Winter Soldier VS Red Hood (Marvel VS DC) | DEATH BATTLE!
No one stays dead in comics. Two corrupted sidekicks brawl... in 4K!
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  • YouTube

    What a battle 🤯


      fist time i see @youtube on reply, * latom

    • 0jaman

      fix your platform

    • Jacob Bankert
      Jacob Bankert

      IT-my? Umm I’m kinda confused because I don’t think IT-my even talks but this channel is verified it has the chekcmark

    • Carson Wood
      Carson Wood

      I can respect that the winter soldier won but I still have a lot of respect for red hood

    • Ethan Xed Manalo
      Ethan Xed Manalo

      @Blaze Productions forntnite

  • Jerry T
    Jerry T

    A bunch of butthurt DC fanboys in these comments. Gotta love it.

  • Bandisa Masilela
    Bandisa Masilela

    Did y’all really just compare the league of assassins to some commandos?

  • N L
    N L


  • N W Z
    N W Z

    N W Z 1 second ago There is absolutely no way Winter Solider beats the Red Hood. The myriad instances where he could've killed him were plenty but he decides to throw a quirky one liner instead the plot armor of the crow bar was a "really?" moment. Legit no way WS beats Jason.

  • Insert X Files Music
    Insert X Files Music

    I think this for all the new dc and marvel movies. The fist fights could be better

  • Trapster2

    Rooting for Bucky even though he might lose. Always loved his dark humor in the movies. He overpowered Wolverine in his berserker rage? That IS impressive. Edit: 12:15 - Is that Bizarro Supes? Btw, this has to be one of the best battles I've ever seen here on DB.

  • Bryan

    If the writers themselves would say this was an accurate turn out, fanboys would still be bitching and saying it’s wrong 😂

  • Jett Rose
    Jett Rose

    Please have a death battle be tween ezeoe from assassin's Creed VS corvo frum Dishonored

  • NYTXboy123096

    Freaking death battle giving bat in the sun a run for their money with these live action battles

  • Hisokahisoka Gon
    Hisokahisoka Gon

    The costumes are better than those superhero tv show😂😂😂

  • Darren Tank15
    Darren Tank15

    The should have looked more into the comics because Jason has found the weak point in his opponent's many times.


    Plot Twist: Jason invited Bucky over a nice fast food dinner

  • El New York
    El New York

    Wow this was one of there best🔥🔥🔥

  • Random guy that likes go B O O M
    Random guy that likes go B O O M

    I would like to point this out... If Red hoods helmet cracked with the knife, then how in the battle did he survive a bullet to the mask if a knife cracked it.

  • Gerald Yeager
    Gerald Yeager


  • Sabrina Salles
    Sabrina Salles

    Nice graphics

  • Xx Death xX
    Xx Death xX

    I’d say New 52 Jason wins hands down. Pre 52 loses but with a good fight

  • Halvos

    The most realistic part of this was when Batman didn't show up to help him.

  • Elmo9001

    I was rooting for Bucky but honestly, even if he has superior strength, defense and experience, Jason just needs to stealth away and shoot him once in the head with one of his dozens of guns.

  • Elmo9001

    Man didn't even get to eat his Big Belly Burger. That's cold.

  • ShadowStar1997

    14:52 HEEEEERE’S BUCKY!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Joshua Matulka
    Joshua Matulka

    This is my favourite live action red hood suit, I love the new titans version but this one is on another level 😍😍

  • Kelly

    And you know Batman is gonna find out real quick and go into overdrive detective mode to recreate the scene and hunt Bucky down. Him and his entire evil organization of snakes would be methodically hunted and fill up a few hospitals

  • zuka kardava
    zuka kardava

    why didn´t shot bucky in the had in 17:40

  • Shadow Skye
    Shadow Skye

    Yeah I’m unsubscribeing cuz Bucky killed red hood so yep

  • Its Cobra
    Its Cobra

    I want you all to know some of there battles aren't actually the real outcome like gaara vs toph gaara abouslety destoryes toph yet toph still won that fight

  • Merly Valladares Flores
    Merly Valladares Flores

    Do batman vs star lord

  • Jaxon Minyard
    Jaxon Minyard

    Yall should do supergirl vs captain marvel

  • Isiah Lopez
    Isiah Lopez

    Bro how cool would it have been if Keanu Reeves was Winter soldier

  • Ehsan Rahimy
    Ehsan Rahimy

    Red hood is best

  • Blue-Eyes Jay
    Blue-Eyes Jay

    Jason lost the moment he chose to eat burger king lmfao

  • Rivaldo Soto
    Rivaldo Soto

    I feel like red hood should have won because he was trained by batman and batman is batman so...

  • Mohammad Al Azzouni
    Mohammad Al Azzouni

    Sick, that was Death Star's version of Red Hood's costume.

  • LoganFromBerk

    Boomstick: “Well, it’s definitely the coolest metal arm I’ve ever seen!” (Guts would like to know your location)

  • Mark Martin
    Mark Martin

    Disappointing death. I think Red Hood should have won, but even if Winter Soldier wins, could have made it better

  • *-.DarkKnight Games .-*
    *-.DarkKnight Games .-*

    I think Jason would win due to some facts.

    • Rein_TB

      And what would those facts be exactly?

