WHY YOUR GLUTES WON'T GROW (3 ways to fix it!)
Shelley Darlington
Whether you're a newbie to lifting weights or just not seeing any progress from your booty workouts, this video will cover the most common booty building mistakes that are stopping your glute gains and exactly what to do to fix it!
From exercises that are holding you back, to the booty exercises that you MUST be doing, as well as a SECRET glute growth technique that will put you miles ahead of the game... by the end of this video you will know for sure why your glutes won't grow & exactly how to fix it!
And to make your booty training even easier, I've included a full booty band workout so you can put these techniques into practice and start getting real results right away. Enjoy!
Shell x
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  • Kalisa08

    Why oh why don’t you have more subscribers?? I’ve just recently found you and am binging on your videos. They are so informative and easy to understand! I’ve been lifting for more than a decade and no one has ever emphasized the pelvic tint or the importance of 3D training. This is why crossfitters tend to have the big yet flat booty. Makes so much sense. THANK YOU!!! And after watching the truth about the fitness industry, I appreciate you even more, but honestly wish you did have an ebook or an actual publication so I could keep all this knowledge at my fingertips. Please? 🙏🏻❤️

    • Rosalina Posh
      Rosalina Posh

      I think its quality VS quantity , the subscribes Shelley has now will continue to grow with her as they are comfortably and patiently becoming a better version of themselves. Those that simply have a quick fix program eventually end up with dormant (dead) subscribers that move on to the next quick fix. in my opinion

    • P Feliciano
      P Feliciano


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      Christine Carlos

      At least Shelley does not attract rude men who make crass, disgusting, chauvinistic comments on women's fitness videos.

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    Adriana A

    How long does it take for the glutes to activate?

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  • Sabinas Tailoring and Alterations
    Sabinas Tailoring and Alterations

    Iv been following videos to do workout and I have been so confused when they say "your glutes should be burning by now" and I feel nothing. Like when I do squats. I feel it in my thighs but not my glutes. I did not know of glutes activation. Thank you for this video!

  • 123 456
    123 456

    For the pelvic tilt it is atturaly a more extreme version of what is done in ballet and i have never been more happy to have had my dance teach force me to have great ballet posture!! Great booty here i come!

  • Bell Reve
    Bell Reve

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    Jay Zippie

    Mind muscle connection is so hard when you're severely dyspraxic :( I've been getting healthier and fitter but my bum is still completely flat. I cant lunge because I dont have the coordination and mind muscle connection is something I'm not capable of doing. Any tips from anyone?

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    You are the only trainer that mentioned pelvic tilt issue in glutes training. Doing the wrong exercises can even cause serious problem to your spine. Thank you!!!

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    sofia maroc

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    I’m quad dominant but have worked out my squat stance for my squat. My hamstrings are also overdeveloped from years of training without glute focus. These tips will definitely come in handy.

  • Rachel510126

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    Melissa Canas

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    The ginger squad

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  • Honey Latte
    Honey Latte

    Thank you so much for sharing this information. I never understood why from the side view my butt looks round an full an from the back the bottom part has no volume. It was like looking in a trick mirror cause I was seeing two different things. At least now I know why an how to make it better🤗

  • Ryo Yoruichi
    Ryo Yoruichi

    I have been doing butt workout for abt 2 months, and the first month I did a hundred squats, thinking that I'm activating my glute, but it seriously didn't work. The second month, I just did the typical butt workouts on yt and that, too didn't work. I thought I wasted two months for nothing because my butt looks and feels flat as the same before. I had lost motivation! Now, I'm going to do this glute activation workout and hopefully, will see the results! Thank you! P.S Sorry! I'm not good at English grammar, I'm working on it too!

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    Alexis Perez

    My school fitness always recommended the pelvic tilt and it honestly does make a difference but it takes practice to get the mind and muscle connection (:

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    • Shelley Darlington
      Shelley Darlington

      Not if you don’t know how to activate the glutes and therefore recruit them during a squat!

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    cadi thomas

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    Thanks for the video! What I am a bit confused about, is whether you are supposed to do these exercises on TOP of the squads, or really as a replacement of the squads. I am planning to start with weight training, should I integrate these glutes exercises right away or first start squatting and see how that goes (suspecting however that my gluten is lazy since from the very few times I remember squatting in the past, I don't think I ever felt it in my glutes)? Thanks in advance for your reply!

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    • Shelley Darlington
      Shelley Darlington

      I always do banded glute activations before my heavier lifts, just to wake the muscles up and get them really pumped & primed! I might only do 2-3 exercises for 5 mins or so instead of a more long winded drill, but I would never skip it completely!

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