Why Your Proportions are Wrong and How to Fix Them
When you start a drawing, do you jump right in to drawing all the small parts? Knock it off!
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If you’re not an advanced artist with a well trained eye, starting with details usually ends with wacky proportions. In this student critique, we’ll examine the work of two students who focused on drawing foot bones without following the big-to-small hierarchy. I’ll show you a 2D technique called “enveloping” and then a 3D process that helps keep your forms dynamic and in proportion. Woo!
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    • VariableEddie

      From what I've seen, the forms a lot of artists use in portraits are drawn using the contrasts in lighting. Without worrying about shading, just draw the shapes that the contrast light implies and work your way into smaller groups in that way. But maybe some would recommend the Loomis method and others might prefer the Reilly method(I'm not great at any just yet, though I am trying to learn).

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      just a cock waiting to be jacked

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    Anime Hivemind

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      Huaqian Zheng

      stupid idiot lol

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    • ST

      This IS the magic of drawing. If you think artists are all magically drawing everything from their imagination with no construction all the time then you probably haven’t done any real studies yet. If you want to get to that point where you can do that (Kim Jung Gi for example) then you should learn basic concepts like this first. Skipping over foundations for silly things like that is the worst thing you could ever do for yourself as an artist, no matter if you draw realism/anime/cartoons/etc. Remember that drawing is a skill you don’t inherently have, even the best of the best had to learn how to draw doing things like this.

    • Jennifer :
      Jennifer :

      Anime Hivemind you’re acting as if you can draw in the first place. Chill weeb

    • J L
      J L

      Anime Hivemind I understand where you are coming from, but construction is important for any kind of art. If you don't like it, then at least use some reference images to help with proportion (for comparison.) These aren't cheap tricks, they've been passed on for centuries and you shouldn't try to avoid them because they feel like 'cheating'

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