  • Mr. Cheese
    Mr. Cheese

    No no no nooooooo

  • David Dillon
    David Dillon

    I really loved the real life action I thought I was on the the wrong Channel I wish ther was more but keep up the good work


    Wow. In the history of sucking, this makes the top ten easy. 1. Fighting styles aren't accurate 2. Lines were cheesy 3. It's like you watched the movies and used Wiki to make this. Never reading the comics.

  • Dave The Rave
    Dave The Rave

    Nothing bets a good ol’ fashion gun/knife/fist fight

  • Jalen Ikezeue
    Jalen Ikezeue

    Pop vs captain Peg leg Pete And Iron fist vs Heihachi mishima

  • MalcolmTurnerKing

    17:09 GOTCHA! LP, LP, LP

  • Jason Vazquez
    Jason Vazquez

    I'd have to disagree and go with Red Hood. The main reason being his training vs bucky's. Sure bucky had great training, but Jason was literally trained by the best of the best in each field. Plus the fact that he was fighting against hordes of armed thugs and super powered villains since he was 12 kinda makes a metal arm seem less than intimidating. And you say winter soldier had more experience but did he really? Wasn't he put on ice whenever he didn't have a mission? Also, isn't Jason's knife made of the same metal as batmans cable line which is incredibly strong and durable? Pretty sure it would be able to at least damage bucky's arm.

    • Rein_TB

      Even if Bucky was put in cryo-stasis off mission, that doesn't change the fact that he was still alive and fighting for basically as long as Jason was alive. That and, a metal knife against metal is not gonna do much. You'd need something with drastically more striking force to put a dent into Bucky's metal arm.

  • knows Best
    knows Best

    Could a smarter nerd than me explain something? Bucky is stronger more experienced and has a better gimick in having a metal arm but the batfamily is always at that type of disadvantage it's honestly more rare for them including jason to be facing a super enemy who is weaker in any way right? Jason should have had the experience beating stronger opponents. My second note for team jason they compare bucky directly to captain america but I always got the feeling that as good as bucky he is NOT as good as captain america and that same comparison could be applied to batman and Jason but batman can kill captain america so shouldn't jason be able to kill bucky? The idea that a metal arm is the main reason bucky won seems like BS Jason's stealth abilities should be able to counter it you can't fight an enemy you can't see irregardless if metal arms and experience

  • The Jolly Johnson
    The Jolly Johnson

    Can't wait for Batman to hunt down winter soldier...

  • The Gold Wolf
    The Gold Wolf

    That’s ruff

  • Fresher Corn51
    Fresher Corn51

    being a marvel fan i think that red hood would have won

  • ladiesman181002

    Red hood may have lost but I’ll bet Nightwing would kill winter solider

  • M N E M O N I C
    M N E M O N I C

    Felt like this was biased towards bucky the people Jason has fought amd BEAT are way stronger than the winter soldier

  • OuterRaine

    Missed opportunity. Red Hood firing into Winter Soldier's arm. Red Hood: Well aren't you well armed.

  • Stormed Insanity
    Stormed Insanity

    Please do darkseid and kratos

  • Godspeed Papi
    Godspeed Papi

    Now he got beef wit Bruce 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Skeletor

    Nobody talks about the fact that Rod Reis's Bearded Bucky is so cool that his beard increases his abilities by 100%.

  • L Sanchez
    L Sanchez

    Jason really had a thing for getting beat up with crowbars huh,and getting killed apperantly

  • 2neilas


  • Sheila Smith
    Sheila Smith

    im sad that redhood dint win

  • Leticia Garcia
    Leticia Garcia

    This is sick bro loved the fight

  • Dr. Film
    Dr. Film

    Great Death Battle video, it was intense.

  • Amelia Corbett
    Amelia Corbett

    Iron man battle royal

  • Nunya Business
    Nunya Business

    Batman: What have you done!? Bucky: Clearly something I shouldn't have...

  • Epsilord Solomon
    Epsilord Solomon

    What happened to Jocelyn the Intern and the Desk of Death Battle?

  • Eltriccore

    alright bois get hes bathwater ready were bringen him back

  • Bay User
    Bay User

    17:42 crobar time

  • Nicholas Borghi
    Nicholas Borghi

    Bro the production budget on this show has gotten insane

  • The Invincible Shagginator
    The Invincible Shagginator

    This was no mere battle... This was an all out two man war.

  • TurtleWizard

    Now I want a live action red hood show

  • Jay, Weeb of Anime
    Jay, Weeb of Anime

    Warning: I am fairly biased to certain characters a lot. So some of the evidence here may be unreasonable as I just thought of something and used it. Ok this is kinda small yet could make a big difference but Red Hood had a taser(seen in comics when he killed the Nazi and in the Under the Red Hood movie when he killed one of the fearsome four) and if he used it during this fight it would definitely be useful in this fight. Plus this seems to be referencing more to the comics and in the movies. So in this case Red Hood is also much smarter and more strategic. Plus in one of this channel’s older videos it showed Batman would win against Captain America. Red Hood is sort of a reflection of Batman but weaker and Bucky is sort of the same with Captain America. So theoretically Red Hood would win. Also the part where they’re both using knives in this fight: one of them disappeared. Where’d it go? Cuz if Red Hood still had it in that scene when Bucky couldn’t use his metal arm Red Hood could’ve stabbed him or something.

  • 日食Fluxm00n

    this seems kinda stolen ngl jason shoulda handled this one

  • Zarri XXX
    Zarri XXX

    wow this is the coolest DEATH BATTLE i've seen

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