass, disgusting, chauvinistic comments on women's fitness videos.

    • m00mai

      Crossfitters are not bodybuilders.

    • alfonso ramirez
      alfonso ramirez

      Hello, My girlfriend is always saying she want to grow her glutes more specifically because she lost weight! I know Glutes is more of a girl thing But my Question is Does this also Work For Men??! Thanks for being straight forward with this video No BS!

    • Sarah Weber
      Sarah Weber

      Kalisa08 literally couldn’t have said it better myself I thought ALL of that. I’ve been lifting for 7 years and haven’t seen those either. Super informative!! I bet she grows like crazy. Great information thank you!

  • AeroClasher

    Hey shawty if you want me to fix your booty kik me XfuZion2000 I fix that ass hit it from all angles shake that mf you will put in the work all for free lmk

  • Tv Rex
    Tv Rex

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  • Jazzy

    I just found you today, I was thinking to hire a trainer and inquire about HIIT. I am skinny looking but so much body fat in my mid section (looking like tadpole) and flat ass. I have been working out slowly and eating right ( not starving or diet routine) but I watch what I eat. My friend told me to keep doing what you doing and quoting me about, “rome is not build in a day”. Told me be patient. Then I seen this video, Very informative. I love it! And now I have pointers on how to attack. Your videos are really good and does give you a run around. I am sold! Thank you again.

  • thao-nhi Le
    thao-nhi Le

    this is really beginner friendly, and might be some of the best video i've seen that explains about the anatomy, work out and all that jazz. love it! can't wait to try it out :)

  • Goobstarrr

    Yes, thank you. I'm not feeling anything in my ass muscles from squats and lunges. Sure my quads are nice and strong but I feel zero activation in my glutes.

  • Rosie R
    Rosie R

    THIS VIDEOS IS AWESOME! thank you so much!!

  • Lorena Gonzalez
    Lorena Gonzalez

    what if i'm trying to grow my glutes and my thighs at the same time? should I work them on separate days or focus only on my glutes until I get the brain-muscle connection?

  • Timeless

    This is the most helpful informative video not dragging on. Thank you so much ❤

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    Cesilia Vega

    Love your videos! Where is the best place I can get affordable booty bands?

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    Kaitlyn Brown

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    lisa baraghith

    You should do a video for pear shaped women who want 2 shrink the sides or even shrink it. Why is it always about growing? Some of no matter how much we work out or eat healthy and get very toned can't lean that part out. I am very lean everywhere else.

  • σαβατζ αντζι
    σαβατζ αντζι

    watched this two months ago: this not only helped me with my glutes workout (and having the best results) but with every muschle i target, thank you so much you are an amazing teacher

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    Donatella De Patre

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    My butt cheeks are 2 different shapes. One side is kinda round. The other is a bug lump on top and kinda flat toward the bottom. Sigh. I wish I could afford a personal trainer to get some symmetry over here. lol

  • Da Empress
    Da Empress

    Unlike my sister, I was born with a mesomorph body type so I'm not as curvy as she is! But I want to have wide hips along with the curviest hour Glass frame my body can be, also with a great backside! But thanks for this! It was really helpful!

  • kat

    first time in my life ive done a bridge and actually felt in my butt lol

  • Judith Sosa
    Judith Sosa

    This is amazing thank you

  • Mary Theodorou
    Mary Theodorou

    A fantastic video and so informative. Share this information with everyone

  • andrea roach
    andrea roach

    Thanks I felt the difference today with the “granny booty” move!

  • Mickey Unni
    Mickey Unni

    Is there a way to do these exercises without the resistance band? Are there exercises you can do without it to activate those muscle groups?

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    Shannon Godwin

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    Elizabeth Martin

    Thank you SO MUCH for this video! I was frustrated for so long because of my quad dominance which also resulted in knee pain. I was told so many times that my squat form looked fine, but I was feeling nothing in my glutes. Your video was so informative and I’ve been doing your glute warmups on a regular basis, it was such an easy fix and my knees are finally pain free! I kid you not, my friend gave me the best compliment; she asked if I had butt implants! Thank you again, you’re awesome!

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    Joyce Osorio

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    L K

    Thank you for organizing this in such a coherent and useful way!

  • mindoablues

    We do pelvic tilts (can have different names) in bellydance. We do not squeeze the glutes because many people overdo it and it's an easy way to get hurt. Plus, similar to how you described thighs taking over for glutes, the glutes can overtake the lower abdominal contraction, which we don't want. It takes months of consistent practice to really develop the lower abs around that pelvic area. Bellydancers do use their glutes specifically for many foundational hip movements, such as the hip lift or drop. We add a glute contraction at the end to give the movement a crisp lock. The way we train our glutes is to do glute squeezes, usually sitting with legs spread out, hands on hips to keep those thighs relaxed. It's hard to mentally isolate out that muscle but it works incredibly well. You can also do them in a flat back squat if you're like me and have flexibility issues. The longer you do it, you can progress through the three glute muscles. Suhaila Salimpour is the woman to look to for these (she can do vibrational glute contractions!) She is a pioneer for strong technique and conditioning for her belly dancers. Something to check out!

  • jellrolly

    Hi Shelly ..I showed my wife your channel ..she going to try you workout ..so we shall see how it goes ..thank you

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  • Kassandra V
    Kassandra V

    Ok I think I got this but I still have a question. In this video you say "no squatting" for the time being, but in other videos especially for beginners you say to do squats lunges etc. So I'm just a little confused here? Should someone start with squats like you say in your other videos or no? Please clarify, because everything else you say makes total sense except this part.

    • Shelley Darlington
      Shelley Darlington

      Depends on your own body, limitations and goals! Do you have very dominant quads and inactive glutes from incorrect training? If so, you should avoid any quad dominant exercises such as squats until you fix your imbalances and learn to get the glutes firing. But if you're an all-round newbie and don't have any muscular imbalances, go right ahead and start squatting with great form and continue to activate your glutes beforehand. Hope that clarifies :)

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    Alexandra Suprise

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    A- BLove

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    • Eve F
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