Winning in Solos! (Fortnite Season 3)
Typical Gamer
New Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 3 winning in solo gameplay live stream!
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  • collin Ryan
    collin Ryan

    Tg plays

  • Andrea Caceres
    Andrea Caceres

    i,m playing roblox

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    Solider Army


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    Zameen Barry


  • Zameen Barry
    Zameen Barry


  • Nico Marra
    Nico Marra

    hi typical

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    Jerrion Nowlin

    👌 crip

  • Johan Buregård
    Johan Buregård

    you is pro



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    Jair Jeter


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    Megan McCann


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    Antone Coleman


  • Robert Costner
    Robert Costner

    liked subscibed with notifacations on can you friend me my gamertag is WILDredneck865

  • Alexis Chubb
    Alexis Chubb

    Are used to do your star code

  • Mohamed Khatoun
    Mohamed Khatoun

    Give me some v bucks

  • Angel Smith
    Angel Smith

    Kml go to mars , call me elon musk 🤣

  • Lacey Norwood
    Lacey Norwood

    num nutttttts

  • Lacey Norwood
    Lacey Norwood

    gg fools

  • Not Ryft
    Not Ryft

    It's pronounced eh- knee me

    • Not Ryft
      Not Ryft


  • Micheal Hawthorne
    Micheal Hawthorne

    I did

  • Micheal Hawthorne
    Micheal Hawthorne

    I died

  • Nashlie Cruz
    Nashlie Cruz

    And I will Watch your life streams because I love you and I hope you can do one tomorrow or today tomorrow or today I would really like if you do because I can put in that code because typical gamer code because I’m gonna be playing Fortnite tomorrow and I want to watch you too so yeah that’s all I have to say bye

  • Nashlie Cruz
    Nashlie Cruz

    Hi I love you playing fortnite and can your girlfriend be in more because it it makes it really funny😂😂🤣🤣

  • Karun S CSA CBE
    Karun S CSA CBE

    Anyone in season 4 ?

  • Jackson Jahromi
    Jackson Jahromi

    ur so good man

  • Landon Poulsen
    Landon Poulsen


  • Coleplayz55

    can i have v buckes

  • chief 1 redwolf
    chief 1 redwolf

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    Lazy Travel Chic

    Hi t

  • Lor Nashawn
    Lor Nashawn

    i love your video

  • Michael Desalegn
    Michael Desalegn


  • Bandy

    *I pray Who ever reads this becomes succesful in Life* *(note: Im also grinding to 1k subs!!! I DO AMAZING FORTNITE VIDEOS!)*

  • Thekickgamer

    Even my 6 year old brother knows how to speak enemy

  • fernanda sousa
    fernanda sousa

    Eu sou drasilera hello

  • Christian I love your videos Okee
    Christian I love your videos Okee

    You are a terrible IT-my or I like unspeakable better like mine if you like unspeakable typical gamer I like both actually

  • niyaa thedoll
    niyaa thedoll

    He had rocket amo

  • Connor Mutlow
    Connor Mutlow

    Hi I love you

  • Briayl Ash
    Briayl Ash

    You a re the best IT-my

  • Briayl Ash
    Briayl Ash

    Tg plays

  • Crystal Miller
    Crystal Miller

    Who wants to here a rap sittin on a tollet dreaming of a Bugatti I’m gonn shoot you with a shoty

  • Braydon Childers
    Braydon Childers


  • Xzavier Gonzalez
    Xzavier Gonzalez

    Yeah I like the trust ohhhh wait no

  • Psncシ

    U remind me of fearless tbh

  • Josiah Lee
    Josiah Lee


    • Josiah Lee
      Josiah Lee

      i am 8 so i donot no haw to spell

  • Tyler wildy
    Tyler wildy

    Day was my zoo day

  • p2 hamid-devizio
    p2 hamid-devizio


  • April Forrest
    April Forrest


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    Mic Alford


  • Andrew Hernandez's
    Andrew Hernandez's

    Typical Gamer I'm so so so sorry if we all don't have that much comments on you but the good news is we still respect you and more proud of you and your girlfriend so doodles and im a 100% you are so fames and tell you gf that she is putful and I'm a good person and she loves you olala

    • Andrew Hernandez's
      Andrew Hernandez's

      A good person

  • Andrew Hernandez's
    Andrew Hernandez's

    Typical Gamer do you have a ex-girlfriend it's okay if you don't want to like tell us it's your personal space I appreciate all that and you're fat not really Typical Gamer that's talking right now I'm someone else that's a really really really big fan of him but I'm pleased like his videos if you watch him he needs respect so yeah and his girlfriend does too so by😎😎😂😂🥳🥳🥴

  • Andrew Hernandez's
    Andrew Hernandez's

    Okay the picture of the IT-my stamped I kind of think that's typical typical gamer but I messed up on that part but he can't just act like people you got to put the Rope we don't have to pay a profile picture on you can just be like this and game but you can't just say hey it's me Typical Gamer just like my videos it's that video that video that video you can just tell people what video to liking them are just like it and they might just be watching the wrong IT-myr and they really want to watch Typical Gamer sad bro soooo sad):

  • Andrew Hernandez's
    Andrew Hernandez's

    its not you idiot😂

  • W.K.K Zy
    W.K.K Zy

    It’s an enemy like ur worst enemy

  • Lexi Paizes
    Lexi Paizes


  • G Heath Allison
    G Heath Allison

    Keep up the good work I love your game plays and streams

  • Edog the man
    Edog the man


  • Carson Howell
    Carson Howell


  • ZeltFC

    Who else remember typical gamer when he played gta and did mods

  • Gnox Gnizome
    Gnox Gnizome

    Who else got a stomach ache just from lookin at my comment Be honest

  • Sreys Streams
    Sreys Streams

    Hey I'm a fan of yours and one of the first followers, i really enjoy your content. What do you think of my videos? i justt started making youtube videos. Hope you like it. Have a good day :)

  • F5yber R
    F5yber R

    Buckle up, yeah, get a truck,wanna come get a duck, just dont get a look, bruh Its a fortnite flow like a killer row.

  • Challengemaker


  • Ryan Jeffries
    Ryan Jeffries

    Fishy Gang 29:03

  • Samuel Coelho Pinto
    Samuel Coelho Pinto

    Was it just me or did he swear

  • Eliel Thegamer
    Eliel Thegamer

    It’s my birthday to take double gamer and you’re my best IT-my or

  • Chrismad425

    Your just IT-my spam. Literal spam. How do you feel that 90% of your viewers are not actually viewing. There asleep or forgot IT-my was playing.

  • Talan Dove
    Talan Dove

    This my first video of his and he tells you to sub like and use his code every 2 minutes

  • Danielle Williams
    Danielle Williams

    I'm a fan

  • Jose roderick Cruz
    Jose roderick Cruz

    I don't like his vids i love them

  • Aquazi

    dude its not that hard to say "anemone"

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